Friday, March 18, 2016

Waving from Alabama!

Hello.... Hello... Is anybody still here?  If there is, I want to say I'm so sorry for being away so long.  I decided I need to take some time away from Facebook. I seem to get caught up in all the action over there. I used to love reading blogs and writing on mine.

I started back reading blogs tonight. Trying to catch up on what everyone is working on and being all creative. I have been a little creative too.  I have been designing a little needle punch designs.
 Donkey Parade
USA Moby
I also have some seasonal scissor trays I'm designing. I have lots of designs in my head. I have been drawing them out on paper. Now to make them come out like I see them.  lol  I have been doing some wool applique too. I have been doing some painting too. See I have been busy... Made some crosses.
 Made this cute mouse pin cushion from a pattern by Hudson's Holidays.  Turned out super cute.
We went to the Smoky Mountains back in September. I went to Dixie Darlin's Shop, The Pattern Hutch, and a great shop called The Smoky Mountain Spinnery.  I fell in love with hooked rugs. I asked about hooking and the next thing I knew... I met Rhonda Thistlethwaite and she showed me how to hook. Now I'm in love with Hooking!  She is a great teacher. I came out of the shop with this sunflower kit with all the wool to finish, a hooker's hook, a frame and frame cover!  I'm on a roll now!!  lol

I'm a Hooker!

I'm going to close for now.. I will be back. I have lots to tell about the Primitive Stitcher's Retreat near Atlanta coming up in 13 days!  I'm going!
I have one last picture to show!  My Grandbabies are not babies anymore. Josh is now 8 and Zoe is 6. They are growing up so fast. Zoe is wearing glasses for a little while for a lazy eye, she calls it a crazy eye.  lol  They make my life so much fun!

Christmas at my mom's (their Mimi)
I hope I still have some followers left.. I will be posting again this week.. I have much to show and tell. Till Later.......