Saturday, June 26, 2010

Something I Almost Cut Down

I thought this was a weed. I almost cut it down, till it started blooming. Mom told me it was a Lily. I thought It looked like a weed till the blooms started developing. It is now beautiful. Three different stalks with about 5 to 6 blooms each... The problem is... They are growing right up in the middle of a rose brush. After they finish blooming, can I move them somewhere else in the yard? Any help is appreciated. I also took this pictures of the grapes. Birds usually gets these before they get any bigger. We are lucky this year, they are still on the vine growing.. Not big grapes.. but growing.

These big grasshopper things that are black with red stripes down they backs are eating everything in the yard. Nothing will kill them. Spoke to Ortho person at Home Depot, because the ant poison we bought ( to keep little ones from being ate up) doesn't work. He said I needed to write to the EPA and Government because that can not use any chemicals that kill the bugs, slugs, ants, beetles, ect.... anymore. outlawed !!! He said quote" The stuff we manufacture will not kill them, they are immune to it. " End Quote. So.. I thought I am wasting my money on Bug B Gone. I had 2 bags at home. Put them out in the yard 2 weeks ago... Still ants and everything. Soon Headlines of all southern newspapers will read - Bugs take over the South along with Kudzu and Mimosa!

Till later... Outside to try to tame the Mimosa !

Friday, June 25, 2010

A Sunshine Day - Brady Bunch Song

Sorry about that title.. Song just popped in the head and I can't stop singing it..."I think I'll go for a walk outside" - Jan Brady singing....
I can't sing...But I try !

This is what I was working on yesterday.. This porch. I still need to pressure wash it... It looks real good where Josh knocked over my bottle of bleach I was using. Now if the rest of the porch looked that good I would be set. I need to put something on the blank wall by the front door. Does anyone have any ideas?

I have some old iron scrolls. I thought about painting them and doing something Artsy.... My Own Junktek style.. which means cheap and easy. LOL

We have started working on the inside of the sun room. Hubby got the hole put in for the air condition. It should be hooked up tonight and I can start organizing all the tools and get some of the stuff out of there. We can't find anything...

I have started 1 of my stitched items for the Breast Cancer Silent Auction that Attic Needlework is having. Our deadline is Nov 1st. Here is the Blog:
If you would like to help by stitching something to be donated. Please visit that site.

And the Thunder Rolls... and the lightning flashed - Garth Brooks. Starting to storm here now... We need the rain bad.
I hope I will not be singing all the words today.. LOL
That darn Brady Bunch song is still coming out my mouth...

Going to sign off for the day.. Raeanne called, I am going to meet her and eat lunch with the kidos.
Till Later....

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

To The Pool We Go !!!!!

To Hot here today.... So what is there to do? We head to Hubby's cousin's Pool. They are in Panama City Beach.. I was left in charge of holding down the pool. As you can see, Zoe loved the pool. She did a wonderful job of holding it down!!! lol She is our little princess! She has on her Princess glasses too. Josh couldn't wait to get in, he then discovered it was over his head. It scared Him. Wanted back out and he walked around the pool looking at us the whole time. Memories came to me of my brother Trey growing up. He had the tote bag full of swim stuff, you know... mask, goggles, fins,swimmies,rubber shark, and boats.He would wear all the items at once and also a life jacket. He would walk up and down the sides and around the pool just watching us swim. Never did get in..He would wet his feet and Say" just checking water temp before I get in". lol I wish my mom would have taken pictures of him. This went one for years.. I sure hope he can swim now.. I took to water like a fish growing up.. Gigi will need to take them more often to get them swimming. Here are more pictures of our day:

That has been my day. To hot for anything else. Till Later...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Find In The Old Shed

It was not a pretty sight. I stood there and gazed at it, wondering... What is it and why is it on the tub I need? Then I notice the wicker pieces laying around it. OMG!!! It has shredded my wicker settee! I took this lid off the tub, brought it out here in the daylight.. Then I noticed the mushroom and berries... I thought at first it was fecal matter... But no.. It is the visitor's dinner leftovers from last night. Needless to say.. I have relocated it's home. Still don't know what is making it's home in the old shed.. But the tub is in the house safe.. LOL Hubby can laugh all he wants about my collection of tubs. Hey... when you move from a bigger place to a smaller place.. you have leftover stuff that will not fit anywhere... Am I right? I thought they would by Safe in the shed.. But... No. If I did not need my little white bird napkin rings.. no telling how long our unwanted guest would have been homesteading.

Thinking of birds. I started backs stitching on the Memorial Sampler for my dad. Something is telling me to work on it.. Just a feeling... I do go with my feeling, I have discovered that a lot of times, it is not my feelings, but I think it is God talking. I have learned a lesson from not listening or obeying Him. I now Listen, even when it doesn't make sense to me.

Here is a picture of the progress so far:

I finished the little scissor fob this morning. It is a Shepherd's Bush Kit. I have a better picture here.

The saying is: My scissors I will keep... Like a Shepherd his sheep. Cute, but so small and hard to turn after it was sewn. Need to get back to cleaning house.. Still have a nasty floor to mop.. Sounds like fun !!! whoo hoo !!! till later.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Dad's Pouch

This pattern is by Designer With Thy Needle & Thread. It is called The Gardner's Pouch. I stitched it awhile back.My dad was an outdoorsy person. I loved the rabbit on the chart. So I dedicate this to him. That is not the year he was born. I stitch what was on the pattern. I did finish the back like this:

Yes... My dad went by the name Peewee. I know what I am going to store in this pouch. I have his gold Tiger Eye Ring, Coon Caller ( He used to coon hunt) and some more things.
I grilled out hamburgers and hotdogs last night. It was hot here. I was left with instructions by Hubby to separate all electrical and plumbing stuff piled in sun room, so that he can get started wiring in there. Doesn't he know it is hot out there.. and I have stitching to do. LOL
Well, I am headed out to do some grocery shopping. We are out of milk and cereal. . I have two small steaks in the freezer I may grill tonight. I love summertime grillin'.
Till Later.....

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Daddy's Girl !

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads. Mine has been gone for 10 years and it still hurts everyday. Why.. I was a daddy's girl.

Thanks for the great picture above from Aunt Gloria. Mom sent it to me last night. I think it is his best picture. He is laughing. That is how I like to remember him as smiling & laughing. Having a good time. You always had a great time with daddy. He was the Clark Griswold of our family. You were going to have a great time no matter what! LOL

A day for great memories !!

I did make a pouch with his name on it. I will show tomorrow.

Till later...

Friday, June 18, 2010

Grandma Scissor Keeper

I am celebrating my grandmother today. I know that Father's Day is Sunday.. I have a post for that day too. When grandma pasted away, I was given her sewing box. In this sewing box was thread, needles, buttons, and other regular sewing items. There was also some tatting that she had made.. Red, White, & Blue tatting. I have made a scissor keeper and attached the tatting to it.

For Memory of Frances Phillips Duncan

This is a picture of the back with the year she was born.

This is what I was doing yesterday. I also have to get back to stitching on my dad's Memorial Sampler.

Toe is better today.. I put cotton between it and big toe and taped them together. That is what Dr Mom told me to do.. She should know, she has broke her toes 3 different times.. LOL Again... She was right! See, we should listen to our elders. Don't talk back to them and the most important... Don't roll your eyes at what they are saying... Just stare blankly... LOL

Till Later !!!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Trailer Pictures..

I was running around the outside of my home today, just flashing pictures. It is still hot here and I don't like to sweat... Yes... I sweat ! Like a man... On top of being Hot, I think I broke my toe... urghhh. I don't know how I could have done it.. I don't even remember hitting it on anything. It is all blue, black and purple. I awoke with it hurting this morning, but I thought.. Hey, it has a cramp in it.. I tried to walk around on it and stretch it some.. Raeanne, me and the kids went to target and when I got out of the car.. It had started changing colors... By the time we left Target, it was 3 colors and non-movable... I will try some ice and relaxing with it up on the recliner.. Sounds great! Rest !

Here are some pictures of the Trailer:

Excuse the Grass - TO HOT TO MOW Excuse the mess - To HOT TO PICK UP STUFF. Stuff was just dropped where we finished. - TO HOTT HOTT.
This is the front door area. He did put siding up here. I was asleep yesterday morning when this was done.. So stone facing is out.

This is the back end. We still need to do the fascia boards and the top area.

This is the front end. We still have fascia boards and the top to finish.

This is Josh and Zoe's Place. See the sand box. There is a swing to the left. Josh's pool is on the saw horses and Zoe's pool is on the deck. We still have to put siding up on the Sun room. That carport in back needs to be cleaned out... See I have a list of stuff that needs done around here.. But hey... It is just to Hot. I see weed eating will be added to my list. I need to go... Need to ice down that toe. You see Why....

This little piggy went to market, This next little piggy stayed Home... Because I think it is broke
This is the foot of a diabetic. Scaly, ruff, dry and fat... Now you can laugh !!! LOL
Till later .....

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hot Hot Hot

My kind of place in Seattle Washington !

Hot today outside. I think they said 106 w/heat index. I worked outside with the 2 man crew today. Dewayne took one with him to go back to work and I was left with one guy. We now have a pile of scrapes to haul off in the dump truck, along with other stuff I piled up. LOL I started throwing everything that I saw in that pile... I lost out on the bid for Rock next to the door. There is siding there now. I will try to take pictures of it all the way around tomorrow.
Just a short note before I turn in.. Need to get up early here to beat the heat.. Oh, By the way.. Seen on Weather channel today, It barely made it to 68 degrees in Seattle WA.
Oh, But to be in Seattle... ahhhh

Monday, June 14, 2010

Mobile Home Makeover Back On Track

Front door area. I want to put some kind of fake stone on that wall.

Well... It is Monday. DH is at home today, why? He has a crew of 4 helping him put the siding on the trailer. I have been so excited! 2 man crew came out last Monday and did the front. DH and I did the front end, around the bay window on Saturday and Sunday.. Then today I awoke to a crew of 4 plus him banging and making all kinds of loud noise. That is OK siding is getting finished. I have been working in the house all morning. Weatherman said 105 with heat index.. I don't do HOT well at all. I did get up and mow the yard this morning before it reached 88 at 9:00 am... Summer Is Here In Alabama !!! I often wish at this time of the year I lived in Canada or Alaska...Somewhere more north and cooler.

Rebel Girl is doing her usual morning nap in front of the vent that has no air coming out. But she is waiting for it...

Till later... Have a cool day!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Cross Stitch Love & More

I finished LOVE PILLOW !!! This is the yarn project. I used 7 count fabric and groovy yarn to stitch this. LOL I then took the yarn and made tassels. There is a Peace Chart that goes with this Love Chart.

Above is link to freebie charts.

I also finished 2 little hanging pillows. These are 2 Lizzie Kate charts.

That is all that I have been doing lately !!! Till later......

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pretty Subjects !!!

These pretties were stolen from my mother's bush. I am hoping she will not notice the almost bloom less bush in her front yard. LOL Hey... She said I could cut some lavender... After I cut it I walked around her yard. She has a beautiful yard... I just need to get my butt over there and pressure wash all that I promised to do for her. Here is a before picture of The Bush...

I did cut some lavender. She has alot of it. I am going to dry it and put into my cross stitch pillows. Let me tell you... My car smelt so good coming home. I just sang with the 70's channel on my sirus and smiled all the way home. Here is some of mom's lavender:

That is a before picture too.. I did random cuttings, so it would not look bald. LOL Here is the little bit of lavender I got.

While I was doing all this burglarizing, Amos , The Cat... Was rolling on his back trying to get my attention to scratch his belly.. He is Mom's Huge Fat Cat... LOL

I can't believe I didn't think to get a picture of him... Dumb thing tho.... I opened the door to let him go into the Air Conditioned House... He just looked up at me and rolled over again... Stupid cat ! I gave him an opening to go in a take a cool nap... While I was cutting all this... He disappeared. I started to leave... Went around to close the back of the SUV... Guess who was sitting in the back? Amos... LOL

I said You ready to go? He then jumped out... All 30 or more lbs of him... He is so funny looking .. A little bitty head on a great big fat body... LOL Why am I laughing... People look at me and probably think the same thing... LOL

That is my time with Amos.. Great to enjoy the sun, fun and the love of a cat... Miss my Sli Cat. Till tomorrow, I should have groovy yarn project finished....

China Smut

I think we can do without China!!
If ya'll leave a comment after today, you will notice I have put the Word Verification back up. I have received some Chinese Smut in my comments. No, I am not interested in Little Chinese girls. This gets me mad.. I didn't know what it was, till I clicked on the ..... (dots) after the funky writing. It goes to a web site for little girls wanting to talk to me without their clothes on.. Sick. You can be assured that their blog they are connected to, has been reported. Some sick people in this world.. China already imports just about everything we buy. I don't want their smut !!!

Till later...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Checking In

Just checking in. I am still here lurking around the blogs. I do have some things to show. Will try to get them posted asap. Please stay tuned. I have not forgotten to I also need to start back stitching on this... Till later

Friday, June 4, 2010

Cross Stitch Update

This is the surprise I am working on. I used yarn because I want it to look 60's. I have other ideas for this finish. Keep checking back to see them.

I have been stitching other things too. Phebe Brown 1702-1712 by Carriage House Samplings. This is a quick stitch.. I hope... lol

So many things need to be done around my house. I don't want to do anything... Has been a rainy week here. I think that Seasonal (S.A.D) thing has something to do with it. Cloudy and Rainy = Bluey.

I have dishes calling me from the sink... yes, sink.. Dishwasher is old and doesn't want to wash the dishes right anymore.. So this Dishwasher has to do the job... lol

Till Later.....

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Birmingham Zoo Today !

Today I went to the Birmingham Zoo with Raeanne and the kids. We had a great time. Joshua is going to be like me. We told him last night we were going to the zoo today. He did not sleep at all last night. Kept waking up and telling Raeanne, he had enough sleep it was time to go see the animals. So, no one at their house slept last night. Joshua was standing outside with his backpack waiting on Gigi to pick them up this morning. We went by for our morning biscuit and then it was off to the Zoo !!!
Josh loved the sea lions. He kept hearing the train so him and his mom rode the train. Here is their picture:

Here is a picture of Josh playing in the water fountain area. Of course Zoe had to get in on the action. She kept screaming and kicking her legs till her mom took her out there with her brother.

Last picture is of Zoe in a new hair doo. I called it: The Zoo Cockatoo Hair Doo! She is still wearing her hair like this at 6:30 tonight.

I did stop by Hobby Lobby on the way home and picked up some supplies to finish some 4th of July cross stitch. Those will be featured in a up coming post... I also bought some yarn.. I do not crochet or knit.. So ya'll wait and see what I am trying with this yarn. Remember I am a child born in the 60's... Till Later .....