Sunday, January 30, 2011


I asked Joshua to pick a winner out of the Bowl Of Bloggers !!! I think he was thinking it was going to be a hazardous job. He put on his bike helmet for this dangerous duty ! He is also in his car seat !! We are not racing !! lol
He reached in the bowl and picked the winner !!! He is amazing !!! See ~~~~

He is showing anyone that he has picked the winner !!! And without further waiting.......

The winner is ............ PAM of Basketnprims !!!! I have already sent her an email !! Congrats to pam !!! Thanks to all my blogging friends !!!! I love reading all your blogs !!! Thanks to everyone who entered and made this possible for Joshua to draw.. The Thrill of The Night!! lol Picture is not good to read.. he was jumping around....

Hope everyone had a great weekend !! Was just beautiful here in Bama !!! Hubby just now took the last dump truck load to burn.. So, the old homestead is no more.... I have a big front yard now !!!! ALRIGHT !!! till later.........

Saturday, January 29, 2011

TIMBER !!!!!!

I have not forgotten my Giveaway or my Great Blog Readers. This picture is what is going on at the Ol Homestead. or... That was the Ol Homestead! It is a pile of boards that once was an old house on our property. You can see we have been busy. Hubby took it down in one night with the bobcat. He has so far took 5 dump truck loads of wood off to burn. We are having to sort copper, aluminium, and metal from the wood. We are going to sell the copper and aluminium. This house had no insulation in it. Only a little around the added on bathroom. I bet they were always freezing!! So with an added on bathroom the house was very old. They had an out house before that. I did save same of the old wallpaper (thick paper) that was tacked up on the slat walls. I found a 1973 newspaper in the wall that was advertising a 1973 pontiac GT Rally Sport car for $2995 Brand New at Doug Wiley Pontiac. You could get 50 lbs of meat at Fairfield Meat Market for $7.99 cent. It listed how much chicken and different cuts of beef were in the deal for $7.99. I keep saying I miss the 70's !!! lol Now you can't even get 2 lbs of meat for $7.99 Don't get me started on the gas prices. $ 3.00 gallon for regular...

I have not forgotten the Giveaway. I have a small pile of cute things besides the chart and fabric. I just have not taken a picture yet. So I guess it will be a surprise!!! If you are just now reading. Please comment under the 100 Followers Giveaway post for a chance to win. I will do the drawing Sunday night!!!

I hear the dump truck coming back... urghhhh Time to get back to work !!! To soon, I am not rested.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I have over 100 followers. Yea ! I am going to do a giveaway! Here are some of the items! The new chart for With Thy Needle & Thread/ Brenda - Love Filled Heart, a new chart by Silver Creek Samplers - Live Within Your Harvest, 1 package of 28 Count Antique White Evenweave and more things... I just have not got this put together yet . We are own our way to mom's to get in her attic and get whatever critter is in the traps we set the other night. Yes, I do feel like Billy The Exterminator ! Raeanne still has her smell going on at her house.. Not as bad... Mom called Sunday night and said she thinks she has a critter in the attic... Something had chewed through her ceiling that night.. We think it is a squirrel.. I told her it just wanted to make his own central heat duct work... She said she didn't want that thing falling out of the ceiling onto her while she is sleeping... I can understand that. lol So brave hubby put 2 traps in her attic. She called tonight.. Said she had a banging noise in the attic. WE GOT IT !!!!
So, we will jump in the Pest Mobile and head to Childersburg !!! I guess that multi grain bread with peanut butter & topped with 2 pecans did the trick !!!
I got sidetracked... About the giveaway... Just leave a comment on this post. That you want to be entered. I will have the drawing Sunday Afternoon. Anyone can enter! If you don't have a blog.. Just leave an email address that I can contact you. There will be more stuff added I will show another picture tomorrow. Till tomorrow....
1/27 critter update !!! It was a squirrel!!! We relocated him to our house in the counrty.. So it is city squirrel comes to the country!! Been with grandkids all day. I will post more giveway tomorrow.

Monday, January 24, 2011


I have 100 followers !! If I don't loose anyone, I am going to have a giveaway! I will have the items on the blog Wednesday the 26th. I have to get it together!!! So check back on Wednesday and see what I am giving away! Sorry so short... I have been playing with the grandchildren all weekend. Till Wednesday..

PS.... I am also behind in my blog reading.. I am trying to catch up with yall , so I will see you tonight !!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I Made A Big Mistake Today !!

Yes, I did!!! I went into Pottery Barn ! Of Course ... That was a huge mistake.. I always try to stay out of there. Today I was killing time, waiting on the time for my doctor's appointment. I ended up going into Pottery Barn. First thing to catch my eyes !!! These pillows !!

I had to nearly sit down when I seen the price for just the pillow cover... $49.00 - Just the cover.. The pillow insert is another $16.00 for the down pillow form or $39.00 for the Feather pillow form.. Finally Cost - $65.00 to $88.00 a pillow.

You want to know what I did... I left there went to my doctor's appointment. Finished there and went to Joann's Fabric.. They had different textures and sizes of Linen fabric on sale at 50% off. I got a yard of 3 different linen colors and sizes. Price $ 2.99 a yard. Guess what I am going to do? You guessed right!! I am going to find some transfers on the computer and print them on to transfer paper and put those suckers on the linen and make me 3 pillows just like these.... Well not just like these. But they will be almost like. I figured may cost me about 12.00 a pillow with pillow insert. Wish me luck !!!

Oh by the way... Pottery Barn's January Catalog is right along my lines of decorating !!! I love everything in it!! They have a round coffee table that is almost just like the one my mom has had since the sixties... Cost $599.99 for their table... Mom's $0.00 if no one in the family is using it... Now that is another story... lol My family of Aunts pass around furniture like recipes.. If you can't remember where you misplaced that dinette... Try one of the Aunts... or that end table.. call an Aunt. The end table in my sun room was my Aunt Judy's.. It was sitting on her carport.. I have it now... The sewing machine cabinet was Aunt Debbi's.. It ended up at Aunt Judy's and then out onto her carport... I have it now... I just need to go by Aunt Judy's every so often and see what is on her carport. Do a slow Drive By....

I have not done much stitching .. Rather, none at all. Daughter and grands have been here staying all week. Something has died in their wall or floor. They had The exterminator out to check it out.. He said it was not a mouse.. maybe a squirrel, raccoon, or cat . He was not allowed to do anything to find it because he could be libel for any damage.. DUH.... Where is Billy The Exterminator when we need him !!! It is bad smelly down at their house.. Poppa thought he would help by putting some Spearmint Deodorizer underneath the house and along the framing.. Well now it smells highly of Spearmint Rotting Death. lol Well.. no babies of mine are going to stay in that smell. Son in law came in off the train tonight... He cooked some wings in Bar-B-Q sauce and Raeanne says it nows smells more like Rotted Spearmint Bar-B-Q Wings... Hope no one is trying to eat while they are reading this... This has been my week so far. Sorry to type ya'lls ears off. I have been confined to the house till today... One more look at these beautiful Pillows:

Friday, January 14, 2011

Snow Garden - Progress

I thought I had stitched more than this, Oh Well.... I am stitching the Whole Caboodle on 35 count Natural Linen. I am using the called for floss, unless I see that some colors with disappear into the fabric. I will change them if they are to close the the same color as the fabric. This week I have done nothing. Same old same old... Washing dishes, sweeping floors, and washing clothes. Does it ever change? Not in all my years. Weatherman saying it is going to warm up this weekend. I sure hope so. I have never been this cold since I grew up living in a home with a floor furnace. I explained to hubby last night.. I think I will pay that 300.00 power bill just to be able to stay warm. lol Hopefully, he is going to seal up all the duct work this weekend. ( I type this while I am smiling)

I did receive some stash in the mail.

BBD - Valentine Rose , WTN&T - Oh Tannenbaum and WTN&T - Needles & Pins Heart Pinkeep. I am expecting some more coming in..

If anyone else is doing the Anniversaries Of The Heart, could you tell me which chart has the bonus pattern that is between Feb & March? I have only purchased Jan & Feb. so far. I need to finish my Monthly ornament. I am still stitching on it.

Hope everyone is having a great January !!! Till Later....

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Survived The Ice Storm !!

I am still iced over in central Bama... That is, my front porch is still covered in ICE... We were hit Sunday night and Monday with 1" of ICE. More rain mixed with snow Tuesday which froze over Tuesday night. I finally got to venture off the Homestead yesterday afternoon for a post office run. We still have ice on the bridges and overpasses. Snow fell from the sky today or should I say blew around with the wind. At one time the sun was shinning and the snow was blowing... Was pretty to see. This has been the only snow we seen in my area. I can say I have seen ICE fall from the sky a lot... Tired of ICE...

I did get a good bit of stitching on Snow Garden by Blackbird Designs. I am loving this little square. What a great time to stitch, the Snow Clouds where spitting ice down on us and I was stitching away on Snow Garden !!! I did survive the ice storm by eating my weight in these:

If you love the Girl Scout Cookies - Samoas !! You will love these. I think they are better. Those little elves in that tree sure know how to make Cookies !!! I am addicted. I will now have to limit myself to 1 pack a week. ( sounds like a cigarette habit) I have to limit myself to 2 cookies upon opening of the package. If you happen to see any chocolate smears on the cross stitch.. I was chewing while stitching.
I will get a picture posted tomorrow of the cross stitch... Not the empty package of cookies... Till Tomorrow....

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Winter Storm For Alabama !!!

I am sitting here listening to the sleet. I have been out gathering food for 2 days.. Our stores all ran out of bread, milk, chips and cookies!! I finally had to go back out this morning to get the junk food items.. Can you believe I had a hard time finding Pop Tarts !!! Yes... Pop Tarts. I had to get a gallon of milk at Walgreens, but hey.. It was cheaper there, then at Wal-Mart. I am going to start shopping around for cheaper prices. Walgreens even had my Honey Nut Cheerios for 1.99. Same size box at Wal-mart is 2.97. I guess it pays to shop around and save. Never thought about till I couldn't get all my items from Wal-Mart. I don't eat the meat from Wal-mart. A co-worker had a boyfriend that work in the meat dept. She told me the Beef comes from overseas. They get it frozen and process it into THEIR packages. NO Beef From The Wal-Mart for me.. Anyway back to the storm...

Weathermen are calling for Snow and then ice... WE had a bad Ice Storm back in 1982. January 12th. We were without power for 4 to 5 days.. I hope that will not happen again. To all my northern friends, it is headed toward ya'll !! Take cover and batten the hatches.

Hopefully I will get some stitching in on BBD Snow Garden. I can't stitch out in the sun room. It is too Cold with all those windows and no sun... lol I am calling it the Cold Room. My stitching is ready for me to pick it up.. My TV Tray is equipped with drink, remote, chap stick, laptop and stitching. I am ready!!

We are also ready if the power goes out. Generator is sitting with a full tank of gas and at least four 5-gallon jugs of gas. Checked on the grand babies, they are excited about snow. They are across the street from us, so we are close by with another generator and gas for them. Hubby has it in the back of the truck so he will be able to back up to back of their house and they will have heat too. Rebel is laying in front of our heater. She has her little sweater only. She is not wanting to go outside to use the potty.... I have put out the Pee Pads for her in our bathroom.. Hubby said he don't blame her for not wanting to go out to do her business.. He tried to get her to go outside and she looked at him like he was crazy!! He was standing outside in the sleet and she was just looking outside at him saying.... which one of us is the dummy? lol

Maybe I will have pictures of the snow or ice tomorrow.. Till Later....

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sun Room Pictures

This is my corner of the room. Stitching chair.. Picked up the cute colonial table from my Aunt Judy yesterday. It right now is holding my cross stitch project BBD Snow Garden . I started it last night. My new start for 2011. Those are the kid's toys in the hamper. Josh's tool box and Zoe's pirate's ship w/ her people... I wanted a lot of room for them to play.
This is the other corner. I covered the old futon mattress with a comforter cover my Aunt Judy made and passed on to me. She can sew beautiful curtains, spreads, pillows, and just everything... She also made all the pillows on the futon. Rooster Lamp was a past on from Aunt Debbi. I sure am lucky to have Aunts with great taste !! lol Pay no attention to the mess outside that door in the picture. That is this weekend's project... Clean the porches off and fix the central heat.

This is my lonely wall... Doctor's Office Chair.. lol Don't laugh.. Their furniture is made great!! That's why dr office's still have furniture from the 80's ! lol It never wears out. I walked in here the other night and hubby was sitting straight up in the chair. I said, " What are you doing?".. He said.. "Waiting to see the doctor!!!" I couldn't help but laugh at him.. He still makes me laugh after 30 years...

Like I said earlier I started stitching Blackbird Designs Snow Garden. I am stitching it on Natural colored 35 count linen. I will try and post picture tomorrow. Sun is not shinning today for a good picture. Till Tomorrow....

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Where Is A Maid When I need One !!

I have been busy trying to put up Christmas decorations and cleaning the house.Thanks for stopping in and reading my blog. I will have some pictures tomorrow of the finished sun room. It is coming in real handy. We are having problems with our central unit ducts. Some have rusted out and we didn't know till this past weekend. We discovered we are heating all under the trailer.. Not to mention an Out Of This World power bill. Now we know why the neighbor's 7 dogs were staying under our home... LOL
I will unload some pictures tomorrow of things going on around here. I will also have a giveaway when I reach 100 followers!! So stay tuned... Till tomorrow....

Saturday, January 1, 2011