Monday, March 29, 2010


I have been doing Spring Cleaning in the craft room. I am selling some fabric and charts on this site. I am trying t0 figure out how to get a window on the side of my blog.... There.....

You can contact me at my email address

Please check it out. I may have something you want.

Till Later....

Friday, March 26, 2010

Surgery, Haircut, & Fabric Stash

Raeanne had her ears drained and tubes put in today. She is doing OK. I had this done when I was 6... I think... MOM!!! was I 6? Well, she is soon to be 28, this April. After I heard she was out of surgery, I hit the Haircutting place... I had about 6" cut off. I get home and DH didn't even notice... Is something wrong with my man? He can't find stuff and doesn't notice short hair on his long haired wife ! LOL I think he is overworked... Yeah, That's It !!! The man has been home since 12:30 pm and has been asleep since then. It is now 10:15 central and I been cleaning out that front craft room. I Did It !!!! It is done to the best of my ability.... and that is the best it is going to look. Still no closet doors.... urghhh
I did go to Hancock Fabrics after haircut and got some fabric to finish pin keeps and pillows. Got some big wide Rick Rack, eyelets & punch to make floss ring tags. I also ended up at Hobby Lobby.. I love that store !! I will try to post pictures of fabric and maybe some finishes tomorrow. I told Raeanne and babies we may go to target this weekend to do some Easter shopping. Till Later....

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Grand Baby Zoe

Nothing today to report. I have been laid up with sinus and fever. Here are some new pictures or my grand baby Zoe. She is wearing her new hat for spring. I am watching Johnny Depp & Orlando Bloom in one of the Pirates movie. Woooo Johnny Depp still looks good in all that make-up !!! Till later...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Million Dollar Question

The million dollar question was asked this past weekend. DH asked " Do you know where my hammer is?" I did not answer because I am so tried of looking for all his tools and other misplaced things. I think men have a gene that makes them ask where something is, instead of looking. If they do look, it has to be able to jump out and say " Here I am !!! " He will open the cabinet and say, " Are we out of Whatever?" My response " No, move stuff around it is in there."

Why is it they are that way? My dad did the same thing... and I married a man that can't find anything without asking where it is. Well... yesterday I was looking around the sun room ( junk room) to see what needs to go down to the shed. Ok... guess what I found? You are right!!! A hammer, not just 1 hammer but 2 hammers!!! lol In a box right beside the door from the dinning area.. Here is a picture of the proof they do exist ! LOL

Ok.. I see that they are in my post office mail carry box. It says for mail use only. I know that this is not mail use... LOL DH may have seen it empty and decided he would use it. Anyway, there is the answer to the million dollar question... This is only 2 hammers in our collection of at least 10. Where are the others??? I have no idea !

I will give DH some credit... If your sun room looked like this, could you find anything?

This is just one end of the room. We are enlarging this room and putting new windows in. All the stuff we are doing this with, was giving to us by a friend. So no cost, other then us doing it ourselves. Here is a little snap of the back, where DH is enlarging.

Please don't pay attention to all the mess. I go around each weekend and pick up about a trailer behind lawnmower full of Crap !!! A Work In Progress !!! Well I will leave you now with these crappy pictures... Hopefully I have not lost my great blogger friends over all that junky-ness ! Is there a group for people that have problems with not finishing jobs. I need to sign up DH. We can form one. Hubby's Half Ass & Not Finished Yet jobs. ( HHANF for short )

Now to get dressed and go to the Porch Bubble Party at Joshua & Zoe's House. I made the Funfetti cake. !!! Whoooo Hooo Till Later....

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

I want to thank all ya'll who read my blog. It is something fun that I like to do. I also love reading other blogs, as you can see from my sidebar. This afternoon I have Josh. We have rode the lawnmower at least 20 times around the neighborhood. Here are some pictures of my flowers.

Peonys that are coming up !!!

Lily Of The Valley

These wild violets were all over the yard before I cut the weeds ( aka. grass) this weekend. I left this little patch. We have a big jack rabbit that comes out of the woods beside that fallen tree. I left these for him or her...

Here are some pictures of Josh doing his everyday thing !

That has been my day. I did get some clothes washed and kitchen dishes loaded in dishwasher. Then is was outside to enjoy my day. Turn in to tomorrow's blog... When I heard DH say, " Have you seen my Hammer?" ( quote) That is a million dollar question! LOL

Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekend Update With April Mechelle

Hello Late-Nighters,

Late breaking news.... I have been so busy ! This weekend I cleaned up around in the yard.. Mom came and helped. Now I know.... Don't get on to me!!! She would not take No. Looks bad for me... Headline Mom who had cancer has to help daughter with yard clean up! I know.. I look Bad !!! But, what can I say... Mom likes to clip bushes !!! lol Raeanne ( dd) says she is having bush and shrub withdraw.. LOL She used to go to Raeanne's house around the corner from her with her clippers in the car. Raeanne said before she knew it, she would be clipping and pulling weeds... Not making fun of you, mom. I appreciate any help I can get !! But it just don't look right. I promise to go to her house and pressure wash patio, under pergola, house, and tidy up her yard !!! When you ask?? uhhhhhh. Just kidding!
I soon as It warms up and I figure out how to use the pressure washer!!! Is everyone OK with that ? Till Later

Friday, March 19, 2010

What is that in the Sky ?

Why... It is the Sun. I awoke to the phone ringing and the sun a shinning ! LOL It was Josh wanting to know when GiGi was coming to get him and ride the lawn mowing machine.. That is what he calls the lawnmower. LOL This was after he tried to call me himself... He got the message that says, " If you would like to make a call, please hang up and try again." He told his mom when she took the phone away he was talking to GiGi.. LOL Cracks me up !!!! So I had to get dressed. I can't wear those pajamas all day when the sun is shinning!! My norm is to get awoke and wear pajamas all day because what do I do or where do I go? Had to run to the closet and hunt something for a play day. After finally finding sweat pants and a tee shirt ( boy, did I dress up.. lol). I walked across the road to his house. He was watching for me and burst out the door, like a racehorse at the Kentucky Derby. I started the lawnmower and off the went on our drive... He likes to stand in middle between the seat (ME) and steering wheel. He drives... We then mowed his grass ( oh, Weeds) and cut up the leaves.
I was having a good time singing and thinking it is a beautiful day that The Lord has gave us. I will Rejoice and Be Glad in It!!! Looking at the Blue Sky and the birds singing. Just Beautiful!!!
Zoe and her mom came out to the porch and we put Zoe in her walker. Those few Twigs of hair was a blowing in the wind and she was laughing and giggling ! Very happy girl. Loves the outside like her brother. Poppa met us for Bar-B-Q . Everyone was hungry !! All Play and late Supper makes April a Dull Girl !!! LOL So, now time for bed and to raise up early tomorrow. Hubby is on a roll on the sun room enlargement. I will have to help him tomorrow, and I can barely get up after sitting down now.... Hope everyone had a day like I did !!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Owl Freebie

I found the site of the Owl Freebie I am working on. Here it is: I am doing the Owl Face over 1 with 1 strand of floss. So I can make into a scissor fob.

Here is the picture of my owl's eye. I also posting Needle Punch :

I did manage to do this to my table. Somewhere I have 4 Easter plates... Now where are they ? ......

Oh well, I am coming out of the Winter Blues ( S.A.D.) Now to go hunt those plates.. Or did I put them in a yard sale.... Till later

St Patrick's Day & A Door Is Hanging !!

Happy St Patrick's Day !!! Hope everyone has enjoyed themselves. I have done absolutely nothing. I am not going to do anything. I have not been sleeping well. I have diagnosed myself as having S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder) I do not function well or at all, during cloudy, rainy, & cold days. Which is Winter. lol Now if the sun happens to sun, I will be outside having a blast !!! Which, this weekend is suppose to be in the 70's and sunny. I can't wait !!!

The 2nd part of title. A Door is Hanging.. Guess what?? Hubby decided to hang the door going into the craft room last night. I was so excited... lol It doesn't take much to excite me. A Working door !!! Can you believe it !!! lol Now to just get him to hang the closet doors....

I am working on the needle punch and 2 cross stitch projects. I will try to get pictures up tomorrow. I am heading back through my working Door to go stitch in the living room... lol Till later.....

Monday, March 15, 2010

Mail Call !!!

I got some mail today !! This great fabric from The Sampler Girl. I just love it. I am going to put the fabric with the owls on the back of the scissor fob. It is a face of an owl. It was a freebie. I will look and see what site it was on and try to post later.
Now back to cleaning craft room....

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bus Trip & Pictures

I went on a bus trip yesterday. Me and my mom had a good time. We left out at 7:30 and headed to Anniston Alabama for breakfast at The Victorian Inn Mansion. Built in the 1880's as a private home, in 1985 it became an inn. It was beautiful.

Stop #2 was in Conyers Georgia. We went to The Monastery Of The Holy Spirit. It is a Roman Catholic monastery built by 21 Trappist Monks that came from Gethsemani Abbey in Kentucky and found their way to Conyers Ga. It was an amazing video and tour. Here is a picture of their Monastery that took 15 years to build. wheelbarrow by wheelbarrow.

Beautiful and so peaceful !!! Tour guide said that each one of those columns was poured by hand with concrete and that 1 wheelbarrow of concrete would only fill up about 2 inches at a time on each column. Took 15 years of continued mixing and pouring to finish this into a monastery of beauty! This was my favorite part of the tour.

Stop #3 - Covington Georia. This town is known for Movie Making !!! A lot of films have been made here. If you watch Vampire Dairies... Here is the cafe in it:

Picture not to good. Called Mystic Cafe. It was raining and we were leaving town. We did a tour of downtown homes. Here are some:

A lot of these homes were built before the Civil War. They did survive and have been restored.

Just some of the movies and TV shows filmed in Covington. Madea's Family Reunion, My Cousin Vinny, Cannonball Run, Black Dog, Sweet Home Alabama, Heat Of The Night, Dukes Of Hazzard and many more.

Stop #4 - Social Circle Georgia. We ate a Seafood Dinner Buffet at Blue Willow Inn Restaurant. As I can only say. Gooodddd ! Then on to The Social Circle Theater for a Performance of Cotton Patch Gospel !!! Wonderful & Funny !!

After a great day of Fun, we headed home. Got home about 11: 30. I have slept all day today. I am making up for not sleeping Friday Night and getting home late last night.

I do think I will stitch some now....

Friday, March 12, 2010

What Ever Happened To The Marlboro Man?

I used to see this ad in a lot of magazines. That is a nice looking man. The Marlboro Man.... And I would see this ad:I have never smoked. But these ads were great !!! Makes me want to go looking for a cowboy, Not a cigarette. I just like looking at the ads. lol There are no ads anymore.. I guess tobacco companies don't have to advertise because people will buy their product. Just like Wal-Mart.. They don't have to put ads on TV or magazines. I was just looking through some magazines and this came to me.. Aren't ya'll lucky !!

In high school, my best friend had a large stand-up cut out of the Marlboro Man. She got someone at K-mart to give him to her. He was their display that they would stand up in the front by the cigarette counter. Being teenagers, we would laugh and talk about that good looking Cowboy. Now, all I have left to look at, is this Marlboro Man:

Which Don Johnson is not bad to look at in this movie. Mickey Rouke even looked great in this movie. Now, Mickey has had a little to much plastic surgery. Not to mention Kenny Rogers... I didn't even recognize him. The Real Marlboro Men of the ads would not even consider plastic surgery and if they ever did have any, please don't tell me.... lol Now that I have bored ya'll with my teenage crush of long ago...
I am going on a day trip with mom in the morning. One state over... Going to have a great time !! Till Later !!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Rain Drops keep Falling On My Head !!

Boy, is it raining here in Alabama !!! Sunday, Monday and Tuesday were great ! I knew it would have to end... Hoping Saturday will been nice. I am going on a bus trip with my mom. Can't wait, I love these bus trips! I did take some pictures yesterday of the buttercups I picked. So... Does that mean Spring is here? I wish...

I awoke this morning to the news of the death of Corey Haim. I loved him as an actor. He did License to Drive, The Lost Boys, Lucas, Murphy's Romance, Dream A Little Dream, Silver Bullet, and more. Of course, these were all made in the 80's. He said in any interview a while back that he grew up in Hollywood, in the 80's & 90's. Maybe... not the best place to live for him.
Seems he just couldn't get off the prescription pills. We tell our Kids To Just Say No... But now it is the prescription pills and mis-use of them that is killing. Meds to make some better can become additive to others... Enough on this subject.
Well, I have to get back to work on the punch needle Spring Egg Basket. I have not done much on it. I see all these new Easter things that I want to sew or stitch. Can't do them all. I have a list of the new things from Market that I want to purchase.. Got to wait till I get the money saved up. Well, Till Later.....

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cross Stitch Pictures

Here are the cross stitch pictures I promised. This were stitched years ago. This is a Heart In Hand Kit. I love it in this frame, But I mounted it on sticky board. If I get it off the board, What do ya'll think of me making it into a pillow? I thought about cutting 3 other squares from fabric that would match the colors and sewing them together to make like a quilt top square, but not quilted. Put a little rick-rack around it. Like This:

What do ya'll think? Or do you have another idea for this 5 X 5 square?


This is the other picture. I want to do something with this one, But what? It is a longer picture. 4 1/2 X 8 Here is a better picture of the size.

Any ideas on both pictures would be greatly appreciated. I am going over to Daughter's house to get my sewing machine. Till Later !!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday ?

I guess it is Friday... This week has gone by fast. Zoe went to the doctor ( orthopedic). They still x-ray and keep a check on her legs, because she was breech. Doctors said she is looking good. I went down to her house and she was enjoying her Jumper-roo.
She had those legs just a moving and that head a bouncing too. LOL Josh got a new toy truck that pulls a bobcat. He has played with it all day. Talking about Poppa working with Bobcat.. lol
I started stitching on a freebie design of a face of an Owl. It is turning out great. I am stitching over one to make it small enough for a scissor fob for my Owl scissors. I will try to get a picture this weekend. I have not stitched much on the punch needle. I need to get it back out and finish it. I am going to try and move the sewing machine this Sunday. I have so much I need to put on the finishing touches. I have 2 Easter cross stitch that I framed years ago. Two Heart In Hand Kits. I put on sticky board. I need to do something else with them. May make pin keeps or little pillows. I will post their pictures also and maybe ya'll can come up with ideas to finish them without frames. So until Later ....

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

To Kill A Mockingbird

Guess what I watched last night? Yep... To Kill A Mocking Bird. Have to watch each time it is on the tube. Jem Finch is played by Philip Alford. He lives here in my Little town. Has a business in B'ham. At the time of the movie, he was 13 years old. But my favorite character is : Dill, Boy Wonder from next door. He was staying with his aunt.. He had a mother but no father. Sometime to the effect of his My Name Is speech. LOL Scout and Jem learned a lot about Dill in less than 2 minutes of first meeting them. LOL Not to mention he was a sharp dresser. Black knee socks with shorts... LOL

Well, I know ya'll are going to laugh at this... I have never read the book. Just always watched the movie... I am going to read the book. I have found out lately that books are a lot better than the movies.

Going to close for today... But, not before this picture:

I love Robert Duvall. He is one of my favorite all time actors !!! Nothing he does is ever bad. Ya'll take care today !!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Spring Cleaning In Winter

I am about to start on a spring cleaning project. It happens to be my craft & computer room. I think it needs more than just cleaned. It needs to be finished. Closet has 2 door, but they are not finished or even hung up. The door to the room is also not hung. Just sitting up against the wall. DH has issues with finishing anything. I usually have to go behind and nag or finish it myself. I will have to finish this room myself, he has moved on to making other unfinished projects.

This is my desk. I just keep putting stuff in tubs. I have this thing, when I see a tub , I buy it. LOL. Those books are hardback cross stitch books. I also have about that stack high in needlepoint books. The wooden shoes, I got in Holland Michigan when I was 4. Those white things are my baby Shoes ( they are corrected shoes ) I don't know which foot they go on, because they turn weird ways at the toes.. LOL . I want to put a little organza pink ribbon as the shoe laces and display them. The clear tub on bottom is cross stitch charts and floss to stitch. The smaller tub is finished cross stitch and needs framing or sewing. ( stockings) May have to call my Aunt Judy for the stocking sewing to get a lesson (hint hint). Oh... The coloring book and colors/markers are not mine. Those are Mr. Joshua's. He says that is his desk! ok baby.. lol

This is the lovely closet. Notice the doors? I have panels to go in there, I have not decided what color to paint them. All that stuff is fabric, cross stitch, floss, threads, hoops, paint, trims and 1 latch hook rug from Claire Murray. The wire thing in the gray box, is to rotate on my head when I get a headache from looking at all this stuff. LOL It does work !!

This is sewing machine cabinet, without a sewing machine. It is still at Raeanne's house. Those are Cross Stitch, Country Living, Sampler & Antique Needlework, Create & Decorate Magazines all over the top and in the basket. The framed Baby dress is mine. My mom gave this to me one Christmas. ( It is back hanging mom! ) It has my silver spoon. Yes, It is silver, why I know that... Well it is tarnished. LOL I guess you can really say I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth. Now a days, any spoon will do as long as food is in it. LOL It also has a Locke of my pretty Strawberry Blonde hair. Now that I look at it. Joshua's hair is that color. His daddy has Red and mom has Dark Brown. My grandbaby has my hair !!! There is my hospital bracelet with my last name in beads, and card that was attached to my bassinet. Hey, this was 1965. No one wanted to steal babies back then. They could have just taken off my bracelet and switched my card. Now that have ankle alarms, like you do when your under house arrest. I got off the subject again... lol Back to the room. That is what happens when I start to clean too. I look around and find something else.... Maybe I can get this done before Spring comes in. If not, will someone call HGTV and ask for Mission Organization Show for me ???

PS : Don't even ask about the Sun Room. Hubby of Unfinished Projects has decided to put in new windows and make it bigger.. Geezzzz...