Sunday, January 31, 2010

I Am A Sorry Person !!!

I am so sorry I have not posted lately. I have been busy and lazy... lol Can you be both, because I have. Mom went to doctor Thursday. Her P.E.T. scan was Clear. WE are very Thankful. She will go back in another 3 or 6 months, I can't remember. All I heard was it was clear and then everything else did not matter... Our prayers were answered. She will have to keep going back every 6 months for test then down to once a year and I Forgot.... Duhhhh I will be asking her about it again. Friday guess what??? Yes !!! Washer got a new motor !!! yea !! I have yet to wash One load of clothes and what day is this??? Sunday lol
Yesterday I don't remember what I did. I know I took a nap at some point. Today, I woke up with energy.. Yes, you heard me correct... Mom came by after church. Raeanne was here with the kids... After they all left, I got out on the back porch and started getting Christmas stuff ready to put out in the out building.. Well, I went out there and something... Raccoon or something has been living out there. Poop everywhere. I cleaned some and then headed back over to Raeanne's house. Glad it is just across the road. I rode the lawnmower.. LOL I am Lazy... After about 3 or 4 trips back across to our house, I am glad I had that lawnmower. Josh wanted to ride. He did get some sun shine Meme!!! Mom is always saying he needs to get outside when the sun is shinning.. It was a little cool but not cold. He had on his rubber boots and coat with a hood. He was outside for about 3 hours. We burned a stump in their front yard and he helped me collect sticks to put on the fire. We were worried he would fall in the fire trying to put the stick on top... But No.... Gigi ( Me) reach down and pick up a HOT stick... No, I am not dumb !!! Just stupid sometimes... That ended my playing in the fire... Poppa and Josh worked on the garden tractor. Gas tank was full of Water. They had to drain and try to get it to Crank. Raeanne had went to pick up some KFC.. Chicken... Josh was so hungry he started cramming the chicken in his mouth. Sucking down the ranch sauce right out of the cup... You can imagine what we all smelled like.. Wood smoke, mixed with Gasoline, mixed with KFC, and Josh smelling like Ranch dressing. A very tiring day, but fun.
I did stitch some last night of my Halloween ornaments. I will post picture tomorrow. I am going for a goal of 1 a month to finish before Halloween 2010. I have a black Beaded and glittered tree to hang them on. I bought it last Halloween from Home Goods Store. I did find my white Lizzie Kate Feather Tree. I need to get started on ornaments to go on it. I will post picture of my trees tomorrow. I need to get me a shower and head to bed to stitch some... Stay tuned for pictures tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Maytag Mayham !!!

Check this out !!! Beautiful new washer... See not even a speck of dirt anywhere on it. It has only washed maybe 9 loads of clothes... Well.. Today just got worse for me.. This washer locked up today and almost burnt!!! I started smelling strong burnt odor, to where I could not breathe. I ran and switched off main breaker to the house. I ran around looking everywhere trying to find out where burnt smell was coming from. So strong I had to go outside to breathe... I then remembered REBEL.. Ran back into the house, of course she would not come to me, had to pick her up and take her outside.. While I am standing outside looking to see if any smoke is coming from the roof... Nope, I don't see any.. I call DH. He said on his way. I am thinking wires in the walls are on fire. So strong of a smell, burnt my eyes and made me cough.. I then get cold . 42 degrees and 20 mile an hour winds. I go back in the house... Still strong smell, get me a coat. Go back outside, running around looking to see if anything is flaming. DH is on constant 2 way with me asking questions, I can't answer because I am outside. I don't want to go back inside. Rebel is running around barking. I call Raeanne. She comes up the driveway with both kids in tow. She goes in smells and says" smells like burnt plastic or rubber" I open sliding door and front door. After smell removes from some areas, we found out it still smells in laundry closet. Yep... The 2 month old Maytag that has maybe washed 9 loads of clothes... Is locked up tighter Charles Mason. Full of all our towels and Water. DH calls Home Depot. They give him a number to Call. Calls them.. They said repair man will come out Thursday. Thursday is mom's Report day from the P.E.T. I no can do. And Am I to leave all the towels and water in the machine till then. DH mad by now... He tells them this is a new machine. May have burnt our house down. Do we trust it to be repaired and maybe lock up again or worse, burn our home down. He tells them He will just empty it and bring both appliances back for a refund. They call back and said A repairman will be here tomorrow to check into it. I should have never gave up my Whirlpool. Raeanne is using it and it is 10 years old. Called Mom... Told her my story of today. Of course she laughed hard and said " Only You!!!" She also quoted" If I had no bad luck, I'd have No Luck at all!" end Quote !! She made me laugh, after the day I had. I was crying when Raeanne come driving up and mumbling something about.. I Can't Take No More!. Please pray for all my new appliances. Cook top, Refrig., and the Tv in the bedroom.. I am afraid to turn the cook top on to cook tonight. I know the old dishwasher works and only 1 of the ovens in the wall works. I can bake a potato in the oven and wash the plates... But I don't know what we will do if that new Tv in the bedroom goes out, I don't know what 2 people our age will do at night... lol
My week will be better !!! My week will be better !!!

Where have I been, You ask?

Answer: I have no idea. lol This weekend was one big tooth problem and no sleep. I will spare you the details. I did make it to the dentist yesterday for start of root canal. This was after, at hospital for mom's P.E.T. scan. She will get report back Thursday.

I had things happen there I don't even what to go into... Bad day.... nothing to do with mom. She is doing good. I have not stitched much. Need to though, to relax.

This is all that is going on here at the Nut House....

Friday, January 22, 2010

Had A Party !!!!

Hello Everyone !!! I wanted to thank everyone that reads my blog !!! Thank you so much. I also enjoying reading all about you too!!! lol Raeanne called around 11:00 and said her and the babies would be coming up the hill to see me. She told Josh they were going to GiGi's House. He grabbed 2 party boxes and had a ribbon in his hand dancing around and saying " Party At GiGi's !!!" Well we partied and played all day. I have proof of it:

This is just some of the party residue left over. That is Zoe in the background.. She likes to sit in her bouncer and watch us play. She just laughs and talks.. She thinks she is playing right along with us. lol

By this time, Party Man had about partied OUT !!! lol He was so tired. He and mom went to get us pizza and he fell asleep in the car. His mom yesterday hit her finger with a hammer and it swelled up and turned all kind of colors. I watched them while she went to the doctor, They x-rayed and said she fractured it. She is wearing a metal splint. Of Course it is her good Bird Finger... So now drivers will see it better when she hangs it out the window to them !!! Which is always on Hwy 280 !!! So if you happened to see a women flying in a truck and see a Metal Bird Finger showing itself to you out a window... It Is HER !!! lol

Some more Pictures of babies after Poppa got home and took over for me !!! Thank you poppa !!!

Josh had poppa's boots on and left over brownie on his mouth. Hey, at my house they can do anything!!! . By the way, He is standing on one of his party boxes.

She is a wanting that finger... She is teething bad... But, No says Poppa...

Well, time to tune out and go to sleep. maybe.....

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Some Stitching Today !!!

This is a picture of the chart I am stitching a memorial sampler for my dad. This was designed by Midsummer Night Designs. I think Edgar is also doing this sampler. Edgar probably has a lot more stitched than I do. I am working on this today. Waiting on Dewayne to get back from Fort Walton Beach Area... Yep... I know ya'll don't hear the sarcasm... I was to have went too... But They would not give me clearance on the Base... anyway.. I told him he better get some beach pictures, because #1 - Have have not been to The Beach ( Gulf ) in 18 years. #2 -We only live maybe 5 hours away. ( right) #3- I know pics will not be good. ( raining) #4 -Told him I would stay at Hotel and didn't have to go to the Base. Oh Well. I am here at home.... I will make the best of it.
My sugar has been out of whack here the last 2 days. Going low and making me have the shakes and stuttering... It happens about 3:30 to 4:00 each day. I have not been snacking, maybe I need to eat something.. lol My meter tells me that. I was at 60 Tuesday. Meter says " Do you need a snack!" NO JOKE SHERLOCK !!! lol If anybody knows me. My sugar is low at 90. lol I know that is a good number ! But mine has been around 176 so long, my body thinks it is going haywire when I get below 100 . Dewayne came in and found me shaking and stuttering and told me to eat his Reese Cups !!! Gosh I love Him !!! or is it Reese Cups I love !!! lol
Keeping an eye on my sugar today. I know, My fingers will hurt and stitching needle doesn't help the tips of my fingers.. Oh... I do have left fingers.... I am so dumb. Check sugar on left hand, stitch with right... LOL omg..... I better go test... Mind is failing now !!!! lol

Monday, January 18, 2010

Play Day !!!

Hello and Good Day !!! I awoke at 10:00, now don't raise your eyebrows at me. I went to sleep at 4:00 am. Could not sleep. I did get something stitched while I could not sleep. This:

This is a chart from Primitive Betty Designs. Fast to stitch because I did not stitch the whole design. I am going to make into a little pillow and hang a key and heart charm on it. Used a raw color linen, different from the other two in an earlier post. So that was my night ...
Zoe is still real sick. Running a fever and matted eyes. She cries alot and Raeanne has to hold her alot. Josh came over yesterday evening and we played , we drew him some pictures and we colored. Only had 2 colors.... Blue & Purple, so everything we colored was those color... LOL
He didn't want to go home, so I promised him I would buy more colors today.. Well, I did, we went to Wally World and he got new colors and a coloring book. He knows his colors, Red, Blue, Yellow and Green. He has a game that is called Zippity. It hooks to the TV and he interacts with characters to learn numbers & Colors. He is smart for 2 years. Zoe is smart too. She know when she gets dressed up to go somewhere... LOL She just Smiles and laughs, and of course Gigi tells her is is so pretty , and she just smiles !!! That is smart !!! LOL She is already working that charm !
My day was spent with with Babies !!! Great MLK Day !! Tomorrow is go to pick up stuff day !!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Not Much Going On !!!

Well.... I went to dentist yesterday. Had an abscessed tooth. I am going back next Monday to start root canal... That should be fun. They said I would been finished with that tooth in 3 visits.. Now anyone who knows me... Knows I hate going to the dentist. I had a bad experience back in the 80's with a dentist and it ruined it for all other dentist !!! lol They can wine and dine me and they will still not get in my mouth !!! lol Enough on that subject. Can't even stand talking about it.
I have done absolutely nothing today. I am on antibiotics again, this time for the tooth. I went to sleep at around 11:00 last night slept till 9:00 got up ate breakfast went back to bed... Woke up around 3:00 and have been up since. Well, time to fix something to eat... Turn in later for a Nothing to do update.. lol.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Winkle Fairy !!!

Hey Everyone !!! This is me getting ready yesterday morning. Now before I start this. I will be 45 in May of this year. Yep.... I also have the luck of having the bad skin of our Duncan family gene. Well I started putting on my makeup... you know fill in all those creases and landfills with that putty stuff that is suppose to match your skin tone, but doesn't... This was after I put moisturizer all over my face. about a gallon.. LOL I am used to doing that all the time. Well.... I then started with the eye shadow... Now remember I have not worked ( outside the home) since February 2009... and I have been sick, with no reason to wear makeup, in about 2 months... Well.. I go and start with highlighter at the top over eye lid and under my Brow,,, My brow is going away for some reason and I am having to pencil me a brow.... LOL That is another story... That highlighter goes on great... Then I go for eyeshadow in the middle of my eye lid.. Well I started going across real slow.. the brush started going over things, like speed bumps... WINKLES !!! urghhh. I couldn't even get the eye shadow to go on smooth. Looked like I had lines running downward... OMG.. What is going on ??? Has this came on all of a sudden? What Happened? Then... I look in the mirror.. My whole eye lid has been swallowed by the eye socket !!! Oh Please.. Now what do I do...Do I just put eyeshadow on the top near bottom of my brow.. That is the only part of my lid you can see!!!! Is that even a part of your eyelid??? I can't wear brown shadow up there, can I??? I didn't think so...Even though we did wear bright green and blue in the seventies !!! LOL When did The winkle Fairy leave me this wonderful gift of age? Whenever it was, I didn't even see this coming !!! I can live with the winkles beside my mouth, Those are my smile winkles...LOL And I can almost live with the double chin.. It is loose skin.. ( I can tell myself that, if I want too) But having absolutely NO Eyelids.... I don't know... I love to paint up my face !!! You can stop laughing now !!!

Anyway, I finished painting on my face and dried my hair.. Oh, I did cut on my hair myself... It was bugging me. Put on Dress clothes ( go to work clothes) and this is final picture.

Well, I will be 45 in May... If you see that winkle fairy around you, Kill her for me !!!

PS... Please excuse all Freckles in first picture. They are freckles aren't they? Please don't tell me they are AGE SPOTS !!! Just shot me NOW !!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cross Stitch Post !!!!

I am feeling better lately. I had better not jinx myself with saying that I feel better. LOL I have a picture of framed birds by designer Valerie Pfeiffer. I had these framed at Hobby Lobby during one of their 50% off frames and services. I thought they came out great! I finally got around to hanging them last night.

I also have been stitching on 2 Valentine Freebies. One from The Sampler Girl and the other is from Primitive Betty. I stitched the Be Mine with some thread that a friend from the Netherlands sent me. I really like that thread.

I am going to make these both into little pinkeeps to put in a basket. As soon as I get my sewing machine moved in my room and can find the floor in the front room. LOL

It didn't take long to stitch these... Next is my 2 little future projects. I work on these little charts when I turn in to bed at night. I listen to the TV because my hubby is an Andy Griffith Show person and we have seen every episode. So I stitch and listen to Andy. It is like having a TV screen in your head. I know that words and see the pictures. LOL
These 2 charts are by Designer Brenda Gervais. I stitch some of her models. I thought these would be cute for Easter. Here is a link to her web site.
She also designs Needle Punch & Jewelry. That is all for today.
Mom has a doctors appointment today. We are headed to town as we say. We used to live in the country but the city has moved out here to us. LOL I am excited to just Get Out Of This House !!!! Till later !!! Have a great day !!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Mad TV- Lorraine and the Hot Tub

Hope Ya'll enjoy this !! I have been bored today, can't you tell !!
I Love Lorraine !!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

March 5th 2010

March 5th 2010 is the date I am waiting for !!! Johnny Depp - Alice In Wonderland.
I love me some Johnny. I love all the Pirates Movies. Hope this one is good. Looks like it will be funny too. I don't know with Tim Burton as director.. It is also a Walt Disney Picture.. Here is a trailer to watch : What do ya'll think???

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Another Doctor Visit and Nothing More

Another doctor visit, more antibiotics, and nothing to do, because it is to cold to move... This has been my week.... 1 - Hot water froze. 2- sick again. 3- went to the doctor again. ( I have a booked room in office. lol ) 4- Yesterday Husband unfroze water pipes. 5- went to bed at 8:00 pm last night. 6 - Today work on 5 boxes of unpacking in our closet. 7- NOW - in recliner, can't move. LOL #8 - Nothing More Today.
With being sick since we moved in, I told Hubby last night I think this place is Haunted... I have been sick since we moved in... LOL Dewayne just laughed at me me and said. " I am not moving, Period." This was after he had been outside for 3 hours trying to unfreeze water pipes and has been trying to unfreeze since Monday.
Now... I didn't say anything about moving... I didn't even mention that if it starting icing or snowing, Me , Raeanne and babies is headed South to Childersburg. ( my mom's house) We both are total electric.. Mom has gas logs and Heat . LOL
So if no ones hears from me for a couple of days I have flown South.
Take Care and stay warm !!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Cross Stitching with Mittens On !!!

It is Colder than a _______ here in Alabama. ( you can fill in the blank) I am not complaining one bit. Maybe a little.... I know my northern friends have been freezing for awhile now, not to mention the snow. The Almanac said this was going to be a cold weather. How do they get these things right?....

I have been getting some stitching done. I finished Housework by Lizzie Kate. I had to get out in the 16 degrees this morning to run and get black seed beads for her 2 eyes. That is Love... Only needed 2 beads but have to buy a whole package. I have every color I thought, till I was looking for black ones. I went to Hobby Lobby... No Beads in Cross stitch section... went to Michael's, no beads in cross stitch section. So, what did I do?.. I went in the jewelry section and found this round case with black, dk gray, white, clear, and silver beads. Problem solved. Had to go buy some groceries.. Yea, I know... I did not buy all the bread and milk out !!! lol There is still some left on shelves. That always happens in the south when they call for snow. Yes ! We are to have snow on Thursday.

I have been working on the heirloom afghan. I will have to get a picture posted. I do have a picture of the Housework. I am going to make it into a pillow. Planning to put it out in the sun room when it stops being a junk room. Here is picture of Housework. Not to good. Blue linen is always had to get to come out clear in picture. I did change the word Croak color to mulberry.

I am also working on the Cricket Collection's Halloween Ornaments. They are a lot of fun to stitch because of the specialty threads and different color linens.
I am also going to start stitching along with the Olympics on Melissa's 2010 Winter Olympics Stitch a long. Take a look here..
Well, I have to go stir the chili !!! Stay warm everyone !!!