Sunday, December 20, 2009

Memory # 6 - Moccasins

This is a picture of my dad. This is how I always remember him. Sitting in the recliner with Sadie, ( Rebel's sister). And... What are those on his feet? Why they are Moccasins. Every year for Christmas, he always got a pair of Moccasins to keep those feet warm. I wonder if he ever got tired of the same gift... He would look surprised every year when he would unwrap them. We all knew by the box size what they were... lol. I don't think he minded the same gift, I think he was just glad we were all there with him. This is the 9th year that daddy has not been with us at Christmas. He didn't get to spend Hannah's first Christmas with her. She is now 9. A very beautiful little girl. I got to be with her a little while today. She is full of energy... Just like her Poppa was. I know we all have some of him in us. So today I just reflected on him and Christmas past. Oh, By the way... He loved Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation... He always said he acted like Clark Griswold just wanted to show his family A GOOD TIME ! I can say "You did Daddy !!!"
Love and miss you very much....

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