Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cross Stitch Sale of Un-Used Items

I am having a sale. I will not be using these things. I wanted to pass them along to others. Here is the link:

I also have the Selling Blog on the left hand column. I may have something you would like... Thanks for looking.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Back From The Beach !

This was Gulf Shores Beach Friday Morning. Sorry for bad picture... It was that bad outside, wind, rain, and Sand blowing everywhere. Waves were extra bad.... surf was loud... couldn't hear

This was Gulf Shores Beach Saturday Morning. Waves still bad. Surf still loud. Raining still blowing hard all day long...

This is Gulf Shores Beach around noon Sunday... We had a break in the rain, but surf still was bad.

We are back from the beach !! Last minute decision to go. We phoned our friends and said are you ready to head to the Beach at 3:30.. They drove from Anniston and we were on our way by 6:00 pm Thursday afternoon. Started raining half way between Birmingham and Gulf Shores. Rained every day. Poured is what is did. We still had a great time. Went to the Tangier Factory Outlets all day Saturday. Shopped and ate ourselves into oblivion. Had a great time even in the bad weather. Awoke this morning to sunshine and blue skies!!! Time to go home!!! LOL. Packed car left headed back toward B'ham and guess what??? It started raining... LOL Rain followed us back home and it is raining now. Oh Well.... We need the rain.
I have some things I will be listing tomorrow to sell on my SELL BLOG.
Cross Stitch charts, linen, and books. So check back tomorrow and see what I have you may want.. I am de-stashing.....
Till Tomorrow....

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Here is my progress on Ghostly. He is just sitting up there waiting on me to fill him in and make him all white!! He is cute and not scary. I have not been stitching on him.. He is lonely.

I did finish The Welcome by Paulette of Plum Street. I love the Olga Cat design she just release. I would love to have it to do for Halloween. I am behind on all Halloween stitching. I pulled out this one last night.

This is the Stacy Nash Chart - Salem Sewing Box. It will not take long to stitch... That is all I am working on. Till later......

Monday, August 23, 2010

New Start - Still Halloween

I have been stitching on this for 2 nights. It is from Designer - Paulette Stewart of Plum Street Samplers. I loved the Raven design as soon as I seen it. I even found the numbers to make mine just like the one in the picture. I am stitching the one called Welcome. I may make a wreath and attach it to the side of it. I need something in the blank spot next to my door.
I am also still working on Ghostly.. He is in the fill-in stage. I am just stitching all the white. Goes by slow. Should have a picture of him completed this week.
My mom brought me a book to read yesterday. Aunt Debbi, I have your book " Same Kind Of Different As Me" by Ron Hall & Denver Moore. I can't seem to put it down, I have just finished chapter #3 .. Hubby called wanted me to meet him for Mexican. I love Mexican. But I guess I will have to put this book down..... Till tomorrow......

Friday, August 20, 2010


Hmmmm..... I am sitting here looking at the screen, thinking.... What do I have to say today? Hmmmm..... I write and comment on my Facebook Page.. That is easy. There is a lot I can comment about. Friends are all the time emailing or commenting to the things put on FB. I can interact with them, have laughs, IM each other, and listen to One Friend says nothing but negative things... That is what is bothering me.

This person can only comment about how great her child is! Gets involved in her child's Teen Drama, Says negative things about her life, if it is not going HER way. She talks about her child's friends on FB, in a bad way. She is an adult and these are teenagers. I tell myself It is HER. I am going axe this Friend off MY FB today. I know, she will notice it. But I am sure it will not bother her... I don't want to read her comments anymore. They seem to make me grit my teeth every time I read them. So... I will do the good thing and not read them anymore! I need Rainbows and Sunshine!!! Not Doom & Gloom! LOL

Sorry for a melt down. Hubby says don't give it a second thought. DELETE ! Don't you wish we could hit a DELETE button on some things in our life and that would make them go away for ever. But we can't. That is how we learn things and lessons in our life. That is what makes us ... US Can you tell it is cloudy and rainy today? LOL

I will not bore you any longer. I will go back to stitching on Ghostly. I have to wait on Hubby to watch Dark Shadows. He has gotten bit by The Barnabas Bug!! LOL He is addicted now. He doesn't know that there are upteen zillion episodes...

Sorry for the gloomy post... This weekend will be better! Have a great Weekend everyone !

Till later......

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mr Pumpkin Is Finished

Here is Mr Pumpkin !! He looks like he has Chicken Pox. LOL The Rhodes Stitches ( chicken pox) were done in Silk N Colors - Halloween Confetti.

Here are 6 of The Family!! Only 2 more to go... Ghostly & Batty . I am still waiting on Ink Spot - Sheep's Silk Thread to come in, to start Batty. I guess he will be last... Ghostly is stitch on R & R Reproductions - Kingery Teal HD linen. Very pretty Blue. Starting him today. I am still watch Dark Shadows. Great Soap Opera! They need another Soap Opera like Dark Shadows, True Blood, or something along those lines for Daytime. They are cancelling all the soaps and putting on more talk shows. I don't watch soaps, but maybe I would if they were more like night time shows.
I have been going through my box of finished things. I have laid out about 6 that I need to make into something. I will work on finishing them and take pictures to post. I have never done a Flat-Fold Stand Up. I may try that with a Cute Spider Web Design I stitched.
Till Later.......

Monday, August 16, 2010

Dark Shadows Day

Today I am watching Dark Shadows !! I have started at the beginning and I am watching my way through all the episodes. The ones I am watching, Barnabas has not even showed up yet !!!

I can't wait till this shows up in theaters!

Johnny Depp as Barnabas !!! He is the only choice for this role. I am also stitching away on Halloween Ornaments. Pictures will be coming.

I have on the stove some fresh green beans I snapped and some fresh squash I am cooking. House smells so good! yummy! I also have fresh okra and tomatoes. I think tonight with be fresh Veg night!!!

Singing : I am in Heaven! Got to make cornbread to go with it all!

Till later... Key music from Dark Shadows.....

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pictures & Shopping Madness

This is Joshua riding the Carousel at The Galleria Mall. We took the kids to have their pictures made together before their Birthdays. Did ya'll notice the boy picked out the Glitziest Horse. LOL There was frogs, elephants, lions, rabbits, and other horses. But he picked out the one with the rhinestones and glitter. That is Gigi's little man. All about the bling... LOL Every time he came back around Zoe would just laugh at him.

She has just ate and is all laid back in this picture! Check out that foot!!! LOL They both did so good with their posing today for their pictures.
Now about the shopping madness.... Inside the mall there are these Booths sat up in the middle of the mall. You have to walk by them to go anywhere in the mall. We leave Sears... head to the food court. First booth... Lady stops me and asked if I wanted to try some new face cream?... No Thank You... I walk on.. Two booths down from that one, a guy is coming out to me... Would you like to? I say, real quick.. No Thank you again! I don't even know what he is trying to sell. I look over at their booth they are curling people's hair with a round Hot Iron...We ate lunch I am waiting on Josh to get off Carousel. Lady approaches me... Would I like to get my eyebrows Pucked? What!!!.....No Thank YOU!!! Does my eyebrows look like they need plucked?... LOL Maybe they do......Then I look over to where her booth is... Get this now... They are plucking this lady's eyebrows out with a String!!! Ouch !!!! She is laying back in a chair and they are going at her with a string!!! Now.. I ask myself... Is this a shopping experience or madness? They were only charging $12.00 bucks to jerk your wild eyebrow hairs !! Is that a deal? I don't know... Is there competition pricing for this kind of thing? LOL Do I want to lay in a chair, in the FOOD COURT have my brows plucked, while people around me are eating their lunch.. HE** NO !
Then I start thinking... I am glad we sat on the other side eating away from flying Eyebrow Hairs... LOL
It was not much better heading back out of the mall. Every vendor at those same booths tried to stop me again... I ended up saying real loud. NO THANK YOU! Do they not know they are very irritating. If I see something I want to look at, I will walk up to your booth. Instead I had to say No Thank You.. about 8 times just to walk to the food court and back.... I Tell You Madness !!!!
I am through ranting! Sorry. Does anyone else have to deal with this when you go to the mall?
Till later... Going to bed now.. Hope not to dream of plucking.. Not even a chicken..

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Who Is Fat Cat & Where Does He Live?

May I introduce you to Amos (aka) Fat Cat. I stopped by my mom's house today. I just happened to have my camera with me. I told him to sit still and let me take his picture... well, as you see. He laid down and rolled over for a Big Belly Rub.. LOL

I finally got him to stand up for me. Look at that little bitty head !! I think he has lost some weight. I really don't know if his head has got bigger or maybe he has lost weight. He has all this skin that hangs down from his belly when he sits up. Kind of like mine does with me getting older. LOL

It was hot outside, so asked him if he wanted to go in and stay where it is cool. He meowed NO.. It did sound just like he said, Nooo. Then he did this:
You know what this positions means.... I had to pick his Lard Butt up and carry him into the house. Spoiled Rotten Cat! He is mom's baby. Mom, your house and yard looks great. Or should I say:

Amos, since you rule the cottage!!! Your place looks good ! Till Later !

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The New Issue Of Just Cross Stitch

I received my new issue of Just Cross Stitch Magazine today. I am in Love! I love Halloween. It is my favorite Holiday. I love Fall! That is why I am in love with this issue !
See all these great ornaments! I want to stitch them all! It is impossible for me to get them all stitched and finished before Halloween. I can at least drool and wear the magazine out looking at it. lol

Short but sweet tonight. I am going to look at these ornaments again! Till later

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Winner Is:

Sorry for the blurred picture. I put 1-32 and the number came up #1

Parsley, you are the Winner !!! Just email me your address!! I will get it into the mail asap.

Thank you to everyone you entered. I was thinking I might start doing Holiday Giveaways each major holiday. So stay tuned....

Friday, August 6, 2010

Heatwave Giveaway

We are in a Heatwave here in Alabama. Time for a Heatwave Giveaway !

These are the items I am putting in my giveaway. Instructions are simple. Too Hot for anything else. Just leave a comment saying you would like to be entered, that is it! See simple. LOL
If you don't have a blog. please leave a email address, where I can contact you for an address.
I will be drawing the winner on Monday Night !!! Good Luck !
PS. The pillow and fob, I made......

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Surprise !!!

I got a surprise in my mailbox today !! Thank You Danielle !! I had won just one of her give-a-ways !! I am so excited!! I have danced around the living room singing ! She sent the cutest card with the fabric!! Just look at all that fabric to stitch on! I have been holding it and looking at charts seeing what I can stitch. yes... I have now stopped dancing & singing. Whooo Hooo ! I have Never won anything.. My family can attest to that. That is why I don't buy lottery tickets or go to the casino's. Danielle, thanks for sharing what you will not use with your friends. One good deed deserves a another !!! I am gathering up some things that I am not going to use. Some are charts,threads,beads,and other stuff. I will post pictures this weekend and have a giveaway myself.

Here is Pumpkin. He is still a WIP....
Stay tuned for Giveaway info! Till Later.....

Monday, August 2, 2010

Blackout Weather !

Blackout is right !!! I mean my windows.... Sun is beating down and I have closed all my curtains. I am sitting in the dark ! That is where Blackout comes in... I find it hard to stitch in the dark. With temp going to 101 with heat index 110. Josh's pool will not even feel good.
I did not get much stitching done this weekend. It was house cleaning time. It needed it bad. Yesterday Hubby decided to work on the 3 page to do list! Yeah !!! I thought.. He did get the TV hung of the wall in the bedroom. The wires are still hanging down. He has to run them in the wall. That may take a year or two.. By his working schedule... LOL But it is on the wall and I gained my old desk back. I have put it in the living room. Pay no attention to the wires... They need to be ran in the wall too. That is #8 on list... LOL I went and looked at the list... Now I have a headache.

Next picture is were I am camping out this week. I can't go outside.. I will instantly combust into Dust !!! LOL The famous stitching chair.. This is hubby's chair.. But while he is at work, I am working on the butt impression. I am doing a great job too! I have also managed to put in an elbow indent.. Now... I will let you know. I do have my own recliner. It is just like his.... It is not in the right spot... LOL I have moved that thing all over this living room. I think it will need to go out in the sun room when and IF we ever get it finished.

Yes.. I do now see my flip flops... That wicker basket holds WIPS. Just a few.. Most are in the UFO tub. I had Mickey D's this morning.. Had to make a run to Wally World and made a pit stop in for a biscuit. Everyone raves about leather... This chair is Hot... Makes me sweat. We have the matching sofa and I took me a little nap on it Saturday.. Awoke to sweating and it wasn't To The Oldies... Cold in the Weather and hot in the summer. Anyone else have this trouble? My car does this too. I am so used to cloth interior in my car, that when I got this one, I thought Yea Leather.. Well I have changed my mind !!! Jumped in this morning to head out and OUCH! Burnt myself. Now, I know why my mom always had a towel on her seat. !! I had forgot about that good old sturdy Fake Leather ( vinyl ) LOL... I will leave ya'll today with this Note... Get towel to put on leather seat !!! Will save you burnt legs!!

Till Later !