Thursday, December 31, 2009

~~```~~~Happy New Year !!! ~~```~~~

Happy New Year Everyone ! We used to watch the New Year celebration on Tv with Dick Clark. I am getting old. I can't even stay awake till 10:00. I have not seen the Big Ball Drop in about 5 or 6 years. Might be different if I was in Time Square in person to watch event... A new year is upon us. I pray each day that people in our country will ask God back into our hearts. Remember.... It is God's Will, Not Our Wants. I have never been able to keep any resolutions, Weight loss is always one thing I want to do, but since this sickness keeps with me each day, I just ask The Lord to let my body be strong, if it is his will.

Now for traditions... Please don't wash any clothes.. I don't want to be washed out of your lives. lol Please eat plenty of the traditional foods to bring good health & wealth.. I need both of those badly. lol Just have a good time and reflect on what 2009 was and what 2010 will bring. I am thankful for what I do have. Some don't have homes, jobs, or other items I sometime take for granted.

So in closing, Have A Great Beginning To A Wonderful 2010 !!!!

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JOLENE said...

Happy New Year!!! Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog, I just signed up as a follower and I look forward to seeing your creativeness in the coming year. To health and happiness!!!