Friday, September 27, 2013


Happy Pumpkin Day!
 Today is Cathey's Blog Anniversary! Her blog is called Pumpkin Patch and Co.  Today I'm giving a Pumpkin Party! We will be celebrating her anniversary all together.
Cathey has a whole lot of friends that want to help her celebrate! They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and some are even gourds and squash!  
 We love that she shares have life and family with us! She also shares her love of stitching! I love to read her blog. When I do see a post, I know she is having a good day.. Let the party began!!!

 We have some famous guest appear for the party!!! Edward from Twilight!!!! 
 No party is complete without Captain Jack Sparrow! The party can come alive now!!! He is wearing his signature black pumpkin!
 The entertainment has arrived! The Pumpkin Bumpkins!! They will be singing from their latest CD titled "Here In The Patch". Songs include, "Tired Of Sitting On This Porch" and "Please Relight My Candle". They will be making appearances this Fall in Pumpkin Patches near you. Please stop in to see them!
 No party is complete without FOOD! No pumpkins were harmed for this party. Chocolate and pretzels are a must!
 We also have a Best Costume Contest! These 3 are the finalist.  Going to be hard to choose a winner!
 Some Slouchy Pumpkins always show up to ruin a good party, but we are not going to let them! Fatten Up you Slouchy Pumpkins! Go by the food tables....
We even have some funny comedian pumpkins that Cathey's son Junior may like! Just look at those funny faces!
We are also planning a beautiful light show to celebrate with Cathey!  So when the party is winding down, the lights will still be on all night! Almost like Motel 6!
I hope everyone had a great time at my Pumpkin Party For Cathey!!  Time for the photos ! 
I hope I've put a little smile on someone's face today...
Smiles will make you feel better.
Daffycat. Thank you for getting us all together!
We are praying over this battle with you! We are here for you!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


 Thank you if you are still reading my blog.  The time keeps getting away from me. Sorry for such a long time between post. I did some more little Fall decorating. I don't have much Fall items. I have tons of Halloween things. I will get them out after October 1st. I did get my lights wrapped in my leaf garland. you can barley see lights in this picture. I have the house all smelling good with my Yankee Candle, Autumn Wreath. That is inside my house. If you had walked outside yesterday day, you would have smelled burning leaves. Just want to say WHOEVER is burning in my neighborhood, the Leaves are NOT off the trees yet. Please wait for them to fall!  Sorry.... The leaves are still green. What are they burning? I think when the temp falls below 75 and there is a cool breeze, my neighbors think it is time to burn something, anything... I have allergies with burnt trees and leaves.
I can't breath or go outside to enjoy the great season of Fall. Fall Season means let the leaves Fall, not Burn them... lol
I did get the stitching finished on my Halloween Harvest Exchange. Can't show because it is an exchange.. I keep looking at the New JCS Halloween Ornament book and also the back issues. I need to stitch about 3 more little Halloween items. I may look through freebies I have saved to the computer tonight.
I did bring out a design I've wanted to stitch for awhile now....

The Primitive Needle, A and E design. I have the 40 count Mello color linen from Picture This Plus. I have all the silks, which cost a lot of money to me. I don't know if I will do this again. Everyone talks about how great it is to stitch with the silks. I will see.... Does any of my blogging friends love the silks? What is the difference in the threads and silks? Do they hold up better? Just trying to justify the money I spent... Will I have to keep lotion on my hands so that my bad chafed hands will not snag the soft threads?  lol
Any feedback is always appreciated.
I need to close and start my search for some great Halloween and Fall charts. I may be back this week with my mind changed with something else new to stitch. You never know when I start looking through charts and magazines. Have a great night and a wonderful tomorrow!
Till later.....


Monday, September 16, 2013


I have pulled all my tubs out. I'm starting to decorate for Fall. So far, I have just put out the Fall things. No Halloween yet.  I may save them to put out around October 1st. I still have the leaf garland to put up above the kitchen cabinets. I had bought some orange lights at the end of Halloween last year. I may blend them in with the leaf garland.

 I have the oil pump lamp decorated. I did dust off everything high and low. Not feeling up to par today. I don't know if stress from dealing with my Aunt's stroke or just maybe a stomach bug. I don't handle stressful situations good. My face is broke out and stomach is all out of whack....

 I went in Books A Million looking for The JCS Christmas Ornament issue. I should have known they would not have it yet.. I then drove to Barnes and Nobles. Guess What? No issue there yet...
What is going on? I did find this issue of Create and Decorate magazine. I love the Fall and Spring issues of this magazine only. I looked at the Holiday Issue. Didn't see anything I liked. I did see this in the Fall issue:

All Hallows' Eve Sampler by Terry Loewen. So cute! The pumpkins across the bottom have orange eyes and mouths. It is stitched on gray fabric.  It will fit in a standard 11 x 14 frame. they just added the wooden bats to the frame.
I joined Terri's Harvest Fall Exchange. I have yet to pick anything out to stitch for my partner. I may lay around today and look through all my patterns. That sounds great, don't it?  lol
I'll just sit and take it easy till Sleepy Hollow the show premiers tonight. I have been waiting for this show to start. Of course, my cable TV has been acting up all this past weekend and now it is stopping and starting (freezing) Never had a problem till we went digital! It freezes all the time. I took the boxes back and hooked it up to the cable without the boxes and it does fine, but we don't get any channels past 61. Then I get mad.. why pay for 180 channels and only get 50? I may tell them to take the boxes and I will just have to watch the 50 I do get, But my bill better come down by 30 or more dollars. That TV watching is only worth 19.99!  lol
Enough soapbox standing and speaking...  Have a great day!
Till Later......


Friday, September 13, 2013


 Happy Friday The 13th.
My daughter, Raeanne grew up watching this movie. She loves anything horror. Whenever I watch them now, they're kind of cheesy..  I just seen where this movie was released on May 9, 1980. Raeanne was not even born yet.. Whenever we watch them together, we kind of know when Jason is going to do his thing and we laugh at some of the scenes. We also catch ourselves yelling at the actors. Just as this poster says:

Can't say why we still come back to watch them over and over! lol
Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

Till Later.....

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Thank you for all the prayers and well wishes for my aunt. They have moved her out of ICU to a rehab hospital a couple of blocks from the hospital she was in. I will be traveling again this next week to see her. Zoe's Birthday Party is this Saturday. She turned 4 yesterday. Time is a flying!!  lol
Today was house cleaning day. I found some things I had purchased while junking a couple of weeks ago. I'm just getting around to showing them.

 Could not pass up this frame for 1.00 and the basket was 39 cents.

 I was looking for things to use as pin keeps. I need to repaint them. I will be able to use the one on the left as a floss holder. The other two I will make something on top as pin keeps.

 I came across this shadow box. I seen it as a Haunted House with scrapbook papers as the background and put little things in each square. I see skeletons, little mice, and all kinds of Halloween trinkets.  I need to paint it too. Cute for the grandkids for Halloween.
See those scones... My mom had 2 of those from Home Interior when I was growing up.  I think she sold them in a yard sale a long time ago. Well, I bought these two for about 1.50 each. 
 I seen this on Pinterest!  That is why I got those scones. It was from the blog of Santa and Samplers. That is the Lydia Broome Sampler by Pineberry Lane Designs cross stitched. I have some other stitching I will use. But I love the idea. I have to sand my scones and stain them. They are pretty ruff.
 In our traveling back from Chattanooga Tn. We stopped in Cracker Barrel. They were having a big 80% off sale. I got this spinning wire holder. I have not decided what will go in it yet. I have it all ready to catch something... Just don't know what...

Well... Stitching has been slow.. My North Pole Post Office from the Santa's Village is having a hard time being built... Those elves are slacking!  Oh, That would be me! I find myself falling asleep before I can put any stitches in.

 I did start punching Fancey Blackett punch Needle. I plan to make it into a small bag. I have her hat done and face. I'm using the called for DMC.

 I have this pattern. Fancey Blackett Doll. I have my muslin all ready to cut Fancey Blackett out. I have a chair that she can rest in during the Fall Season. I thought of putting some old corn husk in her bag that I'm punching. That is all the ideas running around in my head at this time.. I love Fall and this is the time of year I love to create and decorate.  
I hope everyone had a great day.
Prayers went out today for families that lost loved ones on 9-11.
Praying also for all the soldiers past and present.
Till Later....


Saturday, September 7, 2013


Just letting y'all know, my aunt has had a stroke and I have been going back and forth out of state. Please say a prayer for her. I will be back blogging soon....