Friday, August 31, 2012

Fantastic Friday!!!

Hello everyone!!  I want to start off this morning by showing a oh so cute wreath my SIL made for me!  It is great! I have it already hanging up in my sun room! It adds so much color to the room!

I seen something real cute the other day on a blog.. Can't remember which one. I have so many I read.. lol They had purchased a rack from Harbor Freight. It is the old black color. The person on the blog had spray painted hers pink. I chose a hammered Bronze. Not a good picture.. I will put all my little bottles of paint in the trays.


 A miracle happened yesterday. My hubby went inside Michael's!!  I bought the two candlesticks to paint black for my skulls. I found that black box. It is already painted black inside and outside. It was the same price as the unfinished ones..

The little necklace doodads are for some cross stitch I plan on finishing and put inside the rectangle ones. The round decorative ones I plan on Die Stamping Josh and Zoe's name.

I also found this Watch Fob frame. It was $8.97 at Michael's. It is cheaper on the Internet, If you can find them.. I hope to make something like Brenda's Watch.. WTN&T/ Country Stitches. I hope she releases a pattern, but if not I like the idea.

So cute!! Isn't it!!!  She has three of them on her Blog.  If you have time check them out!!!
I will say, I love the Sullivan Floss! I have stitched two designs with it and I just love the way it feels like Silk Floss. I will show them finished in my next blog report.!! 
We are watching the grands today. Their parents have signed papers on a new house today!  So, Sounds like moving next week is in my plans!!!  lol I am trying to stitch up some unfinished projects.
I have not done much this week with hubby home. He had a couple of test done this week. Turns 50 this year and has been so tired that doctor just wants to makes sure it is not his heart. He did a Nuclear Stress Test Tuesday. A Sleep Study Wednesday night. He chokes, snores, and stops breathing in his sleep. He is always tired. Please say a prayer. His EKG was abnormal last week and they just want to make sure nothings serious.
So, after a vacation of doctor test and just resting. I guess moving Raeanne and the kids will be adventurous!  lol I am so excited for them..
Till later, I am headed outside to start painting that side table I bought a month ago...

Friday, August 24, 2012

Freaky Friday Findings

As it says on this magazine, Let the Crafting begin!
That is want I plan to do! I picked up my bimonthly magazines today. I love Create and Decorate!

I picked up Better Homes and Gardens - Halloween Tricks and Treats magazine. I buy this one every year!

I spotted the new Just Cross Stitch magazine with the free Sullivans floss and free Halloween graph from Glendon Place Designs. Cute word Trick or Treats with candy corn.

I love this design in the New Just Cross Stitch magazine. The design is by Alessandra Adelaide needlework's (AAN). I think I will stitch it. The only thing I have a problem with, it that the pumpkins look scary and the cat and ghost are smiling.  lol  I may just give the ghost two eyes and no mouth and do something with that cat's smile. He looks to happy for me. He needs to look menacing!  lol
I did go ahead and purchase some Sullivan Floss. Our Hancock Fabrics store sells it. I got Halloween colors to try it. I will tell y'all, it feels like silk.. I have heard that it does not tangle like DMC. That chart is the Freebie that was with my magazine.
I am blasting out of my recliner and off to the craft room to find a chart to try out this new floss.  I will give y'all a heads up on what I think when I finish a little stitching... Till Later....

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday Night, What Is On My Mind?

The Skull Brothers!!

I have been to the Dollar Tree Store.  I seen this next picture on Pinterest and just had to rush out and buy some skulls... lol

You can't beat getting skulls for $1.00 each ! 
Now, I just need to get a big bottle of glitter and some of those wooden candlesticks. I can make the hat and and other paper decorations. 
I am just stitching away on the Model still. I will have it finished by this week. Then, I hope to have something else to stitch on...
This is all for tonight.. I have Halloween on my mind!
Till Later.....

Thursday, August 16, 2012

I have been working...

Please forgive me for not blogging as much. I have been stitching away on a model. But, I can show you one that I stitched for Michelle at Raspberry Rabbits.

Pumpkin Kisses in Felt Fushion. I love how she finished by quilting.

 I love the buttons. They adds a great finish to it!!!

I loved how Michelle finished the design to fit on the stand. She sells these stands on her web site, along with her patterns.  
I have her button on the right side of my blog.. If you like, go check her site out!! 

The model I have been cross stitching is for Donna with By The Bay Needleart. I am almost finished with it. Then you can check it out on her site.

There is so much I am wanting to stitch for myself.. I just need 50 hours in a 24 hour day.. Anyone else feel this way?  I am also trying to catch up on blog reading.. I love looking at what everyone is stitching. Thank you all so much for the comments on my finished stitching things... 

Signing off.. Watching World's Dummiest and stitching..... Till later.... 

Thursday, August 9, 2012


I would like to introduce everyone to Josette... I know I said we would not have anymore pets.. Josette is a rescue. She looks to be about 4 months old. Someone put her out with her two sisters at my daughter's in laws. Josette is the only survivor. A dog got her two sisters.  My heart just melted for her site unseen.

She wants to attack and play all the time... She is outside a lot. She is scared of the inside.  Can you tell by the Wild Look.. lol   She does love to be held. Her little motor just Purrs along... She gets lots of love in her new home..
I named her Josette from the show, Dark Shadows. She looks like a Jo.  Josh, GS still has allergies. That is why she stays outside too. But I had to let her in today.. A bad storm was coming through when I took this picture...  Right now she is outside laying on my chaise lounge... asleep....dreaming happy kitty dreams...
Till later... Another storm moving in and we last power with the last one. 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I Love To Take My Bra Off.......

Just a little Show and Tell today... lol   This was a freebie from I think, Twisted Threads.. I bought the linen and roller skates to complete. This was stitched years ago.. I have been going through my (finished stitching) need to do something with pile ... lol  So, I am showing off today...

 This is a Shepherds Bush. The fabric is a light green, it doesn't show up as green in the picture.. It will become a pillow.

 This is a Seka's Design. I did alot of these designs when they first came out. I love the threads that were used. The fabric is a light blue. Picture is not true to color.. It will be a pillow.

 I am sure you all recognize Prairie Schooler... This are to be finished and shaped as eggs for Spring.. I stitched these about 4 years ago. I know.. They are on 18 count.. I like the stiffness sometimes when I finish as a flat shaped design.

 This was a Heart In Hand Kit from years ago. I had it in a frame. I have since removed it and I want to finish it as a little pillow with ric-rac.
 This is a valentine Freebie. I love to stitch on natural color linen. I used over dyed threads.  It will become a pin keep.

 This was a freebie too. I don't remember to designer. It was done years ago. I added the silver thread to give it some sparkle. I used to get a lot of the freebies from stitches N Things. Deb had a shop newsletter she would mail out. She always put a lot of freebies in it.
I know it got costly for her and she had to stop and now does a email newsletter. No freebies in newsletter. 

 Stitched freebie from the William and Cate Wedding. I added the pretty pearls. It will also be a little pillow.

 Another little freebie from I don't remember. I will make into a scissor fob, one
 This was a freebie from La d da. I stitched it over one thread. I have a little hornbook I want to mount this to..

 This one has a great story.. I used to belong to a message board.. I am think aol board. It had categories such as, Cross Stitch. I signed up for many Round Robins and Exchanges.  This is from a Round Robin Group.  I should have written the names on a piece of paper and kept with it, but I didn't.. I do have the initials and state initials. If you happen to maybe see your initials and remember this piece.. Please let me know.. SS in OK, JS in CO, CP in ME, PA in HI, and AT in AL. Oh... That is me... lol I hate losing contact with stitching friends..

 Another freebie. A Blackbird Designs.  I may make this on into a bag with lavender in it...

 This Winnie The Pooh was a kit. I got it when I worked for JCS magazine. DD started stitching it when she was a teenager. I had to finish it up... Both of the grandbabies don't care for Winnie the Pooh. If  anyone would like this.. Please email me.. I will gladly pass it along to you.  Hope it gets a good home... First that comes through with an email gets it...

 This freebie stitched last year must have gotten buried in all the other finished and lounging around stuff.  lol  I well... maybe next year...

This is a design of a name tree. I purchased it from a designer.. Can't remember where in the net.. It is a tree shaped in my maiden name, Whitaker.  Just used DMC on Natural Linen. 
That is all today for Show and Tell. That is not to say, I have more finishes and a lot of WIP's. lol...  
Till Later....

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Just Checking In....

Hello Blog Friends!!!
Just checking in. I have been so busy. Stitching away on a model for Donna at By The Bay Needlearts.  It is a great one, that is all I can say! 
My daughter and her hubby have put a contact on a house. I hate to think that my grandbabies will be moving. It is just about 5 miles away... But, when they have just been across the road.. That is a long way
My brother and niece gave for sister in law a 40th Birthday Bash today. They had great bar-b-que and all the fixings. Then they brought out an ice cream cake.. It was beginning to get a little warm outside under their carport and my brother went into the side room and rolled out this:

He opened the side of it and dumped in Water and Ice!!!  Turned this beautiful thing on and out came cold air!!!  I am in love!!  This air conditioner is so cute!!!  It works great too.
My mom said that her inlaws had one just like it in the early 1960's that they moved it around the house to cool the room that they were in.. I have just never seen a air conditioner where you can dump ice and water in it... lol
I told my brother to will this thing to me... lol  I am in love! It may just be that I was so hot and this thing cooled the temp down.....
Do you know that KenStar still makes these?  If a company has stayed in business this long, they may have a great product. Dear hubby busted my bubble by saying, I would have to buy a lot of ice to keep this thing running for me. 
I am back home and watching Hippies of History Channel. It is interesting. I didn't know Steve Jobs was a hippie...I learn something new everyday. 
Sorry for jumping around with subjects.. That is the way my week has been.. lol
Getting back to stitching now...I will live you with this...
(All the leaves are brown and the sky is gray - California Dreaming)