Sunday, June 28, 2009

I Am Glitzing Here !!!

This weekend is the most hottest I have seen. CVS sign had temp at 102 degrees yesterday at Childersburg at 1:30 pm. We were on our way to Home Depot again.... needed more window molding and sewer pipe. We did turn on air con. and worked on inside, yesterday & today. I mostly cleaned up the floors and picked up tools today.
We came back over to our home about 1:00 today. Just way to hot and tired.

Not doing much else besides stitching. I am cross stitching for a designer. I need to get back to stitching on her piece. I did finish one small piece ( mine). I will post picture later this week.

Rebel (dog) is staying inside. Can't get Sli (cat) to come inside. She is to old to stay out in this heat. But every time she tries to come inside, Josh screams " SLiiiiiii" and she runs back out. Even when he is not here, she will not come inside. Guess I need to try and get her inside for awhile.... See Ya Later!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mobile Home Makeover

Finally, some pictures. I took these last afternoon, we were on our way to Home Depot. We have got where we know employees by first name. LOL Grass needs to be cut bad. TOO HOT!!!

Great Look !! LOL Looks like a Lot of Work.

We do have siding bought to put on the outside. Sierra (green gray) color with black shutters.

Mom went to Chemo today. I was going to stay the night, but I came home because Dewayne's back is still out. I have to dress him. Raeanne brought me home. Tomorrow we go back for mom to get a shot.

Raeanne and Joshua are spending the night. Chip is working all night.

That is another fake tattoo on his arm.
The boy loves them.... and Spaghetti

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hot Hot & Hot !!!

It is Hot as Hades here in Alabama. We are under an air quality alert today. With heat index it has been around 103 degrees. In the south this is Too HOT. My mom was saying Monday that we have to stay inside close all the blinds and drapes to keep the sun out and turn those air conditioners down to 68 to stay COOL. She is right! So I am sitting here in the dark at 11:30 am.

From what I understand a lot of the USA is Hot or Rainy.

I did get two projects finished yesterday. Raeanne started a cross stitch picture several years ago called," I may be a Prince" Cute.. I finished the stitching and yesterday made a pillow out of it. I also finished stitching Kitten Pinkeep and sewn it together yesterday. I still have the crosses to stitch around the edges of the cat. Quilt is Joshua's, has bears and camping scene. CUTE
I went over to Mobile Home Disaster site today. I keep forgetting my camera. Too Hot to work. No air cond. yet. DH's back is out and we have not done anything in the last 2 weeks. We have carpet to lay,counter tops to do, lighting to put up, and 1 bathroom to finish. List is longer but will not bore you. Just a complete overhaul.
I have to get back to my own housework. I am trying to keep up this place and make a home of the other... I look around at all the stuff I need to yard sale and it is to Hot for Yard Sales. I have been putting some things for sale on Ebay. Mostly clothes & Cross Stitch. I need to list some of Dewayne' things. Talk again later......

Monday, June 22, 2009

New Cheap Cross Stitch Find !!!!

I was so excited today to find a frame for a cross stitch project. I stitched this picture back in 1989. I think it was a Twisted Threads Design, " Listen Honey" Series. I found the frame at our Walmart. They are redecorating the store and had this wood frame marked down from $ 13.98 to $ 5.00 clearance.

When I saw it I said " Witches' Picture" !!! Yea... I have a lot of stitched pictures I need to have framed and also sew into pillows. I used to belong to what they called Round Robin stitching groups. I have 2 finished projects from the stitching group. I need to frame one and make the other into a pillow.

Here is picture of the new frame.
Saying is," Listen Honey: I made my husband a pumpkin Pie. I made mine a Toad".
I got the mat cut from a frame shop that has now closed.
We used to have a lot of cross stitch shops and framing shops in Alabama. I now cannot find one never my area of Birmingham .
If anyone out there knows of a cross stitch shop, please let me know. I have been ordering online. I have been using Hobby Lobby when they have the 50% off framing coupon. But, I love the frames that a lot of the designers use. I just discovered all the finished stitching when I dug out the Witches. I want to look at them all and see where to begin with framing & such.
Bye for now, April

Sunday, June 14, 2009

North Carolina Trip

Hey everyone.... I was out of state from Tuesday till Thursday. We drove the 12 hours from Alabama to Jacksonville NC on Tuesday. It was a working trip for Dewayne. Had to check out building remodel for Barracks on Base at Camp Lejeune. They were going to put a bid in for the company ( Argo).

I kind of made it a mini vacation on Wednesday. After checking out barracks on base. We left Camp Lejeune and went up the coast to Beaufort NC. Heard it is a great historical town. I loved it!!!! Here are some pictures.

Town had all these little shops and eateries. Would love to move there... We then left and came back down coast to the Base. I could not get over had the Beach Houses were one story or 2 at the most. Area was not commercial as the beaches of Alabama & Florida, were there are highrise condos everywhere.. Took us forever to find a public access to enter to see the beach. I have great pictures too.

Could have stayed all day !!!!!

While looking around, standing on boardwalk, the cutest bird landed and kept bumping into the sea grass. I took several pictures, hope you enjoy.. I Did !!!!

We then drove another 12 hours back to Alabama. Tired Tired Tired.
I did come home to Daughter's Family. Staying at our house to take care of Rebel & Sli. Was glad to see everyone. Glad to be back home...
Rebel has an eye cold and was scratching because she needed haircut. I decided to get out the clippers and try grooming her myself..... She is currently in Hiding at this time !!! I did not do a good job.. Let's put it this way.. she is mad at me. Her eye is doing better though....
I have been resting since returning.
I did get a cross stitch project done.. One of Primitivebettys Designs. " Kitten Pinkeep"
I will try and get a picture up as soon I sew it together. Maybe this week.
I will check in again Later....

Friday, June 5, 2009

Thursdays & Fridays

Sorry it has taken me so long to write again. I did nothing Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday. Thursday, I went with DH to work... His boss wanted me to go pick out lilies and monkey grass to plant around his big, huge garage. We picked up 150 Huge bags of Mulch from the John Deere Nursery. Had to do that in the big dump truck. I drive our truck to pick up all the lilies & monkey grass. Then we took them back to bosses lake house to be planted. I was too Tired....

I then left my house around 4:30 pm to go to mom's house to spend the night. She had to go into the cancer center today for 2 units of blood. She has been really tired and dizzy. Low Blood.
That took about 5 hours today. I drove us back home .

Raeanne called on cell phone when we started into mom's neighborhood, She had another bad sugar low. Last time she passed out and Joshua was outside when she came to, about 2 hours later. She doesn't stay by herself much after that. She & Joshua came home with me tonight.
Chip (SIL) came by when he got off from work @ 6:00, ate then headed to their house to get some sleep, before he has to get back up at midnight and go back into work.

So these past 2 days have been busy. Oh, and DH hurt back today @ work... We will try to do some work on the trailer this weekend...

Until Tomorrow...