Monday, December 14, 2009

Mother, You were right !!!!

Well I thought I felt good.... I am going in to see doctor this morning. I am not over Pneumonia, I now think I have Pleurisy. I had it 2 times before years ago. I can't bend around ribs and I don't even try to cough.. Pain big time. I am saying this mom..
She can now say " I told you so" !!! about going to the doctor last week. SHE WAS RIGHT !!! I should have went. Love you mom and you know best.. There... That was easy... 4 weeks with this sickness is driving me crazy. No energy to do anything.. I have loaded dishes in the dishwasher this am.. Oh,,, it is 12:30 am now... I can't seem to sleep again. I slept all day. I did start on the cough syrup again. I went and got a measuring spoon, to make sure I only took 1 tsp.... LOL No More Trips for me.
We went to see our great friends in White Plains Saturday.Hello Debra!!! Loved being with you and Wayne !!! We always have the best time . Of Course I was coughing and Debra had been sick too. Same thing.. We sounded like two 900 Call # Husky Voice telephone girls. LOL We were laughing about our hoarse Voices.. HELLOoooo. this is Destiny... I need your credit card #. LOL Had a great time.

This is a cute picture of Josh & Zoe. Zoe is no longer wearing her leg braces. As you can see in the picture she is kicking and moving those arms... lol I say she loves to dance. Josh is looking at her showing off. Those are my grand babies !!! Little show off and big Ham it up. lol I got to tell ya'll this... Don't tell Joshua's dad.... hehehe I bought Zoe some little hair bows that Velcro.... Well... hehehe. He loves the light blue with Polka dots... He tries wearing it all the time.... LOL Till Later....

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