Monday, October 31, 2011


I hope everyone has a fun and safe halloween.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Drinking Happy Bird ?

 This memory popped in my head tonight... Don't know why? My Mamaw Whitaker had on of these at one time.. Guess what? It kept me entertained for a long time.  lol  Box says Non-Inflammable... If I am not mistaken.. his head was covered in a felt like substance...
I never did figure out how he worked.. Box say, Once he starts drinking he won't stop!   WOW !!!
You know what.. It was true.. I remember we came home one weekend and stayed with  my Mamaw & Pappaw. I started him up before I went to bed.. I kept getting up during the night.. I said it was to check to see if he was still drinking.. I was just thinking that.. I was and am, still afraid of the dark.. Their house was always so dark.. Only light was when cars went by on the highway.. I still sleep with a light on.. TV Light... lol Oh.. Back to the Drinking Bird... Next morning got up, went in the kitchen. He was sitting on a ledge between table area and stove in the kitchen and you know, he was still drinking away!!  I just had fun watching him..
Don't know why this popped in my head at 12:00 am... Maybe it is because I had a stomach bug today..I have not ate anything since lunch.. That may be it.. I am hungry...
I have also been watching Old Ronco commercials on YouTube.. Smokeless Ashtray and Handy Dandy Dicer. I always think about these old commercials around the Holiday Season.. Let me tell you, I have seen one of those smokeless ashtrays in action.. It is so loud and vibrates itself. You better be glad it came with something to mount it.  lol  I had a friend back in the 90's who, must have had one left over from the 80's. It was bad...
I think I have talked enough.. Going to bed with dreams of ashtrays, dicers, and Ginsu Knife!
I leave you with this. How much would you pay for a KNIFE? but Wait- We will throw in.....
This knife is still available!!! Till Later....

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween In 6 Days!!!

 This is my most recent finish.. I took an old piece of limb with moss on it and sprayed it black. Added the little planks I made.
 This is the little Pumpkin Man I finished. It is a punch needle pattern from Brenda at Country Stitches/With Thy Needle & Thread. He was to have painted black feet.. I like the sticks better..
 I made this wreath yesterday. The ghost I bought at a yard sale for $2.00. The Candle my sister-in-law made for me!  She somehow shrunk the tissue paper on to the candle and cut on the middle and put a flame less inside. So Cute!  I made the Lizzie Kate pillow years ago.
 I finished The Wicked today. I bought the cutouts in a package for .49 cents at Michael's.. I think Michael's is getting all my money lately!! I mounted the words on a painted piece of board and trimmed it with Black eyelash trim. This is my Halloween wall.
 This is The Halloween Card my Sister-in-law made and sent to us. So Cute.. She does a lot of paper crafts. She needs to start blogging.. You hear that Billie! 
 When I cleaned house yesterday. I cleaned off my side table in the sun room. This is where all the stitching goes on!! Of course, Pickled Pumpkin stays in here.
 This is how the old desk is looking now.. I needed some flowers.. The old fruit crate holds my fresh cut greenery during Christmas.
 I did finally decorate the other set of cabinets in the kitchen. I put a stuffed Pumpkin, Buzzard, and a Pot Of Acorns.
 This bowl is only a 1/4 of the acorns I have.  They are so big too! Deer love them!  I think I beat the deer to them this year!
 This is the bag I finished last year. I finally put a pick of flowers in it this year! Well, I have been really busy.. Now is the time to clean the Craft Room.. Now don't any of you pass out when you see this room! or I don't want to hear.. OMG!!   LOL   I know it is bad.. I am the type of person that Grabs and Makes! I put up later.. Well.. Now I don't want to go clean this room... (whining)  lol 
This is the way it looked a few minutes ago... I need to get better organized that is for sure!! I had to move all that stuff next to sewing machine, just to sew up another hole in the favorite jeans!!  That subject is for another day... I am off to clean that dungeon. oops, Craft Room..

Monday, October 24, 2011

A Halloween Gift To Share!

I have some gifts to share with you.. My friend Bonnie made this hang-tag and magnet. They are so great!!  She cross stitched the I Love Halloween Skeleton for a coffin I sent her.. I just love this Hang tag!  She somehow puts the pictures on the hang tag and magnet.  I use the magnet to help hold my chart on my board. The hang tag I have right beside to to look at! I love the Card with the black cat! I have a great friend in Bonnie. We love the Halloween Season. We also love the same designs!We usually email each other a good bit through the week to see what each other is working on. I met Bonnie through the group Samplermakers. She has put a lot of her finishes on the photo pages on the site. She has wonderful ideas on how to finish her stitching.  I keep on to her about starting a blog!  She could show all her stitching and how she finishes them!

I have been working on some more finishes and making some new things!! I have also been changing all my decorations around.. Just trying to get the right Look!!  lol  I hope to have some more to show this week!  I want to thank Bonnie for the wonderful Friendship gifts!!  Till Later.....

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Some More things Made!!!

 I was reading around blogland and seen Viv On A Whim, had a girl skeleton.. Hers does look better than mine.. lol  Sheila Skeleton is modeling her Halloween Party wear. She is wearing an Apryl Original.. Fuzz Skirt, with pumpkin ribbon belt.. she has decided to wear the orange ribbon on a bald head.. Sam Skeleton is wearing the latest in skeleton wear.. A spider web ribbon and Coke Cola Bottle cap that has Enjoy on the top.. They are all ready for the party... They did come on an rope with a noose around each of their necks. I sat them all free. lol The remaining group was what was left on my table last night...

 This cross stitch is a design by Primitive Needle - Crescent Angel. I decided to stain a cut board.. yes, I did cut the board without cutting my fingers with the saw this time.. You know when you tell kids something several times.. and then you say... Hey, If they get hurt.. Maybe they won't  do it again!  That is me.. It hurt the last time I sawed through my 2 fingers... That won't happen again !!  lol
I stained the board and mounted the stitching on it and put some trim around it.  TA DA!!!
I cleaned up the sun room this morning. Some old Lizzie Kate pillows I made years ago of 7 Count . They were Freebie patterns. Bug Off Baby and Don't Bug Me. I have to keep some sunny colors in this room.. Yellow pillows do the trick..
I made this Vampire last night.. I was on a roll. He didn't have the wings of the bat till I added them to him with some fasners. They bend now.. He needed something.. I think he turned out great! He is made of paper. He looks a little like Vincent Prince. Instead of printing him out on white cardstock.. I used a light brown color.. Made him look more evil...
I have not done much of anything this afternoon. I woke up this morning a little dizzy. I guess it is sinus.. But everytime I get up or bend over.. so dizzy..I want to lay down. I have been watching the Talladega Nascar Race.. Not to far from where I live. We used to go to the races.. But now I perfer the comfort of my recliner and my own bathroom!  lol
Going to stitch some more on my Dracula from JCS Halloween Issue. It is by Jemini Designs. It is turning out cute!!
Till Later...

Saturday, October 22, 2011

9 More Days Till Halloween!

 Nine more days till Halloween!  I love the Disney story of The Headless Horseman. I kind of look like Ichabod Crane's Horse with that Headless Horseman chasing him!!  I think they came through my craft room today!! Maybe that is why ribbons, skeletons, cross stitch, and everything else is all over the room.. He doesn't have a head to see where he is going or what he is doing!!
See what I mean!!! I just got up from this table..   I am not even going to show you the sewing machine area or the desk area.. I did have to move to the iron board to do some things...
Rebel is just laying around.. I know that antibiotics will make he feel bad.. She is taking her meds good.. Tonight we slipped them in some left over Bar-B-Q. She ate with such gusto!! I think she will not go back to eating for regular food... lol
Till Later....I will have pictures of finished things tomorrow!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Busy Day and 4 Finishes!

This is what I had been working on this morning!  Acorn pillow by Prairie Schooler and 3 Pinkeeps by Lori - Notforgotten Farms. I love the little tombstone that says, "I told you I was Sick!"  lol
I want to thank you all for the comments and well wishes for Rebel. She is doing good. I had a time getting her meds down her this morning. She figured out the hide the pill in the cheese plot yesterday. This morning, I had to cut up a hot dog, carve out the middle of a piece.. put the pill in the middle of the piece.. and put it back together.. lol What I will do for my baby... Tonight may be another trick..if she figures the hot dog out...Thank you for all the kind comments and for uplifting me during this time. Here is a picture of baby girl and her paw...
Till Later.....

Thursday, October 20, 2011

12 More Days Till Halloween!

Here is my skeleton!  He is enjoying his coffin. He was a little to big for the coffin so, I put him sitting up on a bed of velvet. I am working on some more finishes. More pictures will be coming tomorrow. I have some little bowl fillers, a tombstone, and a needle punch pumpkin man to show off.
I took my little one Rebel (15 years old) to the vet today.. She has not been able to hold her urine or other. I just knew it was time to say goodbye.. I had myself all worked up for it.. I started crying on the way.. I got myself together before I went inside.. She was looking sad at me. Doc Kelly checked out her bladder. He knew she has back problems.. thinks we may control bladder and other with meds.. He wanted to see her walk around.. She got down in the floor and started running around and jumping up on me.. lol  Like she was saying.. Hey!  wait a minute!  See Me!! I can still act like a puppy!!  Even though her back end was coming around like a jack-knifed 18 wheeler.... It was passing her front!!!  lol  Doc Kelly put her on 3 different meds.. they are not expensive.. He says she is just a spunky Senior Citizen. We will try this for a week if it helps.. She can take the meds.. If not... He mentioned Quality Of Life.. I am so relieved to take her back home with me.. I put her in the back seat of the tahoe.. Guess what she wanted.. Window down.. lol She had to ride up front with me to have the window all the way down!!  She was riding and smiling in the mirror all the way home.  She did have the dewclaw taken care of while we were there. It was infected and they took care of it and wrapped her little paw in a Bright greenish yellow bandage.. So, she kind of glows in the  God gave me more time with her.. What started out as a sad day, ended with a car ride with the windows down, baby Rebel by my side and joy in my heart! My family will know when I say... I now have a headache and am so drained!  I think I may have to lay down to recuperate from this day.. I do not do stress well!..
Till tomorrow and more pictures... Maybe working on finishing will wind me down... I hope...

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

13 Days Till Halloween !!

13 Days Till Halloween. I am counting down the days. I have finished stitching on some things, but I do have to get pictures of them. Camera is charging.. I will have pictures up tomorrow for sure.. So stay tuned...

Friday, October 14, 2011

Dissection Of A Chair

Has anyone ever lost scissors in a chair? I did.. I real cute rabbit pair that Michelle sent me. They have been in the chair for awhile now.. Hiding from me. I turned the chair over on it back.. I don't hear anything... Hmmmm. I looked for them when I dropped them down the inside of the cushion while stitching a couple of months ago. I didn't find them.. I just got another pair to use.. Tonight.. I thought. OK... I will do a dissection on the bottom of the chair.. That little dust cover that is on the bottom, I will just put a little slit in it and out them will come!  That is not what happened. I cut down the middle.. I thought.. Hey just a little slit, it would not hang down if I do it this way.. I put my hand in.... Felt around.. No Scissors!... Sat back... I will have to cut down each side.. That is where they fell. Right? I did that... still no scissors!  Ok... I just got my big sewing scissors out and cut out a big circle.. Guess what no scissors!. I dropped them down beside me and they had to fall between the cushion and inside of chair.. I took the chair ( not a little chair) Big Club Chair and chunked it over on it's right side... Didn't hear nothing drop... Chunked it over on it's left side.. No Scissors.. urghhh   Of course, I removed the big padded cushion before I did all this.. I now have a headache and NO Scissors to be found!  I give up!!  The chair is back in it's spot and looks none worse for it's dissecting and tumbling.. Me, on the other hand.. My face is is all over my head... head is hurting.. and I may have thrown my shoulder out... Now, I am wondering if I just imagined they fell in the chair.  I give up.. I will try again another day to look for them in that chair. Maybe they will just turn up, as everything else does when something goes missing around here. Till Later...
PS.. I finished my skeleton and now I will put him together. Pictures to come later...

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Busy Week!

Where has the week gone? It has been busy at my house since Saturday.  That was when Joshua had his 4th Birthday Party. I feel like all I have done is eat Birthday Cake.. That is OK.. I love cake!
I have pictures:
 Joshua and his Cars Cake. He seen the movie and had to have a Cars Cake.
 Hubby's Birthday is This Saturday... Josh wanted him and his Poppa to have a party together.. See what I mean about eating cake? That little cake is Poppa's Cake. It is in my refrig.. I am still eating on it!!!  lol
 This is Josh and Poppa about to ride the Go-Carts.
 This is sister Zoe with Momma and Daddy. Daddy got to party with them Saturday. We all had a great time.
I finished 2 model stitchies for a designer and now I am trying to finish my Halloween things.. Just Maybe....
Took mom into town today. She got me a OttLite. Michael's has them marked down for $89.99 to $19.99. Mine is Pink & White. If you are needing one now is the time to buy. This one is the tabletop one. I will show it off tomorrow with I hope a new Finish of Stitchery.  Till Later......

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mr Pickled Pumpkin Lantern

Let me introduce you to Mr Pickled the Pumpkin Lantern. He is new to the family. He started with assembly yesterday and was completed today. He has that silly grin because he is pickled!  lol
I caught myself smiling every time I look at him.  Can't help but smile when he is grinning that big!!!
I am doing some stitching on a model for a designer this week. I am almost finished with one and will start the other tomorrow.  Just two small projects.  I just had to stop and put Mr Pickled together.  Hope ya'll enjoyed meeting him !!!  I know he did enjoy y'all.. He is still smiling!!! BIG !!!  lol
Till Later....

Monday, October 3, 2011

The White Tree is Black Now !!!

 This is the white tree painted black and the balls painted Halloween colors. I have delivered it to Josh & Zoe earlier today. They seemed to like it alot. The broom is in the background. I have been sweeping and cleaning off the front porch.. So nice is this weather. I am ready to enjoy the Fall!
 Just some random picture of my stitching in the sun room. These two are on top of the TV. At least I see them when I watch TV.
This is a little table I covered with Muslin and Burlap this morning. Guess it is the Halloween corner in the sun room. I still need to clean up the kitchen and do some laundry. It was a busy weekend here at the homestead.. Metal roof is finished. I will take a picture as soon as I clean some of the yard. I still have the triming to do and pull the morning glory vines out of my roses.. Those vines are taking over everything. Beautiful flowers though!  lol
Till later.....