Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Barbie and Christmas Memories

I had great day today. I started thinking about past Christmases. I was a Barbie lover.. Child of the 70's. I always had a Barbie on my list for Santa. One Christmas I got from Santa this:

Barbie Airplane ( UNITED )
I also got that same Barbie with green dress.

I had Francine, Skipper, Malibu Barbie, Malibu Ken, Malibu PJ and Ken with Hair..

Now... Malibu Barbie and Malibu PJ are from the 70's. I didn't think they did collagen injections in the lips back then... Maybe I am wrong. Check those lips out... lol

Beautiful Blue and Purple eyeshadow.

I also got from Santa one Christmas this :

But... I do have my Zoe to lavish all this Barbie love on. Is it to soon to buy a Barbie Dream house for a 3 month old little girl??? lol I never got one... In my days... (Boy, I sound old)... We didn't get a new Barbie every time we went to Walmart. We only got them at Christmas & Birthdays. Made them very special. Zoe Baby, Gigi will get you the new 2014 Groovy Barbie Camper !!!! Just hang Tight till then !!!! lol

I used to take My Barbies in that great Plastic Case ( Loved that new plastic smell) to my Cousin Andrea's house. She is 3 years older and had great Barbies. We would swap heads with different bodies. Always had a great time with her. Well, I had bored ya'll enough. Just me having great Christmas memories. I am going to try and remember a great memory each day till Christmas. Please try it too.

By the way... ONE LAST PICTURE

My Barbie Car


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Sherri said...

I remember those days, too! Unfortunately my barbie collection was misplaced over the years, I'd love to share them with my Granddaughters. But those spoiled little girls have too many barbies of their own already!

Love the orange barbie car!