Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Boy And A Leg Lamp

This is a picture of my grandson Josh. He had just discovered the Leg Lamp that mom had gave to me a couple of Christmas' ago. I just had to get the camera and take his picture. What is it with boys and leg lamps??? lol We the love the movie " A Christmas Story ". I also love Christmas Vacation. I have been sitting around today watching the Hallmark Channel's Christmas shows. I did start to tear up with one of the shows.. I said OK.... Go to another channel. Nothing like Judge Judy when she is screaming at someone to make you dry up those tears, and don't forget Jerry Springer... lol..
I did make it to the doctor today. NO Pleurisy.... He thinks I cracked a rib coughing. I got 2 more powerful antibiotics and some pain patches to apply to the rib area. Nothing they can do for that. Raeanne and kids were here tonight. I enjoyed it greatly. I did to much and I was to stay still and rest per Doc. I will have to try and stay still tomorrow for sure.. Hard to do that without falling asleep in the recliner. My mother in law came over and checked on me. Great just sitting and talking to her.
I have done some stitching today... well, almost about 30 minutes worth. I have about ran the batteries down in the remote to the TV.. Well... I think I will check in on TV Guide web site and see what will be on tomorrow. See Ya'll !!!

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