Friday, January 31, 2014


 This is how my Tuesday in Alabama started. Pretty and light fluffy flakes blowing across the road. I went to pick up some Hershey candy bars and kisses for the dusting of snow we were to receive that afternoon. It started early, around 10 am. It was already freezing into ice the front doors of Winn Dixie. I almost fell.
This was not just snow. It all turned to ice within 45 minutes. Wild!
It went from Nice to this.... in no time at all. It also did the same time back in 1982.

I know the jokes are going all around about southern people and snow.. Well this was ICE. not snow. Schools started closing but it was to late. Buses could not run. Parents were told they would have to come get their children.. Raeanne got Zoe all suited up and put in the car. She made it to first curve and hill and couldn't get any farther. She called me. Plan B...Had to pick up Josh!  Get Z71 truck out. Yep. Gigi to the rescue. Dropped her in 4wheel high and off I sped to the speed of 10 miles an hour sometimes 5.. lol  It was bad. Now I will let my northern friends know. Our area is not flat.. We are talking mountains and big hills. That picture above is Shades Crest Mountain.. we have a lot of those mountains around. Mountains and valleys everywhere. Like a roller coaster.
I finally made it to his school, after witness to cars and trucks in ditches. I picked him up and away we go in the 4 wheel drive sleigh. Josh thought is was an adventure. We had to stop for a while for a blocked road.. We got to watch the same little car crash 3 times into a ditch, trying to go up a hill. They finally stopped and we got to go around them. They got in a truck with others to leave.

 This is how the homestead looked by afternoon. BK loved the snow!
 This was her first snow. She ran and jumped around. She even threw snow in the air and tried catching it.. Funny to watch her.

 The Boy (Josh) got all settle in with the Chocolate, Netflix and a warm plug in blanket. He would be spending the night with his Gigi. Poppa was trying to get home through all that mess. He didn't make it till Wednesday. This is where I will get on my Soap Box...
Some people do not need to drive during any snow or ice. But at least pull your car to the side of the road, before you get out and walk off. We had babies born on the highways, and a man died of a heart attack with his wife watching in the car with him.. Why? Because people left their cars in the middle of the lanes and walked to a hotel or to eat or home. Just left them... Emergency vehicles couldn't get through. 4 wheel drives couldn't get through to pick up people or to help. There were wrecks, but mostly it was a traffic jam problem. I understand if you were boxed in and couldn't move your car, but there needs to be a lane for rescue and emergency. There was 14 people stuck on the highway that ran out of gas. They had to go in the woods.. find wood and build fires on the side of the road and one lady in the group was pregnant. She went into labor and delivered there in a cold car.  Now that sounds to much like the show The Walking Dead. EMTs couldn't get to her because abandoned cars where in the way. I will say one more thing.... There were a lot of people helping each other and opening their homes to help others in need. There is a lot of kindness stories coming out of this. and as my mother said, violence was down. We didn't hear of any shootings or deaths from crime during this event.  I guest it was to cold....But it picked back up after the ice melted.

 Josh having a great time in the snow. We were able to take him home Thursday. No problem with the roads, except for people who left their cars in the middle of the road and walked to their subdivisions. We had to go around all the abandoned cars..  Sister (Zoe) was glad to see her brother.

This is Zoe Bug.. She is signing up for Ballet today. She has to still get her tights. She is all excited!   She picked out her Leotard. Josh signed up for Spring Baseball. I think Poppa and Gigi will be very busy this spring...
That is all for the ICE Storm post... Hope I did not rant to much... and drive my followers away..
Till later....

Friday, January 24, 2014


I have more stitching to show. I've been stitching on The Snooty Parrot by Barbara Ana. I'm stitching along with the Facebook Group. I'm having a great time seeing the different colors of fabric and flosses that others are using.

This is where I stopped for January. I will pick it up again on February 1st. Stitching mine on 40 count cream linen with the called for floss. I did change one color. The off white hand dyed blended in with the fabric color. I decided to use white. I think it is on the parrot. I love those parrots! I put the scissor fob together. I love big chunky beads and the parrot charm!
 Here is a little freebie Barbara Ana designed for our group. I will make mine into a little pinkeep.

Another freebie for the group. I changed the colors in this one. I wanted something bright. Stitching it on toast colored fabric. Just a spare piece I had laying around. When I finish, I may make a box and use this on the top. That way I can keep my scissor fob and pinkeep in it.
That is what I have been doing lately. Just doing a quick check in. I will be back with some finishes next week.
Till Later.....


Monday, January 20, 2014


I'm so sorry it has taken me this long to post. I finally got my cameras to work and then blogger would not upload pictures. I'm trying again today!!!
I have been so busy. Been doing a little spring cleaning in the middle of winter. I have stitched some. I got out the Heirloom 80's Afghan and stitched some on it this last week.
I will stitch some more on it tonight. See mom.. it is being stitched.
I do have some things I stitched at the first of January. I just need to finish them out as ornaments.
 This one is a little freebie.. I can't remember who is the designer. I will use the print on the back and the off white as the trim. It will go on my Valentine Tree.

These are some embroidery designs from Hudson Holidays Designs. I will make them into little bowl fillers. Still looking for fabric to back it with.
This is my little Valentine Tree. I put my candy box, pinkeep, needle keeper designed by Brenda ( WTN&T) by my tree.
 This is one of the areas I did some spring cleaning. See that pile of stuff in the chair... That is my get framed or finish on sewing machine pile. Here are some...

 Birds Of A Feather - No Bees and Shepherd's Bush - Dancing Lamb. I need frame both of these. I had stitched these years ago. Maybe this will be the year!!  lol

 Shepherd's Bush - Stockings. I stitched Hannah's the first year after she was born... She is now 13... I then stitched Raeanne's the next year. I have the charm packs for these too. I just need to put the charms on them and make into the stockings.

These are mine and the hubby's stockings. I do have to still put my name on mine and put the charm packs on them both. Since these have been stitched years ago, we have added Raeanne's husband and the two Grands. I have the charts to stitch them. I have started my son in laws. 
My plans are to take my mega pile of finished stitching and finish out at least 3 to 4 things a month.  These are my starts for finishing in January and February.
I have finished my January stitch along for the Snooty Parrots. Will post a picture tomorrow with the pin cushion I made to go with it.
I started back stitching on my Blackbird Designs Anniversaries Of The Hearts. I'm stitching the block for my dad, whick is the May block. That was his Birthday month. I did change some of the colors. I chose a blue for the house instead of gayish green. The Lexington Green was not showing up good on the natural linen color. Instead of Fool's Gold, I chose Grecian Gold.  I do like it better now with the fabric color.
I sat down the other night and figured out the rest of the blocks and who they would be for. I have blocks for my mom, hubby, my brother, Zoe and the Missouri block. I hope it will tell the story of MY family.
That's what's been going on in my life since the last post. Today I cleaned out from under both carports. We enlarged the back carport. So more renovations are going on with the Single Wide.  Stay turned for pictures of that.... Till later.......

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


I'm back today. I am still having a hard time with me camera. I do have some pictures.

Now I'm having problems with Blogger to upload the pictures..
I will try again tomorrow....


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

tap tap tap.... ANYONE HOME?

Just checking in and letting everyone know I'm still here in blogland. I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Thank you all for the get well wishes. They must be working, no sickness (knock on wood) this week!  lol
I tried today to get a regular blog post up and going for the New Year with lots of pictures and showings of what I have been doing. Well, camera is not working with me today... I left it out in my cold craft room and the SD card is giving me a error message. I have another new SD card I will try tomorrow. I took pictures and none are showing up...
I hope that is not a sign of how my New Year is starting off! lol
I did start my stitching of Snooty Parrots by Barbara Ana on new Year's Day. I had a snap of it too. 
As Scarlet said, Tomorrow Is Another Day.
I hope all my friends north of Florida, are staying warm in this blast of frozen weather. It has been around 7 and 9 these past two mornings here in Alabama.
I also have to congratulate the Florida Seminoles for a great game last night! I'm a Alabama (Roll Tide!) fan. lol
I'm off here, till tomorrow....
Stay Warm!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Happy New Year!!!!

This is what I was doing today.. A joy ride in our friend's 1960 caddy he is fixing up...


I wish a great New Year for y'all !!!