Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cross Stitch Pictures

Hello Everyone !
I have pictures today. Dentist visit went great. I got my new Crown !!! It looks so pretty. Now I have an appointment for a cleaning and we will go from there... lol

Here is my Halloween Ornament finish: The Witch.

Cricket Collection Ornaments. They are bigger than I expected. I may have to make a tree like on the front of the chart with dowels. My Halloween Tree from Home Goods may have to hold the Acorn Ornaments from Cricket Collection.

I have had this Halloween Design Kit from Trail Creek Farms finished for 2 years. All I need to do is trim it and attach to the pillow that came with it. I can't even get that done. lol

The scissors came in from Yuko this week. They are so lovely !!! Made strong too. I need the other 2 pair. #'s B & D. I have to wait on them. I hope she can continue to sell them and not run out. Here is her scissor blog,

Next up is the punch needle I am working on. It is a surprise for someone. I love all Brenda's patterns By With Thy Needle & Thread @ Country Stitches.

Speckled Eggs. Can't wait to finish it and make into a little basket. I bought all thread to finish from Brenda too. She kits everything to complete, I like that.
I am also posting what I have stitched on for the Winter Olympic Blog. Go check out that site too. I have enjoyed stitching and watching the Olympics. I haven't got much stitched. I get interested in the games and stop stitching. Like last night with Women's Bobsled. I didn't stitch any. Here is link:
Until Later friends !!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Crown & Cross Stitch

Hello Everyone !!! Thank you for visiting and leaving comments. I love to hear from ya'll. I am going to get my crown tomorrow. I once was scared to go to the dentist, but now with this experience, I think I can get some teeth filled.

I have been stitching on my Winter Olympic projects. I have also been taking care of the grand babies and Raeanne. They all had that stomach virus at least 2 times apiece.

Dewayne and I only, (knock on wood) had it one time. This past weekend was great near 70 degrees here in the south, and get this... A chance of snow tonight.. LOL

I tried to take some pictures of the cross stitch tonight. That didn't work... They all came out dark. I am working on a punch needle item from Brenda Gervais @ Country Stitches. I am punching Speckled Eggs, Easter Basket. I purchased the Valdani Floss kit from Brenda too. I will get a picture tomorrow of my stitching finish and the punch needle. I love reading and looking at pictures on all by friend's blogs. I try to put pictures with each post, sometimes it is hard . Weather and lighting sometimes is bad. Like tonight.. Tune back in tomorrow for pictures !

Friday, February 19, 2010

Why I Love Volkswagons

Why I love Volkswagons? I just had to post the above picture. Check out the lady in the dress. You will never catch me camping in a cocktail dress. lol I love camping and I love VW's. My family had a vw van when I was growing up. It was the regular van, not the Vanagon. I found this picture that is close to what my dad drove.

I loved this van. We did camp in it some. Then the van went away and my parents got this:

Still a VW but only a VW Bug.... lol This color too !!! lol Well, years of growing up and getting married and what is my first car? A VW 412 Like this picture:

I miss these cars.... I always wanted a VW Jetta or VW Thing. I have not got them yet. But there is a place that used to fix up old VW where my mom lives. I used to drive by and see an orange VW Van. I would start to drool... lol It looked to be restored to original condition. And me being a child born in the 60's.. I would have to do some tings to make it my own. Can't ya'll just see me driving that down the road????

Yes, This one is the one I would want !!! lol But if any of my blog friends happen to see this sitting around for sale somewhere. Please think of me !!! Yes, A VW Thing !!!

I love this green color !!! Well enough on my family of VW's and my wants..

Zoe is doing much better today. Her dad came down with it today and little Joshua is at his nana's house and he came down with that stomach bug again. So, separating the family and sterilizing the house did not help. I am going to sit outside in the sun tomorrow. Maybe that will kill all those bug germs. lol

It is to be in the 60's tomorrow and Sunday here in Alabama. Maybe, just maybe that back glass room will get cleaned out.... I doubt it, unless someone comes over and gets me moving around !!! You hear that mom!!!! lol Just kidding you... Stay away, I don't want you sick.

Have a great weekend everyone !!! Walking On Sunshine - Katrina & The Waves

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Zoe Sick

Zoe has been sick with that bad ol stomach virus. Her mom & dad have taken her to Children's Hospital tonight. She has not been able to keep anything down or in her little body. Raeanne just called and she said they finally found a little vein in her hand for an IV. She was in bad need of fluids. It is hard for me not being there. I don't do well in bad or accident times. I have a habit of getting all upset and almost hyperventilating. When Raeanne was about 2, she fell down the brick steps outside the church one Sunday. Cut her hand. I had to take her to the ER. Dewayne met me there. Good thing he did. They had to hold her down to stitch inside her hand. It took 2 nurses and 1 doctor and her daddy... Where was I .... Outside sitting on the curb with a nurse with my head down between my legs. yep... I almost fainted. First time ever in my life that a room started spinning and everything turned black. I couldn't help it. Raeanne was screaming Momma Momma. I can still hear her voice when I think about it.. Zoe is only 5 months, so I do know what Raeanne may be going through. When it is your baby, it hurts you to. I just ask for your prayers for her to get well. Everyone in their family and Dewayne and I have been sick with this virus for 2 weeks. Till tomorrow.....

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Stash In The Mail !!!

Hello Everyone !! Thanks for checking out my blog. I was asked about my header. What is the name of the stitching? Well, they are left to right: Crescent Angel by Primitive Needle, Whitaker Family Tree ( bought off Internet, the chart-can't remember designer) Spring Freebie by Brenda @ Country Stitches, My Secret Garden Kit by Lizzie Kate, and No Bees by Blackbird Designs. I love the blackbird design, It says" No Bees, No Honey, No Job, No Money ! That's ME to a T ! lol

I ordered these from ABC Stitch Therapy Shop. They are having a clearance sale.

The charts are: Land that I Love- Blackbird Designs, Outline Art Christmas - By The Bay Needleart, ( I need to look for the Pt2) Eliza Pennance 1726 - Plum Street Designs ( Having a thing for tombstone & remembrance designs) Spring Eggs - Homespun Elegance, and Boo to you - Homespun Elegance. I keeping looking at the Spring Eggs and say" April, You need to start stitching them before spring!" I have so much spring designs stitched and have not finished them into anything. Sewing machine is still at Raeann's house. Oh, and I keep getting in my front room and moving stuff around.. That is all I do, Just Move It Around !!! lol I unload a box, sift through it, make piles, and then I keep going. Thinking that I will put stuff I will not use at this time in a pile, then.... Get this.. I look around and I have about 10 separate piles of JUNK... I usually get up out of the floor and take a break... Now this break may last 30 minutes or to the Next Day. lol When I do come back into the room. I throw everything back into the boxes and walk out. lol Now, I am back to square one ! I need help on organizational skills. I need Mission Organization off the HGTV channel to come out here to Alabama and get my butt in gear. Oh, Look what I see!!! One box of items to go, to the Hannah Home. That is good, isn't it? lol

Well, I am going to go stitch some and blow into Kleenex's... I am getting a cold... What else is new around here.... Sickness is not

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day Memory

Thank you Jennifer at Feathers In The Nest blog for making me remember elementary school Valentine's Day. I remember in the 2nd grade... We made and decorated cigar boxes a couple of days before Valentine's Day. Through the years we also decorated pockets for our desk and shoe boxes. It was so much fun.. Of course, I put a lot of decorations on my box. ( crafty side of me) Joshua is developing it too.. He loves to draw... Oh, I got sidetracked back to the box...
I remember picking out the box of Valentines at the store with momma. It was a cardboard box full of Valentines with the shiny plastic covering, shrunk around the box.. I was so excited... I get excited easy... lol We got a list of names for all my classmates. We would sit at the table and I would pick out the best ones for my best friends. I would be careful printing out their names on the envelopes and signing my name on the back of the card. THEN.....

The day would arrive, that we would put our boxes out on our desk.. Oh the excitement !!!! We had the Room Moms come in with cupcakes and snacks... you know those boxes of Hearts . lol
We got to go around putting our Valentines in our classmate's boxes. Me and my friends would open ours and compare the cards we got with who gave them to us... giggling all the time... lol
Oh, that was 38 years ago !!!! I miss it !! some.... I miss the easy LOVE !! Everyone needs to LOVE and Be LOVED like you are 7 again.
So I Hope everyone had a Great Day and remember LOVE DOESN'T COST A THING !

Memorial Sampler Pictures & Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day ! I have been stitching and laying around. Windy and cold outside.

I have put Memorial Sampler on Hold... I got out the 3 projects to work on during Olympics.

So here is the progress on Memorial Sampler:

Here is the progress on Cricket Collection Halloween ornament:

These have went back in the basket of unfinished things. I have brought out the Winter Olympic stitching. But I am watching the Daytona 500 at this time. Lets go Racin !!!
Till later....

Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow In Alabama !

Why is my grandson in a jogging suit?? Why.. It is snowing in Alabama.. lol I took some pictures this morning for your enjoyment of an small Alabama Snow Storm .... Josh loved it outside. We could not get him back inside.

Only in Alabama could you go out in the snow with a jogging suit. It was a wet snow, but was not cold. We didn't stay out but a couple of minutes. It is still snowing.. I know ... Ya'll Blog Friends in the north and northeast are laughing at me with my little dusting of snow. lol I feel for ya'll with your feet of snow. I have lived in Michigan and Missouri.. I do know how bad it can get. Do take care and don't over-shovel yourselves....

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Just a little picture of Spring at my House !! and such a lousy picture too!! lol

Where Has April Been ?

I am still here in blogland ! I have been taken care of sick folks. Raeanne came down with virus Monday morning, then DH came in from work about noon with virus. Raeanne's sugar has been in the 300's and then will drop to 50. So I spent last night at her house helping with the babies. We are praying that they don't get it. I am trying to take care of all the sick ones without new folks coming to help and end up with it. I think I will need a rest when everyone is well. So just a note saying where I am for now.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Stomach Bug Hit !!

I awoke about 1:00 am Saturday morning to have been bit by a bad stomach bug. After about 7 hours of not letting me go.. I went to the local Doc-in-a-box. I got a big shot of that Phenergan stuff. That stuff is a miracle. I was sent home with 2 prescrips of this med and I slept all Saturday and into Sunday morning. My mouth is just getting to where I can spit again.. LOL It felt like cotton till today. DH bought 10... yep 10 big bottles of Powerade Zero. So I have been living off that till today. So I have been getting caught on reading all your blogs. I am out there. I did not watch the Superbowl. I am not a fan. I will watch college ball, but can't seem to get into Pro Ball. We don't have a pro team in Alabama. On the way home yesterday, when hubby bought the 10 zero's. I was waiting in the car and seen all these women coming out of Public Grocery with The Saints balloons... I thought We are not New Orleans.... duh. and on Facebook all the talk is The Saints. These are people I went to school with in Chelsea, not New Orleans, maybe it is because Louisiana is one state over from AL. But let me tell you when Bama plays LSU there is a battle going on, and you would not want to say you are a LSU fan in company of a bunch of Bama fans. So what gives... I don't know and don't want to think about it.

Well it is 12: 20 am Monday Bye

Thursday, February 4, 2010

In A Dentist Chair

I was sitting in the dentist chair today, thinking... How did I arrive at this point? and I never want to be at this point again with a tooth. After 2 hours and part #2 of root canal, I have a small temporary little tooth cap. I have one more visit for permanent crown to be cemented on... yep,, cement. I can handle a filling or two.. But I will not have this done again.. lol. I got up out of the chair, you know the one, where you are reclined to where you head is below your feet.....I try to stand and all the blood that had been at my head rushed to my feet. lol I had a hard time moving one foot in front of the other... Then the hygienist, had the nerve to tell me NO chewy foods or gum and all other great stuff ! Does this mean No Milk Duds? No Gummy Bears? Not even sugar free gum ? No chewy Snicker Bar?? Lord, I need your help during this time of dieting ( yes, I said diet) That is what I will be doing without all my candy bars and sweets. Hello, My name is April and I am a Junk Food Junkie.. ( Can I start a group like AA for JFJ's ?) I need a pain pill... Just to cope with this new information.
Plus, my gums are hurting.... It is that little tooth cap they shoved up under my gum line.... Enough on this subject. I don't go back till 2-24.
I need to sign off for the night, but I am hungry... What can I eat???? NOTHING

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Play Day Today And Stitchin' Pictures

All I did today was play outside with Josh. He helped me take stuff to the shed and I rode him around , around, around and around today on the lawnmower. He was doing all the driving. We had a fun day. Tomorrow is 2nd visit to dentist for part 2 of root canal. I know what to expect now... Raeanne and babies are going with me.

I do have some pictures of what I have been stitching lately.

My dad's Memorial Sampler. Designed by Midsummer Night Designs. I am stitching the pinkish red flowers at this moment. The letters are brown. They look reddish in the pix.

Next is the projects for my Olympic Winter Games of TV watching... I am going to work on 3. I joined an SAL group that will stitch and watch Olympics. I love the Winter Games. All the snow. LOL We don't have much snow in Alabama. I don't care for the Summer Games.

Here are Pictures:

This is a chart by Hands to Work from an issue of JCS magazine. Called This Is The Day. I have seen this one stitched on other blogs. I think it will end up on the wall in my Living Room. When I get it finished.

This is called Sailing Home. I am doing this for a Birth Sampler for Joshua. I also have the Girl Chart for Zoe.

This is Sarah Hartley 1827 Sampler. Designer is Historic Stitches. I just love this design.

Well, DH just walked in. I am making Pancakes tonight... Yummm

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Trees and Itching

Cross Stitch Ornament Trees that is. I have a picture of 2 of my trees.. No ornaments to go on them.. I have been stitching some Valentine things.. But I need to sew them into ornaments. Don't know if I will make it before Valentine's Day.
The tree on the left is the tree used for all the Cricket Collection Ornaments. I won that off Ebay about 3 years ago.. I have yet displayed anything on it.. ( I need to get to work).. The one on the right is the Lizzie Kate Feather Tree. I also won this off Ebay. Nothing has been put on this one either. I took it out of the plastic and box to take this picture.
I do need to repaint the metal one and redo the tiny balls. It comes apart, so that should be easy. I also have a big black bead and glitter tree, I got it from Home Goods Store. It is still out in the backyard shed. It is my favorite. That is the one I will use when I finish those Cricket Collection Halloween Ornaments. I am going for a finish of one a month. And Guess what? I am behind already... Why you ask?
I now have a rash all over my body.. Not my whole body. Just arms, legs, and a little on my shoulders. I have has this last year. Dr gave me some pills for itching and some cream. Can't find them anywhere. That is what happens when you move. Lose all your prescriptions... lol
Doctor is booked up, so I bought that Oatmeal bath stuff and I am using Stinky Sarna lotion. DH said what is that bad smell ? last night... It is me !!!! I stopped itching but stunk to high heaven. lol I don't know which is worse, stinking or itching?
I did decide what to stitch during the Olympic Winter Games. I joined this site that Melissa has started. This is my first SAL. Hopefully I can at least get more stitched on these started projects or finish one..
On my picture above, pay no attention all those bars in my front windows. I have been living with them there, since the windows were put in.. Oh.. By the way, I do have curtains for these windows. Just need a rod or 3? lol
Till later.. Go check out my Winter Olympic Stitching on the Blog above.