Sunday, February 27, 2011

Signs of Spring

Does anyone know what these are? They are all along the tree line around our homestead... They are under the shrubs... Are they Snow Drops? They are white bell shaped flowers with green dots.. So pretty. They are in the shade, not in the sun.

I picked these today. Smell so strong... May have to sit them outside, if I start sneezing. lol I added the purple Hynacinth Flowers. They are also growning in yard.

The Daffodils line the road.I am looking up the hill from the house. Lovely view of those yellow cable covers.. lol Hoping to plant grass in this area that was the old place. Thanks for looking at spring around my house.

PS... We also have a bunny.. I seen him the other night. Brown Jack Rabbit. He was fat too... Till later.....

Saturday, February 26, 2011

DUH !!!!

Hello Dear Blog Readers,

I am thinking I am pretty dumb... Why? I have a dead battery in my camera again. I know.... I only bought one 3 weeks ago. It is not like I take 50 million pictures a day. My Kodak Z710, I thought used a CV-3 battery.. Which has been costing about 10.00 to 12.00 a pop... Well.. I pulled out my instruction book that came with it.. Guess what? It will also use 2 AA batteries ! Now, who is the dummy here? ME !!! lol I feel like slapping my head and saying DUH !!! I knew that CV-3 battery looked like 2 AA batteries put into a cute little molded plastic ma-gig... I was paying extra for the plastic holder... DUH ! Just now discovered this... I have torn my house apart looking for NEW AA batteries.. None in sight. I have used them all in the grand children's toys, bubble makers, and games... I might need to do a late Walmart run... NOT... I will wait until tomorrow..

I want to thank everyone for the kind comments about my stitching. I was thinking about stitching the sister's Frances' Finds.. I am calling them Frances' Finds. They do have the lace, buttons and pins from her sewing basket. The sisters have a brother to0. I have not forgot about Uncle Phillip. I just don't know how he would feel about something I make with things that were his mother.. I mean, would he like something that he could hang or sit around that was made from his mother's things?
I guess, I need to ask The Sisters about if he would like something. I don't want to not include him.

I am feeling a lot better. Just Sinus....My needle has been flying on the cross stitch piece for Brenda. It is so cute ! I got my new March/Apr issue of Just Cross Stitch Magazine the other day. I keep picking it up and looking at it. It is a good issue. Of course... I do love Spring, Easter, Fall & Halloween. Thanks for all the comments. I so enjoy reading them.
Well, I will close tonight. Till Later......

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

BBD Pillow

I couldn't remember if I had ever posted the Pillow I made for my Aunt Gloria. It is one of the pillows, I am doing for the sisters. It is a remembrance for their mother. I still have my Aunt Debbi, ( I am working on now) and my mom. This was a BBD design that I stitched for Aunt Gloria. I was so rushed to get it finished before this Thanksgiving. I forgot to take a picture. Aunt Gloria sent this picture of where she has displayed it. It looks great there !!!
I think my Dear Hubby has gave me his bad NO Voice Cold... I am felling rotten..
Just a short note... I am stitching the cross stitch piece that is a chart from the needle punch piece I pictured on the last post. I can't show it because It is Brenda's design and she will post a picture when she releases the cross stitch chart !!! The needle punch design is up on her website to purchase now !!! I know I want it!!! I like that she sells the floss to punch her designs in a separate listing! Makes it easy to order needle punch pattern and floss.
Well back to stitching !!! till later.....

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Smokin' Needle

I have not been blogging lately.. I guess you have noticed. Brenda has sent me a new model to stitch. It is called Bunny & Co. It is so cute!!! I am trying to get it back to her fast.. That is why my needle is smoking !!! lol If you like her Bunny & Co punch needle pattern, You will love the cross stitch chart !! So Cute ! Here is a picture of the Punch needle. The cross stitch model is not stitched on black.. That is all I can say... lol Please go visit her site and check out her new patterns!!! She has the cutest designs for spring & Easter.
That is what I have been up to this week... I did have Zoe come visit me today.. I had to laugh ...
She came in the door with her curls all over her head.. She looked like Eunice (Carol Burnett) from skits from Mama's Family, off The Carol Burnett Show. I called her Eunice all day... lol
Well... back to stitching !! Till later.....

PS... I have listed some charts for sale on my Selling Blog. Link is on the right side column. I will be putting more up this week. HB stitching Books, Fabric, and other stitching supplies. I have been cleaning. Thanks, April

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


It is one beautiful day here in Bama. I have been Spring cleaning for the past 2 days. I have one bathroom to finish up. I had to sit and rest for now... I did find out how out of shape, I am. Just whirling around here, has me out of breath. It has been in the 60's here. I have all the doors open and I am letting the breeze blow the old winter stink out. I have never seen so much dust in my bedroom. That is where Rebel stays and sleeps. Yes, I am blaming her for the dust... lol She has been following me from room to room today . Right now, she just flopped down on the floor and is looking like she is giving up on this cleaning job. I washed both her little doggy sweaters. They are all ready for the next cool spell. Next is her doggy bed.
You would not imagine the row of clothes I have lined up. I have piles sitting in a line, just like people stand in a line. They are having to wait their turn, to jump in that old washing machine.
I have not stitched any since last week. I am watching the mailbox for a package from Brenda to stitch her next model... I can't wait to see what it is!!! I did start my Aunt Debbi's surprise.
Well, I have to go over and touch Rebel.. ( she can't hear) and tell her, Break time is over!! maybe I will just let her sleep.... till later!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day !!

These Valentine's are 45 years old. They were sent to me in the year 1966 from cousins, Fritz, Donna, Andrea, and Todd. The squirrel one is from Fritz. The Merry Go Around one is from Donna. The duck one is from Andrea. The Teacher Valentine is from Todd. I don't think cousin Todd liked me to much. Of course, he was not even a year old then.. It is a Teacher Valentine!! lol My mom passed these on to me this past year. They were all still in the envelopes they came in. I did not notice at first, that the Valentine from Todd was a Teacher one till tonight... I have been giggling about it all night. I guess you can say I am a teacher... I was always a daredevil and always did things before he did. He is only 8 months older than me. I started by teaching him to slide down the high Big slide at the family reunion when we were very young.. He was in front of me and would not slide. I started kicking him to make him let go and slide.. From what relatives say, he was screaming and I was just a kicking... lol I am not going into the bicycle-Hoppity Hop incident from an earlier post. I was trying to show him how to ride that new bike... He did not have to take it out on me... lol So, I guess I was teaching.. What makes the top 2 special is they signed them. Fritz wrote his name on the back and has my name on the outside of the envelope. Donna did some kind of scribble... lol Aunt Gloria wrote her name under it so I would know who it was from.. like a 9 month would know how to read !! I love it !!! I have had a great time looking at these and remembering times... We are a close family and I hope will we always stay this way. That brings me to Joshua and Zoe's card to Poppa and me !!

Josh loves to glue !! Josh and his mom made the construction paper Valentine, so that he could glue and use Glitter glue... lol That scribble after the Happy Valentine's Day is his name he wrote.. Mom had to write Josh with an arrow. lol That way we would know... The back is real funny!!!

That friends is a heart !!! lol He is a great artist! I am sure his mom handled the cutting with the scissors. She bought him those scissor that small children will not be able to cut themselves last year well... they might not cut skin but, they sure will cut hair... The lady who cuts his hair could not even fix it. He just had to let it grow out.. No scissors for him ! Here is a picture of him and Zoe ( sister) riding a tub down the hill in the snow we had the other day.. No tubs were hurt in the making of this fun.

I hope they will stay as close and loving as they are now. Brother and Sister sharing a ride!

Hope everyone has a Great Valentine's Day !!! I know I will with my family!! Till later....

Friday, February 4, 2011

Some Finishes !

I have been stitching my heart out... That is all I can do in this cold weather. Hope all my northern friends have dug out from under their snow banks. We had sleet and ice yesterday.

Here is my January Ornament finish. Blackbird Design from JCS ornament issue. I know it has 2010. I started it in Dec 2010. lol I am still going for 1 ornament a month.

It is stitched on 36 count khaki Linen with hand dyed threads I picked out. Not a good picture.. We are still having rain and no sun. Next up is my progress on BBD Anniversaries Of The Heart.

The Letters MICH is for the state of Michigan. The 1970 is for the year we lived there. I also put the first letter of each of our names. A - April J- Johnette (mom) & P- PeeWee ( dad). Brother Trey was not born till 1972. So don't worry about him. Or feel sorry for him. He is just the baby of the family...I have a square picked out just for him, alone... lol I do have trouble with these hand dyed threads. They are never the same color for one order to the next. I have 3 Dried Thyme. No 2 are alike... As you can see. I have started the Valentine Square. I still have a special gift to make for Aunt Debbie. Her Birthday is coming up March. So... this month I will work on her project.

I am going to sew 2 cute pillow cases for the grandchildren this weekend. I have been watching Youtube to see how it is done. I have everything ready.. So cross your fingers for me.

I had 2 places(moley looking things) cut off my body yesterday. Waiting on test to come back. Hope it is not the bad skin cancer. I had a tanning bed for about 5 years. I used to joke I was the the whitest person that owned a tanning bed. I did use it.. Since I stopped using it, I have had a lot of places come out on my skin. Dr said my reddish hair, freckled white skin is not a good thing for sun.. I think he was trying to tell me, in a nice way, that my sun worshipping days of old is to be NO MORE ! So from now on 45 or higher and untanned legs with all my skirts... I have tried the self-tanners.. O yeah... I have wrinkles and dry skin.. so that stuff just gets in those wrinkles and on those dry spots and looks like caked on dirt. Like I need a bath.. No thank you... lol

Enough about me aging and problem skin... I am going to fold 3 baskets of clothes. Did I mention... I hate to fold clothes? Till later......

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Hello everyone !!! Hope my Blog Friends in the path of this winter storm and all set with every comfort they need! Hope ya'll keep your power on and can just relax and stitch.

I have an update on BBD - Snow Garden. The light is not good here... we are having heavy rains right now. Sorry the picture is dark. That is all I have to show today ! Going to stitch the rest of the day away. Maybe I will finish.... till later.