Monday, June 2, 2014


Welcome Back. Oh... That is me that has been gone!  lol  I am back for a little time than vacation comes. I will be at the beach soaking up the rays with my lily white skin!  I can't believe June is already here. It's sure hot and humid here in Bama. I had forgot to post what had came from Mr. Postman.  I was in Dixie Samplar's Easter/Spring Exchange. I sent out my package and I never received one. Oh well.. I thought, these things happen. I told Dixie Samplar not to worry about it, but Dixie Samplar being the sweetest nicest person, made up for my partner and sent me a whole bunch of goodies and the Cutest Spring Pillow! I had seen it on her blog and fell in love with it! It is now sitting on my desk. Sorry my pictures are so blurry.. One day the sun is shinning so bright and the next day it is rainy.. So camera doesn't want to take good pictures. I think... But it may be the camera person. lol

 Cutest pillow ever!  I loved how Terri made the flower and it matches great!  I know bad picture but beautiful pillow.

 These were some of the goodies in my bag with the pillow!  Love it all!

 And there was still more! I just kept pulling out of that bag! Look at that silk thread and the cute Shepherd's Bush Needle Minder!  The little strawberry is so cute too. I already have plans for it!Beautiful bag too. We had met up that Saturday to go to the Stitch - in outside of Atlanta. My first.. I think I mentioned it in an earlier post. We had such a great time.. We forgot to post pictures! 

 This was the pattern I was so hoping Jeanne would have there at her mobile shop. It was!! I changed out the colors. Terri/Dixie Samplar helped me. I wanted more darker bolder blue and red. I will stitch my on Grey or Dirty Linen. I'm going to use CC Blacksmith Blue and WDW Lancaster Red instead of the GA Tin Bucket and CC Used Brick. 
 She had door prizes and I won these packs of needles! I was so excited. Someone knew I needed needles!  lol  Sizes 24, 26 and 28.
Terri won the cutest Scissor fob!

 I also bought some Linen. I needed some 36 count and 28 count.I seemed to have purchased a lot of 32 count in the years pass, for some reason.  I love the feel of those Lakeside Linens! ahhhhh.

 Last Friday I went on a Treasure Hunt for My Cow Bell and an Old Wash Board.  I'm still looking.. They are hard to find! I did found these things at the antique shop in my area. I have plans for all of it. That little Trowel will get a needlepunch on the other side and that way I can stand it up.

 Another idea for needlepunch was this Longaberger Paddle I found for a dollar. This is the back side. It is ruff on the front side and someone painted country geese on it. It will get a new sanding  on the front and a pretty needlepunch design.

 Best Friend from High Schools Mom had a yard sale this past weekend. I got this quilt. I had to have it after I seen this square. She told the story of this quilt. She had a refrigerator they were selling back in 1980. They advertised it. This lady called and asked if they would trade it for 2 quilts. She knew the lady and knew that she made quilts. She loved quilts and said yes, thinking they would be new quilts. The lady came to get the refrigerator and the lady handed her two raggedy quilts. She said she just smiled as they loaded the refrigerator and waved when she drove off.  lol  She gave one to her daughter, a couple of years ago, and kept this one. You sure can feel the difference in 100% cotton and it is so heavy!  I explained to her I would be cutting it up.. She didn't mind at all, she was glad I could use it.
I had been having a tired and bad week with the remodel of the other trailer. Issues came up with my Aunt. I always seem to let things bother me until it makes me sick. There is nothing I can do to handle the situation. I have to let it go.. But I always get myself upset before I have my mother tell me to Let It Go! 

 I happened to go out to my mailbox that bad day and I received a packet from Shell / The Raspberry Rabbits. I am working on some things for her now, and I thought she was sending me some more. I opened it up and the cutest Guardian Angle Punchneedle  pattern from Brenda was in it with the Balls of thread to punch!  That made me smile and lifted me up out of a fog. Thank you again Shell! Aren't crafting friends great!

 This past week I also received Lori/ NFF's Blessed Bee pattern in the mail. Can't wait to punch this one.. I need about 5 of me to do all this I want to do!

 In my Junking around, I found this book for one dollar and this candlewick thread for .25. Does anyone remember Candlewicking?
I used to do it. One pattern in the book catch my eye...

Sorry picture is so bad color page and white thread on white fabric. It is an Eagle with a shield. I'm thinking of shrinking the pattern to just use one thread instead of three to candlewick the eagle and shield only and make a pin keep. Just Thinking.....I may use part of that block on the old quilt for it! 
Enough brain storming for now. I have to get back to work on Shell's Designs!! lol
Just letting y'all know where I have been, what I have been up to, and what may be coming up! 
Till Later.....