Friday, April 29, 2011

Undate on Mr Birdie

Mr Birdie has a new home. I did not know we had a Wildlife Rehabilitation place till a friend told me about the one at Oak Mountain State Park. Yesterday, we loaded Birdie up in the car and took him to live with other birds his age. I found out that Birdie is a Tufted Titmouse. He is a songbird... I knew that all ready, he would sing his little heart out all day. His species are cavity nester's, inside trees, logs, and poles. The picture above is what he will look like as a grown bird. Isn't he handsome!!! Raeanne asked me on the way there if I was going to have Empty Nest syndrome. I think I do....

I also found out it is illegal to possess any wild animal in the state of Alabama, includes, birds,mammals, and reptiles. No wonder you can not buy rabbits, snakes and other animals from pet stores. You have to have a breeders license to sell these animals. While the nice lady at AWC was explaining about it be illegal... I said I didn't know.. she smiled and said alot of people don't. I was worried I may be arrested right then and there... for keeping a bird alive.. but she was nice and gave me a card that I can send back to them for an update on Birdie. They have a nice center with a look through window so that you can watch them in the nursery with all the little birds. She said they get about 900 babies a season. They are having a Baby Bird Shower May 7 . This is a fundraiser for them. You bring a gift ( like a baby shower) from a list of items needed. ( toilet paper, paper towels, little baskets,produce,insects, bird seed..) and you have cake & beverages, wildlife presentations, children's activities, and a guided tour of the Tree Top Nature Trail. We will be doing this and will also go check on Birdie.

Changing the subject... Yes, I was up at 4:00 this morning watching the Royal Wedding. I was not going to, but I did watch Di and Charles get married back in 1981. My Raeanne and William are the same age. I was glad I did watch. I did notice that he was so sweet to Kate. Of course... ya'll know Harry is my favorite!!! I had to keep an eye on him. So handsome.... I was laughing that they put him in the carriage with the children for the ride back to Buckingham Place.. He was a great sport about it, waving and smiling away. Reminded me, that it was like being sat at the Children's Table during holidays..... Kate's sister Piper is a beauty... I was thinking hmmmm. Harry you may want to get to know Ms Piper. Beautiful Wedding Dress... Ms piper's dress was lovely. Didn't you just love when Harry came through the doors of the church and removed his hat, he just had to ruffle his hair!

My favorite picture of the boys. Enough on this wedding talk... Till later.....

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Please pray for all the Alabamians that have lost loved ones or have lost everything in yesterday's deadly tornadoes. It is such a sad time for our area. We live about 20 miles from where the Birmingham tornado went through and destroyed complete communities and lives. So far I am hearing a death toll of 280 people state wide. What makes me mad is that right after the storms, people went into these communities and started stealing ( looting) The rescue people were trying to find people trapped and these looters were already stealing. Makes me so mad. I do know that the rescue workers are still finding people today that have been trapped all night. Some ok and some with injuries. They now have the help of the National Guard to help patrol these areas. It makes me sick.. The people interviewed last night on tv were trying to get into their neighborhoods to check on loved ones missing and the police would not let them in.. But somehow... Looters can get in.... Just please keep them in your prayers. It will be a long time till their lives can get back to any kind of normal. Whole cities and neighborhoods have been destroyed. The biggest tornado started in Mississippi, came into Alabama, and was still on the ground into the state of Georgia. Now I hear that my friends along the east coast are battling tornadoes today. Our weather crews were wonderful during these tornadoes and the people did as they were instructed to do. These storms were just to powerful. So.. please do not take tornadoes lightly. Thank you for all my friends that have contacted me through email checking on us! Your friendship is so appreciated and I am so thankful to have friends that care so much. Thank you all.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Mr. Birdie's housekeeper had not appeared this morning when I got him out of his bed for pictures. So that is why he is in my hand... He is so cute!!! He has grown so much in the 5 days he has been with us. His little fuzz on top is ruffled , he has bed head. He loves to wrap his little feet around my fingers and hold on..
We don't know his gender or what kind of bird he may be.. I on going to research his kind today... His feathers are still growing and he is getting fluff on his body. Still has a great appetite and poops a lot. I clean his home daily. I hope he has flown this coop before our vacation in 4 weeks... I don't think my Mom or Raeanne want to babysit a bird... lol Till Later......

Monday, April 25, 2011


We have a storm victim from last week's storm staying with us. Hubby found him on the ground under our carport. We looked around NO NEST... hummmm. He barely had any feathers, just a start of feathers and pink skin. I brought him into the house.. I read on the Internet to keep him at about 80 degrees. I fixed him up a little shoe box home. I read that to survive #1 put him back in his nest.. NO NEST . #2 Call wildlife rescue.. NO RESCUE... So for 4 days he has been eating like a bear and growing his little wings and chirping up a song.. He had grown so much in four days.. I was told to mix dry cat food & water, let it soak and it is something, Mr Birdie loves his cat food meals... LOL I food him a little, a lot of different times a day. He seems to settle in at night and sleep. So I tell everyone I don't know about our new house guest!!! He just hops around in his custom built shoe box home with round windows , indoor wash cloth carpet and under the floor heating pad heat. lol Of course, it is on low and and have have a towel between the box & pad. This Mr. Birdie has it made!!! lol But we love him already. He just chirps when he hears us talking... I now can tell the difference in chirping and high pitched, I AM HUNGRY chirp.. Is that bad?.... I am now talking baby bird.. lol I will try and get him to poise for the camera tomorrow. NO Flash...Has anyone ever raised one up to let it fly away? Thanks, April

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Friday, April 22, 2011

Spring Cross Stitch Finish

I finally framed a finish today. I stitched it in 2009. It is a freebie from Brenda at Country Stitches/With Thy Needle & Thread. I stitched it in very springy colors. Not good pictures. I took them at night. The frame was a cast off for Aunt Judy, it used to be stained with a green painted near the center opening. I just slapped some white on it and sanded a little. There done....
That is all for now!!! Have a great Easter Weekend !!

Thursday, April 21, 2011


The sewing bug has hit me. I had this fabric for awhile to make this outfit for Zoe. I have been sewing since yesterday and today.. I am glad you can't see the button holes.. They are behind the buttons.. lol I made them by the machine and not by my automatic buttonhole maker. I lost a piece of it.. urghhh. I know... I Know... The Easter tablecloth kind of competes with the fabric... lol That is what I have been up too! Hope all these bad storms or snow has missed all by blogging friends!!! Weird Weather I do say.....

Dear Daughter's Birthday is today !!! Josh had me go pick up his momma a birthday cake. So, I will have some birthday cake tonight!!! Cream Cheese icing!!! I will be in Heaven!!! lol I love Birthday Cake!!! I am excited about my birthday next month.. My mom makes this great Strawberry cake. I posted a picture of it last year!!! I want one of those again!!! lol ( can she hear me...) I will leave on this thought: CAKE...

Till Later....

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Blackbird Designs

Hey Ya'll !!
I am looking for a design for the Anniversaries Of The Heart Series. The 3rd in the Series called A Wish For You. I have the #10 in the Series, Pumpkin Farm.

If anyone is interested in trading with me, please email.

I am sitting out on my porch today enjoying the sunshine and birds singing!!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

I Have Been Busy !!!

This is what we have been working on. A new front porch. It is not finished yet... Hubby is out there as I type prefabbing the remaining black bars to finish the steps. The new roof for the trailer is ready to be put on. That is the next project for us. It isn't like we don't have enough to do around here. I have to get those blocks up. I had already unhooked my trailer from the the tractor when I remembered those blocks.

This is the backyard area. Josh & Zoe's play area. Still work to be done here.. I mowed all the grass today. Still have to weed eat. Hubby has a notebook with a list of stuff that we are working on.. We seem to start a lot of things and never finish. I told him.. We are going to finish the list before we start anything else.. We still have to paint the underpinning around the bottom of the trailer.

I have not stitched anything lately. I did get the craft room some what cleaned. You can see the floor now.. I did organize some of the things.... I may do some stitching tonight.. To relax.... Till later....

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Is there a 12 step program for Junk Rooms? That is what I am calling my computer/craft room. As you can see... Or do I need to go on Hoarders, just for this room!!! I just step inside the door and throw stuff on the desk or by the sewing machine. How can I possible sew with all that around me. I have decided that being The Queen Of Tubs, I would bring some in and try to sort and remove some of this stuff. My motto in the past has always been out of sight, out of mind.. But ....When I opened that door this morning, I know ya'll heard me screaming!!! I have a lot of stuff I have been putting on Ebay. I need to put that stuff in a tub. Call it Tub #1... #1 stuff to get rid of....

I found 2 great frames at Hobby Lobby yesterday. Both were on Clearance...

This frame was originally $108.50. I got it for $10.80! I could not believe it! I hope my Dad's Memorial Sampler fits in it.. That is, when I can get finished stitching it.

This 2nd one was originally $75.00. I got it for $7.50 !!! What deals!!! I have bought several frames in the past on clearance there. I just buy the frame and then I will stitch something later. I take the frame and stitched piece back in to them and they frame it for me. I am going to try and frame some pieces by myself. But these pieces I will take back to be framed....

Still stitching on that afghan and still coughing away with that bronchitis.. That stuff is hanging on like Flies to Fly paper. I am still taking my antibods.. Been over a week..

If you are grossed out by my craft room. I hope you will not stop following my blog!! please stay tuned... I will be cleaning it sometime this week, I promise !!! lol

till later.....

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cheaha, Bronchitis, & Cross Stitch ( alot of Pictures)

After being out in the wind both last Friday & Saturday I have bronchitis. I woke up Sunday with a sore throat and mild cough. By Sun night, no voice. I went with Grands to ride Thomas The Train. Great time with the family!!! They both had a great time. Saturday we went with some friends to Cheaha State Park. Beautiful sunny day. But the wind nearly blew us of the mountain. Highest mountain in the Alabama. This is picture of our friends Debra & Wayne. Looks beautiful, nut you would start to hear something roaring and turn around and here would come the wind up the side of the mountain blowing and roaring. That is why Debra has a sweater on. Not me... That may be why I have bronchitis!!! I couldn't leave my purse in their car. We were in their 30's Mercury. No locked doors.

This is the boardwalk they have built to hike out to Bald Rock. You can still hike out by a trail that is original. We used to stumble out to the rocks to look off. This is great for the handicapped. We seen Hawks, Butterflies, and 1 Eagle. Eagles are big huge birds... I had only seen pictures. It was Beautiful soaring in the wind. I could not get a picture.. Winding was blowing and it was flying by at a high rate of speed!!! lol

Beautiful sight after we arrived at the end of the boardwalk. That bare area is Alabama Crop Circles! No, it is not... We have beetles that get in the pines and destroy whole areas. They have to go in and cut all the bad wood out. I waste of Pine Trees. The pines on top of the mountain are about 6 feet at their tallest top. Not enough Oxygen up there for them to grow tall. They look like Big Bonsai trees. So you are walking through a little short forest....

Hubby got tired of my coughing all night Monday night. He took me to the doctor Tuesday morning. We were first ones there.. I got a shot in the butt and 2 prescriptions. I can't take the fast acting stuff with my diabetes. I have been laying around and stitching. I am showing a picture of the Heirloom Afghan.

I also got my new Leather Kindle Case today in the mail. I cut out the middle man and ordered mine straight from China.. lol Cost way less.
I have two (2) stitched pieces that I may try to frame Friday. I had some old frames. I just need to put these in the frames and Wal la!!! I think I have bored ya'll enough. Till Later.......

Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Memory From My Past !

Look what my mom got for me !!! I just know my aunts are laughing right now!! My grandmother had a green ottoman just like this one. We grandchildren grew up with it. We would roll it over on it's side, lay across the top and roll back and forth. I would go stay with grandma alot. I had a little brother... 7 years younger... Need I say more. I always had the best time with her. The family will bring up conversation about this ottoman.. Now I have one just like it !! Mom said not to show Josh and Zoe how we would ride it.. Just see if they happen to come up with how to have fun with it !! I can't wait. I just need to find a chair to go with it. I have been looking at this one.
I hope everyone had a great weekend! I working on the Heirloom afghan today. I awoke with the sinus crud. I cough a little, stitch a little. Till later.....