Thursday, December 27, 2012

After Christmas

Christmas has come and gone.... I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. We met with both mine and hubby's families. Had a great time. The time spent with the grandchildren was the best. It always is when you see Christmas through their eyes. There was so much excitement in their voices.
I have not stitched much. I have a project from Michelle that I need to get finished and mailed to her. I will work on that this weekend. I tired stitching some on it last week, but if you read my blog, you know that was a no go... I am doing much better.. I still get a little nausea at night. It is not bad, I can live with it. That first week was bad. I have increased the dose as I should each week and I am doing so much better. Thanks for all the comments and well wishes. 
I am aiming for Christmas Decoration Removal starting tomorrow morning. You notice I said aiming... Plans change in a second around here.. I am going for the organized repacking of the decorations.. We will also see how that goes.. Last year I didn't even put the ornaments back in their boxes. I just wrapped them and put in totes.. I have a tub full of empty ornament boxes.. I may have to do a tub buying run tomorrow. I need to check out my storage options.  Can you tell I am trying hard to organize these decorations to the best of my ability?  lol  I have big plans and dreams that always go astray.
Hope everyone had a great Christmas and looking forward to the New Year of 2013!  
I am planning on being more organized in 2013.. I will try.


Monday, December 24, 2012


Merry Christmas to all my friends and family
Hope that you have a wonderful day

Friday, December 21, 2012

Gifts !

Just wanted to thank everyone for the get better wishes.  I think sometimes the treatment is worse than the problem. I am better today, not much... Had someone tells me the stomach flu was going around!  I am thinking I might have that.. surely side effects can not be this bad.
On to Great News!!  I received some mail this week! It just maked my day.  I didn't have any pictures before I opened them.. Why?  I just like to unwrap in a hurry!!  lol
This is my goodies from great stitching friends,
 My go shopping for cross stitch buddy, Pam. I love the JOY ornament it is on my tree!  She had everything wrapped so beautiful!  and I just forgot to get a picture in my excitement!!  lol
Those are beautiful scissors!  I will treasure them always!  That little tree with the buttons on the spool... Well, it is already beside my stitching chair! The card fit Pam, she is a dog lover.. That card is to cute!!!  Made me smile so big like the card!  lol
Next up is from my Stitching Friend Bonnie!  She makes these ornaments by taking pictures of her work and then mounting them. They are so cute!!!  Of course, they are already on the stitching tree too!  I just love her card to!  I love snow and snowman... and this from a gal that lives in the south! I hope for some big snow this winter!!
Thank you Pam and Bonnie! You have made me feel a lot better.
Now to rest some.. I did some light picking up and laundry and so far it has made me tired..

Thursday, December 20, 2012

VICTOZA .......

That is all I can say. I have been in the bed since Tuesday. The doctor put me on a shot called Victora. I take it as part of my diabetic medicine. Doctor said that it will help lower my blood sugars, and will help me lose weight.
I get home Tuesday, they gave me a neat little zipper package will all kinds of info. A letter from Paula Deen on the front. She takes this medicine and has lost weight.. I take the shot..
I wake up around 11:00 pm that night. Nausea big time... I get my little package out read that Nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhea and Headaches are the side effects. DUH.. These are wrote in the small print at the back of that booklet with Paula's picture on it.
Skip forward to today. I am still taking the shots, I am still in bed, I have nausea like you wouldn't believe, plus I have been vomiting. All I can say is, If Paula Deen went through this to lose weight,and get her diabetes under control, God Bless her Heart! No wonder you lose weight!  You are sick for a week!
I called doctor today. Told them I have all the side effects!  They said that it will go away. When?  She says in about 7 days!  7 Days!!  I have 4 more days to go!!
Upside, I have lost 5 pounds since Tuesday.  Downside, I am to sick to care! All I have had in 2 days is some Cheerios no milk yesterday and plain oatmeal this morning, It says in this booklet, to drink lots of water so you don't dehydrate, because that can lead to Kidney Failure!
 So they know you will get sick with this shot. Has any of my blogger friends take this shot? and if so, were you this sick?
Thanks for an input....

Thursday, December 13, 2012

After 30 years.....

I am sad today.. I heard that Just Cross Stitch and Sampler & Antique Needlework has been acquired by Annie's Publishing.
If my blog friends did not know, I worked for Hoffman Media for 12 years as a model stitcher in the late 80's and 90's. I stitched many projects in both magazines along with kits and leaflets. I hope that they will continue the Christmas and Halloween issues. I know that Phyllis' son Eric is EVP and here is a quote from him.

"This transaction accomplishes some strategic initiatives we began working on a couple of years ago," said Eric Hoffman, EVP and COO of Hoffman Media.

"Hoffman Media will be more focused than ever, and will continue to build our business around cooking, entertaining and women's lifestyle special interest categories.

"We believe Annie's is the perfect company to take the cross-stitching brands to the next level and truly wish them the best in their continued success."

Here is the link about this bit of news.

I am sad about this because, I am wondering if this is sign that the cross stitching industry is being downsized like everything else. Hoffman Media was located in Alabama and our state used to have a lot of cross stitch shops. JCS even had a shop located in Birmingham.  Birmingham alone, had about 4 shops. We now maybe, have 4 shops listed in the whole state of Alabama. I am beginning to think that cross stitch is not as popular in Alabama as it used to be. People are more into sewing kids cute clothes and making crafts with burlap. There seems to be a lot of specialty fabric shops popping up in my area.
The shops that are open in some states have to sell through the Internet to keep their doors open and pay overhead cost. I will confess.. I have to buy off the Internet. Why, because it is a two hour drive to the nearest shop..  Two hours there and two hours back plus gas prices.. I can order from my chair and pay a small shipping charge. I would rather drive to the shop and see all the charts, floss, fabric and doodads in person. I will buy more when I go in a shop.. I also try to find shops when we are vacationing.
I also wonder if cross stitch, is going to become something of a lost art?... Look at crewel work, or embroidery. It has all but disappeared. I can say my daughter knows how to cross stitch. She is not into it, but I did my duty of teaching her! lol  Cross stitch has great designers with great ideas. I hope they never stop designing.  I live to stitch!
It seems that  Hoffman Media is staying with Southern Lady, Tea Time, Paula Deen, Phyllis Celebrate and Victoria. I guess that cooking and entertaining is their money makers. If you read those magazines, I do.. They are full of big color advertising pages. A lot of advertising and more advertising....  Mostly Advertising... As a cross stitcher, why do I feel betrayed?  It is like a divorce... lol
I just hope that Annie's keep the Christmas and Halloween issue...
I will wait and see how it turns out. I just bought my November and December issue today.. and came home to this news...
Going to open my magazine and read it. Till Later......


Monday, December 3, 2012

Beside The Stitching Chair

This is what is going on beside my stitching chair.  I have just finished the Stacy Nash on the right in the purple hoop. It makes a bell shaped ornament with a bell on the bottom. 
I am stitching The Trilogy - Bucky the Snowman on sparkle fabric. It is pictured in the square Qsnap. It is a fast stitch too. I also have pulled out a Pineberry ornament to start. I have 3 ornaments stitched and waiting on the table to make into something.. I am averaging about one a day stitched.. Woo Hoo! 
I am also stitching on the Pineberry Pet Memorial sampler.. My end table is over flowing with projects.  I will post some pictures of the other ornaments this week. So, stay tuned.....

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Little Christmas Decorating Going On Here In Alabama!

 The ceramic tree is out for Christmas!  My grandmother made this years ago. I love it.  It was the first thing I got out and sat up in the craft room.
 Next tree put out is the cross stitch tree. I always put it on the table. No one eats at our table. It is only DH and me so, we eat in the living room in front of the TV. The place mats my mom made back in the late 70's or early 80's. The crystal is from Princess House. I have had them for about 28 years. It is the Fantasia Christmas sets. They used to be in the china cabinet that now holds fabric..

 Next tree is the Christmas Tree. I have downsized my tree this year. I needed a smaller tree, but the rats in the shed decided this for me. They made my old lighted tree into a condo home to raise their young. They had moved in through the bags and made their nest with insulation we also had stored in the shed. The tree had its own pink snow all over it. So, it is now in the pile to go to the dump. This tree above is just fine.. I made the Santa and Mrs Claus back into 1996 and gave to my mom. They have come back home...

 Just a close up of the Ornament Tree. Ornaments that were made by me and many of internet friends.

 I just threw this together. I had 2 large twigs and the can I bought at the end of last year. The letter A came from Wally World.  I little bit of a snowy look for Alabama.

 Garland I got last year. Still working on the craft room.

Kitchen area is next. I am laughing as I look at this picture and type this post.  See the tree on the right? The one on the bar... There is usually two. I have lost a tree!  How do you lose a tree?  They are usually stored together.. I don't know how the 2 foot one got lost! Has anyone else ever had something stored and it just disappeared?  So the tree and mister reindeer are all along for Christmas. I hope 2 foot tree shows back up...
I love my lighted garland. My favorite thing to put up at Christmas.
 This is Baby kitty under/in the Christmas Tree.  He is such a little guy. I say guy... I am still checking him/she.  I have not idea.. he is still so little.  He only has 4 teeth... Willie Loomis is growing so much. I will get a picture of him soon. He is kind of put out by the new baby. I have to love and pet him a lot.  These cold nights we have been letting Willie stay inside.. We have a full size bed. I have not slept in about 4 nights. I ended up getting up last night putting them both out of the bedroom and closing the door.  Baby Kitty found the laundry basket and Willie went to his chair.  When I got up this morning, my lamp was turned over on the end table, one picture was in the floor, the other was turned over.. I think they had a party while we slept. 
I am not going to put all my Christmas decorations out this year. I am still having shoulder and elbow pain. Moving all those tubs out from Halloween and Thanksgiving and then moving all the Christmas into the house. Pain and stiffness has set in.
I am about finished with Donna's model. It is so great!  I can't wait till she shows it!!!  I should be sending it to her tomorrow or Friday.  I am waiting to stitch something from Michelle at Raspberry Rabbits. I can't wait to see what she has designed!!!

That is enough for today. Till Later.... while putting on shoes to go met hubby to eat Bar-B-Q!!!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Tap Tap Tap (pause) Is Anyone Here? (echo)

Just making sure someone is around to read my blog.  I figure everyone is out buying everything on their Christmas List.               I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving Eve with the grands. Joshua loves Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. He made us a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Feast. We had popcorn, pretzels, buttered toast, and jelly beans, just like Charlie Brown did. We also watched the movie.

 Joshua preparing our plates for us. He would fix each one and bring it to the table, to us..

 Poppa showing off his plate of goodies. Yummy!

 Popcorn, Jelly Beans, Pretzels, and Buttered Toast.  Yum Yum!

 Zoe was so glad to get her plate. She loved the popcorn and jelly beans. 
And finally our chef Snoopy (aka) Josh !  He is so sweet!!

After that great CB Feast we met at my Aunt Judy's home on Thanksgiving. Uncle Don had the trailer hooked up behind the tractor. The kids all got to take a ride!
 Little kids and big kids!  You bring a tractor and trailer out and they pile on to ride!  They rode through all the pastures. This was the highlight of Thanksgiving!

Farmer Greene (aka) cousin Toby drove the tractor. Uncle Don is the farmer, Toby is a high school football coach.. But I think he looks natural on that tractor!!  lol
We had wonderful food prepared by all the family and a beautiful day to be thankful for, and for being together another year!  All I will say now is, where did I put that last piece of Butter Nut Cake... I know it's in that refrigerator somewhere..

Thursday, November 22, 2012

I hope everyone has a very blessed day!
I am very thankful for my family and my friends!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Just Call me .. That Old Cat Lady!!!

 Number two Kitty added to our home.  I don't know if it is a girl or boy yet.. It is so little.  I think it is a boy... but, I am not going to even call it yet..   After Willie Loomis being called a girl for a while and getting a complex about it.  Willie Loomis is the best hunter we have ever had. After 3 weeks of catching and releasing chipmunks in the house.. We have been chipmunk free for about 2 weeks now.. Gives a new meaning to the phase Catch and Release!
Baby Kitty is another rescued furbaby. It's mother had been walking about town with kittens following her.  My mom pulls up Monday at work and hears a kitten meowing in the bushes. She of course, has a tender heart like me. It's mother is nowhere around.... She finally gets someone to catch it for her. Takes it home with her overnight. Brings it to my house the next morning.. This is where the story gets funny.. On Baby Kitty's ride to it's new home.. He breaks free of his box.. (He is so tiny)  She gets to my house.. I go out to meet her to see the Baby.. Well, Baby is nowhere to be found.. What!  Then we hear it meow.. Guess where Baby Kitty decided to sit on his ride to his new home?  Did anyone guess the DASH?   Yep, Baby Kitty decided it would ride in the dash. It is so little, just climbed up in the dash. We called kitty, kitty till we were about to leave for mom's appointment.  I had taken a couple of pieces of the dash out.. Still could not find it.. I happen to see a panel that you can remove on the driver's side of the dash.. Fuse box is behind the panel. I popped it off and I got a look for the first time at our new family member... It happened to be his butt end.  I reached in a pulled him out and welcomed him home.... He then went to his room aka bathroom till we got back..
So, I am having to ate my words about not getting any more pets after Rebel died.. So far.... 2 cats and 0 dogs.  I forgot to tell y'all  that our Sli baby cat, who's picture is on the sidebar. She was 19 years old when she passed away.. She came from the same place. Mom heard her meowing from a work truck.. Someone had put her in the back in a box and left her..
I have been cooking for Thanksgiving today.. Baby Kitty has adopted me as MOTHER.. Anytime I get out of it's sight.. All kinds of louding meowing starts up.. Mom told me to put it in the pocket of my apron and go about my cleaning and cooking.. lol  Right now as I am typing this, It is sound asleep on my chest. It wants to hear my heartbeat I think.. It will only lay on my chest..
Baby Kitty is fluffy.. I think it's mom didn't get around to showing how to wash him fur.. lol  He washes his feet all the time.. I told him that he needed to wash his face and other body parts.. That they are looking fly away furry,or he is just having a bad hair day...
Back to Willie Loomis.. he is trying so hard to be friends with Baby Kitty.  He touches Baby Kitty paws so sweetly.. I think he just wants a friend to play with.. Baby Kitty does the sideways jumping. They did play together for awhile this morning.. Then Willie Loomis wanted back outside.
Well, back to cooking some Thanksgiving items.. Hard to get in the mood here in Alabama. In the mid 70's today.  I had to open the door earlier to cool off.  It is to be in the 70's again tomorrow. But, the day of the Alabama and Auburn game they are saying at half time it will be in the 40's with wind blowing at 15 to 20 miles an hour.. I will watch from the recliner with stitching in my hand! 

Everyone have a wonderful, safe and blessed Thanksgiving!


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Nothing Much Going On......

I just wanted to thank everyone for the kind comments on the Prairie Moon I stitched. I have the other in a box ready for next year. I have not been doing much stitching. I spent all last week getting ready for the garage sale we had Friday and yesterday. It was a great success!  I have some money for new stitching supplies!! 

I have been stitching on a model for Donna at By The Bay. It is so great!!!  Should have it done soon..

Well, as I said... Not much

Till Later.....

Monday, November 12, 2012

Christmas Music and Thanksgiving

I am sitting in my stitching chair. Needle is flying through fabric. The temperature is dropping outside. Skies are gray from the rain this morning. I am listening to Sounds Of The Season channel on my TV. They play holiday music 24-7. Christmas Music at its finest! 
I was reading the 123 Stitching Message Board and someone had asked what everyone was doing for the Thanksgiving Holiday. I was reading some answers. Some are staying at home by themselves. Some are going out to eat. Some have their kids come in and bring friends from college. Some get together with their grown children and grand kids.  Then, you have my family.....
I think we are an unusual bunch. We have a get together at my aunt's beautifully decorated home. When I say WE... I mean around 40 of us. Mom, brother and his family, daughter and her family, my grand kids, aunts, uncles, cousins, cousin's kids, and anyone else that shows up.... One big Clark Griswold Family!  lol 
We only get this many together one time a year.  I think I have discovered why... LOUD!  lol 
But I love it! My aunt Judy is the Martha Stewart of Festive Holidays. Everything is beautiful and I know she wears herself out getting everything ready for us!  Thank You Aunt Judy! 
I was thinking about some that have no one to enjoy the holidays with.  Our family used to get together for all Holidays.  We no longer get together for The 4th, Easter, and Christmas. Everyone gets together with there own families for these holidays.  
I have been sitting here thinking what my little family will be doing for Christmas. My daughter will be at her home with the babies for Santa morning. I will stop thinking about it and first enjoy Thanksgiving. 
Just got off the phone with Mom.. We will be going to Cracker Barrel to eat Christmas Day. Sounds like a plan to me. No cooking and no mess!  Problem solved.
I need to get back to stitching. Till Later.... 

Friday, November 9, 2012

Framed Picture!

This is the framed PM - House That Jacks Built II.  I hand painted the mat. I bought it at Wally World. It was one that was for a 11 x 14 frame and the mat was for 8 x 10. I kind of mixed a lavender with a darker purple. Kind of washed the mat. Then I painted the other one under it around the edge with black paint.  Sorry for the glare, I took the picture last night. It is in the tub packed up today. 
I forgot to mention I was at the eye doctor Tuesday with a messed up eye ball. Red and scratchy. I couldn't blink at all, it was hurting so bad. I thought I had something in it. Felt like sand.. Dr Robby said I had a bacterial infection in my eye. They put some deaden drops in the eye and gave me a prescription for eye drops.  I tell you those eye drops for the pain are wonderful, the instant they put them in, No Pain!  The eye is alot better today but the other is starting to hurt. I will put some drops in it too. He said that might happen.  I have done more stitching and finishing with a bloodshot eyeball then I do normally.  lol 
I did finish the Fall Squared as a stand up cube. I just have not taken a picture of it.. I will try to do that tomorrow.  Till Later....

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Brrrrrrrrr and Crafting!

 Brrrrrr, It was cold this morning!  I have been in the Sun room/Craft room all day. This is what I have been doing! I stitched the Lizzie Kate - Fall Squared and now I am making it into a stand up cube.  That print is the backing and I am still changing the trim colors around.

 This chart is from Brenda/With Thy Needle and Thread. It is called Woodland Frosty. I stitched it on 22 Count Ariosa fabric using the DMC colors.
He has the cutest smile!   I just put that trim around his neck to keep him warm till I get some wool to make him a scarf.

This is my pile of stitching to make into something on the sewing machine. My goal is to empty the tub of finished stitching and do something with it! I still have more in the tub to frame.

This is what I am stitching now. Pineberry Lane - Beloved Companion Sampler. I am stitching it for Hubby for Christmas. It will be to remember Rebel by. Not that we have forgot her. She is still missed everyday. I think it is a good start. Just started stitching last night. I think it will be fast, expect maybe for that over one line I am working on now... lol This is what it will look like finished.

I hope everyone is staying warm!  I hope to have some stuff finished to show tomorrow.  I also got a project to stitch for Donna at By The Bay Designs.. I will start on that tonight!  It is a great one!  That is all I can say!!! 
Till Later....

Monday, November 5, 2012

The Big Finish!!!

 Prairie Moon - House That Jack Built II
Linen - 40 ct Silkweaver Heritage
Floss - Sullivan's 45432,45174, and Black
I added my initials in between the 2 roof lines (AT). I also added the date completed above beside the two pumpkins.  I have yet to decide if I will frame or make it into a quilted piece for my stand.
I will be going through the frame tub tonight...
I have so enjoyed stitching this with Denise. This was my first SAL, it will not be my last... Thank you Denise for a wonderful experience, for the friendship and for inviting me to stitching along with you!
I have started a new project. It should be a fast one... I started the Lizzie Kate Fall Squared that I bought on my shopping with Pam.
I am not using the called for colors. Why?  I didn't have them.. I am trying to use up GA and Weeks that I have had for a while.. Pam, I am using some of that Dried Thyme!   lol  I have about 4 cards of Dried Thyme..
I will close for now... Till Later....

Saturday, November 3, 2012


We have been trying to get together for a while now.. and we finally did Friday!  That would be me and Pam of
Pam was nice enough to let me leave my car at her house.  She is so nice and welcoming. Her home is full of cross stitch. Beautiful each one of them. I was drooling while looking... lol  We headed up to Decatur Alabama to The Cross Stitch Peddler. I have not been to a cross stitch shop since Thread Bear closed in Vestavia-Birmingham about 15 years ago. I have been ordering online since then. I did make it to Dixie Darling in Pigeon Forge on vacation a couple of years ago.  I was in Heaven in the Cross Stitch Peddle!  lol  Thank You Pam so much for inviting me!  I forgot to get a picture of us!!!
I came away with some great charts and linen. I told myself that I was only going to buy Christmas designs. I did great sticking to that... I did buy one fall.  But... boy, could I have blown some major bucks on Halloween. This is what I got....

 Pam had stitched the Heart In Hand Spring Fobs. Instead of a needle row, she stitched hers as a needle book. To Cute!! I just had to buy that pattern, after I seen hers.  lol  I got Lizzie Kate's - Joy To The World, CCN - Ornamental Joy, Scarlett House - No Quitter, Heartstring Samplery - Baby It's Cold Outside, Bent Creek's Bucky The Snowman, and Lizzie Kate's Fall Squared. I bought the Gingham for that chart in Pigeon Forge years ago. They did not have the chart at that time..

 I got that brownish linen called Milk Chocolate for the Lizzie Kate ornaments of 2011 & 2012. The raw linen on the right has sparkles in it. I am going to stitch Bucky on it. They had the model in the store and it was so cute!!! Of course.. I had to get the buttons for the 2010 snowman by LK.  That gingham piece was calling my name!  I was asked what is am going to stitch on it.. I don't know I said, I just like it!!  You, stitchers know what I am talking about. We like it, we buy it! Don't have to have anything to stitch on it at the moment... lol

I had stitched this Be Mine about 10 years ago. I took it out of it's frame. I think I will make a pillow out of it. I stored it in a box and somehow, the original button was broken and I now find a new one!  Have I sewn it on yet? nope.. I have been looking at my stash all night, last night!  I think Pam got tickled at me in the car, when I told her How excited I was to be going to a shop!!  lol I was like a child in a Toy Store!
After shopping we stopped in this neat coffee shop that had a great Chicken Salad sandwich!  I don't think I stopped talking the whole time.
Pam, I want you to know I really had a great time and thank you for showing this shop to me!  If she will ride with me.. (after I talked her ears off...) We can go back for their Super Bowl Sunday Sale. By then, I know I will be buying some Halloween!!!
I did have a great Friday. I have been stitching on PM - Jacks House. I am stitching down the home stretch!!!  Should have a finished picture for Monday! 

PRAYERS still going out for my friends that were effected by Sandy! 

Monday, October 29, 2012

I Almost Forgot....

I almost forgot about posting my progress of my SAL with Denise. I have been so busy today.. So without further ado.....

 Progress so far on House That Jacks Built II. I know I will not be finished before Halloween. The end is not far away. I have really enjoyed stitching along with Denise. This was the first time that I have done this.. It does motivate me to finish and not to have a bunch of UFO's laying around for years. I will do another again soon. Denise is great, so nice and I enjoy emailing with her back and forth. So I still have some more to stitch.

This is The Skull Brothers. They are finished. I had to split the twins up tonight. Sent one home with the grand kids... I wanted to add more to them.. But they were so glittered, it may have been too much!  lol  Little Pumpkin Man is still grinning away with his new hat.. Now that Halloween is upon us... I have decided to move on to Christmas stitching.. Has anyone else started there Christmas Stitching?  I have been looking at all the JCS Christmas ornament issues.  I have all issues, 1997 - 2012. I have been singing Christmas Carols and picking out ornaments.
Also watching  TWC all day.. Watching Sandy and praying for anyone on the East Coast.. Take Care.
Till later... Back to looking for Christmas Stitching....

Sunday, October 28, 2012


Need I say anymore?  I am not aging graceful, but you can ask my family... I am not graceful. When I have a mishap, they say, "Why Grace, what happened?"   lol
I have not hurt myself... It has turned off cool here in central Alabama and my bones are telling on each other about the way I treated them in my younger days of volleyball, cheerleader, and basketball. Just to name a few.. Not to leave out, jumping on my bed at around the age of of 4, flying off the bed and going through the doorway and hitting the sink!  Yep... cracked collarbone.
or... The Childhood Epic Bike Incident with cousin Todd. yep... Chipped knee cap and in a cast. And I will mention, the jammed fingers basketball, falling down on my knees in volleyball, we did not have knee pads in PE and the gym floor was wood! Ouch.. I will even mention as a cheerleader, I was always on the bottom of the pyramid to hold everyone up. My back took that punishment.  but, not anymore... I am Old.....
I didn't sleep worth a flip last night, matter of fact, I flipped all over that bed. Collarbone hurting, shoulder hurting, and now my Tennis Elbow is acting up again. Get this?  It is all hurting on the same side of my body.  lol  Did these old cracked and repaired bones get together and decide to start complaining all at once!  I am feeding them Motrin. I hope they settle down and decide they don't have it so bad... I feel for anyone that has constant pain. I don't like to take any medicine.. But, the old bones have started fussing amongst themselves. I think they are conspiring against me. They are getting back at me for all those years of neglect....                                                                                            I have all my blog friends in prayers during Sandy. They are calling it The Perfect Storm that is going inland. 1000 miles across of strong winds and rain. Please stay safe friends. I hope that it will not be bad as they are saying.  Take care and be safe!
Till later.....

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fuzzy Fingers & More......

My finger are fuzzy this morning!! I have been using spray adhesive to put my quilt batten on the cardboard to mount the cross stitch to the jar lids. I don't use it on the cross stitch itself. Then I started putting the trim around the jar lids with glue gun. That is when I discovered my fingers are fuzzy... At least they are not sticky.. That Aleene's Tacky Spray gets 5 stars for sticky!  Here is the grand kids jars finished and filled with candy..

 I couldn't find my black spray paint and I opted out on the glitter lids after the Skull Brothers.. I have glitter all over my craft room.

 My pumpkin is smiling so big!  He like his new Halloween Party hat! He is so cute! Now back to the glitter talk.. This is why there is glitter all over everything....

The Skull Brothers.. They are sunning themselves this morning. I have to give them necks made of candlesticks today. I have all kinds of trim and crepe paper to make them collars. I did finally move Glitter brother #2 outside to glitz him.. I hope to have them finished by tonight. Then back to stitching on Jack's house.
Till later... and remember to never rub your eye with fuzzy fingers! 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Work Area Ahead!!!

I had to shut down the stitching on Jack's house last night. My shoulder and wrist is hurting.. I decided I would take a break this morning. Picture of Work Area above....  I have painted the candlesticks and painted a P and put glitter on it.  That Pumpkin on the right, I bought at the end of last Halloween at Hobby Lobby.. He didn't have a hat. I felt so sorry for him.. He got to come home with me for .35 cents. He will have a new Halloween Party Hat by this afternoon.  That is why he is smiling in the picture, but I have lost my crepe paper!  He has to have some crepe on his hat!
You know how the day after Thanksgiving is a big shopping day?
Well, I will tell you a secret... I go the day after Halloween! I love to go to Hobby Lobby and Michaels!  I look through all the Halloween stuff, and I keep checking back as they mark down.
Oh, I will let you in on another secret too... I buy a lot of the Halloween Candy too!!  Shhhhh   Don't tell anybody!
That is what I am doing today, taking a creative break. I will be back to stitching tonight.....
Till later....

Monday, October 22, 2012

SAL Progress And Halloween Finishes


This is my progress so far with PM - House that Jacks Built II. See the house in being stitched.  I stitched most during the Nascar Race yesterday. I am loving this design. I am enjoying stitching along with Denise.  I love looking at our progress every week. I am going to try and have finished by Halloween. That is only 10 days. I got off to a slow start.. But, I hope to see it finished by Halloween.
I have finished both stitching of the designs by Cricket Collection.

 Mr Bones without stitched hair.
 Mr Bones with his green stitched hair. I decided to leave him with his hair..
 Spider I stitched for Zoe's Jar Lid. It is stitched on orange linen.
Both of them ready to be mounted. I think I will paint the jar rings. I also may glitter the rings...
That is what I have been working on this past week. I have some Christmas designs, I want to start stitching this week too.  I am nursing a headache today. I got hit in the head with a board yesterday. I have a small cut on my temple. I was helping hubby with adding on to the carport in the back.. I seem to always get hurt trying to help.. I really think the headache is from sinus..I awoke to a cool house and had to dig my big fuzzy socks out of hibernation!
I am loving this weather. Cool and not hot. 
I hope everyone is having a great start to the week. Thank you for all the comments on the SAL! I enjoy reading each one of them.
Till Later......

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Stitching and Chipmunk Rescue!

 I am stitching on a Crossed Eyed Cricket design, Haunting Favors. I am stitching Bones.  In the design he has bright green hair growing off his skull. I am thinking my Bones may not get any hair stitched. We will see how he turns out....

This is Bones so far... He is my stitch for today.  I hope to get him finished so that I can do the Spider. I am going to do them for Josh and Zoe and use them as the Jar Lids. I have 2 big mason jars that I will fill with candy for their Halloween Treat.

I have to tell you about Willie Loomis ( kitty ) He has turned out to be a furious hunter. It may have something to do with us thinking he was a girl kitty for about a month.  lol  He is getting back at me for calling him Josette ( Miss Kitty). I always leave the back door open during the day, nice cool breeze now that Fall is here.  Anyway I was cleaning out the Craft room and I moved the little table beside my stitching chair... There laid a chipmunk.. His little heart was just a beating!!!  He was still alive!  I had to get something to get him out of the house.. I grabbed a little trash can and a paper plate.  I didn't want him to take off running.. I didn't have to worry about that.. Poor thing was just limp. I got him in the can and took him back outside at the edge of the woods... I later went and checked on him... He was no where to be found... I hope he recovered and is wiser now.. That was last week...
Today I ran and picked up stuff to cook for dinner tonight. I come home, walk in the house.. Put my purse on the table and hear Willie Loomis attacking my vacuum cleaner. All of a sudden a little head stitcks out. I scream,  thinking it is a rat!  Then his whole little body comes running out toward me!!  It is a little bitty chipmunk!!! Loomis jumps on it! I yell at him!!!  Baby chipmunk is trying to get traction on the floor.. I get Loomis, put him outside and close the door. I can't find my trash can and this chipmunk is a lively one!  I get the bag my groceries where in.. I scope him up in it and off we go back outside... I let him go at the edge of the woods. I tell him to tell all his friends and their parents, that there is a new cat in town and they need to watch out!  Two chipmunks in two weeks! geesh..
After all the excitement this morning, Mr Loomis is taking himself a nap!  It least no more chipmunks at the moment...
Till later... when Loomis wakes up....