Thursday, December 31, 2009

~~```~~~Happy New Year !!! ~~```~~~

Happy New Year Everyone ! We used to watch the New Year celebration on Tv with Dick Clark. I am getting old. I can't even stay awake till 10:00. I have not seen the Big Ball Drop in about 5 or 6 years. Might be different if I was in Time Square in person to watch event... A new year is upon us. I pray each day that people in our country will ask God back into our hearts. Remember.... It is God's Will, Not Our Wants. I have never been able to keep any resolutions, Weight loss is always one thing I want to do, but since this sickness keeps with me each day, I just ask The Lord to let my body be strong, if it is his will.

Now for traditions... Please don't wash any clothes.. I don't want to be washed out of your lives. lol Please eat plenty of the traditional foods to bring good health & wealth.. I need both of those badly. lol Just have a good time and reflect on what 2009 was and what 2010 will bring. I am thankful for what I do have. Some don't have homes, jobs, or other items I sometime take for granted.

So in closing, Have A Great Beginning To A Wonderful 2010 !!!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Cross Stitch Finish

I finished a small cross stitch picture I have been stitching on. It is the chart from The Primitive Needle - Crescent Angel. I stitched it on Picture this Plus 40 Count Linen on the color Earthen, with the floss WDW - Bark and TGA - Mountain Mist.

I love all the old Head Stones with Angels or any decorative Tombstone. Wish they still made the old looking ones. I know this chart was released for Halloween time, but I am going to frame and use for everyday. That is all I have done today... Oh and I have watched about 4 hours of Dog The Bounty Hunter. lol.. Its like I can't turn the tv over to another channel... lol Till Later !!

Doggggg The Bountyyyy Hunterrrr.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Back In The Groove

I am back in the groove at home. I took the tree down and put all the Christmas decorations up yesterday. Today was a day to do some shopping for groceries and such. I did get a picture of Rebel in one of her new Christmas Sweaters. She loves them.
I have a picture of DH and the grands that was taken on Christmas Eve. Joshua was so excited about Christmas. He tore into the presents with such gusto! lol. He still doesn't know what all he got from everyone. Zoe got mostly clothes and rattles and such... She came over today with her new pink teeny shoes on. CUTE CUTE.

Till later.... april

Sunday, December 27, 2009

After Christmas....

Hello! Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I sure did. Christmas Eve Noon was spent at my sister in laws house. We had a great time Billie!! She had so much food. Then it was off to my mom's where she cooked a great vegetable dinner with ham. yum.... Lets just say by the time I got back home I was sick... Billie makes great Peanut Butter Fudge.. I am a diabetic and I ate way to much food. (period). I took pictures, just have not loaded them up on the computer. I do have one of my tree.
Not a good picture. My tree started leaning toward the front away from the wall. I think it was because Rebel ( baby girl cocker spaniel) was getting behind it and going underneath to rub her back under the branches.. lol It did not have a tree skirt under it this year.. It did to begin with but again... before presents went under the tree, Rebel drug it out from under tree and made herself a bed.. I didn't tie the skirt together.. My fault. lol I didn't have the heart to take it away from her. She has taken it over now.. I will have it get a a small blanket to lay on, and try and get the tree skirt away from her.. Since she was groomed, she was been so cold.. She will get in front of the heater with her sweater on and almost catch herself on fire. I have to keep an eye on her. I will try and get a picture of her, in her sweater tomorrow. She loves them. Till Later...

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas !

Wishing everyone a Very Merry Christmas !
Enjoy the Holiday Season.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Final Christmas Memory !!!

This is my Final Christmas Memory for this year. Jesus is the reason for the Season. My Aunt Judy gave me this plate for Christmas Back in the late 80's. It is the Favorite of all my Christmas Plates. It is Christmas !!! This is the only plate I displayed this year. Very Special To Me. I collect Avon Christmas Plates. I still have several I need to find to add to my collection.
I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas !!! Till later.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Family Get-Together

Hello.. I was at a Christmas Party tonight. We met at my Aunt Paula's house. All of us cousins, my mom, and brother & family. We finally got the babies together. Zoe and Bailey were born on the same day, just hours apart. We kept phones busy between both hospitals, keeping check on each other.

A great time was had by all. I appreciate Paula taking the time and going to all the work to have us over for Christmas. Here is a picture of the girls.

On the Left is - Raeanne & Zoe, and on the Right is Lacy (my cousin) and Bailey. The girls are 3rd cousins.. They will be starting the same school together and in the same grade... I think we were making them grow up to fast... lol We had a houseful of kids. My Cousin Tonya was there with her 3 children, Darcy, Zane, and Dalton. They are so cute.

Tonya and her guys... Dalton ( almost 3) and Zane ( 7) Could not get a picture of Darcy, she was running around with my niece Hannah. They are both 9 . WE had a great time.

No memory for today. This night will be a good memory...

Monday, December 21, 2009

Memory #7 - Chicken Pox & Diabetes

I can't find my pictures today. I looked... Well... You know we just moved. My front room is full of boxes and totes. Being sick again today.... Will this ever end? 5 weeks today and counting. Doctors say no cracked or broke rib... Just Cartilage popped off rib cage.. Don't take sound better.. urghhh First Pain pills given did fine till last night.. I had another scared,I am dying trip. Lortab 10 made me feel depressed, shaky, dream like state, with no sleep and had to take every 8 hours... I don't think so. New pain Pill, for I can not move without them. Enough about my terrible Holiday Season..
Raeanne has had 2 bad Christmases while young. My memories for today. 1st up... Chicken Pox at Christmas the year Santa brought her a bike... I have a picture somewhere .. Her posing with her bike with calamine dots all on top of her all over breakout. Didn't make it to of the family get togethers. Mom, Dad & Trey came over on Christmas to see what Santa brought. Raeanne could not even ride her new bike..Memory 2... Raeanne's 12th Christmas Holiday. She went shopping with Mom & her sisters.. Aunt Debbi said she kept wanting something to drink every 20 minutes..
She had they don't know how many Big Gulps. I was working one day and called to check in home on her. She answered and was incoherent. I left took her to the doctor. They admitted her that night into the Hospital. Diabetes... Didn't see that coming. She was in the hospital the week right before Christmas Day. She has had Diabetes for 16 years now and through pregnancy's with Beautiful Grandchildren. This last with Zoe a ruff Pregnancy. I want to share many more Christmases with my family..

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Memory # 6 - Moccasins

This is a picture of my dad. This is how I always remember him. Sitting in the recliner with Sadie, ( Rebel's sister). And... What are those on his feet? Why they are Moccasins. Every year for Christmas, he always got a pair of Moccasins to keep those feet warm. I wonder if he ever got tired of the same gift... He would look surprised every year when he would unwrap them. We all knew by the box size what they were... lol. I don't think he minded the same gift, I think he was just glad we were all there with him. This is the 9th year that daddy has not been with us at Christmas. He didn't get to spend Hannah's first Christmas with her. She is now 9. A very beautiful little girl. I got to be with her a little while today. She is full of energy... Just like her Poppa was. I know we all have some of him in us. So today I just reflected on him and Christmas past. Oh, By the way... He loved Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation... He always said he acted like Clark Griswold just wanted to show his family A GOOD TIME ! I can say "You did Daddy !!!"
Love and miss you very much....

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Memory #5 - Favorite Song

Guess !!!!

You are Right !!! The Chipmunk Song ( Christmas Don't Be Late ). One of my memories from my childhood. Cousin Andrea had the vinyl record. Each time I heard that song I think of Christmas's of my childhood. Did you know that the song won 3 Grammy Awards back in 1958. I just found that out..I love Alvin, Simon, and Theodore.

One year when Raeanne was little, they came out with Talking Chipmunk's stuffed toys. We bought her a Alvin. Didn't try the pulling the string in the Store.. It was to say: Hi !!! My name in Alvin !. Her Alvin said : Hi !!! My name is Simon !!! Simon was trapped in an Alvin body!!! Oh NO !!! We had to take him back and exchange him for a good Alvin. Here is her Alvin under my tree this Christmas.

The Cross Stitched stand up is a Just Nan Design. It is Ebenezer Boyd Bear. I stitched him about 8 years ago.. Get this... I also have the chart for Tiny Tim... Have I stitched it? NO.... lol All for tonight... I am heading off to stitch in my recliner. My Northern Friends, Ya'll stay warm and Enjoy that BIG Snow !!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Memory # 4 - First Christmas Tree

Ok Everyone... Don't Laugh. Yes, this was our First Christmas Tree !!! Except for the Plastic string of candy, everything was made by me.. The year was 1981. We went in the woods on my husband's Family's land and found this Beauty... lol. See all the holes. I know the picture is not good. It was a Pine, if you can' tell. lol. I was 5 months pregnant and of course, I went in the woods hunting this with him. Boy, that is LOVE... lol At the time, I did not know that sap will run out and get on the presents and also it had black bugs in it. So that year, everyone that got a present from us, had a surprise of Sap & Bugs included!!! It was because of the tree. I now have a fake tree and pine smell freshener plug in. ALMOST LIKE REAL.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Memory #3 Christmas Claymation Shows

Last night it came to me, I had not seen one Christmas Claymation Show. You know, Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer, The Year without a Santa Claus. ect.... And my favorite - The little Drummer Boy. I have not seen this one in years.. Have they quit playing it because it is about the birth of our Lord and Saviour. Please let me know if you have seen it on TV? Just went to ABC Family Channel site. It will be on Dec 24 th. Please watch if you can.. Mom have that TV going during our get-together, please.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Memory # 2 - Elfie

I have been sitting watching a cute Christmas Movie on Hallmark while pain patch on rib is doing it's job. My memory for today is this little Guy. Is he 45 years old this Christmas. Mom pasted him on to me. She said they got him for my first Christmas. He has been under my tree ever since she gave him to me. Elfie did get a new light cord last year. Elfie had his original cord but my dad had cut the end that you pug into the wall and replaced it with another cut off end, black electrical tape still wrapped around it. Elfie must have burnt his old end off. He has a scratched up leg and some smears on him, but he has the new cord that keeps on lighting him up for Christmas. I love my Elfie !!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Barbie and Christmas Memories

I had great day today. I started thinking about past Christmases. I was a Barbie lover.. Child of the 70's. I always had a Barbie on my list for Santa. One Christmas I got from Santa this:

Barbie Airplane ( UNITED )
I also got that same Barbie with green dress.

I had Francine, Skipper, Malibu Barbie, Malibu Ken, Malibu PJ and Ken with Hair..

Now... Malibu Barbie and Malibu PJ are from the 70's. I didn't think they did collagen injections in the lips back then... Maybe I am wrong. Check those lips out... lol

Beautiful Blue and Purple eyeshadow.

I also got from Santa one Christmas this :

But... I do have my Zoe to lavish all this Barbie love on. Is it to soon to buy a Barbie Dream house for a 3 month old little girl??? lol I never got one... In my days... (Boy, I sound old)... We didn't get a new Barbie every time we went to Walmart. We only got them at Christmas & Birthdays. Made them very special. Zoe Baby, Gigi will get you the new 2014 Groovy Barbie Camper !!!! Just hang Tight till then !!!! lol

I used to take My Barbies in that great Plastic Case ( Loved that new plastic smell) to my Cousin Andrea's house. She is 3 years older and had great Barbies. We would swap heads with different bodies. Always had a great time with her. Well, I had bored ya'll enough. Just me having great Christmas memories. I am going to try and remember a great memory each day till Christmas. Please try it too.

By the way... ONE LAST PICTURE

My Barbie Car


A Boy And A Leg Lamp

This is a picture of my grandson Josh. He had just discovered the Leg Lamp that mom had gave to me a couple of Christmas' ago. I just had to get the camera and take his picture. What is it with boys and leg lamps??? lol We the love the movie " A Christmas Story ". I also love Christmas Vacation. I have been sitting around today watching the Hallmark Channel's Christmas shows. I did start to tear up with one of the shows.. I said OK.... Go to another channel. Nothing like Judge Judy when she is screaming at someone to make you dry up those tears, and don't forget Jerry Springer... lol..
I did make it to the doctor today. NO Pleurisy.... He thinks I cracked a rib coughing. I got 2 more powerful antibiotics and some pain patches to apply to the rib area. Nothing they can do for that. Raeanne and kids were here tonight. I enjoyed it greatly. I did to much and I was to stay still and rest per Doc. I will have to try and stay still tomorrow for sure.. Hard to do that without falling asleep in the recliner. My mother in law came over and checked on me. Great just sitting and talking to her.
I have done some stitching today... well, almost about 30 minutes worth. I have about ran the batteries down in the remote to the TV.. Well... I think I will check in on TV Guide web site and see what will be on tomorrow. See Ya'll !!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Mother, You were right !!!!

Well I thought I felt good.... I am going in to see doctor this morning. I am not over Pneumonia, I now think I have Pleurisy. I had it 2 times before years ago. I can't bend around ribs and I don't even try to cough.. Pain big time. I am saying this mom..
She can now say " I told you so" !!! about going to the doctor last week. SHE WAS RIGHT !!! I should have went. Love you mom and you know best.. There... That was easy... 4 weeks with this sickness is driving me crazy. No energy to do anything.. I have loaded dishes in the dishwasher this am.. Oh,,, it is 12:30 am now... I can't seem to sleep again. I slept all day. I did start on the cough syrup again. I went and got a measuring spoon, to make sure I only took 1 tsp.... LOL No More Trips for me.
We went to see our great friends in White Plains Saturday.Hello Debra!!! Loved being with you and Wayne !!! We always have the best time . Of Course I was coughing and Debra had been sick too. Same thing.. We sounded like two 900 Call # Husky Voice telephone girls. LOL We were laughing about our hoarse Voices.. HELLOoooo. this is Destiny... I need your credit card #. LOL Had a great time.

This is a cute picture of Josh & Zoe. Zoe is no longer wearing her leg braces. As you can see in the picture she is kicking and moving those arms... lol I say she loves to dance. Josh is looking at her showing off. Those are my grand babies !!! Little show off and big Ham it up. lol I got to tell ya'll this... Don't tell Joshua's dad.... hehehe I bought Zoe some little hair bows that Velcro.... Well... hehehe. He loves the light blue with Polka dots... He tries wearing it all the time.... LOL Till Later....

Thursday, December 10, 2009

I Feel Good !!!

I feel Good and my Christmas Tree Is UP !!!! We are heading out tonight to take Joshua & Zoe to see Santa. Have their picture made and see Christmas lights on the way. Don't it sound fun !!! We used to go every year to my parents and get in their car and ride around their town and see all the lights.. I miss doing that. I have some video tape of this going on... We are all talking, laughing, and going LOOK LOOK at that house.. It is funny to watch now.. It is great to hear my dad's voice on all those videos. We got a new video camera about 4 years ago and have not used it but maybe 3 times. I said this Christmas It is coming out of it's bag and making some movies.. I love to watch all the videos we have. I even have films... in canisters, I can't remember what their are called, of the Dad's family. They are on VHS. I want to put them on DVD. Maybe soon...
Well time to get ready for Santa Time !!! Yeah !!!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

If We Make It Throught December.

Yes, That is a Merle Haggard Song.. I didn't know till last night that it was a song he sang for Christmas Time. Oh Well... If We Make It Through December is stuck in my head now... We did some more Christmas Shopping. Not to have any money for sure.... The Lord is providing this year. I need to start seriously looking for a job. But... I so like staying at home !!! LOL Got Dear Brother his gift tonight. Have just Mom, Hannah, and Raeanne & Chip left to buy for. I think I am doing pretty good.. Considering... Mom asking everyday does she need to come help me put up my tree.. LOL This is the first year our Tree has not been up the weekend of Thanksgiving. I am still digging out of boxes and totes... I am determined to get it all together this weekend.. Rained today all day... Didn't get much done. Went down and visited Joshua and Zoe.
I did start cleaning out front bedroom around 10:00 last night... Oh by the way it is 1:45 am, now on Wed. morning... Lord, I need a job... At least I would have normal sleeping hours. My sleep is all messed up from being sick and sleeping all day. I am much better Thank You.... Tomorrow.. Oops... I mean Today.. I need to bust my hump to get stuff organized and go get the Christmas stuff out of shed and start decorating !!! Joshua has his house all decorated Inside & out.. CUTE.. He is all about Christmas this year... and LIGHTS... Lots of LIGHTS... Well, I guess I better try to go to sleep... Mom will call first thing , to see if she can come and get the tree up... LOL... Love you MOM !!!! Good Nite.. or Morning...

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tripping & No More Cough Syrup !

I think I went on a trip Saturday night and I didn't even leave the comfort of my bed... Check SpellingI think it was a trip... Sure scared me. I am NO longer taking the cough syrup !!!! My skin was crawling, heart racing, and TV sounded very LOUD.. I kept lowering the volume.. Head was a buzzing... Label said take only 1 TEAspoon.. I think I took 2 TABLEspoons... and with it being a prescription with codeine, did NOT help...It did not knock me out,, Opposite effect. I was Wired for 220...I finally feel asleep at 7:00 am. I thought when you are sick, you need more rest???? Guess not me. Mom came over after church Sunday. I had by then, made it to the couch.... This Cold, Flu, Pneumonia thing is Bad.. I am starting week 3 today.. Mom has been saying" Call The Doctor" !!! I feel like I am in an Andy Griffin Show episode where He keeps telling Aunt Bea " Call The Man !!! " To fix their freezer...LOL.

Hubby decided we could go and do some Christmas shopping Tonight... It was great not many people out shopping. I got about all, but 4 people left on my list..

I am working on some stitching, but not for Christmas presents.. I have pulled the Heirloom Afghan out to work on. I am feeling better and need to get back stitching on it. I don't think it will be finished before Christmas... Maybe After New Year...
Well it is 12:23 am on Tuesday morning.. Coughing but not Tripping ....

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Day ???? OF Sickness !!!

I have lost track of how many days I have been sick... I blame it on cough syrup with Codeine. I just wake up every 12 hours and take more.... Well.. I may have to make another trip to Dr's office Monday. This will be 3rd time around. Maybe I am just wanting to be well again... LOL.. It may have to just run it's course. Z pac did no good. I did stay awake long enough today to watch SEC Game... ROLL TIDE ROLL !
No unpacking.... No Stitching.... No Cooking... No Christmas Decorating....
Doctor said Pneumonia... I say Pneumonia, Swine Flu, Cold, Regular Flu, and anything thing else Sick... How long does Pneumonia last... 2 weeks???? Well cough syrup is kicking in... I start to see double and hear stuff........ hummmmmm