Thursday, April 29, 2010

Where Is The Stitching You Ask ?

I am asking that same question !! I did stitch a little tonight on my owl scissor fob. I have been working on him for awhile now... and he is such a little thing.. lol

I keep looking over at the owl stitching by my chair... Then I go to bed and look at the rabbit stitching on my bedside table.. I just sigh.... Shoulder is still hurt.

We are to have a lot of rain this weekend, so maybe I can stitch, or sew some of my stitching together and make something.

Just an update... till later !

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Redneck Heaven

Here is the picture I promised. Yes, I live in the south. This is a work in progress. I will make sure ya'll see a picture when it is completely finished.

As you can see, Joshua already has a slide. While we are working he is sliding down it on his stomach and playing in the dirt. Poppa has plans for a sandbox for them. He has to finish this and start on the swing set that connects to the porch. Zoe already has a big plastic swing for her. She may outgrow it by the time we finish.
DH brought in a Japanese Maple tree the landscaper at work gave to him.. Get this... He is outside planting this tree.. I said" Honey, It is a nice tree... But you can't see it for all the junk around here!" . Hint Hint.... He is back working in Sprott Alabama this week.
I went back into work today. I made it for about 5 hours.. I am going for 6 hours tomorrow. Then 7 for Friday !!! I was not hurting to bad.
Oh No !!! DH is saying he has hurt his back using the arguer to dig that hole for the tree.!! If it is not one thing, it is another. The ol' Hee Haw song with the lyrics - "If I didn't have bad luck, I'd have no luck at all" comes to my mind about this time..
Take care of yourselves till I get back with cha!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Work, Storms, Race & Hurt Shoulder

Sorry I have been not been blogging... I have been working. That is a good thing. Boy, did we have a weekend !! After a week of working all week and working Friday afternoon on the deck, it started to rain.... Rained Saturday all day. Then, It started storming about 6:00 pm. They postponed the Saturday race at Talladega. I love to watch race fans on TV. They were standing out in a flooded field Saturday , 3 good ol boys with drinks in hand and orange life jackets on them, saying they were going to ride this storm out !! woooo... Only in America !!! Bless their hearts... lol I hope they did, ride it out !!! This was me today at work !!

I will be at home for a couple of days. DH has worked me to hard on this sun room and deck. I have messed up my shoulder. It is bad when I don't know if it was the nailing or the screwing of boards that did it. Don't worry Doc gave me pain meds and muscle relaxers. I have only taken 1/2 of tablet of muscle relaxer. I didn't want to be sitting around looking cross eyed and drooling... lol

I will try to get a good picture of deck .. Till tomorrow.. I typed all this with my left hand !!! If any mistakes blame the left hand. Right arm has no feeling in it.. lol

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Rebel's New Do !!

Rebel has a new Do. Our friend Christine gave her the first cut for summer. Guess What? It has turned off cool here in Alabama. Each morning she has got up out of her bed and has the shakes. I guess I will need to get her sweaters back out. We used to have her cut in a show cut, with the long fur hanging down and fur on her legs. She was a beauty. Now she is 14 years old and has a bad back, so it is hard for her to stand for long periods at a time to get her hair done. LOL . We want her to be comfortable and she is very hot natured. Here is a close up of our baby. Happy Birthday Rebel !!!

Tomorrow is daughter's birthday !! Doesn't seem that long ago she was a baby and now she has her own babies !! Where has time went? It has flown by. I had the grand babies Sunday night and Monday. Great time with them and then went into work this morning @ 7:00 am... DH about had to blast me out of the bed. LOL. I am so tired tonight. I am just now reading every one's blogs. I have missed about 1 week on everyone. Thanks for hanging with me during this time. I will be back to stitching soon, maybe by this weekend. I sure miss it. It relaxes me. My mind doesn't run wild when I stitch.. does that sound weird?

Talladega Race is this weekend. We don't go to the races anymore. We have gotten old. Oh... I forgot to tell ya'll. I have air condition. It finally got installed !!! Pollen No More !!!! Except that my whole house on the inside is yellow... urghhhh.

Boy,I am jumping around tonight. and I have taken a Tylenol to help with the stiff shoulders and Arthur in my fingers.. ( Arthur sounds like something my mom says)Yes, I think I am just getting old and I have not worked in over a year.

Well,I will leave ya'll for now. My baby turns 28 tomorrow and baby dog turns 14. Two family birthdays in one week. Big week here at home.....

Monday, April 19, 2010

Quick Post !!

I haven't been posting because I have been helping out in the office where DH works. I am so tired when I get in each night. I do have Josh and Zoe spending the night. Raeanne should be back Monday afternoon. Zoe is sleeping in the port-a-crib. Josh is flopping around in the bed and kicking... lol I think we need a king size bed.
I will try and get some pictures posted tomorrow. I have things to show... Till later.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Busy As A Bee !!!

Sorry about time between post. I have been a busy as a bee !!! We have been working on sun room and building a deck/play area for the grand kids. I try and take pictures when it is finished. I have not stitched at all.
Helping out, still at the office where DH works. I am so tried when I come in at night. It has been a year since my last job. I have to get back in the swing.
Thursday, Raeanne leaves to go on a cruise with her best friend. I will have Zoe for a couple of days then trade with other grandmother and get Joshua for the other days. So I have to get all this work done before they come to stay. I am looking forward to it !!! Thanks for reading my blog... My blog is kind of dull at this time. Summer is on the way !!! Should pick up soon !!! Till Later !!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sad Day !!

We lost a member of our family today. My mom's dog, Sadie. She had to be put to sleep. She had cancer. Mom said she was in pain. She paced all night and couldn't hardly walk. I think she is 13. Our baby Rebel is her sister. Yea.. I think they are 13 or 14. I can't remember. Sad time here at our house. Rebel wanted in the bed with us... She normally sleeps in her bed on the floor, at the foot of our bed.. Not earlier. I think she may know that Sadie is gone. She can't jump with her bad back. I had to help her up here and she laid between us... Till she got hot. lol she needs her summer hair cut.. Now I am going to worry about losing her too. I knew she should have went and seen her sister Sadie Easter day. I am rambling on... sorry

Just a sad time.. I know it is lonely for mom without Sadie. She stills has Fat Cat Amos... All 30 pounds or more of LOVE. lol

Now he can be that inside cat he always wants to be. I will try and get a picture of this huge cat for ya'll to see.

Need to get some sleep... Till later...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Wind Comes Sweeping Down The Plains !

I awoke to a crusty nose. I slept with the window open in the bedroom. It is so hot here. Weatherman said 89 today. Oh Where Oh Where is my air conditioner ! lol
I have decorated everything in my house yellow. My lap top's keyboard is even yellow... Why can't all these Bees we have flying around catch this pollen in mid-air and take it with them...

I am about to head out with the grand babies today. I need to pick up some DMC to finish a pattern. I will try to stitch my Ladybug Pillow the RIGHT way today. I will post a picture. I did not get the 2 Easter pillows sewn together before Easter. Maybe this I can get them done.

DH is still working on sun room. He goes to Sprott everyday, comes home and works on stuff around here. Our Nephew, Jeremy was a great help this weekend and yesterday. He got so much done to help DH.

Till Later... I will post pictures.

Monday, April 5, 2010

I Got Mail !!!

Beep... I Got Mail ! That is, I got some charts today in the mail. Whoohoo !! I had been watching for these on Ebay. They were going for about $20.00 a chart. Saying they were OOP ( out of print). Here is what I ordered direct from the designers:

These 3 charts are from The Goode Huswife. The Adam & Eve Sampler, Sarah Seifer, and Margaret Pence 1781. They are all Adam & Eve samplers. I ordered them from the Website She has put more charts that were out of print for sale on her site. So please check there before you travel to Ebay. I also ordered:

Mattie Beard 1836 Sampler. I saw this go for around 23.oo on Ebay. I got mine for $ 8.00 + Shipping at Kathy's Esty site. She sells her OOP patterns in Esty. Here is the web address,

Of course I just had to get the newest needle punch pattern from Lori at Notforgotten Farms :

Called Strawberry Make-Do. Lori has made it into a cute make-do with an antique funnel. I do not have a local Cross Stitch Shop so, I buy by supplies off the Internet. I buy Lori's pattern from her site at:
That is all the excitement I had today at my house. Other than it is so Hot here and I don't want to do anything. I have no air condition yet... See I said yet.. On DH list of things to finish. With my windows open. I know I will have to dust tomorrow because there is some much green pollen on everything. To avoid pollen I would have to close windows and smother. I don't do Heat well. I wilt like a flower.... LOL
Till later.....

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter !

Happy Easter !!!

I finished this punch needle design. I gave it to my mom today.

I had a hard time finding an egg and then painting and speckling it to look kind of real. This was a punch needle design by With Thy Needle & Thread. Brenda is a great designer. I have some of her cross stitch charts. I love all the punch needle designs !
Hope everyone had a great Easter ! We went to my mom's. Joshua and Hannah looked for Easter eggs. Zoe watched all the fun from her walker. I didn't take my camera with me. Boy... Does that make me a bad grandma? I think Raeanne took hers and my mom had her old 35 MM camera. I will have to get some pictures from them. After my brother Trey and his family left. Josh took off his clothes and played with the water hose. It is Hot here today. We had a great meal. Ham, Baked Beans, Potato Salad, rolls, Corn On The Cob, Lemon Bars and Pie. I am stuffed.....
I did sew another finished stitching project together, But... I sewed it together Backwards.. LOL I know !!! I was not paying attention and the next thing I knew, I went to turn it right back out and Woooo. That does not look right. LOL So now I have been taking it back apart with a seam ripper. Cute Lady Bugs with big black rick-rack around it. I will post picture when it doesn't look backwards !! LOL
Happy Easter !!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Where In The H* ll Is Sprott Alabama ?

I been to the end's of the earth and that is where Sprott Alabama is!! LOL DH has been working on a building there on a hunting camp. I went along with him Wednesday morning because I have never been to Sprott. The nearest town is 60 miles one way and 30 miles the other way. You ever heard of The Middle Of No-where? That is Sprott Alabama. Now get this.... This person owns 100 acres and has a hunting club that they all come and hunt on. Well, I thought OK... Rustic maybe... Outhouse... Probably.. In no-where land we had to drive 2 miles down the roughest dirt road. WE came over the hill and this is what I saw:

This is the House. It has 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, Huge common area with kitchen and living room.Each bedroom had 3 full size beds in each. That how big they were. I had to go to the bathroom.. You know how we women have to check things out. These men are set up in Luxury Style. I walked through the front door and nearly walked into a big pool table straight ahead. To the right was a dining room set that looked expensive, long table and 6 padded chairs. Not rustic by any means... LOL Then past that was the kitchen. We are talking aluminum appliances, dishwasher, and side by side ref. with a stove with overhead mircowave oven. Then what does my eyes see.... 2 not 1... But 2 Big *ss leather Sofas and a couple of Big *ss Overstuffed Chairs... Get this.. The Biggest Flat Screen TV on the wall. All that furniture was centered around that huge thing.. With my keen eyesight, I noticed that all fixtures was that new Bronze color.. Bronze means to much money ... LOL DH said when I came out, to come out the backdoor. He would be out there working... So, I open the door and step out on this huge covered patio area.. Guess what again??? To the right The Biggest black steel grill I have seen ever.. along with a grill called The Green Egg that was in it's Nest with all the bells & whistles.. These men are serious about cooking !!! LOL I turn to my left.. You can imagine my surprise at seeing 2 camo golf carts and a camo 4 wheeler sitting there... These men are serious !!! ( I know this story is long but here comes the Punch Line). I start saying to DH, You sure no-one lives here? No, He says, they just come to hunt. I am like OK... Why do they have this Donald Trump Hunting Club out in the middle of No-Where? and What is it with the Big Screen TV... Surely they get no cable or reception? He told me to turn around and look up. DISH TV.. I have seen it all now !!!! LOL The building DH is building is to hold all the 4 wheelers & golf carts. Here is a picture of it:

They also have a lake with a prier. Here is a picture of it:

I explained to DH that this was not a Hunting Camp/Club. This is a glorified Men's Club. They tells their wives that they are going to the woods to hunt and end up here at Camp Boy Have They Spent Some Money !! LOL Riding around on their Boy Toys, watching that Big Screen, Bar B Queing on those grills and trolling around in those 2 boats on that lake... and when night comes and they are tired from all those activities, they root around on that overstuffed furniture and look at all those Field & Stream magazines I seen laying around, Watch the news to see the weather and then head to bed to dream of all the big ones they missed... LOL

Well.. I seen this bird.. Here is a picture.. Now mind you, this bird was about 30 to 40 feet up a tree in a huge nest. It made the loudest Deep call I have ever heard. If someone knows what it may be, Let me know. I told DH I just took a picture of the biggest chicken in a nest up a tree. He laughed and said " Hawk" I said " Don't think so" Maybe Lake Loon? Here is picture in nest:

Could be a hawk.. If it is? It sure is a big one.. Nest looked about 3 ft in diameter. It never left the nest. Just kept Making noise .. Loud.. I was trying to take a nap in all that peaceful scenery. I gave up and took this picture of the bees buzzing around.. They were loud too.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Easter. Our Lord is the Risen King !!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy April Fool's Day To Me !!!

Today is my day !!! It has always been my Day !!! With the name April, I was the one that everyone in school teased !! Parents are worried Finally about bullying at schools. Name your child April then send them to school on April 1st ! LOL My started in Kindergarten and went through High School. But, I never really let it bother me. I had 2 days a year that were my days ! April 1st and May 10th (birthday)
Who can beat that !!

I also wanted to thank everyone who has purchased things from my sale blog. They have been all mailed out. I will list more next week. More linen, charts, and some floss. So if you haven't stop by, please do. Link is on sidebar. I have priced with shipping included.

I did go to Sprott Alabama yesterday. Very funny post is due for tomorrow !! Sprott is in the middle of now-where land !!! Went to an Hunting club... That is all I will tell for now.... Just wait !!!! Till Tomorrow !