Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween !

Happy Halloween !!!! Me - 1966

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown !

I watched The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown tonight. I love how Snoopy is the Red Baron! Flying Dog House and all !! LOL Nothing more funny than Lucy telling all them while they are putting on the Ghost costumes that you have to put your personality into your outfit... Then she puts on the Witch's Mask & Hat. lmbo...
She is the witch of the bunch... I can't wait to The Thanksgiving Show, where Snoopy makes toast and popcorn as a Thanksgiving dinner. He has that toast flying, like a dealer at a Casino.
Enough on the peanuts. I have been finishing a good bit of stitching into stuff. I tried to take pictures tonight, but it is to dark. I will take some tomorrow and post them on the blog. Tomorrow is the 29th and that means 2 days till Halloween. We are going to my mom's house. She has about 300 trick or treater's every year. They park in a lot and start walking through the neighborhood at dark. Hope it will be cool, very dark, and breezy. That is the only way Halloween should be. If I see anymore Spiderman outfits with the muscle's built in the suit this year.. I will scream !!! I seen about 30 last year... Some preteens always come up, not dressed as anything, with wal-mart plastic bags. I may tell them this year.. No costume, No candy. Some come dressed as Street Hookers.. even some little girls.. maybe 8 or 9.. What is Momma thinking? Oh, yea... Momma is out waiting on the curb dressed more trashy then their baby girls.
I will close for tonight... Happy Birthday Aunt Judy... tomorrow that is....
till later.....

More Pictures Of Finishes

I have been hard at work. This finishing up before Halloween is hard !! I did get this one finished. But, As you can see it is a Thanksgiving Design. This design is a freebie from Primitive Betty's Blog. She has great Designs! I made it to Hancock Fabrics the other day. I got these fabrics at 50% off.

My favorite is the one in the middle. The Cats!!! I am going to use it on the back of this:

This is my Cat from Cricket Collection! I also have the instructions to put it together plus a 2nd set of Flat Fold instructions. We will see how this turns out... LOL I will start on it tomorrow. Yes... I know that is Halloween! But, I want to get it finished to put in the tub with all the other Halloween I put up today. I know I little early, but I thought, Hey, I will be at mom's tomorrow and not here looking at them. I put some of my Just Autumn things out. I still have to finish Boo Man too. Here he is all ready to get stuffed. By the way, I have to make his pants so, he is Naked right now. LOL

He is a punch needle design from With Thy Needle & Thread - Brenda Gervais. He sure is grinning pretty to have no pants!! LOL I do have another finish. It is an ornament. My computer crashed earlier today and I had a hard time rebooting. I will try and get pictures of my other finishes ! Till Later.......

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

More Items For Sell

I have put these booklets on my selling blog. Link is: If you see anything you would like email me @ . Link is also on the left side of my blog.

I am in the craft room today finishing up some Halloween designs. What is it... Maybe 3 days till Halloween. I need to hurry up. I will be sad then, I will have to put them all in a tub till next year. and I just finished them... LOL

Till Later.....

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Vincent Price

Vincent Price is one of my favorite people. His voice, I know from any one's voice. His looks were all his own. One of my favorite movies is House On Haunted Hill.

I like him in other horror movies too, but HOHH is my fav. I need to get Raeanne (dd) to bring over the dvd to watch it again. Did ya'll know Mr Price also appeared on Brady Bunch? yep... he did... Hawaii Week for the Brady's. He played professor Whitehead and talked to a Tikki Statue in a cave. He called the statue "Oliver". Yes I do watch Brady Bunch reruns. I love the Hawaii & Grand Canyon weeks.

Vincent Price redeemed himself after the Brady Bunch by being the voice in Michael Jackson Thriller video and song!!!

His voice was great and that creepy laughing! Best parts of the song! I love watching the long versions of the video and the song. But what is creepy is this....

Vincent Price has Alice Cooper in Chains !! Maybe that is where the group Alice In Chains got their name... LOL That is a creepy looking chest Alice Cooper has.... He didn't need to wear that opened stetchy thing-a-ma-jeg. Now... that is Scary! Even more scarier than Vincent Price !!! LOL

I have spent with day with grandson Josh.. We are watching Cartoons on Demand.

Till later....

Monday, October 25, 2010


I have a battery and now pictures !!! Today started off bad. I was finishing up the pink breast cancer ornament and I dropped the whole little box of beads.. Spent about 30 minutes picking them out of the carpet. I wish a magnet would pick them up.. but, NO, they are glass. I added some dried lavender in the pillow. I also stitched the year on the back.

Was a Freebie chart I downloaded off a website, I can't remember who designed it. All those beads were rolling everywhere... Remembered why I don't like working with the beads. LOL

This ornament I also sent to the breast cancer auction. It was from a Heart In Hand kit. The little bag came with it. I sent it along with the ornament so, whomever wins it can stick it back in the bag when they remove from their tree. This one had a lot of French knots. Whole beard was done in them. I don't mind French Knots.. Just beads....

This is pillow kit by : Trail Creek Farm. I have had this kit stitched for 2 years. All I had to do to finish, was attach green beads( again) for bat eyes, attach bats in corners and attach the stitched piece to the pillow. Well.... I attached the bats upside down.. So... I am just going to say the Witch put a spell on them and they can now fly upside down... Would that make them hang right side up to sleep.... LOL

Till Later.... and .....5 More Days Till Halloween

Saturday, October 23, 2010

I Have A New Battery !!! YEA !

6 Days Till Halloween
I finally remembered to buy the new battery. I had it in my purse for over a week. I will take a bunch of pictures for ya'll tomorrow! Just wait and see! I have 2 ornaments for The Breast Cancer Auction, a pillow finish, and some Halloween stuff.

Has been a busy weekend. Not much stitching.... Grands were here all weekend! We had a great time playing outside. Beautiful Weekend! Hope everyone had a great weekend. It is so hot in Alabama right now. 9:20 pm and nearly 80 degrees and thunderstorms...

Till Tomorrow......and pictures.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I Want It To Be 1971 Again

Do you know why I want it to be 1971 again?? Look above !!!! I found this great web page where you can look at old catalogs ! Here it is... I am so excited !!
I just have to share my list with ya'll !! LOL Hey mom!!! Did you go pick some of these things up at the counter in Sears Called " Catalog Dept"? Just wait till you see my stuff !!!

That blue with the red check flowers!!! Girls , she was mine !!! I loved dragging her to all my friends and Cousin Andrea's house to sleep over! She even had a matching carrying bag. Oh.. How I miss her. I think the last I saw of her... she was pretty bad off. Torn and Faded from all that in and out the car and washings. Oh, what tails she could tell on us... Maybe not.. I was about 6 when I got her, but I kept her a lot of years. Young carefree years and Christmas time!

Yes, Don't be drooling over my Christmas!!! LOL I received Malibu Barbie in the blue and Malibu Skipper in the two piece suit. Dig those groovy glasses on their heads! Many hours of enjoyment from those girls.. and I almost forget the most important doll:

There He is ladies!!! Don't everyone crowd the computer screen!!! Malibu Ken!!! I also got that Barbie Camper & the big red Car. Look at that green suit in the bigger picture! Boy, He was a chick magnet! LOL

That beauty on the lower right with the red & white stripes.. Yep.. Santa gave me one of those. How could you forget those 2 faces on the inside. I stared at those forever while listening to, Puff The Magic Dragon, On Top Of Old Smokey, I'm A Little Teapot, and a whole bunch of 45's that I kept in a little stand-up box with a handle. Couldn't found a picture of the record box.. Psss, I think my mom got it from somewhere else, besides Sears....I just have to mention my cousin Todd on this blog... There is 8 months difference in us. He always got cool boy stuff for Christmas!!! I always got to play with his stuff when he didn't know it. Well, one year he got a bike, I could ride a bike, he was trying without much hope. He did manage to learn ladies.. Don't feel sorry for him. He is a charmer, and I am still a tomboy at heart. He also happened to get one of these: Hippity Hops

See that red thing with that boy is on, looking like he is riding a bull? That thing is called a Hoppity Hop. It should be outlawed! It is a weapon! How do I know?... well, I will tell you. I decided since Todd was not riding his bike.. I would. I jumped on it and rode up the street. When I came back and turned into their driveway, he came at me running and screaming at the top of his lungs and had that Hoppity Hop flying around over his head like a helicopter. I may be embellishing this... No I am not.... anyway He hit me so hard with that Hippity Hop. It knocked me off the bike onto the driveway. I couldn't bend my knee on one leg. I drug myself to the carport, Aunt Judy and mom came out to check on me.. Mom said" you are alright". She aways says this.. even now. Maybe she tries to convince herself we are OK.. Anyway.. I was not. Chipped a bone off the kneecap. Wore a cast for a while. Oh, But those a great memories! Are ya'll still with me?I won't even talk about the Pogo Stick! Todd had one of those too! That little boy in the picture looks about 3. I would not even get Joshua a Pogo Stick. He is a little accident prone anyway. Takes after his Gigi.. LOL I did get a new bike about every Christmas. I was ruff on Bikes and Shoes. I remembered those white baskets with flowers. I can't remember what my bikes looked like there were so many! But I would love to have this one now. Brand Spanking New...

Look at the pretty one with flowers on the basket and flowers on the seat !!! I wish they still made these. When Zoe gets older I would get her one!! My brother was not born till January 1972. If he had been around and older. I would like to think Santa would have brought him this:

Look at those big fat tires !! I like it myself. Remember when Mini Bikes looked like this? I never got one. I was a girl....

Now I will tell you something. I had started another post. A little rant about visiting our Local Joann's, that I didn't even know we had. But I stumbled across that wishbook site and well... I feel a lot better now.. I am smiling and thinking of Christmas' Past. Thanks mom. You and dad always came through.. Oh I mean.. Thanks Santa !!! Till later....

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Stitching Again !!!

11 More Days To Halloween

I have finally regained some order to that craft room. I started a small Halloween thingie last night. I know... I keep forgetting to buy a battery for my camera. It is in my purse and today I was at Target... urghhh ! I hate doing that. I will be going out again tomorrow. I will try and remember to get SOME... that way I will not run out again. I will have a lot of pictures to post when I get a battery.....
Right now I am watching Ghost Hunters on Syfy channel. I am also stitching on a Birthday Gift for this month. I will take a picture when finished. I can't post because the person reads my blog. I will post after she gets it.
That is all that is happening at the Homestead. Till Later............

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What A Mess !!!

12 More Days To Halloween

What a mess I have going on today. I have decided to clean that craft room out big time! I took everything out of the room except... Sewing machine cabinet, work table and computer desk. I have been going through everything. I took the shelves down out of the closet and put a big free standing shelf in there. I am putting my craft books, baskets, & hat boxes on the shelves. Getting rid of all those tubs !!! yeah !!! I have found a bunch of stuff I had lost... I guess it was not lost.. I just didn't know where I had put those things. LOL Now I have empty tubs all over my living room. urghhh Not finished yet... Maybe I will be finished tomorrow..

Forgot to tell ya'll... Hubby walks in from work, he asks, Is that show Hoarders coming tonight? LOL Yes, It is that bad.. I have yard sale stuff stacked along with stuff on the sofa to go through and weed out. I didn't know I had this much.. I am getting rid of it!!! A lot is just Junk.. I have kept for no reason... Till Later... Happy stitching!

Monday, October 18, 2010

What A Weekend !

13 More Days till Halloween

It was a working weekend at the homestead this weekend. We are working on putting underpinning on the trailer. Helps with heating during the winter. I would have a picture or two, but I have still not got a battery for the camera. We also got one light hung in the sun room. I would have a picture but, no battery for camera.

I did get some stash in the mail today. No picture... I am really lost without my camera. I have plans to work on finishing some stitching tomorrow. A Birthday Gift for someone close... and family... That is all I can think of to talk about. Nothing...

Till tomorrow... Hope to have a battery!!! I keep forgetting to get one..... Of course, If my head wasn't attached I would forget it...

Friday, October 15, 2010

I Thought......

I thought, I would have some pictures to post of stitching... Well, my camera had other ideas and decided to die on the job. Battery is died in #1 Hubby Camera. My camera I keep in my purse is rechargeable, so I charged it.. Will not charge... I guess that battery needs replaced.. I use my cameras more than my cell phone. LOL

I have been reading this:

My mom gave me this book awhile back. I am waiting to get a book in a series by Robyn Carr. Friend Deborah turn me on to her books. Well, back to Look Great Feel Great. I pick it up night before last. Started reading and I have been glued ever since. I am overweight, a diabetic, and have issues.. LOL Last night it came to me while reading... I don't take The Time the to try to eat right... I admit that I think it is just easier to drive through that fast food window and scarf the food down, then to buy good food and prepare it. Joyce says," This is the only body I will have here on earth! "She is right. If I damage this one, I can't trade it in like a car ! This book is, so far helping me come to terms with some things I have never thought of. Things I am doing to myself.. Like Stress. I also found out... I don't like Change ! Change is big stress for me. Changing my eating habits is a BIG change... My last job was a big stress, times in the office were changing on a daily bases. I had other times going on in my life. Daughter had a ruff pregnancy, mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and then my job... all at the same time.... I couldn't handle it at work. I left the workforce in 1 day. Had a meltdown.... I knew that I was needed for my family. Family comes first! So change.... or should I say, anything that is different or interrupts my world is a big stress factor... If you are still reading... Thanks for listening!!! LOL

Maybe I will have some stitching pictures tomorrow. I have to buy batteries...

Till later....

1:05 pm update*

*PS ... I want to thank everyone for their comments on Wicked. It was so fun to stitch and make into a necklace. I also have another I will stitch of a witch. When... I don't know... Hopefully by next Halloween.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I Love The 80's Show & Rescue

I am watching the rescue of the Miners in Chile on TV today. It is heartwarming! It is also a Miracle! It just keeps me glued to the TV. When they go to commercials... I turn over to VH-1 TV. The Best Of I Love The 80's Shows are on !!! Boy, at the memories.Like this one, Lee Press On Nails !!!

I have a story about these nails.. Now my family knows I bite my nails... In the late 80's, I purchased me some of these beauties... I put the beauties on with the included stick-em pads. Never mind that I had to load the dishwasher.. easy task... No, I lost about 3 nails... thought came to me... Hey... put them on with super glue!!! Yes... Problem solved, I thought.... Decided I would light a candle with the 1980's Bic lighter.. Well Long nail story short.. I burnt the nail when I went to Flick my Bic.... End on Press On Nails!!! Then I had to figure out how to get the other nails off that I had super glued... Soaked nails in everything.. , I finely pulled them off after a day or two of working on them.. Still had glue on the nail bed. But Hey, They were off! LOL
I still go through spells of chewing off my nails. Nervous habit... I let them grow, buy all kinds of new polish, keep them polished. Then, the next thing I do is bite them down to nothing... I have bought the Stop Biting Stuff. It does work!!!

They just did a segment on the 80's Big Hair!!! Oh my my my...

Well back to the Rescues & The 80's. Till Later......

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I have been a little creative today. I took these items:

I put them together and made my Wicked Necklace. !!! I would model it, but you don't want to see me wearing it with my PJ's!!! LOL

Still working on the model that I can't show yet..

Till Later.....

Friday, October 8, 2010

Ol' Baker's Farm

Here is Joshua and his Best Buddy, Lance with their pumpkins from the Ol' Baker Farm. Lance is 5 and Josh is 3. They always have a great time together. They are riding the hayride back from picking out their pumpkins.Raeanne and Shae (Lance's mom) have been friends since Kindergarten. Hope the boys can stay friends like their moms. Lance and his family have moved to AZ this summer. They were back to visit these last couple of weeks. This was their last day together before they flew back to AZ. Of Course.... Sister had to get in the picture !!! My Header at the top!!!

Of course... Zoe got herself a little pumpkin. She is so cute with her Cyndi Lou Hoo hairdo.. At least that is what her dad is calling a hairstyle.

Tomorrow is another Birthday Cake Day. Joshua turned 3 Thursday and we are having cake Saturday afternoon. I can't wait... I don't need it. I have put on some pounds since our Beach Vacation... I stay hungry for some reason.. Could it be that I am Southern and just LOVE Food !!! LOL

Till tomorrow......

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Halloween Finishes

I have finished 2 cross stitch pieces. This is the box.. It was my first try... I learned a lot about what to do and what not to do. Here is inside of the box...

This next one is from the chart by Homespun Elegance - All About Halloween. I stitched it on the called for Havana Linen and WDW's Swamp thread. I purchased that big Ric - Rack off Ebay. Had to make it into a cute Pillow !!!

Today is grandson, Joshua's Birthday!!! He is having a Wow Wow Wuzzy Birthday Party Saturday. My boy is turning 3 today !

I am still working on those Breast Cancer Ornaments... Maybe will finish them off today and have pictures tomorrow.

I am cleaning the homestead today. It is a slow go. Everywhere I look, I see stuff in piles.... LOL Why is that?.. I think I just put it all in piles and deal with it later.. My clean clothes to fold is all on the sofa. At least it is not made it into a tub .. yet.... LOL Ya'll know me.. Queen of the tubs...

Till Later.....

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ho Hum Day !!!

No much happening here on my home front.... I have tonight, been trying to finish up 2 ornaments for the Breast Cancer Awareness Silent Auction at Attic Needleworks. I have them stitched. I just can't decide how to finish them off.... One is already in a finished pillow. It was a kit from Heart In Hand Designs. It comes with a little bag. I just need to attach a ribbon and something else to it... I am having a problem with the something else... The other is stitched pink ribbons on off white linen. I will try to get pictures up tomorrow. Better picture taking in the light of day.
I did work on attaching my Boo/Homespun Elegance Freebie to the top of my wooden box. I am not happy with it. It needs something too... I will also take it's picture tomorrow.. Boy, I have a lot to shoot tomorrow.. LOL
Grand babies went to the Ol' Baker Farm today.. They went on the hayride and picked their own pumpkins. Their mom had great pictures of them. I will get some from her and post them. I am finally glad Fall has arrived. I love looking at every one's Fall and Halloween decorations on the blogs. I will have to take pictures when I clean up the homestead here.. Not my favorite thing to do!
Guess I need to clean house tomorrow. Weekend is coming fast !!! Till Later......

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

October Craft Room Sell

I have listed some things on my Selling Blog.

Here is a link:

Please take a look and take these things off my hands. LOL

They need a show on HGTV just for craft rooms.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Not Much Here !

Not much going on here. It has finally turned cooler. Well... I mean Cold. This morning was 41 ! I am not complaining at all !!! I love cold weather. There is a breeze. It is cool in the shade but feels great in the sun ! I love Autumn ! Just took it a long time to get here.

I have been stitching on the Model Chart for Brenda @ Country Stitches. I did paint some wooden boxes to attach some of my finished stitching. I have some scrapbook pages I am going to finish the inside with. I will try to finish those boxes tonight and post a picture tomorrow.

I am watching a lot of Horror Movies while I stitch. 31 days till Halloween on the TV!!!

Hope everyone is having a great Fall Start !!! Till Pictures tomorrow.....

Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Bell Is A Ringing....

Well... I am up. It is 12:27 am here.. I fell asleep about 7:30 pm. I woke up to a bell ringing.. Now.. I have had sinus, watering eyes, ears popping, and a sty on my eye today .. But no ringing in my ears. This was a ringing of a Bell. You know like a metal or glass bell. I look over at hubby. I said" Did you hear that bell?" He said," what?" Of course, He was watching Dark Shadows! Then it started ringing again in the corner of the room. We jumped out of the bed!!! It quit... Of course, The whole time... I kept looking around.. nervous. It is October and Halloween Month!! lol I have seen things.. He never does! But this time, I was so glad he heard the Bell Ringing. It did it about 6 more times in different areas of the bedroom. Some loud and some soft rings. Then it just quit. He of course.. being a man was testing everything in the room.. Folks.... This is a 15 by 14 foot square room... Not big.. But hubby says it has to be something. lol Yep.. I think the same thing when a lot of my stuff comes up missing and turns up later, where it should have been earlier. Am I scared... No... Just can't sleep now.

I think, I may stitch a little on that PS Acorn.. At least... I can say I hung out with my Group, The Night Owl Stitchers tonight !!! lol

Friday, October 1, 2010

Please Stand By !!

I am having internet problems. The company I am getting my internet from has been updating and now they have messed up internet within the area I live in , about a 20 mile radius. I have my TV & Internet with them. I have been complainning. It is funny everytime I call, they try to get me it get their Telephone Service. I said" You have got to be kidding... I can't even use my computer and you want to to get phone service with ya'll!. They try to sell it to me. Get this... The first time I called them the person they connected my with had a Middle Eastern Accent.. I am thinking Ok.. they are outsourcing... But HE said his name was JANET... I asked his name again.. THE GUY said JANET ! LOL Like that commerial ( PEGGY). I thought he doesn't even know that Janet is a female name... LOL

I am getting to read blogs.. Slow go.... I can't post pictures.. It kicks me off sometimes... That is Computer Life I guess....

I need to Thank Terri Hall for sending me a chart I have been looking forward to for a long time. We are also in the Sampler Group that Lori @ Notforgotten Farms sat up. I have made great friends with everyone who Blogs! Nicest Folks!!!
Till I can post pictures....