Thursday, October 19, 2017


I forgot about a shopping trip I went on with Terri ( Dixiesamplar) and Joyce a couple of months ago! We had a great time. We went to 2 cross stitch shops in North Alabama, the only 2 in the state.

This is just some of my haul back!

 One cross stitch shop has wool and quilt fabrics.  This is the fabric is purchased.

I promise I will try to get back to posting regular.  I have some cross stitch finishes to show off.
Until later.... Keep on stitching!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


I want to start off by saying, Whoosh~~~~

I have been busy model stitching and stitching on own projects!  Plus me and hubby has had a lot of dentist appointments lately. He is getting new teeth with implants put in. Ouch!  It is taking months to do because the bone has to grow to the implants before they will put his teeth in. Me... I had a crown put on a tooth that held my particle.  That lasted 2 months... Then I went back with a big knot above that tooth, had to go to the oral surgeon Monday. It was fractured and had to be pulled. So, about 600.00 later, I have NO TOOTH!  He said it was such a pretty crown too!  (me crying)  These things always happen to me!  But on to stitching related.....

I have been going to thrift stores and getting things to repurpose for my stitching. Like this wooden hanger. I sanded and painted it with black chalkboard paint. I then waxed it.  I have in mind to stitch a Homespun Elegance Welcome design to go in it.

 These are the four I bought. They will get sanded, painted and waxed, then I will take the 2 middle and maybe attach some Needle Punch.

I also did some Thrift Cross Stitch Saving. This Christmas design was 1.00. I picked it up and I knew I wanted to make a cube design from it. I will repurpose it for Christmas.

 You can see it was made in 1985. It was very clean to have been in a hoop. I have already removed it from its hoop.

Next I found some charts and magazines.

I also found this cute Apron pattern. I will not make mine as long as hers. you can make it any length.

 It has embroidery that you can stitch on it!  I just love it!

 Last but not least. I have some new Fall Boards on my Etsy Site.  Great to mount, cross stitch, needle punch, wool applique, or hooking.

I am adding a link here for my Etsy Shop.

Thank you everyone who has supported my little shop!  and until later... 

I'm off to stitch!