Thursday, December 10, 2009

I Feel Good !!!

I feel Good and my Christmas Tree Is UP !!!! We are heading out tonight to take Joshua & Zoe to see Santa. Have their picture made and see Christmas lights on the way. Don't it sound fun !!! We used to go every year to my parents and get in their car and ride around their town and see all the lights.. I miss doing that. I have some video tape of this going on... We are all talking, laughing, and going LOOK LOOK at that house.. It is funny to watch now.. It is great to hear my dad's voice on all those videos. We got a new video camera about 4 years ago and have not used it but maybe 3 times. I said this Christmas It is coming out of it's bag and making some movies.. I love to watch all the videos we have. I even have films... in canisters, I can't remember what their are called, of the Dad's family. They are on VHS. I want to put them on DVD. Maybe soon...
Well time to get ready for Santa Time !!! Yeah !!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi April *waves and jumps up and down* thanks for stopping by my blog today and commenting. Love seeing new people over at my place. Oh, and about loving to stay home like you said in your previous post... I'm one of those gals too that really enjoys the heck out of staying home. Hey, if you can get away with it.... why not?

Hope your holidays are bright down there in Alabama!

The Blue Ridge Gal