Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Just looking on Ebay. No buying. I blame it on Edgar! He has the complete series of H.R. PufNStuf, and HE had to share that info on  his blog...  I grew up with Witchie Poo! I had to go take a look and see what was out there! 
Sid and Marty Krofft were busy in the 1970's. Look what I found:

 H.R. Pufnstuf

 Land Of The Lost

 Sigmund and The Sea Monsters


 The Bugaloos with Martha Raye

Electra Woman & Dyna Girl - Diedra Hall/ Marlana of Days Of Our Lives Soap.

That was my Saturday morning watching, while sitting, half laying on the couch. Oh.. Don't forget that bowl of cereal!
On Youtube tonight.. I watched some Captain Kangaroo! I had forgot what I saw in that show.. Maybe because it was on every morning .. Then in the Afternoons... My brother had to watch Electric Company and Mister Rogers. I forgot about Sesame Street!
That is one show that is nothing like it was in the 1970 and 1980's. I heard.. Correct me if I am wrong. Oscar the Gouch is no longer on the show?  Something about they thought he was  making children feel bad.. and they thought he was homeless.. He was not homeless.. He lived in a garbage can!! geeshhh  He had a roof.. ahhh...excuse me... Lid over his head!  lol   I loved Sesame Street.. The Count was my favorite! One Bat! "thunder" hahahaha  Two Bats "thunder" hahahaha.. and Big Bird was the orignal Barney, but Yellow!! lol I also heard the Cookie Monster doesn't eat cookies anymore. He would demand " Me want Cookies!!"  What is happening? 
Enough on memories of youth!!  I am an adult.. I miss Saturday Mornings!  I may have to get the whole series of Land Of The Lost and H.R. Pufnstuf. Did I mention I have the Partridge Family shows on DVD... I don't need to say anymore....
Till Tomorrow.. while singing  " I think I love Youuuu" in my best David Cassidy voice!

Friday, February 24, 2012


 I decided today I needed to frame some stitching. I have had this Lizzie Kate kit stitched since it came out years ago. I think it is a chart now,  but, anyhow.... It needs to be framed. I decided it needed framed while in Wally World this morning.. I found this:
 Wall Mirror on clearance for $2.50. Idea Bulb appeared over my head!! Don't you just love those moments! Hey!! It is square! Hard to find square frames.. and it is made by Better Homes and Gardens.
Idea was to take the mirror out, slap in cross stitch... That was the idea....
 Here I have already rip the back off. I thought just pull those thingies upward holding the mirror in and out she will come! NOT..
They have hot glued the mirror in! What? That just says it is made better than I thought. Maybe in the USA? I didn't see where it was made... I had to slice through glue with slicer dicer knife thingie.
It worked... If you don't worry about 7 years Bad Luck.. Yep.. I broke that mirror.. Then I had to get my leather work gloves out and pry that mirror out!  I WON the battle! I now have a great frame for my Lizzie Kate - Secret Garden!
I have not laced it yet.. I just wanted ya'll to get a look at it!!  I may head back to Wally World and get the other one in the bronze color. Can't beat $2.50 for a frame, but do I want 14 years Bad Luck? lol
Now to lace and find a place to put it!  Hmmmmmm
Have a great weekend everyone!!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Whitman's Chocolates Again

I am laughing right now.. I just went to visit Brenda's Blog.  http://withthyneedleandthread.blogspot.com/
She has me eating another box of Whitman's Chocolates. Yep.. Hubby gave me the Look last time, when I came in with the little heart shaped box. I told him it was for a cross stitch project. That is when I got the Look.. Just because of this:

I had to show him the chart and that it was just not an excuse to eat Chocolates.. lol
She is coming up with another idea for a 12 oz. box. I can't wait! I am off to Walgreens to get my box! 
Oh.... Please do not pay attention to that Pound Lost Slider above! It seems to be going in the wrong direction!
Oh.. Maybe it is my weight that went 3 pounds back up.. I ate bad stuff again this past weekend and Monday, Tuesday, and yesterday..
ahummm. I am today going to do better. I have a lot of crafting to do today. Plus I get to watch Zoe Bug.. while Josh goes to the Peanut Dr.(that is what he calls his allergy dr.)
Till tomorrow... hoping my scale will be going in the right direction...(I say..) while hitting on the screen.. That thing is BROKE I tell you!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Crafting In The Craft Room !!

Hello Everyone!  I made it out Alive! The room is clean and I have already been painting up a storm at my desk..

First, I wanted to share with you what a sweet friend I have in Pam from Trussville. She recently got back from Colorado. She got to shop at Shepherd's Bush!!  Oh.. I wish to go there one of these days.. Maybe when we can go visit the Grand Canyon, I will stop in and see the ladies at SB Shop. Pam has asked me several times to go with her to her LNS.. It is a little ways of a drive. The last time she asked me to go is what I thought was my last weekend with Rebel. I had to opt out.. I went to the mailbox Monday and what was in my mail....

 Peace On Earth necklace kit from Shepherd's Bush Shop!!! Thank you so much Pam.. I sent her an email right after I got it!!  I can't keep from looking in that box.. I know... I need to start stitching it!

 Today I went to pick up buttons and some rick rack trim.. I came home with all this stuff!  I need to stay out of Hobby Lobby. They had scrapbook paper in the Clearance Section.. 6 pages for $1.00 I got 12 pages of that..
 Then.. They had all their Easter Stuff 40% off. yep... I hit that section too! I also bought some fabric to make a sewing machine cover.. when I find just the right pattern.. lol

 This is the Auburn fabric I got to make Zoe a dress for this Summer. I also have some white lace I might put around the bottom hem.. Still thinking on that....

This is the 3 tier basket I painted last week. Not a good picture. It is getting dark, about to rain.. I found another can of the Ballet Slipper pink.  Just the right amount of pink.
That is all for today... I am headed out to get taxes done tonight!
Till later.....

Sunday, February 19, 2012


I can't come to the blog right now!!  I am buried in this Craft/Sewing/Computer/Junk Room!
I have been cleaning and organizing in here since Thursday. It is now Sunday night!
Considering this room is only 14 X 10... How did I get lost?  lol
Hang on till I can shovel my way out.... I am doing The Bump dance in here!

Thursday, February 16, 2012


 Today I did some Junk shopping.  I went to J and J Junk Store again.. You take your life in your hands when you go in there.. But I was on a mission to find an old 3 tier round metal basket set.. Like this one. No Luck !! 
Mom and I found one at Chelsea Antique Mall Monday, $59.00 price tag on it.. I passed. I drove to Hobby Lobby and guess want? Yep... I found one!! It was brown and 50% Off. I got it for $15.00. I got it home and looked up my can of Ballet Slipper Pink spray paint.. Now Guess What?  Yep... I ran out of paint before I got it finished! Ran to Wally World.. Guess What? No Ballet Slipper Pink. Urghhh!!!  Don't you hate when that happens! It is sitting on my front porch half painted!!

I did found this little box of Seam Binding. I added 2 thingies of Candle Wicking thread and that orange silk ribbon to the box. The lady said I could have the whole lot for $2.00. Couldn't get my money out fast enough!!  lol  I purchased other stuff too.
This cross stitch chart by The City Stitcher. Nabby's Garden Sampler. It cost my a whole .25 cents. The picture is not good. It is in colors of Rust & Grays.  I like it. I also purchased these two.
JCS magazine - April 1990 and Western Reserve Tradition by Bea and Chris.- Cute sampler on undyed linen. I bought the JCS magazine because I had stitched a project in it. This one:

I started stitching for them in 1988. The first thing I ever stitched for them was a sampler for their book, The Sampler Collection Vol.1 I wish I had that book.... I donated it to the Library years ago.
Here is my little name in Print...

I have been in the ol' sewing/craft room tonight.. I was going to take everything out of the closet and paint it this weekend. Well... We are in for a 100% chance of rain Saturday.. Oh, well... I can organize it. I am going through my old Linen.. I bought new 40 count in various spring colors from silkweavers. I will be putting my old colors in different counts on my sale page sometime this weekend. So, if interested check back Saturday or Sunday.
Till Later... Have a great night...

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Happy Valentine's Day !!
XOXO    April

Monday, February 13, 2012

A Miracle....

I will just say... Rebel is still with us.. Believe me when I say, I am happy! She had a great weekend with us. I think this old girl can hear everything that is being said around her. She always knows something is up.. She did great on her bathroom breaks outside. Not once wet herself at night.  I know it may not last long.. Vet said she is not in any pain. He did where he poked along her spine.. He was out of town and was going on what I was telling them in the office. We have had a talk last time she was in and he talked about quality of life during her last Miracle Healing Office Visit. This time he explained what I needed to look for.. .. I tried to laugh and say she had a Stay of Execution. Bad humor... I know... lol I was just so happy again!! For her to be almost 16.. She seems to gets in that spunky way when she knows something is up... Vet said she is playing Possum... She better watch out!! I want to thank everyone that sent prayers and hopes for me.. Rebel received them also!  It is hard.. I just have never had a furbaby to live this long.. She is not sick.. Just arthritic in her back and a little bathroom problem.. We sometimes, ourselves have these problems...  My back hurts me too!!  lol  I know the time is coming soon. I now know what to look for... Thank you all again for prayers and comforting words.. They mean alot!!
I have finished model for Shell.  I have not much anuthing else...
Till Later...  I am so happy tonight....

Friday, February 10, 2012

Fur Baby - REBEL

Our 15 year old fur baby Rebel is going over the Rainbow Bridge Monday.  Her Vet is out of town till Monday.. She is in no pain.  Just having a hard time getting up and down, still can't hold her urine or poop. The meds she was on has quit working. She is blind in one eye, and cannot hear. If you remember me telling about the trip to see the vet awhile back.. Where she was all limp and when we arrived she perked up like nothing was the matter.. Dr Kelly gave her some meds and they did work for awhile. She is just going downhill fast. I don't know the other 2 vets in the office, and Dr Kelly is so great with her. I can just call and he says bring her in. That is why I am waiting till Monday.. with her in no pain.. We have the weekend with her..
That is why I have not been posting this past week. My mind was just not in it...She will be missed so much. She will be buried by her sister Sadie. She would have been 16 in April.
I have talked enough about this.. I have never went through this. Our pets have always ran off to die or passed away in there sleep. I have never had pets that have lived this long either..  Sli the cat was 19 and Rebel 15. Long lives.. We will not be getting anymore pets.
Joshua has allgeries to them. Swells up and breaks out. 
I hope everyone has a great weekend.. Please say a little pray for my Monday..  XOXO  April

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

2nd Post Today!

I have put some charts for sale on my Selling Blog. http://aprilmechelleselling.blogspot.com/2012/02/february-2012.html  Shortcut is on the side board. I hope these will find good homes! Thanks, April


That is all I have been doing!  Stitching!  I did get the model finished for Brenda - With Thy Needle & Thread. It is so cute! Keep checking her blog for a picture. I'm now working on a stitching model for Shell - The Raspberry Rabbits!  It is going to be cute too!
I have not been able to stitch anything for myself..
I have also been eating big time.. I fell off the wagon and that wagon drug me all around making me eat all kinds of bad food.  I ate some cheese pizza along with bread sticks Sunday. Till then... I had lost 12 pounds.. I climbed back on today...  It is so hard..  I did find out something.. I will not be able to eat like that again.. I was so bloated in my stomach.. I think that bread and crust started raising in my stomach..  I hate to say... but today, I have been in the bathroom a lot..  I had to climb back on so I would feel better...
So Today I Am Back At Day #1.. and I had added 3 pounds to the wagon!! I hope my wheel doesn't fall off with those extra pounds!!  lol
I have added a MP3 player to my eletronic stuff. I have been downloading music to listen to while I walk.. I have yet to walk.. lol
I will now have time.. I will make time!
Till later... If you see a wagon flying by with me about to fall out.. Please toss me back on!!  lol