Monday, July 21, 2014


I want to thank everyone for the Get Well wishes. I'm feeling a lot better. Still taking it easy this week. I don't want to relapse.
I have been stitching up a storm this past week. I joined a group on Facebook called Prim Stitcher Society. I spend must of the day reading the post and looking at beautiful stitching. It is a big enabler. My mailbox had a package today from 123 Stitch.

 I ordered these great Fall and Halloween Stitches. I also ordered some cream Ariosa fabric to stitch and make some designs by WTN&T - Brenda.  My stitching email friend Bonnie, sent me some magnets that she makes using photos of her cross stitching. They are just lovely. Great summer designs! I leave my patriotic stitching up all summer long.
 These are taken their place of honor on the Refrigerator, along with the other honor winners by Bonnie!  Sorry it is blurred. Hard to get a good picture on a black shiny surface.  Aren't they just great!

Bonnie also sent me a big surprise awhile back. That package came and I was so surprised. There were two bee's nest, or as we call them here in Alabama. Hornets. I went to Chelsea High School, Home Of The Hornets! So this was extra special for me. I have them in my craft room up high. Have you ever studied these nest. They are beautifully made. I sat and looked at them, trying to figure out how ,they know to make this complicated nest. It is a wonder of nature and looking at this, you know, God has a hand on all his creatures. I have also been seeing a lot on TV and Internet about what would happen to us, if all the bees died. Another balance in nature, that is some fascinating.

This is the model I stitched for Brenda, I loved this stitch! Of course, it has a bee hive and bees. Look at the little bunny and the cute birds. Beautiful colors and it was a quick stitch for me.  You can get this from Brenda's website or your local shop.
I have been working on some more stitching while recuperating.

 This cute Bats pinkeep and scissor fob is designed by Falling Star primitives. Instead of the green DMC for the words Bats, I used dark grey #3799 and used Sullivans black for the bat. The Sullivan thread covers better.  The pattern has the charts for both and then has the pattern to make a felt bat PIN.  So cute!!! I used 30 count linen called Witches Brew.  I love that orangey linen.  lol

 Next was Prairie Schooler - Cats, Bats and Witches. This is the design I'm going to mount on the Witch's Hat that I painted last week. 
 Dixie Sampler / Terri designed this freebie for our group.  I stitched mine on some Lugana she'd sent me and so far.. I have to just sew it into a little pillow for my basket. 
 A new designer Tammy Black has joined our group. Beautiful designs! Her designs are called Scattered Seed Samplers. I seen this new release and just had to stitch it.

This is my stitching so far!  I love these little squirrels. I still have two more squirrels to stitch and a set of keys.  Then... I will be putting together my first Pinkeep Drum.  Say a little pray for me. Sorry for such bad pictures, cloudy and rainy here on the Homestead. Sunroom is not sunny today.
I will also leave you with a picture of what today's work in process will be.
Little early for Valentines Day, but I hope it will be done before then... lol  Brown and pink, great colors for a cupid on a heart.

I hope everyone has a great Monday and till later........



Tuesday, July 15, 2014


First things first, get it out of the way. I have walking Pneumonia again. Doctor seems to think I need tubes in my ears. I last had tubes when I was 6. May have to do it again to stay well.. But the upside is more stitching for me, if DH will quit calling to check on me about every 2 to 3 hours.. lol
Terri / Dixie Samplar came up my way this weekend! We had a great visit Saturday. We went to Michael's, Hobby Lobby and hit a couple of Antique and Flea Market type places. Had a great Mexican lunch and that night talked DH to joining us for Dinner at Chili's. So I guess you can say we made a whole day of it!  I love it when Terri comes north, we have a great time.
She had me some of her great Butter Cream Linen. She hand dyes it yourself. She also put in some of fabrics she had dyed. I just love anything hand dyed.
The squares of linen had spooky names.  Thank you Terri! She also gifted me with other things, I forgot to get a picture off. Next Post for sure.  Brain has a fever..
This is just some of the things I got at the craft stores.
 The stamps to age my stitching. The hang tags to use on some things, and the wooden thingie, well... I seen where someone had stained it and stitched and made the bigger end a pin cushion.

 I could not pass up this deal of original price of 56.00 now on clearance for 20.00. I will use it for Needlepunch.

Of course, I got a pocket watch!  lol  and some fabric to finish some stitching. I also got some Evenweave Terri says she uses to dye. I will try my Black Walnut stain on it.  We will see how it turns out!
I did purchase some leaflets and a kit off a Facebook Stash page. They are below:

 Crossed Eyed Cricket
I love The Birth Of A nation chart. Sandra's (HSE) Pumpkin will be the next thing I stitch.
That is all for today... Till later....

Friday, July 11, 2014

I'M BACK !!!! Picture Heavy

All I'm saying is this is on my craft table!!

Time to start thinking of Fall and Halloween stitching! I'm stitching on a Prairie Schooler for this Witch's Hat. I'm borrowing Vonna's idea!  Thank You Vonna! She has such great finishes.
It's been a short but hot, no rain, kind of summer here in Bama.
We went on Vacation the last week of June to Panama City Beach Florida. It was great weather, but the water had a lot of seaweed and jelly fish.  Not complaining... but last year's Destin trip spoiled me to the ocean. Destin has beautiful white sand and so clear, you could see your painted toes in chest deep water. Here are some pictures of our trip. Fun time with The Grands!
 Zoe moved with the shade of the umbrella. lol
 Ankle deep, that is a far as she would go. She didn't like the seaweed. That green water is all weed. You had to wade through it to get out to a sandbar.
 After some girls were stung by jelly fish. Josh decided it was castle building time.
 The beach was real nice. Not crowded.
Those are my knees. When all my freckles grow together, I'll have one darn great tan!!  lol
I have to tell a tale on Zoe. She was not tall enough last year to ride in the bumper boats. It broke her heart so bad. She had never forgot that, so this year so kept asking was she tall enough to ride them this year. Gigi (me) told her if not, I would buy her some heels to make sure she got to ride.  She passed the height to ride. It also meant she could not only ride but drive these!
 Oh No!! Yep... She has never driven anything. But, she was going to drive because Josh was.. Her and Josh were in the first cars... I have to tell you, we laughed so much we were crying... Do y'all remember in Road House.. (Patrick Swayze) That bad guy that was driving his convertible all over the road from side to side while he was singing!  Yep...
 That is her singing and hitting the rail from side to side! The attendant had to just follow her around and get her back pointed in the right direction. It was so funny!
 Josh is a pro. He was so glad he passed someone! 
I got this great shot! She would press the gas and take off and her head would fly back and she would start singing till she hit the wall.  I thank the attendant for being so great and taking time to show her how the gas and brake worked. She got really good by the last 2 laps. She was so happy!!
I told y'all picture heavy!  lol
 Josh was tall enough to drive Bumper Boats! Another Oh No!!!
He was so excited, he was dancing!  Poppa was out there with them. Mom and Zoe shared a boat.
I rode something!  Hold your excitement!!! The Ferris Wheel!
Josh said he would ride with me..
I forgot we went through the Haunted House. G Version.. They radio and said we had kids so they went easy on us. Boy, was I glad. Josh doesn't like scary but Zoe does..
If you ever go to Panama City Beach. Look up this place!

Thomas Donut and Snack Shop. Little place near the Laguna Beach side of PCB. Handmade donuts . FRESH! Krispy Kreme doesn't even get close to these heavenly donuts!  
 Looking at that picture just makes me want some! All kinds of flavors. Key Lime, coconut, chocolate, red velvet and many more I can't remember.
I will know start part 2 of update.. If you are still with me.. lol
Cross Stitching Update.

 I have been organizing my linens and trims and floss. So far, I have the box with my linen. I rolled each piece and wrote what brand, size, count, and color.
 I bought these old peg style clothes pins at an estate sale. I rolled my antique trims on some and put them in this old mason jar. All is still a work in progress. I will show next post, a box of old patterns I got at the same estate sale.
 I stitched Prudence Blackstone by Chartmakers. I'm trying to stitch them all as bowl fillers.  I have two stitched. I'm about to start Hannah Skinner.
 This was a freebie by Praiseworthy Stitches. I kind of made it primitive. Has PCB 2014 for our Beach trip. Since I joined The Primitive Stitchers Society on Facebook, I have found so many designs I want to stitch. They are bad enablers!  lol But I love the group. Thank you Terri - Dixie Sampler for starting this group. A lot of the Prim Designers are members.
 This pillow has a story. I rescued it from a bad frame job at a flea market. Someone (HH) in 1990 stitched this train. I live about 3 hours from The Chattanooga Choo Choo.  It was framed in a wood and metal frame. Bad discolored. Maybe a smoker?  I took it out and guess what? They had mounted it on stuff (sponge type cushion) that was stuck to it.. Yuck! I couldn't even scrape it off. It tried sewing the pillow and all the presser foot did was stick to the sponge stuff. I had to finally put wide tape all over design to sew a square around it. Had to sew through the tape. Then I threw the needle in the machine away. Gummed up.. I did spray it with some black walnut to help hide the discoloration.
This is my new start. I wish they would release these again. They are so hard to find. I did found one on Ebay. I cooked the linen myself in the oven with coffee.
Just a hint of what is in the Q-snap!
I have updated y'all enough, I Think...
I will spare everyone till next week with the Reno Bathroom project pictures. 
I will leave a great picture of The Grands on the last day of Beachcation! Till Later....
My Loves.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

DANG !!!!!

Sorry that it has been over a month since I have posted anything... Dang!  Where did that month go?
We helped my daughter and family move and then we had a Beach Trip. I will post pictures of that this week... I promise.
DH finished the bathroom re-do, so I have been trying to get all the rooms back in order. Will post bathroom pictures also. It goes along with trailer renovation...
I will also post some cross stitch and what I have been crafting pictures.. All I can say is get ready for a huge picture post this week. 
Till then... Have a great July 4th Weekend!