Thursday, May 27, 2010

One A Day Finish !!

I am on a roll !!! I made something else again today !!! You had better mark this on your calendar... I finished my Owl scissor Fob !!! and Guess What? I found my Owl Scissors. I had put them in the desk drawer to keep little hands away from them. Of course, it was the last place I thought they would be...

I ended up putting bronze colored bungle beads around the outside of the fob. It just needed something and I am a Sparkly Girl. I used the Owl Fabric I bought from Sampler Girl's Site on the back side. I found this cute tape measure ribbon at Handcock Fabrics the other day. Put it all together and Ta Da !!!! Scissor Fob...

Here is a picture of the grand babies play area. Josh calls it Gigi's Playground. The area is in need of grass seed put down. Of course, It is in the back of the truck. We have Pool time on the deck. I have to clean this up, it is from yesterday. Oh well.. Who cares if it is a mess....

Well, Zoe and her mom just walked in the door. Pool time with Gigi. Josh went off with his dad. Just us girls !!! Till Later.......

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lady Bugs Cross Stitch pillow

I finally made 1 of my stitched projects into something. A Lady Bug Pillow. I used the chart Watercolour Ladybugs By Seka & Company, I only stitched 4 Ladybugs. I used some Watermelon Seeds print fabric for the back and some large Rick-Rack for the trim.



Tomorrow I hope to get finish into a scissor fob, My Owl. So stay tuned...

Till Tomorrow.....

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hooty Hoo.....

This is my current stitching. I am still stitching on this owl.... I am going to get him finished today and made into a scissor fob. Get this... I have lost my Owl Scissors.. Wouldn't know it... LOL They have been here with this stitching for about a month. I look for them last night... No scissors.. They have got to be here somewhere... They are the same scissors I lost in the recliner back in August of 2009. We moved in October and they were still in the recliner. I finally turned the recliner upside down and removed lining and bang recliner up and down... and... Wal La... Scissors appear !!! LOL

I am also going for the Booby Smashing Test today. Please wish me luck or at least pray that I am OK... Every time I go to the doctor lately, something is wrong.. My Cholesterol was high last week... Now, I am on Zorcor. Pill Box can't hold any more Meds. Is this a sign, I am getting Old???? At this rate... Only thing left is my mental sanity... Is it OK??? LOL The good part is hubby and I am having to eat right. I went to the grocery store bought Low Fat or No Fat Foods, which was Chicken, Fish, Vegetables, and a lot of Fruits... Now... the problems is Hubby is a meat and potato eater.. When I say potato... I mean that potatoes and corn is the only Veggies he will eat.

I didn't buy the Reese Cups, snack cakes, or other Junk food he eats... When what he has is gone... That is it. I told him last night... We have Blackberries, Strawberries, Bananas and Apples to eat... You should have seen the look I got. LOL

I did send him off today with a Smoked Chicken on Wheat Bread sandwich with tomatoes and Lettuce. Tonight is Steak and Chicken Kabobs with pineapple and bell peppers. I can't Wait !!!

Till later !!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hello ......

Anybody Home??? Yes, I am home.... I have been busy... Zoe has been entertaining me with great recipes from The Food Section of the newspaper. Believe me... when I say she is a little porker... She loves to eat. lol She fits right in to our family... Last night she was trying to pull her poppa's plate over to herself to grab his food. 8 months old and a cutey pie !!!

This is what Joshua has been doing. He is Gigi's lawn mowing helper. No... we do not ride around with the Auburn flag... I am an Alabama Fan. Poppa is still working on their swing set and sand box. Maybe it will be finished this weekend... Maybe... Ya'll do know I am still waiting on the closet door in the craft room to be hung.... I will have to do them myself....
Till later... I need some Breakfast !!! Zoe takes after her Gigi !!! lol

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Where Have I Been And Some Stitching !

I have been lurking around the blogs reading every one's blogs and not keeping up with mine. Why, you ask? I have been in a slump... No stitching, nothing exciting here in Alabama going on. I am just peeling the layers on sunburn skin off. Yes, I know... I am to old and smart to get burned in the sun, but I did. It has been a week now of peeling. I am keeping lotion on my shoulders.. Brings back childhood memories... You know... Before sunscreen was invented. And Pleaseee... don't let me smell vinegar ! Mom used to rub my back with vinegar and put me in front of a fan. Stink for days !!!! Thank You, the person who invented sunscreen !!

I am home for awhile now. I hope to get back into blogging. I did clean out the craft room today. That way I can get some of those stitched projects finished up and put them on display around the house. Here is a picture of the work desk.

See my new box on the left. I put all my ready to get started projects in it. I bought some old oil cans down in Orange Beach at an antique shop. I have charts to make pin keeps to attach to the top.

I did pull out these 2 things to work on:

The Candy Pillow is a Valentine design that was done in a Round Robin group that was stitched years old. ( maybe 11 years ago) Has it been that long??? lol Now... the Cow Needlepoint is a favorite that I have started and now need to complete... I know mom... Right along with the 20 something Afghan... lol I have that pulled out to work on too. That is all I have to show for now..
Fix'n to start some supper on the grill !!! Pork Chops...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

No Oil Or Jaws At The Beach !!!

I am home !!! I enjoyed every minute. When do we leave again ? No heavy traffic. Media put word out Tar Balls found on Dauphin Island... No 1 Ball.... and local news said they don't even know where it came from. 500 Cancelled Rooms at Hotels.. It is bad for business'. Beautiful 4 days. Surf was great. Did have good size waves ! Here are some pics.

This picture was taken when the sun was going down.

Now, Don't laugh at my sun glasses. I found these little girl pink Princess Ariel glasses in the jeep we were riding in. I think I look great in them !!! LOL Yes. that is Dewayne in shorts !! I cropped the picture so our legs don't show. We are WHITE !!! LOL I did forget to remove the glasses when we went into a store... I am sure I received some funny looks.

This is me the day we arrived. I am doing my best Vanna White toward the bird. He was a cutey !! Here he is a close up.

Here is our friends, Deborah & Wayne. Thank you so much for asking us to go with you !!! We had a great time with alot of laughs. We could not play all the time.... We also rested. My 45 year old body just thought it was 29 and Holding !!! LOL

Had a great Birthday yesterday !!! Grandbabies were here at the house waiting on us to get home. We did miss them so much. Mom made me a Old Fashioned Strawberry cake. My mom made that cake recipe long before Paula Dean did. I just happened upon it in Paula's magazine and remembered it. Thank you mom !!! One day later.... and Half the Cake is Gone !!!! LOL That reminds me.... I have yet to have a piece tonight ..... mmmmmmm Good.........

I was telling the truth !! 1/2 a cake left ! I am off to get a piece !!! Then back into the Refrig till tomorrow... When I can have another piece. mmmmmmm
Till Later !

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Beach Bound After 20 Years !!

Yes, you read right!! I have not been to the beach in 20 years. I hope it has not changed ! LOL We are headed out tomorrow with our friends to Orange Beach Alabama. We are going to have a rip roaring time.... Just kidding. We are going to relax.. Can you say... RELAX real calming... I am ready !! As my family knows me, I will not get any sleep tonight.. I always get so excited, I don't sleep. Then, next morning I am a ill Butt and no one wants to ask me a question, because I snap their heads off... lol. I think I will take a nap today...

I will try to get pictures. Hope the Oil Slick stays away. Maybe last time we have snow white beaches here in Alabama & Florida for a while. I will take lap top to keep reading everyone's blog. Till Later .....

Saturday, May 1, 2010

May 1st And The Maypole !!!

May 1st.

I love the above picture!!

While I was hunting on the big wide world web for a maypole picture.. I came across a lot of different Maypole Dance pictures.

There were old ones like this one that I love. Look at the tall hedges and the clothes.

This next one reminds of my days in school with the Maypole. Yes, Elementary School. The years were 1970 -1976.

We had a Maypole. The kids that did the dancing and entwining of the ribbons all dressed in white and we had colored ribbons.

More like this pictures below:

Now I will tell you I did find some pictures of Maypole Dancing that I can not post here. Some were half nude dancing on the beach around a pole.

Some were all nude dancing in the woods around a pole... Isn't that called Pole dancing, or is that only if you are nude in a strip club or in your own home if you have a pole? lol Didn't want to see all that... lol

Well Happy May Day !!! Grab you a pole and give it a try !!!

PS, I did do a little stitching today... Very Little :)