Thursday, July 28, 2011


I am having a giveaway!!!   A Thank You for all my readers and because it is HOT and Summer.  There is an Antibacterial Hand Set with lotion and gel. 2 Emery Boards. The best smelling hand soap called Wild Flower. A set of Glass Magnets- I use these to hold my chart on the metal board I use. Last but not least... A Notebook or Journal.  Everything a Lady Of Leisure would need on a hot summer day!!   Oh and there are some surprises..... How do I enter you ask?

Just leave a comment that you want to be entered in the Giveaway.
Anyone can enter, Ladies living over the seas are Welcome.
Please enter before midnight on Sunday, July 31st.
I will have the drawing on Monday, August 1st.

If you don't have a blog, Please leave your email address so that I may contact you if you win!!     GOOD LUCK!!! 

Friday, July 22, 2011


Batalphabet by: Glendon Place
I have been online this afternoon... You will not believe it... but, I have a little journal type book that has my list to buy, in the future charts, patterns, and books for stitching . I have a problem.. It is called Not enough money for my WANTS... lol  I have charts listed from years ago... why because designers keep coming out with all these new charts I want before, I can purchase the ones I have wrote down in the Little Floral Book. lol  Will It ever End? I hope not... These are just some I wrote down today....I love that Batalphabet by Glendon Place.

Goblin's Parade by Blackberry Lane Designs

Spider Banner by Allessandra Adelaide Needleworks

Which Witch's Boot - Crabapple Hill
How I wish I could quilt....

Funky Flower by By The Bay Needlearts - Donna
It is not Halloween, but I love it and it's ORANGE!!! 

Bats Cats & Witches by Prairie Schooler
I want to make me a wooden cat like this one!

That is just the start of adding to my I WANT list!  Does anyone else makes list? or is it just me..... Can I get all this bought.... Can I even stitch all these in my lifetime.... What will I do..... How will I do it....Tune in each day for The Days Of My Life.   Did you happen to hear that Days of our Lives and other soaps are ending..
Just a Thought........ I think the heat is getting to me!!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Stash Swap Received!!!

 This came in the mail Today !!!
 Look at all these goodies. I am in the Group Samplermakers. We did a Stash Swap. Something that you would stitch, then you gather supplies up and mail out to your partner.  Sandy was my partner. Great chart by The Workbasket, Quaker Acorn. I love the GA and WDW threads.  I always love linen. Her note was so funny! She included some Fall Stickers and needles. She is from Georgia. It is as hot there, as it is in Alabama. She sent Fall stuff!! Boy, will she be surprised when she opens mine!!  It is a Cold Season!!  We must both have cooler temps on our mind!!  lol I am ready to get to stitching on Fall & Winter stuff !!  Thanks Sandy!!
 This is some fabric I got at Hancocks. It is off their $1.00 a Yard table.  Recycle and the other 5 prints are travel places, - M' Liss - Houston, Hollywood, Hong Kong, London, and Las Vegas.
Now if I can find a VW Van like this to start traveling in, I will be so happy!  I may make it to Las Vegas, Hollywood, and Houston. I will not be able to go to Hong Kong or London... Hubby does not do Boats or Planes.... Just my luck!!  MEN !!!!   urghhh   lol
Take care and keep cool out there!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011



This is how we have been keeping cool!  Below are pictures of us at my friend Dawn's Pool in her neighborhood.  Yes we believe in life jackets... In our area there has been a lot of drownings in swimming pools and lakes.  More this summer than ever, and it is only JULY!
As for the heat!! IT IS ONLY JULY!!!   lol

Beautiful 8 year old is my friend Dawn's daughter, Savannah. We call her Sav.  yes... I have 2 grandchildren and Dawn has an 8 year old daughter..She got started later in life. Or did I just start earlier!  lol 
The heat is so hot . What did our forefather's do in the South without air condition? I always thought I would loved to have lived in the south during the 1800's.. I am rethinking that now. I love air conditioning to much!!! 
I am going to go stitch now.. I have 2 designs from Michelle I need to work on!!!  As I put my hand to my brow in my best southern voice say," Ohh... It's so Sticky! "    
Stay Cool today!!!  Till Later.....

Friday, July 8, 2011


I have unloaded my bags!! This is what my wonderful sister-in-law gave to me!!  Isn't she just great!  I don't even know where to begin with all this stuff... But I will be trying!!!  lol    Hope everyone has a great weekend.  I will be crafting away!!!!  I see you may have noticed the Book- Scrapbooking For Dummies!! That is me!!! 
Till Later.............

Thursday, July 7, 2011


I came home with all this in the back of my car!!!  Where did I get it? From my sweet sister-in-law!!! She was cleaning out her office/craft room.She has stuff I have not even heard of...  lol  She has all the Crickets and other stuff!  She sent home with me all these bags of dyes, stencils, scrapbook papers, stickers, and stuff I have not even looked at yet.  I will be going through all this tonight! I can't wait !!! It is like Christmas! 
I will post a better picture tomorrow, after I unload it from the bags and boxes. There is so much stuff!!  Thanks to my great SIL I can now start on Josh & Zoe a scrapbook. 
Till Tomorrow.....

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Thank you all for the wonderful comments on the new hair do!  I am really enjoying it!  Is was kind of shocked at first.. It is short, but now I love it!  
I have sent the finished cross stitch design off today in the mail to Brenda!! It is so cute!  The name is Witch Hazel !  Please check out the sneek peek on her blog.
I see Lori at Notforgotten Farms has 3 new design: 
Michelle is working at her designing desk:
Chicks are hatching on The Mobile Home Women's blog:
Jayme - The Coop Keeper is losing weight and making changes in her life:
Everyone seems to be so busy and doing all kinds of neat things.
Can't wait to see what turns up on other blogs !!!
Till Later.....

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy 4th Of July !

You know me... I am all about the Cake!!!

Friday, July 1, 2011

New Do Today !!!

 Old Hair Do !!

New Hair Do!

I just had to cut it all off today !!!  To Hot Here in Bama!   Just giving ya'll a view of the new do!!!
I have been just stitching away and watching season One & Two of True Blood !!!   I am hooked!  Or should I say.... I have been Bitten!  lol

Have a great 4th Of July Weekend !!!  Till Later.....