Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Sorry I have not posted lately. I have been stitching away on a Model design. I can't show anything yet... but, I'm stitching so much, I think I have tendentious in my shoulder. OUCH! 
I have taken some anti-inflammatory to help with it.
Years ago it got so bad I had to have a shot in my shoulder. That hurt worse than the shoulder pain! Don't want to do that again, Ever!
I may have to get out my Stitching Stand and try 2 handed stitching again. It is just awkward for me to stitch that way. Plus, I can't curl up with my feet under me in the recliner using the stand.
If anyone reading this uses a Floor Stand, do you have to sit in a straight back chair? Just wondering how to stitch comfortable..
Any help appreciated.  Thanks!
Till later this week I promise!

Saturday, April 5, 2014


 Spring has sprung in full force! The azaleas are blooming!

 The little Tulip tree is still blooming it's little heart out.
 The Dogwood trees are in full bloom!
 The Wisteria is in bloom and smells so good!
This is just some of the wisteria around my home. We have it in the trees and both sides of our land.  I love the fragrance it puts out!
The sweet shrub is starting to smell good too. But you know what? It also means that the pollen is so thick around here... It blows across the road like snow! My car is yellow, my porch is yellow, I don't dare open the windows to enjoy these beautiful days.. Then everything in the house will be yellow....
It is kind of a bad thing.. I want to sit out on the porch and enjoy the beautiful days, but there is so much pollen. You think I can sit outside and enjoy this nice weather before it gets 102 degrees. Fat chance here in Alabama! You can't breathe! 

I have been winding floss onto clothes pins all week. While doing that I have been watching season 2 and 3 of The Tudors. I bought some basket and jars to store them in. I have also been checking off the DMC colors that I have and buying the ones I don't have.

 I got out the dough bowl and arranged my Spring thingies.
The Grands spent last Saturday night with us. We got out the Pom Pom Kits and put together these chicks and bunnies. Josh's pot is on the right.. The Boy does like to use glue. I whole little bottle of Tacky Glue was used on just his critters!  lol
Zoe's is on the left. She did a great job and let me put the glue on then she would stick them to the Pom Poms.
Mine is the middle one.. The one with the cock eyed bunny and the wide up mouth chick!  lol
We had a great time making these! I'm glad that both The Grands love to craft just like their Gigi.
I will close for tonight.. Just a quit stop in.
Hope everyone has a great pollen free weekend!