Friday, December 18, 2009

Memory # 4 - First Christmas Tree

Ok Everyone... Don't Laugh. Yes, this was our First Christmas Tree !!! Except for the Plastic string of candy, everything was made by me.. The year was 1981. We went in the woods on my husband's Family's land and found this Beauty... lol. See all the holes. I know the picture is not good. It was a Pine, if you can' tell. lol. I was 5 months pregnant and of course, I went in the woods hunting this with him. Boy, that is LOVE... lol At the time, I did not know that sap will run out and get on the presents and also it had black bugs in it. So that year, everyone that got a present from us, had a surprise of Sap & Bugs included!!! It was because of the tree. I now have a fake tree and pine smell freshener plug in. ALMOST LIKE REAL.

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