Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas !!!

Thursday, December 19, 2013


Hello my friends!!! I don't know how many times I can mention I'm sick... Sick again, that's me. This time Upper Respiratory Infection. I have never been this sick right before Christmas.. But I'm marching on...
I have been working on some gifts to send out. I hope they will arrive to the special people before Christmas. I will be mailing tomorrow. Trying to send priority mail. I have decided that I want to do so RAKs this 2014 year for my blog readers. I appreciate all my readers. If you would like to receive a little stitched something something from me this coming year. Please email me (under the About Me contact) with your snail mail address. I will try every month to fix a little something up and send out. I will post a picture and say it is own it's way to a new home... I wanted to do something fun and to show my appreciation for my blog readers.
Now for the pictures of what I have been doing while coughing and snorting.....

This is a necklace I stitched from a kit that Pam gave me one Christmas. I'm just now stitching it up to wear.. I love it Pam!! She went to Shepherd's Bush and gifted me with this kit! 

 Peace On Earth !  So cute!  It came with a ribbon. I may run the ribbon through the necklace and then add 2 little crystal beads to it.. It was a fast easy stitch that turned out wonderful! Pam's blog is Thank you Pam! I will enjoy for a lot of Christmas times.
 Next up is one I did for Shell at The Raspberry Rabbits. It is on it's way to you Shell. Just a little preview. Harrington and Hannah The Buns! I even stitched Harrington with his wonky ear.  lol I love stitching the little over one and putting in the jewelry Things.. (can't remember what they are called) I designed that pattern.. I couldn't find any bunnies with a wonky ear...

 Next up... I joined The Sampler World's Snooty Parrots SAL on Facebook!  We are stitching Barbara Ana's Snooty Parrots Sampler all together through the year of 1014. Barbara (designer) has joined in on the fun! We have 2 extra charts we can stitch to go with The Snooty Parrots.  We call ourselves the Snooty Stitchers Society.. lol After the sampler only.... Everyone is making parrot scissor fobs. You know me .. I'm a follower.  Here is a picture of mine.  We start our sampler stitching on January 1st 2014. I have my linen and threads ready to go..

 This stocking I love!!! Bonnie (no blog) and I talk by email about everyday or every other day. We love the some designs! I had been out of town all weekend and she sent me an email Tuesday and asked if I got my package?  All Right!!! I ran to the mailbox and throw open the door and there sat a packet from Bonnie!!! Of course, I opened it right then and there... (still a kid at heart)  I love it Bonnie!  We both love to needle punch! She did this for me! I love it! It has top place on my stitching tree. She said the curly toe gave her some hard times trying to put the back on.  I bet it did.. lol  But I so Love it!!! She also sent me some of her stitching magnets! My frig has all the ones she has ever sent me on it... lol. She belongs to The Samplermakers Group by Lori of Notforgotten Farms. Bonnie always post her finishes on that site if you are a member. Beautiful stitching and finishes always from Bonnie.
This is my little stitching tree this year.. I may have to get a bigger tree at the end of this Christmas for next year. I'm wanting a twig tree. I hope I can find on after Christmas.
I have been decorating still. I say every year I will decorate and finish shopping way before Christmas. I want to just enjoy the tree and the holiday. Well... Finished decorating this past weekend. Here are some picture, Sorry for the blurred ones... I told y'all there were a lot of pictures...

 Craft room / Sunroom Tree. All Hallmark ornaments with a couple of like ornaments. See the crafts on the table.. Working on Josh and Zoe some ornaments.

 Living room Tree with 1965 Elf from my first Christmas. Also my stitched Scrooge stand up from Just Nan pattern. Tree is decorated with ornament through the years and vacations.. I got the idea for the wash tub from a facebook group called Primitive Christmas.

 This is a card my hubby brought in to me from work. Their warehouse is an old pharmacy building. he found this card in an old desk drawer with a postcard from 1967. He told me Merry Christmas when he gave it to me!  I love anything old! I bought a mat and painted the wooden frame green.  I think Santa looks great on this card!! 

 Decorations on the bar. I love my forest trees and my reindeer!  I love Hersey kisses too!  lol Can you tell? That jar was filled to the top!

 This bowl was full too!  lol  This year's Santa picture with The Grands!! 

 Frosty makes another appearance this year too!  lol I love this set. Michelle of Raspberry Rabbits sent this set to me one year!!  I put him in the kids bathroom. Oh No... Looks like his Scarf is caught under the lid!!!  lol But, he is still smiling!!!

I will leave you with the picture of the cake I made two days ago. I must be sick!  I have only ate 2 slices!!  lol  I will try and post again before Christmas.. I have more to show!!! 
Till Later.....

Friday, December 6, 2013


Sorry that I'm posting the winner so late... I have been under the weather again today plus I had The Grands this afternoon. Without delay.. The Winner Is :

#5 comment Laurie at Blog - West Texas Threads! I have sent out an email to you Laurie. Congrats to you!

Thank you to everyone who entered. I so enjoyed adding things to the Giveaway. I like seeing new comments and if you have a blog I love reading and meeting new bloggers.

It has been a slow go on Christmas decorating in my home. I got a new tree yesterday. It is just the right size for the living room.
I have the tree I used last year put up in the craft room. I put all my Hallmark Ornaments on it. Still have a lot to get unpacked and put out. I still have my stitching ornaments to put on their tree. I have Grandma's Ceramic Christmas Tree to put out. I'm thinking I have to many trees!  lol
I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!
Till later.....


Monday, December 2, 2013


I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I will mention Pneumonia cleared up real well. But......This past weekend I had a stomach virus or food poisoning. Jury is still out on that ruling! and the worst of the weekend, Alabama's lost to Auburn...Oh Well.
On to better things!!  Christmas Giveaway Part #2
I have thrown some more things into the pile for the giveaway. I'm trying to fill a Flat Rate Box.. You know, what will fill the box for one price shipping! The More The Merrier!! So far, I have stitched and put this beauty together.
 This cutie is adapted from Brenda/With Thy Needle & Thread Stocking chart. I added the paper from an antique hymn book. I attached a velour ribbon so that the winner can use it as an ornament. Next up - Goodies...

 Some Swiss Miss Caramel Cream Hot Chocolate and a box of Snow Drops. If you have ever traveled in the south, and love to eat, then you have heard of Cracker Barrel. They are only located every 10 exits, off our wonderful interstates. I don't know if they are every 10 exits.. But it seems like it.  lol  I'm enclosing a genuine Cracker Barrel Tree Ornament from the Cracker Barrel at Exit 19 off I-459 in Alabama.. (closest one to my home). Just a little something SOUTHERN for the winner. lol

So far, this picture shows all that is included. I may get to add a few more things in by December 5th. That is the cut off date.
I will draw a name December 6th.
Just remember to make sure you have left a comment on the November 22nd post ONLY.
One comment to be entered is all you need. Anyone can enter. If you don't have a blog, that is fine.. Just make sure I have an email address, to contact if you win. GOOD LUCK!!
Till later...

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


 Wishing all my friends and family a very Blessed Thanksgiving!
My plans are to have Thanksgiving feast with my family. In my family Thanksgiving is like a family reunion. Aunts, uncles, first cousins, second cousins, third cousins, brother, mom, sister in law, niece, and if any friends come with cousins. It is a once a year get together for everyone. We are blessed with a big and close family.
After the Reunion... We have another get together with the grand kids. It started last year.

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving! Josh will fix our feast of popcorn, jelly beans, pretzels, and toast. After we eat, we watch the movie. We have a great time with them. Looking forward to tomorrow!

Everyone have a safe and blessed Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 22, 2013


First, I thank everyone for the well wishes. I'm doing better. I have went out into the world this past week. Explored around Christmas shopping. I still get weak real easy, my back and chest start to hurt.
That means take a break, time to sit down and rest. Thank you all for the kind comments.         now........

I'm still gathering things everyday. There will be more added as the days go on....and there will be an item handmade by ME.
These pictures will just get the giveaway started. I have not had a giveaway in a long time.. I want to make up for the lack of giveaways on my blog. Plus it will be Christmas soon!

Anyone can enter. USA, Canada and my friends across the oceans.
Just leave a comment on this blog, that you want to be entered in the Christmas Giveaway.
Here is the first Picture:
A Lizzie Kate - Joy To The World - New - Button and linen included. Two Christmas Country Cottage Needlework Charts and Val's Little Stuff Chilly Willy.
I'm also including 3 small cuts of Christmas fabric.     Next......

Fabric and linen of various sizes, counts and colors.. I tried to make it look like a Christmas tree... lol
If interested please leave a comment on this post. If you don't have a blog, please make sure a email address is posted with comment. That way I can email you to get an Address if you win.
The cut off date is DECEMBER 5th. I will draw a name on December 6th.  Everyone join in for a chance to win!!
Off to work on the Handmade item. Till Later.....


Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I want to thank everyone for the get well wishes. I'm on the mend. It is taking longer than I thought it would.. Medicine made me feel good this weekend, so I did more than I should have.  I was back in the bed by Sunday afternoon. I had been there till today. I still have a croaking voice.. The Frog has came to visit.
I did get the CCN Santa Village - Post Office almost finished.. I was stitching when I wasn't falling asleep. That cough syrup is a wonder drug.

I had mentioned last post I had some things to share... We have a Black Walnut tree in the backyard.. I usually run over the pods while mowing. This year I decided to save them and try my hand at dyeing some fabrics.. I checked websites on how to... Lori - Notforgotten Farms was included.  I gathered the nuts like a squirrel. My tree only dropped about 10 pods.

 I also bought some Lugana 28 count at Michaels. I thought it was a good price to experiment with. Please Wear Gloves when working with black walnuts. They STAIN hands real good. Like permanent!
Yes... I did remember to put my own in my rush to dye... lol

 I just broke mine up and put them in an old unusable pot. Some sites had you putting them tired up in cheese cloth. That will be the way I do it next time.. I had to strain the liquid because I couldn't wait to see how it would turn out.
I put the fabric on a large cookie sheet and sponged the liquid on it. I then turned the oven on the lowest setting and began the drying process. I kept flipping it over and over until it was dry. I didn't like how dark it was so I put the fabric under some cold running water and it lightened up some. I then hung it outside to dry. This is the finished piece.

 This is the side that I like.
 If I want more primitive I will use this side.. Just flip it over.
 This is the leftover walnuts. I need to put then in a paper bag to store them for future use. I then thought, why not just cook them up and put the dye in a jar.. I will be looking for some cheese cloth later in the day. I have a post office run to do.

Before I got The Pneumonia... I had started rolling all my fabrics and linens to store. That way there will be no permanent lines. This is just the colors I decided to keep. I have more I plan to use in a Giveaway soon. I'm planning for it around December 1st. So keep checking back on my blog for details coming soon.

I'm heading out to do a couple of small errands. Just around the little town. My legs feel like they will hold me up for at least a little while today...

Sun is shinning here in Alabama and the wind is blowing. A Cold front is headed our way. Weatherman is saying it will be 28 in the morning here. Brrrrrr!
Got that artic air coming from Canada this week. Stay warm my friends and get a lot of stitching, sewing, or crafting done.
Till Later.....


Friday, November 8, 2013


I'm in the bed
I went to the doctor
She took my blood
She stuck a stick down my throat
and one up my nose.
She came back in the room
and said I won the Grand Prize...
I have pneumonia!
But I'm still trying to stitch.
This is my bedside setup:
 I have everything I need.
Meds, pin cushion, seeing eye glasses, drink,
ponytail holders, lotion, Halls, and my stitching.
Now to feel better to stitch..
I had to move a TV tray in because the nightstand was not big enough.
I have the TV turned to the Music Channels.
Christmas music is so soothing....

Hubby is going to stop on his way home for me a milkshake.
That should make me feel a lot better....

Soon as I take my cough syrup tonight, I will get a great night's sleep, without coughing I hope.... I should..
The cough medicine starts with Hy..and has a co in it's name. lol
Just letting y'all know what is up.
I have a lot to blog about when I get back upright....
Have a great weekend everyone!


Tuesday, October 29, 2013


I had a great day yesterday! Terri - Dixie Samplar came up my way. She was going up to Patches & Stitches in Huntsville and asked if I wanted to come along. You bet!!! By the way, I love her convertible VW Bug!!! We left out with some rain falling, but soon the sun came out and it got warm. I was excited to be going to a cross stitch shop, I think I talked her ears off!  lol I got a few things at Patches and Stitches shop. They have cross stitch, needlepoint, and quilting things. These are some of the things I got:

 SamSarah - Acorn Sampler. They did not have the over dyed linen. I bought this piece and will dye it myself.

 Of course, I love Homespun Elegance. Had to have these two. Fall charts is what I was looking for. I had to throw the Flag one in! I was also looking for Christmas. They did not have much Christmas.

 Then I spotted this cute pattern! Love the redbird. I bought the gray soft wool. I'm going to try and make mine a winter cardinal with maybe a poinsettia for the flower.. I said, I will try this...

I seen this sampler stitched as a model on the wall. It was stitched with muted colors and in a old barn wood frame. I don't know why I didn't take a picture of the shop model... It caught my eyes!
I did found this picture out on the web.. You can tell with those grey and muted colors why it looked so good in the barn wood frame.  The linen was a unbleached light colored linen. Just beautiful! 
Then we found a great place to have soup and sandwiches. Clementines was the name and so good! Terri asked around to see if any Antique shops were around. Oh yes... they said! By that time it was not raining and Terri put the top down and away we flew!!! I loved it!  It was so much fun! I want a convertible now!!! We stopped in several shops and I came away with this haul:
 Ok Mom.. I know she is laughing and asking why I bought a grater? I have a idea to use needle punch and it will go in my kitchen. I fell in love with the ghost and pumpkin cutter. Then at one shop I found these molds. They are more tarnished then they look. I'm seeing pin cushions in the 4 bigger round ones. My eyes just see retro Christmas ornaments with the small ones. We finally made it back to Birmingham around 7 pm. It was a fun trip! Hope to do it again soon. Waving at Terri!!!

Hubby went to Lowe's this weekend.. I rode along. I always have to check out the Oops paint. Well they had nothing. I did turn around and see this! New Fall and Winter Paint Colors!

 Guess What? They had some of the samples sitting out. Not all.. But I got one of each of the colors they had out. They were still unpacking the sample bottles. Here are the colors I did get. I will head back this weekend to see what they have put on the shelves.

 Colors are left to right on bottom: Desert Travels, Merlin, Rich Chocolate. Top: Delightful Moon and March Ice.  This picture is not good, they are beautiful colors. What I'm I going to do with these you ask?  Check the below picture.

 I bought some wood items last week. I need to pick out patterns that fit and start stitching. Then I can decide what color these will be painted. Can't wait!

I found some old tacks and this already stained wood plaque. Looks like it fits. I will be nailing tomorrow. I wanted something that looked rustic. I finished this stitching just a little while back. Primitive Needle - Hornbook Angel.
I'm behind again on stitching my Mary's Mystery Sampler from Paulette. I need to print this Sunday's part and stitch tonight.
I hope everyone is having a great week so far, and thank you for the nice comments on my finishes. I will post a picture soon of Primitive Needle ( Lisa) A&E Sampler soon. The colors are so bright!!! That is the sampler with the silk threads.
Till Later.....


Wednesday, October 23, 2013


I want to thank everyone for the kind comments. Yes, I have been busting my hump trying to get some things finished. I did have one big problem with a little bitty Witch. She is none to happy with me!

 See her mad face. She doesn't like me very much and I don't like her... Her hat looks like a bat attacked her in the attic! Then a mouse came along and finished her off...

 It looks like she is rubbing her hands together while muttering that she will get even with me. See look at her! I tell you, pure evil.. Little Witchy Poo is going in the garbage can! She can cast all kinds of spells on me. It was not my fault! I tried to sew her by hand turning as I stitched her.. Got to the hat, it was a DEAD stop. I got her over to the sewing machine.. Maybe, this will work better.  She was looking good. Until I tried to turn her.. I should have her turned into a Toad! That bill on the hat was not going to turn right side out to save her life! I tried a small dowel.. Oops! A hole... then another, and then another! I gave up! She has been looking at me from the desk for about 2 hours now...Let her stew and bubble awhile...

I did have one good finish yesterday:

Easter Frills by Brenda - (WTN&T). I have had this one stitched since last spring. It finally got sewn together. I'm getting these finishes knocked out one by one.. This one has been already packed in the Spring/Easter tub. It will be ready to display around March. 
I'm now sewing together my Will & Cate Wedding Date pillow. I have about three stitched pieces I want to make to hang from my metal stands. I have to drag that rotary cutter back out and try again. I now have a clear ruler to use. Yes, I was dumb last time.. Didn't know I needed a ruler to cut. I had a blonde senior moment. I naturally brown haired now. lol
I'm off to send Witchy Poo to her eternal home. She keeps looking at Me !!! I can't help that her hat didn't come out right. Do you think she may want to become a voodoo doll instead of a witch?
Till later...

Monday, October 21, 2013


I want to thank everyone for the kind comments on the stitch gifts in the exchange. Terri - Dixie Samplar has posted on her blog a link to each person.. I have been like a kid on a sugar high this past weekend.  I delivered this gift to The Grands this morning...

That is the curio shelf I bought at the thrift store a while back. I kind of jazzed it up some for the kiddies. I left them some holes to put some of their things for Halloween.
 This is my stitching on Paulette's (PSS) Free 9 Pt. Mary's Sampler.
I had Joseph and Mary stitched. I had to catch up yesterday with the Sheep, Baby Jesus, the Angel and Star. I'm stitching on Antique White linen with DMC threads.

 I finally started the A & E - Primitive Needle. The silks are wonderful. No snagging on dry hands... lol The colors are so bright. The picture does not do them justice. I will be stitching on this during tonight's Sleepy Hollow episode.

I finished this morning Lori's (NFF) Bing Cat. I call him BOO. He had been laying around the craft room. I finally attached him to the box. That was a quick needle punch. I need to get me a bigger hoop to finish Fancy Blackett Bag that I'm needle punching. I don't want to mash the threads down with to small of a hoop. I love the wooden squares that Lori uses. The side thingies ( don't remember what they are called) that hold the fabric are so expensive. I thought about having hubby made the frame, then I seen how much the grabbers were. That blow that idea out of the water. I will just get a bigger Morgan Hoop.

 This is the first pumpkin I have done. It was easier than I thought. Instead of putting a pumpkin stalk, I put a button. This is another pattern that was in Brenda's (WTN&T) Autumn Splendor Booklet.

Boy, I think I spent all day Saturday at the sewing machine. I finished this older Prairie Schooler squirrel. I picked out my own colors for the project. The trim matches better in True Vision than in the picture..
That is what I did this past weekend.... I'm loving this new Fall TV lineup. That is how I stitched some many things... I watch Sleepy Hollow, Reign, The Millers, The Goldbergs, of course The Middle, Modern Family and The Walking Dead. I'm waiting on The Vikings, Downton Abbey, Grimm and Longmire to come back on. No Reality TV for me! So many better things to watch. Oh!! I forgot the new series Dracula starts next week!!!!
I see a lot more stitching while watching TV in my future!
Till Later.......