Monday, October 29, 2012

I Almost Forgot....

I almost forgot about posting my progress of my SAL with Denise. I have been so busy today.. So without further ado.....

 Progress so far on House That Jacks Built II. I know I will not be finished before Halloween. The end is not far away. I have really enjoyed stitching along with Denise. This was the first time that I have done this.. It does motivate me to finish and not to have a bunch of UFO's laying around for years. I will do another again soon. Denise is great, so nice and I enjoy emailing with her back and forth. So I still have some more to stitch.

This is The Skull Brothers. They are finished. I had to split the twins up tonight. Sent one home with the grand kids... I wanted to add more to them.. But they were so glittered, it may have been too much!  lol  Little Pumpkin Man is still grinning away with his new hat.. Now that Halloween is upon us... I have decided to move on to Christmas stitching.. Has anyone else started there Christmas Stitching?  I have been looking at all the JCS Christmas ornament issues.  I have all issues, 1997 - 2012. I have been singing Christmas Carols and picking out ornaments.
Also watching  TWC all day.. Watching Sandy and praying for anyone on the East Coast.. Take Care.
Till later... Back to looking for Christmas Stitching....

Sunday, October 28, 2012


Need I say anymore?  I am not aging graceful, but you can ask my family... I am not graceful. When I have a mishap, they say, "Why Grace, what happened?"   lol
I have not hurt myself... It has turned off cool here in central Alabama and my bones are telling on each other about the way I treated them in my younger days of volleyball, cheerleader, and basketball. Just to name a few.. Not to leave out, jumping on my bed at around the age of of 4, flying off the bed and going through the doorway and hitting the sink!  Yep... cracked collarbone.
or... The Childhood Epic Bike Incident with cousin Todd. yep... Chipped knee cap and in a cast. And I will mention, the jammed fingers basketball, falling down on my knees in volleyball, we did not have knee pads in PE and the gym floor was wood! Ouch.. I will even mention as a cheerleader, I was always on the bottom of the pyramid to hold everyone up. My back took that punishment.  but, not anymore... I am Old.....
I didn't sleep worth a flip last night, matter of fact, I flipped all over that bed. Collarbone hurting, shoulder hurting, and now my Tennis Elbow is acting up again. Get this?  It is all hurting on the same side of my body.  lol  Did these old cracked and repaired bones get together and decide to start complaining all at once!  I am feeding them Motrin. I hope they settle down and decide they don't have it so bad... I feel for anyone that has constant pain. I don't like to take any medicine.. But, the old bones have started fussing amongst themselves. I think they are conspiring against me. They are getting back at me for all those years of neglect....                                                                                            I have all my blog friends in prayers during Sandy. They are calling it The Perfect Storm that is going inland. 1000 miles across of strong winds and rain. Please stay safe friends. I hope that it will not be bad as they are saying.  Take care and be safe!
Till later.....

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fuzzy Fingers & More......

My finger are fuzzy this morning!! I have been using spray adhesive to put my quilt batten on the cardboard to mount the cross stitch to the jar lids. I don't use it on the cross stitch itself. Then I started putting the trim around the jar lids with glue gun. That is when I discovered my fingers are fuzzy... At least they are not sticky.. That Aleene's Tacky Spray gets 5 stars for sticky!  Here is the grand kids jars finished and filled with candy..

 I couldn't find my black spray paint and I opted out on the glitter lids after the Skull Brothers.. I have glitter all over my craft room.

 My pumpkin is smiling so big!  He like his new Halloween Party hat! He is so cute! Now back to the glitter talk.. This is why there is glitter all over everything....

The Skull Brothers.. They are sunning themselves this morning. I have to give them necks made of candlesticks today. I have all kinds of trim and crepe paper to make them collars. I did finally move Glitter brother #2 outside to glitz him.. I hope to have them finished by tonight. Then back to stitching on Jack's house.
Till later... and remember to never rub your eye with fuzzy fingers! 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Work Area Ahead!!!

I had to shut down the stitching on Jack's house last night. My shoulder and wrist is hurting.. I decided I would take a break this morning. Picture of Work Area above....  I have painted the candlesticks and painted a P and put glitter on it.  That Pumpkin on the right, I bought at the end of last Halloween at Hobby Lobby.. He didn't have a hat. I felt so sorry for him.. He got to come home with me for .35 cents. He will have a new Halloween Party Hat by this afternoon.  That is why he is smiling in the picture, but I have lost my crepe paper!  He has to have some crepe on his hat!
You know how the day after Thanksgiving is a big shopping day?
Well, I will tell you a secret... I go the day after Halloween! I love to go to Hobby Lobby and Michaels!  I look through all the Halloween stuff, and I keep checking back as they mark down.
Oh, I will let you in on another secret too... I buy a lot of the Halloween Candy too!!  Shhhhh   Don't tell anybody!
That is what I am doing today, taking a creative break. I will be back to stitching tonight.....
Till later....

Monday, October 22, 2012

SAL Progress And Halloween Finishes


This is my progress so far with PM - House that Jacks Built II. See the house in being stitched.  I stitched most during the Nascar Race yesterday. I am loving this design. I am enjoying stitching along with Denise.  I love looking at our progress every week. I am going to try and have finished by Halloween. That is only 10 days. I got off to a slow start.. But, I hope to see it finished by Halloween.
I have finished both stitching of the designs by Cricket Collection.

 Mr Bones without stitched hair.
 Mr Bones with his green stitched hair. I decided to leave him with his hair..
 Spider I stitched for Zoe's Jar Lid. It is stitched on orange linen.
Both of them ready to be mounted. I think I will paint the jar rings. I also may glitter the rings...
That is what I have been working on this past week. I have some Christmas designs, I want to start stitching this week too.  I am nursing a headache today. I got hit in the head with a board yesterday. I have a small cut on my temple. I was helping hubby with adding on to the carport in the back.. I seem to always get hurt trying to help.. I really think the headache is from sinus..I awoke to a cool house and had to dig my big fuzzy socks out of hibernation!
I am loving this weather. Cool and not hot. 
I hope everyone is having a great start to the week. Thank you for all the comments on the SAL! I enjoy reading each one of them.
Till Later......

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Stitching and Chipmunk Rescue!

 I am stitching on a Crossed Eyed Cricket design, Haunting Favors. I am stitching Bones.  In the design he has bright green hair growing off his skull. I am thinking my Bones may not get any hair stitched. We will see how he turns out....

This is Bones so far... He is my stitch for today.  I hope to get him finished so that I can do the Spider. I am going to do them for Josh and Zoe and use them as the Jar Lids. I have 2 big mason jars that I will fill with candy for their Halloween Treat.

I have to tell you about Willie Loomis ( kitty ) He has turned out to be a furious hunter. It may have something to do with us thinking he was a girl kitty for about a month.  lol  He is getting back at me for calling him Josette ( Miss Kitty). I always leave the back door open during the day, nice cool breeze now that Fall is here.  Anyway I was cleaning out the Craft room and I moved the little table beside my stitching chair... There laid a chipmunk.. His little heart was just a beating!!!  He was still alive!  I had to get something to get him out of the house.. I grabbed a little trash can and a paper plate.  I didn't want him to take off running.. I didn't have to worry about that.. Poor thing was just limp. I got him in the can and took him back outside at the edge of the woods... I later went and checked on him... He was no where to be found... I hope he recovered and is wiser now.. That was last week...
Today I ran and picked up stuff to cook for dinner tonight. I come home, walk in the house.. Put my purse on the table and hear Willie Loomis attacking my vacuum cleaner. All of a sudden a little head stitcks out. I scream,  thinking it is a rat!  Then his whole little body comes running out toward me!!  It is a little bitty chipmunk!!! Loomis jumps on it! I yell at him!!!  Baby chipmunk is trying to get traction on the floor.. I get Loomis, put him outside and close the door. I can't find my trash can and this chipmunk is a lively one!  I get the bag my groceries where in.. I scope him up in it and off we go back outside... I let him go at the edge of the woods. I tell him to tell all his friends and their parents, that there is a new cat in town and they need to watch out!  Two chipmunks in two weeks! geesh..
After all the excitement this morning, Mr Loomis is taking himself a nap!  It least no more chipmunks at the moment...
Till later... when Loomis wakes up....

Monday, October 15, 2012

SAL Progress

This is my progress on Prairie Moon - House That Jacks Built II. I did some stitching on it this weekend I don't see the house yet....
Nothing much happening here in my corner of the blog world. I hope everyone had a great weekend. I am seeing all the Craft and Fall Shows everywhere. Puts me in a Fall mood.
I am also stitching a Cricket Collection design. If, I can remember I will try and take a picture of it tomorrow. It is a cute skeleton design.  When I organized the craft room, I found all my stitching that needs to be finished into things. I also found all my WIPs. I need to get to stitching on them too.
That is all I have to report for tonight. Till tomorrow.....

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Oh, What A Tangled Web We Weave.......

 Oh... What a tangle mess they weaved! This is how they came out of the tub. I have been doing some more decorating today. I think they took up yoga while boxed up... They are so skinny...
Thanks for the kind comments on my decorating. I am trying to get all the clutter under control.

 This is my dough bowl of my small stitching. I need to do some more punch needle. I just love the Boo Pumpkin Man.

 I got this Witch's Hat on clearance a couple of years ago. I put it over my shade of my floor lamp.

 This is my little side table beside my stitching chair. I have the box and pillow Terri made for me for the Halloween Exchange. I love it so much.. I have all my stitching most haves in the box.

 Some boxes I got from Hobby Lobby at the end of Halloween last year. My Halloween dance couple is from last year. He has a bottle  cap top hat and she has a bow..

 This is one of my trees. I am going to put pictures of Josh and Zoe in the little empty frame. Just need to maybe get that done this week.  Maybe.......

 Here is where the Skeleton Crew ended up hanging out when they got untangled.  They like hanging around the craft room...

Here are some pictures on the craft room that I finally got under control. I bigger space.. but, I still need more.

I had just finished making the memo board. It was an old frame I had around. I sprayed it with gloss black paint. I used a big piece of Styrofoam and covered it with the black check fabric. I added the ribbon for some color..
Hope you enjoyed seeing some of my space. It seems I get one room done and another one needs to be organized. We keep changing minds on Trailer #1. We say we will rent and then we change our minds. Right now it is empty..I have bought paint to paint some rooms.. Just not into it right now....
Oh... Don't look at the stuff outside that door in the next to last pictures!!!  That is yard sale stuff. I will be taking it over to trailer #1, until time for the sale. I also have the other curtain at the trailer #1. I just didn't want to go get it today.. Tomorrow it will be hanging up.
I hope everyone is having a great weekend!!   Till Later.....

Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Little Halloween Decorating....

Just a little decorating going on. I still have much more to do..

 Vinnie Vampire looking out from his coffin.
 Just some framed cross stitch
 Little end table
 Cupboard with decorations
 The bulb blew in my ghost lamp on the bar...
 I need to get a tablecloth to go on my table...
 Skeleton and his buddies.
 Who is this??? Trying to get my attention....
 It is Willie Loomis!!!   He is spoiled rotten!
I think he is sticking his tongue out at me!!!  lol   He is!! 
and... This is where I will be today. I am sore from cleaning and organizing. Taking the day off and just going to stitch and relax..
Off to make some lunch.. I am also watching the Stephen King movies all day on AMC and then tonight the debate.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Week 5 of SAL

Move along, move along, nothing new to see here folks... lol That is so right. See that half of a pumpkin? That is it for this past week.
Just pitiful I tell you!!  I need a good kick in the get-a-long,
I would have posted earlier, but my internet was acting up and would not let me on... 
I have been working everyday in the new craft room. I painted the old room today and got the bed put up and the chest with hutch put in there. I will get the Fall and Halloween decorations out tomorrow for sure. I had to pack up the summer stuff today in tubs. 
I will try and have pictures of the rooms by the end of the week...
Stay tuned....

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Show And Tell ......

Hello Everyone!  Thank you for all the comments on my gift from Terri for the Halloween Exchange 2012.  I am still is awe!  I keep sitting here looking at the box and pinkeep.  I just love them..
My exchange person was Robin at : Threads Of Memory Blog.  She received my package, so I am sharing a photo of what I made and goodies.

I stitched the Blackbird Design Trix Or Treat from the same named booklet by Blackbird Designs.  I used the called for hand dyed floss and trimmed it in black chenille. I added some snacks, coffee and hot cocoas, purple scissors, floss bobbins, 40 count linen, and some of that chenille trim. I forgot to take a picture of the inside . I borrowed it from Robin..

I used some Halloween scrapbook paper to line the box. I also printed the Halloween Exchange Year and my name on the lower left of the lid.. I glad she likes it.  I really enjoyed this exchange. This has only been the 3rd exchange I have done. I hope to sign up for more in the future.
I am stitching today on House That Jack Built II! I gave up on moving and organizing today. I am resting.. I have to wait for DH to get home to move my computer desk anyway. 
I have a funny tale to tell. Hubby bought Grandson Josh a bike pump.. He has always went and got one in Walmart and walked around with it.. we always made him put it back.. Well, Poppa decided to get him one and his mom has caught him trying to air up bike tires and all their balls.. Well this morning, he is playing in the basement. DD hears a BOOM! A Loud Boom !!!  She heads down the stairs calling his name!  He doesn't answer....  She gets down the stairs and he is standing there, his Dollar Tree Blow Up Skeleton is laying about 10 feet away from the tire pump with a big hole in it shoulder!  lol  He finally says, " I was trying to scare you." Yep that is our Boy!  Blew Up the blow up skeleton!  lol 
Happy Halloween from the Blew Up Skeleton!  I see another trip to the Dollar Tree in my future.....

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


 Look what came in the mail today!!!   From Terri!!
 The suspense is killing me !!!  I have Josh with me today, his sister Zoe had a doctor's appointment. So, you can imagine he was all about the package!!  lol
 Terri is so wonderful!!!  Look at all the great goodies!!!  She is so sweet to send things for the 2 grands... Josh already grab up the Frankenstein magnet board. Frank has a beard and hat as I type this.
 Terri made this beautiful pin keep. She said it was a freebie from Teresa Murgida of I will have to check her site out!  It is so cute!!  I love it Terri!!! I love the Sewing Box!!! It will be beside me as I stitch!! 
 Look at all the goodies inside the box!  It is like Christmas!!   I love the Halloween Fabrics. The scissors are so cute! With all the sewing goodies and eating goodies, I will not need anything more through Halloween!
I can't believe the charts!! and guess what? I did not have any of these charts!!!  Thank you thank you Terri!!

The linen is a Dixie Samplar original hand-dyed. The name is Butterscotch. It is Beautiful!  The picture does not do it justice.
The kids are both together now. They are on a sugar high and playing with all their goodies! Thank you for thinking about them Terri!  They are having a fun time.
I keep going back and holding my box and pin keep. They are so pretty!  I thank you, Terri, I have really enjoyed this Halloween Exchange!

I wanted to apologize to Denise about The SAL. As you guess... I did not post a picture yesterday. I fell asleep around 5:30 pm and did not wake up till this morning..  I had not even picked it up to stitch on it this week.  I have been so busy will all this moving around. I am almost finished in the craft room. Is a little bit of how it is coming along.

I found out not everything will fit in this room. I will need to leave my craft book and magazines in the other room. I have a shelf in the closet that they will need to stay there.. I will also have to leave the Sizzix and all it's dies in the closet too.
Having to close for now.. Grands are climbing on me and wanting my attention.. Till Later....