Monday, June 24, 2013


I pulled this out of the drawer of unfinished projects... Historic Stitches - Sarah Hartley 1827 Sampler. I love the deer on this sampler. I started it a couple of years ago.. I tea stained some 28 count linen.
 I am using DMC thread. My linen is lighter than the color they used for the model. The weeping willow tree is coming along..
It is raining here in Alabama today, so that makes for a great stitching day.
I need to clean my kitchen but, this called my name this morning to finish. I had stitched it last year, but finished it out this morning.  I tried a new finishing idea.  Now that is out of the way.. I still have the Easter Egg Pocket design from WTN&T to finish out. Was stitched last Easter and not finished yet.. 
  This is what Willie Loomis is doing on this rainy day! He looks so rested... He loves the old rocker in the sun room. He got tired of playing with the bow ties on the backs of my chairs.. They are untied for now...
I will close with a picture of BK (Baby Kitty) Some reader have asked about her.  Here she is:

She gets hot with that bushy tail... but, it is hard to get her to come inside. She has found lizards and bugs! We have tail-less lizards running around.  She was sitting looking at a flopping around tail off a salamander the other day.. I asked her where the lizard went to and she just looked up at me with confusion in her eyes... lol
Thank you to all my readers for still reading this blog.  I know I have been slacking lately. Summer just is so busy.. No Excuse, I know...Hope you stay with me to watch updates on Watercolor Ghost, Sarah Hartley, Hornbook Angel and Casting A Spell stitching.   Till later... Kitchen cleaning is calling my name now.


Thursday, June 20, 2013


 This is how BBD - Casting A Spell is coming along!  Fun stitch and I love the colors. Thanks for the comments on my vacation and stitching. I'm now ready to stitch Fall in this Summer heat!  lol

 This is all the squares I have stitched in the BBD - Anniversaries Of The Heart Project. Four is ok.. I have stopped on it for awhile. I have other things I want to stitch.

I did decorate my 4th of July tree today. I have an ornament to add to it. I stitched it last year and never got around to finishing it. I hope to add it to the tree tomorrow.
I have pulled out an old Sekas chart - Watercolor Ghost today. I had started it and never did finish... I'm slowly getting all the WIPs stitched. 
 This is where I stopped on Watercolor Ghost.. I hope to pick it back up tonight and start stitching. I am thinking of doing a quilt like finish for this one. I have a stand, that I think it will look great on.  I do love sekas watercolor designs. I have Dragonflies finished and I have Lighthouses that I will try and finish before summer is over.
If anyone follows me on Pinterest... They know I am pinning everyday. I am a Pinterest addict! I came across this picture the other day on pinterest. I fell in Love with this idea. The use of an Old Iron Trivet.

The picture was pinned from Ebay. A seller by the name magpiejo. She had this great idea!  The first person I thought of, when I seen this was my talented friend Bonnie!  Bonnie comes up with ideas just like this. I still can't get Bonnie to start a blog.. If you belong to The Samplermakers , you have seen some of Bonnie stitching and punching in the picture section!  Just beautiful work! 
Well, guess where I will be tomorrow?  You are right! Out hunting down metal trivets at the flea markets and shops!  lol 
I also have another idea.. My mom gave me an old wash board. I was going to use it for a pump, #2 wash tub, and board fountain. I changed my mind.. I will use it as a piece for the wall in my laundry room.  I just now have to find the right stitching piece to mount on it... I just have all these ideas in my head!!
I hope everyone had a great week!  The weekend is almost here!!
Till later.....

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


 Back from another beach trip.. I am still lily white, except my arms and face. I can't get my legs to tan for anything!!

 We went down to Destin Florida this time with daughter and the Grands. Had a great time. The condo had an indoor pool and putt  putt, shuffle board and activity area for the kids.  Zoe loved the beach. Joshua loved the indoor pool. He would've stayed in there all day if we would've let him!

He also loved the beach too. He had his boogie board to ride.  Look at that smile! The ocean was beautiful! No seaweed and beautiful weather the whole time!  Yes, I did get in the ocean!  I rode Zoe's boogie board!  I can say that was the most fun I have had in the ocean since I was 12! The kids just laughed at me!!! But.. hey, I had a great time!
I did take stitching with me to work on.. I didn't even have a chance to pick up the   We went to the Gulfarium, played at The Track on the go carts, and ate so much food! Didn't have time to stitch...
I have been working on BBD's Casting A spell. I will get a picture up tomorrow. I have been watching 3rd Season of Downton Abbey on DVD and I can say I have an addiction to this show!!  At night I have been watching True Blood's 5th season on DVD. Boy... That is a lot of TV watching... Hubby has been watching the True Blood shows with me at night. That is all that is going on today.. Sorry for such a long time between postings.. I will try to do better. I appreciate all my blogger readers!  I will be having a giveaway at the end of this month to celebrate my blogging anniversary. Keep checking back with me!! Till later.....

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Have you ever been undecided on what you want to stitch?  I pulled out BBD Casting A Spell and stitched some on it. I pulled out Primitive Needle's Hornbook Angel and stitched some on it. Then....
I happened to come across Tanya of The Scarlett House's beautiful stitched album here:
I fell in love The Sampler Company samplers she has stitched. I then had to go to their web site and look around. I love everything Tanya designs herself! I must have been under a rock to have not seen The Sampler Company designs! Here is a link to their site:
My brain decided it wants to get back stitching on some samplers I have in the Work In Progress mode. So all I did all afternoon was look at samplers and drool. I keep imagining what wall I will put them on when framed.. I get a little ahead of myself sometimes....
I have picked back up the BBD Halloween tonight... But I still have samplers swirling around in my head! 
We leave out Sunday headed back to the beach in Florida. We are going to Destin. If anyone knows of a cross stitch shop down that way, please let me know. I will have to stop!!!  lol
Till Later.....