Monday, March 28, 2011

Mail Today, Cross Stitch & Listening Pleasure

Guess what I got in the mail today?? Yep.. I skin cover for my Kindle 3. I had the Kindle. I ordered the skin from I will be ordering one for my notebook too. Yes MOM !!!.. I did get a kindle. Got tired of holding those books open and reading at night. I would usually fall asleep and lose my place. I had a Nook first. I ended up taking it back. The Kindle will read to me. Is that being lazy or what!! My thinking is, that I will let it read to me while I am stitching. 2 birds.. 1 stone. Don't it look cute? That skin is called Betty. It also covers the back accept for where the speakers are.

I got this in the mail last week from Brenda.. Bunny Tales!!! Chart pack has 3 different charts and patterns for these designs. I love the 2 pin keeps!! I want to do them so bad.. Right Now!.. But... I have pulled out the over 18 year old Heirloom Afghan.. Yes Mother, It is out of it's tub. I am working on it ! If you don't remember my story on this.. It is for my mom's best friend. I started it over 18 years ago for her first Grandchild...Now 3 grandchildren later, (all girls) I am trying to finish it before that 1st child graduates high school... ummm This May... Hope I get it done. I have to stay focused!

I did go to the library today. I checked out the epic set of The North & The South with Patrick Swayze and a whole lot of other popular stars in that day. The 80's.!! I have seen it before, but I can follow it just listening as I stitch. I also checked out Books on CD. Janet Evanovich - Between The Plums.. I love Janet's books. I have read all the numbers.. Waiting on # 17 for my Kindle. I have ordered. I also read all of Charlaine Harris ( Sookie ) books.. I am waiting on that new one also. I got a new to me, author today, Nevada Barr. It is called 13 1/2. Kind of a psychological suspense book, set in New Orleans. Has anyone read this one? I am going to listen to the CDs.

Well not much else is happening... We are going back on our eating healthy again lifestyle today.. it is becoming a joke... We start each Monday, by Tuesday, lets say.. it is blown! We are having salad and a casserole for tonight. No Bread... Just shot me NOW!! No eating out! That is going to do me in... lol

If ya'll hear a rumbling noise !!! It is my stomach !!! Till later......

Friday, March 25, 2011

Where did this week go ?

That is the main question !!! I have no idea. Besides having terrible sinus this week. I can't think of anything I have done.. I did finish a stitched piece. I will get a picture up as soon as the person receives it. I did.. I guess you can say Spring Cleaning this week. Curtains, cleaned closet, did floors and I almost forgot... Built a front porch. 12 X 24 ft. I have bent and stooped so much... Once I sat down, I can't get back up. Does this mean I need to exercise more? We just need to get the roof on and the railing.. We looked at Home Depot for the Black metal bars to put like spindles on the railing. They want $29.00 for 5 pieces that were 30 inches long. Hubby went to his metal supplier and bought a whole bunch on 20 feet long pieces for $ 6.00 for each 20 foot piece. So we are saving a lot of money. He will have to cut them in 30 inch pieces and paint them black, but hey, he has all the equipment to do it. Now... if I am still able to bend, I might can help... lol

Grand kids came over and stayed with me today. We had a great time outside! We played outside for about a hour and then Josh starts sneezing.. He has bad allergies. So, inside we came, had snacks and watched Bubble Guppies.. Josh did not want his picture taken... So here is Zoe swinging ! As she was swinging , she was singing!!

Film is not long..

Poppa and I will her her again tomorrow. Josh and his mom are going to Lowe's for craft time with friends and then out to eat. They are taking his friends Lance & Aidan with their mom to catch a plane back to Arizona.

I will leave you with this picture.. What she must be thinking??? or Singing?? bye

Friday, March 18, 2011

Air Conditioning & Lawn Mower

I could stand it no more !!! Air conditioner was turned on this afternoon. 83 degrees and HOT here in the Mobile Home... That sun room I wanted so bad.. It was hot as hades! lol Nice this morning. I sat outside at the new table and chair set mom gave me for an early birthday present. Then I got a wild hair to mow the grass.. That was from sitting outside looking at all the clover growing knee high. That is the only grass we have.. lol So, what do I do?? I go down to the shed, get the riding mower out . I have to air up 3 out of the four tires. I wonder where the air goes during the off season?.... She fired right up. I thought.. We are going to have a great day together.

Well, I mowed the whole back yard, after picking up all the grand kids toys and then started on the front.. Decided I needed to go get my mowing buddy, Josh. Rode across the street to his house... Pulled up to his front porch.. Went to shut her off... Well, lets just say, she did not want to shut off! All kinds of smoke and backfiring. She does normally do a one backfire call when I arrive to pick Josh up for mowing. That is when Josh usually yells, " There's Gigi! " So there I was, smoke all around me, she was puffing her little heart out, and backfiring every 2 seconds.. I turned her key back on... She purred alright, smoked stopped. Of course, by then my whole little family was out on the porch looking at me. I was hoping no one had been taking a nap.. SORRY ! They were awake now.. Son-in-law tried everything to get it to shut off.. No luck.. All I could picture was it blowing up and the hood landing on their roof and parts flying and busting their windows... Hubby explained that only happens in the movies.. or on the drag strip.
I might need this fire truck lawn mower to be on stand-by!

Well, my quick thinking is not good. I decided to ride her down to the lower part of the yard and leave her there to blow herself up.. She is only 7 years old. A birthday present from hubby to me. I also get a trailer to match her. Now, I decided I needed to go slow.. Just idle her down the hill and away from leaves and trees. My next thought was... Ok, I will turn off the key, jump off her and run like all get out, to save myself. I turned that key off, I jumped off and started running up the hill. I heard this... POW, seen a little smoke and she went dead. Just like she always does! So, I ran for nothing! Me, an overweight person, with jiggly legs, and I forgot to mention, I was wearing flip flops too. To funny of a sight. Needless to say. I did not get grass mowed. I waited on hubby to get home and check her out. Is she blown up? I don't know... I told hubby about what happened. He went down, sat on her , turned the key, and she fired right up. She was smoking pretty bad. poor thing... He idled her up and took off toward home! She seemed to want to go home. He went ahead and mowed front yard, No smoking on her part. Then he goes to turn her off... She goes to smoking and backfiring like crazy. I say, " SEE". He tries several more times... Lets just say, he drove her over to where the old homestead (out to pasture) had been , all dirt, idled her down, got off and said, " Just stay right here, till you run out of gas." She finally ran out of gas. Gave it up... Will she become a yard ornament? I don't think so.. I will have to get her fixed... She was a present to me. So that was my day. How was yours?

My next mower!

Tomorrow we are hauling off a bunch of steel beams and junk that hubby brings home from job sites. We have a list a mile long of unfinished and need to be done things... Maybe, just maybe something can get done this weekend... Maybe....

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Lovely Gift

I wanted ya'll to see what Patti at sent to me !! I have heard of Trader Joe's but have never had anything from them. I can't wait to open and dig in!!! It was so nice of her to send me the chart of A & B Letters from M Designs!!! I will have to stitch that letter A! Thank you Patti & Liesl !!!

I have not been doing any stitching since I finished Bunny & Co. Brenda should be receiving it today. I sent it Priority Mail last Thursday.. She has not received it yet. I don't know what is wrong with the Post Office. Rates went up and mail service has went down. Priority mail takes 4 to 5 days instead of the 2 to 3. I sent a Parcel Post package the same day and the person received it Monday... Duh.....

Just sharing a picture of the grand kids!!!

Josh & Zoe eating gummies and riding with mom, Gigi and Poppa. Zoe would not look at the camera. Josh has all his car toys (aka: kids meal toys) in the basket. We were coming back from Lowe's workshop for kids. They are a mess together.. Truly brother & sister. lol
I cooked a big dinner last night. We had meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans, fried okra with green tomatoes in it !! yum yum... The kids came to eat. Zoe put away some meatloaf.. She is our little Piggy !!! lol
Closing for now. I need to get up from here. I have been on the phone all morning talking with friends and catching up. I have a lunch date with friends from high school next week. I don't know why people want to text.... I want to hear they voices and laughter! Don't you? .........

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

MIA & Sneek Peek

I know that I have been missing. I looked back and it was February when I posted last. WOW. I was under the weather a couple of days with sinus. I am back up and stitching away on Bunny & Co. by Country Stitches/With Thy Needle & Thread. I hope to get it mailed to Brenda on Thursday. So then ya'll can see it and order to stitch it yourselves. It is so cute!
Here is a link to see a Sneek Peek of Bunny & Co.
I will then get back to stitching on my Aunt Debbi's Mother Cushion. I will be making one for my uncle. I have it all picked out. I hope this finds everyone well and stitching away. I am ready for Spring here in Bama. The fruit trees are all in bloom this week. They are beautiful!
Time to get back to stitching ! Till Later.......