Monday, July 29, 2013


 Hello Everyone!!!  I got my jello box tops cut out and I'm all ready to assemble my pin cushions.

 See how they fit just perfect in the Hobby Lobby box!

 I went ahead and cut all my shapes that fit in the middle. I thought, I will go ahead and ruff up my box and instead of putting the Briwax on it. I will spray with clear.. ( I didn't have any Briwax, don't tell anyone) I went out on the back porch to spray.... Guess what? I was out of clear!  Oh well... I brought the box back in. I will try and get the stitching mounted on the cardboard, at least.

 Well, I spied this little beauty I stitched when it was first shared from Blackbird Designs as a freebie. See those metal stands! They were from my designer friend, Michelle of The Raspberry Rabbits fame. I thought, Hey... I will make a little quilted edge and hang from the stand. This is as far as I have got....I do love the black and white check fabric. I thought I might add a little black and white toile to mix match with it. I looked in my fabric cabinet. No black and white toile. It is on Stand-by for now....

 I have finished stitching this little bad witch by Acorn House. Pattern is called Wicked Little Pin Stickers.  See the lines on the linen, I tried to stitch where it would be covered. I now longer fold my fabrics to store. I roll them. The lines should not show on the Witch when I finished putting her together.  

This is what they look like finished. The Good Witch and The Bad Witch and the cute Bat!  The pattern calls for 36 count. That is so tiny. I did my on a piece of 28 count Tombstone I had left over from a project. I copied the face like my friend Bonnie did hers, with the green face and hands and orange hair. I thought she looked scary. Bonnie stitched her Witch on the 36 count. She is tiny! If you are a member of Samplermakers, Bonnie has 2 pictures of her witch posted! So little. (sorry Bonnie doesn't have a blog)
I'm scared to cut the linen around my little witch. One mistake and it will be ruined. I will need to finger stitch her together. I have Fat Fingers! She is on Stand-by for now.. 

This is what I have been stitching to weekend. Hornbook Angel by The Primitive Needle. Stitching on 40 Count Relic linen by Picture This Plus with the over dyed threads called for in chart. It was in my WIP drawer. At least one is getting finished.
I'm thinking of entering some of my stitching in our County Fair. I went to the website and they will not be accepting entries till September 1, 2013. The Fair is September 16-21 2013.  This would be my first time. I'm thinking should I wait till next year and go and see what people are entering? Any advice from my great blogging friends would be appreciated greatly!   The pictures of last year's fair only showed quilts and paintings. I know they do have stitching. It has been about 15 years since I have been to the fair.
Thanks for listening to me ramble on. Till Later....... 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


 I have finished stitching Blackbird Design - Casting A Spell. I stitched it on the called for Confederate Gray 30 count with the called for over dyed floss. It was a quick stitch, if I had not ran out of 2 colors of the over dyed floss. I did not stitch the 2 pin keep designs that was included with the charts.
My box is painted and now I have to get some Briwax. I still need to sand it and ruff it up a little. Then I will apply the wax. In the meantime I will be eating pudding. I need 4 empty Jello Pudding boxes.. lol  Now you see where the title for the blog comes into play.  I can't wait to see this one finished! 
I went back to stitching on a sampler that was in progress. I'm just not liking the colors.  It is The Sarah Hartley 1827 Sampler. I have put it aside once again.
I spent all yesterday in the craft room looking through charts and linen. I'm trying to decide what is next.  What to stitch next? That is a big question. I need to finish the block North Pole Post Office in The Santa Village. I want to finish some works I have in Progress. I want to stitch some Halloween. I want to finish some samplers. I want to piece together some stitched pieces.  Oh... What to do on rainy days?
Till Later......

Monday, July 22, 2013


When I ran out of floss on Casting A Spell. I picked up stitching on BBD - AOTH. I finished off square 4.  This is my daughter RaeAnne's square.  I just put her name under the house. Birth date in upper right corner and the year down the side by the flower on the left. I ordered floss for the next block, Farm House. The Lexington Green that came in does not match the Lexington Green I had. Urghhh!!!  I am picking the darker one with a gray green color. The one sent to me was a really light grey. No variegation whatsoever! That is why I hate having to buy floss on-line and not being able to shop in a store.
I am back to stitching on Casting A Spell today. I should have it finished today. I only needed a little bit of floss. I'm getting a lot stitched while watching Dark Shadows - The Beginnings. Can't seem to make it outside, Rain rain and more rain!
I turned on the TV to the news of maybe a royal baby today!! I'm finding out some interesting things. Like the baby will have 4 names, what they will be is being bet on heavily. The news says the Duchess is in good hands with the former OB/GYN the Queen used.  Ok... How old is this Doctor? Did he deliver her sons?  lol Then I got to wondering about how the Mother of Kate is doing.. I know I was there for both my grand children's births. Will she?  Oh well, I will leave it to the News Media.
I will post a picture tomorrow of Casting A Spell and the wooden box.  Till later.....

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I have a finish to show, but first... I have a story to tale. I got all my fabric and scissors gathered to put this finish together. Well, I was about to cut the fabric with my scissors. I thought, " Hey I have a rotary cutter!" I have never used one. I got it out. How hard is it to cut a straight line? Well, I cut and held it up.. It looked like I had been CUI or DWC (Cutting Under Influence or Drinking While Cutting) It was not straight at all!!!  lol I tried again! I will say it was on plaid fabric and I had a time following the lines... I think I was going to fast! I put that thing up and got the scissors!  lol
Here is the start:

Here is the finish!

A bag to hold clothes pins.  I will hang in my laundry room. Just for decoration. I'm a modern girl. I have to have the those Maytag washer and dyer things!! My mom furnished me with the old scrub board, it even has the faded name on the side and you can see the wear on the bottom. At one time someone used this...
Sorry for the light pictures. I took with my point and shoot camera. I think it may need to retired. I am headed out to the inflatable pool for a little leisure time. I know, it is small. Me and the air mattress will fit just fine. Enjoy the day everyone! Thank you for all the comments on my post with the WIPs. You gals are so nice!
Till later........

Monday, July 15, 2013


 I found this great pumpkin printed burlap today at Hobby Lobby!
I start thinking Where have I seen this pumpkin?.... I bought all they had left, 2 and 3/4 of a yard.

Look real close... I know I have seen this pumpkin... Look real close again....

It is a Alessandra Adelaide Pumpkin!!! The bats and spider webs even match! Now I have to find this chart!  I don't care for the different colors used. I may just do mine all in orange and black.
 This is what BK (baby kitty) has been UP to! lol  She has decided she is Queen of the house. We still have not figured out how she gets up or down. I know she has to jump! We just look up and there she will be.. I left her up there the other day. She laid down and took a nap. I later heard a small bump sound and then she came out of the kitchen. I keep telling her she is going to hurt herself. Maybe, now that I have left her up in her high throne area, her curiosity has been subdued. 


This picture cracks me up!  Zoe is cheesing for the camera as usual. Josh has one leg through the ring and is trying to get the other leg through the other ring.  You can imagine what happens next. I couldn't get a picture of it because I thought I was about to do a Lifeguard Rescue!!  Yep.... He fell right into the water, those long legs of his got all tangled up in the rings. I about threw my phone away when he popped up like a fishing cork!
Sister Zoe is still singing and dancing while brother is in the background shimmy shaking to get the water out of his ears! Zoe has no worries, she will make it big one day as the next Ester William  Princess Mermaid!  Brother... I think comedy acts are in his future.
Ester Williams passed away June 6, 2013. I loved watching her on TV in those big water acts.
I will leave you with a tribute:

Sunday, July 14, 2013


Floss that is! Please designers, list in the charts if 2 skeins of floss will be needed. I'm stitching it on the called for 30 count WDW Confederate Gray with 2 strands over 2 threads. I have placed my order today for the 2 GA dark colors. Now to just wait...
I guess I will go ahead and paint my box today. I found my Painters Tape to tape off the glass. So painting it shall be today. It is raining again. We had 2 days of no rain, but the ground is so wet. I cut grass or should I say mushrooms Friday. The kids came and played in their pool. Yesterday, we repaired the deck on our tenants place. Then I came home and stitched till I ran out of floss. Which was about 8 hours.. I didn't stitch the whole time.. I was watching Dark Shadows - The Beginning. Still on the first box of DVDs for them. Two boxes with about 12 dvds each and 10 episodes each dvd.

I pulled out A Bee's Bounty By Threadwork Primitives. I'm starting it today. I'm going to stitch it with DMC and maybe a over dyed thread for the yellow.

This is the progress on my Santa Village - North Pole Post Office. Stitching on natural color linen for this one. I had been stitching on this one at night when I go to bed.. I guess by looking at it. I fall asleep  a lot.  lol
That is all for today.   Till later.....

Thursday, July 11, 2013


I guess I shouldn't complain. It makes for beautiful flowers, don't you think?  These are from my daughter's yard. Just growing under some trees. I picked them when I left her house today. I don't even think she noticed.. She is not a flower girl. I, myself, Love Flowers!
This RAIN event has been something here in central Alabama. It has rained everyday since July 1st. Yesterday we had over 4 inches within an hour. Flooding everywhere. My grass is at least to my knees. I hate looking outside at my yard and seeing all the weeds!
So.. I have been stitching and staying cool.                                 Thanks to all my blog friends who have been helping me deal with the Aging Event. I have tried some things. I'm better and cool  today.  My best friend Diana called today, I was telling her what has been going on with the hot flashes. She just started laughing! I said it's not funny... I'm in a leather recliner, the air conditioner is on me. I have a ceiling fan on high and a little fan blowing on me. I also had to mention that I was wearing a spaghetti strap tank top and nylon running shorts and I was stuck to the recliner by sweat!  lol  I had to start laughing too!  Di, ( as I call her) seemed to make me upbeat and was laughing with me, maybe I will make it through this! Going to buy me one of those handheld fans with a mister on it!  lol
I have been stitching. I pulled out the Ancient Afghan. It was so HOT trying to stitch it with me flashing every time that material was wrapped over me. It went back in it's bag... Sorry Mom..
I did stitch a little on the Santa Village - Post Office. You know what? Stitching snow helps to be cool in summer.. at least, I am telling myself that.
Till later good friends!

Monday, July 8, 2013


I'm on a rant today. It would be a nose spray rant ! I use 4 Way Saline Spray with natural eucalyptus & menthol. I stock up when I can find it. Well, my pharmacy ran out and they called today to order for me.. Sorry ma'am, This product is discontinued.  WHAT!
I need this spray. I can't use regular nose spray. I was once addicted to Afrin Nose Spray. Yes, nose spray is addicting. I can only use this kind.
Of course, it can by bought on Evil bay or Amazon. Ebay price is over $51.00 for 1 ounce bottle.  But get this.... Amazon has it for $189.00 for 1 ounce bottle!  geezzzzz!  Robbery!!! This is the only thing that unstops my nose. Regular saline just keeps it moist. I need something to unclog my nose. I'm all for change, but if something works, why discontinue it? All I can find is the regular saline that does not unstop my nose. If anyone has information on any saline with some menthol in it, please point me in the right direction, please...   Next topic, can anyone guess?

 The Menopausal Dwarfs have came for a visit this time and they have decided to bunker down for a while I think.... I've had the symptoms for years.. but now, they have came to stay. How long does this last?  The Hot Flashes are bad enough!

 This would be my nights... except, no snow. How I wish for snow! I have the air conditioner turned to 68, ceiling fans going and I have a little fan on my nightstand that blowing on me. I went to the doctor this morning.. Guess what? My doctor had have baby last night at midnight. I had to make another appointment for next week.
I'm about to take the matches away from my inner child!!  lol I guess my body is trying to tell me something and it is more than being HOTT! It is getting older! Tired, not sleeping good, being hot, and I was wondering why I forget a lot of stuff that I'm to remember. Simple things to remember.. I just forget if I don't write it down. I have never had to write things down.  I will leave you with this cute cartoon.

My battery is about dead on the laptop.. What else will go wrong?  lol Take care of yourselves and stay COLD!!!  I Will!!!


Thursday, July 4, 2013

THE 4th

Everyone have a safe and great 4th of July!!