Friday, March 30, 2012

Ric Rac and Pictures...

 I received this beautiful Ric-Rac in the mail yesterday. I ordered it from Nancy At : She has great hand-dyed trims and floss. I will try the floss next!  I love her Chenille Trims! I forgot to take a picture of the of the gifts for Easter Swap that I participated in. Terri, thank you for putting the swap together.  My partner was Autumn. This is what I sent to her.. Sorry Autumn, I pulled these off your blog... lol 

Terri wanted us to try a finish we had never done before.. Well, the flower pot needle holder was my finish.. Glad Autumn liked everything. I recently went back to Hobby Lobby.. hehehe I go about every week... lol I purchased some more of those Flower pots.. I will be having a Spring Give-a-way soon.( Hint) 
Back to working on the Tree/Fort tomorrow for the Grands.. We also have a T-Ball game at 1:00. I love being a grandparent!!
I have to tell about Zoe and her caterpillars. She will pick them up and put them in a paint tray and carry it around while we are outside working.. If they try to escape, she will squeal and pick them up and toss them back into the tray.. Josh will not touch them at all.  lol

Here is the Caterpillar Catcher and her brother..  She and mom went to swing and I decided they had been tossed enough into that tray.. so, I went around back of the Tree/Fort and let the captives loose...
Hopeful they will all became beautiful butterflies.. Their minds may not be right from being tossed in a tray every two minutes.. But I hope they learn to fly, they will need to know that, to stay far away from brother's butterfly net...  
Till later... I am hoping a friend or family member won that lottery!! 

Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy Friday !!!

Hope everyone is ready for the weekend!! I am for sure!  I thought I would take some pictures of new fabric and other things... I have bought a good bit of fabric lately. I am just showing some of the pile.. I have gotten back in the sewing mood.

 This fabric I am going to use to cover my sewing machine chair. I wish I had gotten more of it. It was on clearance at Hobby Lobby. Now it is gone.... I have enough to cover the chair and make me a thumb tack board to match..

 This is fabric with Girl Scout saying on it!!  I love the Girl Scouts!! I remember my days as a brownie!! I still have my dress!! More Girl Scout fabric coming up later in  this post..

 This fabric has sewing notions all over it! Just to cute!  I may make a liner for a basket that will hold my patterns. I was going to make a sewing machine cover with it.. But, ideas change!!  lol

 These two patterns I got for Zoe Bug... I have that Auburn fabric that I need to get made into a dress for her. She will have many dresses this Spring and Summer. Potty Trainning Time!!!

This is the cutest fabric. It is Mother Goose. Has Jack & Jill, Hey Diddle Diddle, Three Blind Mice, and more. I loved Mother Goose. I know my grand kids don't know any Mother Goose Rhymes. TV has taken over books.. They know Dora and Max and Ruby and the other cartoon characters.  So Sad!
Here is the other Girl Scout fabric.. Raeanne had purchased this.. I got all her fabric to work with.. I love the retro look. I found that matching 70's looking green plaid to go with it. Hey.. I see a carry-all bag and the green as the inside lining!
Michael's has the cutest things in their $1.00 bins. I found these stamps and paper bags. I also got a little notebook. I love this Circus look!  They had cupcake liners and different pads and stamps. Would be great for a Birthday! Last be not the least.....

I am in an Easter Swap.  I have my things all ready to go out. Just a sneak peek.. I can not say who my person is!!  We were to stitch something and add some goodies to go with it!  I will be sending out this next week!! I need to go find a box to put all in... Out to the shed..
One more picture... A work in Progress!  Memorial Sampler:

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!! Till Later.....

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Spring !!!

Happy First Day of Spring Everyone!!  High 80's here in Bama!
Believe I do know the temp outside.. I have been outside since Saturday. Yard work and a building project for the grand kids.
I did have to turn the air conditioner on Saturday. It has been cooling ever since.  It is Hot!  Hate to see what summer will be like.
We are building the grand kids a 2 story house/fort in our backyard.
My back in hurting, my hands are ruff, and I have sweat a ton of water.  But... They are worth it!!  lol
I did get me an i-phone this weekend.. I do not know why I did not get one earlier. I thought it would be a waste of money. Nope.. I love it!  I like Suri.. I don't text.. I just speak into the phone and she types it out and I hit Send.. One thing... Suri, does not understand the Southern Dialect. lol You have to speak very proper English and slow.. lol I asked hubby " Do you wanna go get something to eat.. ?" I had to speak to her again with " Do you want to go get something to eat." lol She will tell you right fast she doesn't understand!  and No, he was not sitting right beside me when I asked.. He was outside.. lol 
Maybe I will have pictures to post tomorrow of the house/fort..
I am tired and beat!! 
Till Tomorrow....

Friday, March 16, 2012

Another Finish!

 This is Chocolate Bunnies by Brenda - WTNT. I did the finish a little different and changed the colors. I did it to match Easter Frills by Brenda. I just finished Stitching it. I will put it together this weekend..
Here is my bowl of little Spring and Easter thingies. Thanks for all the comments on my boxes.. I got this little Easter Chick Pom Pom kit from Hobby Lobby.. I was reading the instructions and it says" WE believe these instructions are accurate and complete, But we can not guarantee the character or appearance of the Finished product."  I have been laughing at that... If mine does not turn out like the picture on the front... I can't complain.. It would be the way I put it together.. lol  I have never seen anything like that on a craft... lol  I guess, if you are a Poor craft putter-together, than it is not the craft's fault!!!  lol and I know that putter-together is not a real word!!  it is just so hot here, I could not think of a better word..
Till later... as I wipe sweat.. I may have to turn on the Air Conditioner...

Thursday, March 15, 2012


 This is what I have been doing... Now what to do with them?...

I am back to stitching today... Watching dvds from the library and stitching.  What are you doing today?.......

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I wanted to thank everyone for the kind comments on all my crafting!
I have not been able to do much lately.  That is changing.....

This is what my table looks like now.. I have been painting, glueing, stitching, cutting,and now about to fix a necklace for my mom..  That lovely green linen is stitched. I can't show it yet.. It is for an exchange I am doing...
The little yellow chicks have been trapped in that box... One is outside. He has been the tester for an idea... The other are so upset with him.. See...

 One is even upside down!!!   lol They will be alright.. Ms Longears is guarding them with her flower. I think I have been playing with these cutie TO Long.... lol
I did win something from the Blog World recently!!!
Carmen at Carden Antique Needlework Blog. Check her blog out!!  She went to Market with Little By Little Designs.  I won the Roaster Pin Cube!

The Cube was made by Little By Little Designs. This is one side... The bottom has their name and Nashville 2012 on it.

This is the other side!!!   It is so cute!!! I was going to put it beside my stitching chair... But grandchildren.. like to finger my stuff.. lol
They sure don't need to get the pins!!!  Thank You Carmen!!
I did send her a note that it arrived safe!!
Well, that necklace is calling me.. I have to look for a bigger hook thingie... Mom sent one, but it is not big enough.. I know I have one around here....But Just Where?   lol

Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Finish & Weed Cutting

This is Miss Lapin.. She is a pattern by Brenda - With Thy Needle And Thread.. I did not stuff her ears.. She gave me a hard time sewing those little things.. lol When turning the linen threads want to pull out of the seams, leaving a hole.. One ear is glued... Maybe that is why she has a Not So Smiling Look... lol I sure didn't want to jab a knitting needle up in there to stuff... She may have lost an ear then... lol
Well, with all this super warm weather lately. My weeds have decided to take over the whole yard. I had to charge up both lawn mowers.. But.. Today the yard has been official mowed. First Mow of the season!! I did it in shorts and a t-shirt. I will now be heading to my closet to get out my Spring Clothes.. Why.. When I went to Michaels' this morning.. About all the ladies were wearing their linen skirts and capri pants.. I was burning up in my jeans.. lol
Time to do the Ol' Switch A Roo!! In goes Winter and out comes Spring and Summer. It is like I have New Clothes!! WooHoo!!
Till Later.......

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


                    Peep by Prairie Schooler. I some how thought this would be bigger.
I stitched it on 28 count. Boy, did I have a time turning it!  lol I had those Rooster scissors just sitting in a drawer waiting on little peep to arrive...
I have finished stitching Chocolate Bunnies and Miss Lapin by WTNT ( Brenda) I have put together Miss Lapin and now I just need to stuff her and add some ribbons. She was a was hard to sew around those ears.. lol  Maybe a picture tomorrow. I need to watch a tutuorial about sewing on ribbon and getting that ruffled look.. I hope it is not hard....  
I have now dug out that Heirloom 18 year old afghan to work on.. I will try to get a picture of it up on the blog soon.  At least.... it is cool in the mornings. I can use part of the afghan to cover up with.
My Aunt Gloria, sent me a beautiful purple crochet afghan! I am sitting under it right now!!  It goes so well with the bright oranges, purples, pink, and greens in the room. Well that is all for today.. I need to go make some Low Carb breakfast..Till Later.....

Thursday, March 1, 2012


I finished this yesterday in the craft room. The chart is Blackbird designs. It is from their A Stitcher's Journey book. I stitched it on 40 count newcastle flax linen. If you noticed.. That is the box I got cheap after Christmas in Hobby Lobby. It worked out great. I have been painting a good bit. I may great to post them soon. I hate that you have to wait on paint to dry..

The little size 0 baby shoe was my daughter's shoe. It is 29 years old.. She will be 30 in April. Boy, I'm getting old!  lol   I had lost one of the pair years ago. I still had this one. Thanks to Pinterest, it has became a pin holder. I have it beside my sewing machine.
That is all for today.. Going grocery shopping.. I have to get back to No White Eating... Till later.....