Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mail Call !!

I forgot to post this Wednesday. Tonight is New Years Eve.. This is what came in the mail. It was wrapped so pretty!!! I won this Beautiful Wall Hanger and Square that Shell over at The Raspberry Rabbits had stitched. It goes so well in the new sun room. I love that thread!! Thank you Shell and The Bunnies !!!

I have been behind in reading blogs. Today we visited with some dear friends. We had a great time. Played Mexican Train Wreck. ( a domino's game) We just arrived home. I'm going to stitch some on my last ornament of 2010. I now .... I have a hour and a half before the New Year is here. Boy... am I pushing it. Hope everyone has a great New Years !!!!

Today ....

This is what I was confronted with today. I had been avoiding this room. I should have just closed my eyes when I walked by.. but, NO... I had to look in there...Now I am knee deep in stuff like boxes, scrap fabric, cross stitch patterns, ribbon, thread, and a whole lot of trash.. I have been going through it all morning. I did stop long enough to eat 2 Christmas cookies for lunch. I have decided we are going to have a heartburn supper. I am going to have chili dogs and because hubby doesn't eat hot dogs, he will have a hamburger. I will start eating better after the New Year.. Need to get that last chili dog with sauerkraut in before the New Year.

I forgot to post some new stash I got in the mail before Christmas. I bought these things off Ebay.

Dames Of The Needle - Owl Scissor Case chart. I already had the Owl Scissors. I also won this 18.5 X 17.5 28 ct linen. I don't know what to stitch on it.

One Lizzie Kate and One HIH. I think, I will not make the deadline on stitching the New Years one... I also won 2 pieces of Linen.. 32 Count Orange Sherbert. (more orange than picture) 28 Count Tombstone. I have plans for these.. Orange for Carrots and Black for Halloween stuff.

I tried pricking Rebel's little leg with my pricker and testing her blood sugar. Didn't work.. lol nothing came out to test. Guess we will go to vet. She is doing better today. Raeanne informed me that I needed the vet to test her.. They have to draw the blood.. duh... She is a smarty pants.. She got a kick out that I was trying to use my meter and lancets on Rebel.. I was trying to help... Kids just came in. Till Later.....

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Some of you may not know that we have a 15 year old Cocker Spaniel named Rebel. Here lately she is been drinking a lot and going outside a lot to wee wee... Sometimes she doesn't make it outside.. When I am going somewhere I will put her in the bedroom, where her bed is. If she has an accident it is usually in the bathroom that is tile floor. ( She pees a lot) Sometimes I let her outside and she does nothing.. comes back in and pees on the carpet... She is still very active. She does have a hearing problem.. ( I say Selective at times) She can hear you open a bag of Cheetos in the next room but when I call her... She doesn't hear me... LOL Her eye sight is not as good as it once was.. She barks at hubby when he is walking up to the door.. Once she sees it is him she goes crazy dancing around. She knows it will be time to eat.. LOL She is a little FOOD abscessed too.
Back to the wee wee problem.. I am wondering if she has diabetes? Are the signs for Diabetes in dogs like those in humans? She has not lost weight.. all she does is drink alot and wee wee alot. Or is it maybe just her age? I need to make an appointment with Dr Kelley and get it checked out. She doesn't like vet visits. It takes her days just to rest from her yearly checkup. She has always been healthy.. She was the Runt of her litter and she is the only one left of her family. Her sister Sadie lived with my mom till last year. Sadie had cancer and past away last year.
If you wouldn't mind saying a little prayer for her, I would appreciate it. If anybody has a doggie that may have the same condition, any info is appreciated... Vet appointment next.....

Monday, December 27, 2010

I Don't Know

I don't know what to do next.. Should I clean house first.. or put up all Christmas decorations first? If I clean up first.. I will be cleaning this place twice. I hate to clean. Tomorrow I will get up early and start on this place. Over the weekend I just let this place go. Today was a day spent at Hobby Lobby with mom. I had this unknown lady in front of me going up and down the aisles talking on her phone and blocking the whole aisles. These people seem to always find ME....I even tried to avoid the aisles she was on, but every time I seen she was on that aisle I would try to go to another one. Then here she comes again, talking loud and blocking and standing around yaking.. Had the same thing happen yesterday at Wally World. Lady in front of me was Texting and had a small son get the things and put them in the cart for her. I stood and watched them. She could not even stop long enough to get what she needed. She would point and tell him what to get and then go back to texting. Move her cart down a little shout at him what to get and go back to texting... over and over... I just gave it up and left that Candy Area all together! Yes, I was in the candy area at 50% off.... LOL
Why does it bother me so bad that people around me are always on their phones talking real loud or else not paying attention and texting? Maybe it is just me. When I am out and get a call, I always tell them let me call you back I am at ( where-ever) or driving to (so-in-so). Maybe I need some help .... It is just I look around and everyone has a phone to their ear, texting away, or have that blue tooth in their ear, which looks like they are crazy and talking to themselves.
I have said that this New Year 2011, I am going to de-stress, try to eat better, and not pay attention to those phone people who annoy me. LOL Can ya'll tell I do not like anything to change.. If it was 1978 all over again. I would be perfectly happy and only 13 .... again. The title of my post - I don't know? I really don't know.... Till Later..

Saturday, December 25, 2010

A White Bama Christmas !

Merry Christmas Everyone ! Hope that everyone had a great time with family and friends or enjoyed the season in beautiful relaxed silence. We had a first ever recorded snowfall in Alabama on Christmas day. Guess what?? I missed it. I fell asleep and when I woke up, the snow was melted ! Went to sleep with it snowing big huge flakes and awoke to wet ground. OH Well.... Serves me right for eating to much! It made me sleepy. So... no pictures of our snow. Now to get up and start moving around.. Need to warm up those leftovers. Till Later....

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cross Stitch Ornament Tree !!

These are some pictures of my Cross Stitch Tree. Most of these were exchanged with friends a long time ago. I was in an exchange group. Some have their names. But a lot of them does not, I wish I knew who stitched what.
I also added those I finished stitching this year. I have some more to post. Can ya'll believe my camera battery died again.

Do ya'll notice something in this picture? A question game... No, not that the grands have made a mess in the new room.. No, not that the futon was not put together yet.. You give up... There is no Tree Skirt.. Last year Rebel dog grabbed it out from under the tree and made her a bed on it... I could not force myself to take it away from her. When Christmas was over I washed and packed it up. Well... This year I pulled it out. Laid it down and started decorating. Turned around the Tree Skirt was gone.. Rebel had dragged it into the living room and it is now under her desk, where is lays.. The other day I looked around and she had 2 afghans and Josh's sleeping bag piled up under her desk and she had made herself a bed.. I Think she may be part Cat... LOL

Till Tomorrow .....

Monday, December 20, 2010

Tree Pictures

This is a little of decorating Josh and I did today. That is my Treasured Elf under that tree. He is 45 years old. There is also Cat In The Hat, Priscilla Pig from Parsians Store from 1982 ( Daughters) and Santa's Elf in background was made by a daughter's friend's mom back in the 90's. It is so cute !!
This is my The Christmas Carol ornaments. Marley's Ghost and Crachet with Tiny Tim, along with the Humbug sign.I wish I could find the others to match. A little view of my Ober Gatlinburg ornament.

I have a collection of ornaments that Mom has gave me. Here is Island Of Misfit Toys - Cowboy on Ostrich, A Boyd's Mouse, and Parsians Shopping Santa. I also collect Ornament from our trips. The gold one is Biltmore Estate Ornament. I also have a lot of Lucy, Gone With The Wind, and other Hallmark Ornaments. This year, GWTW did not make it to the tree. I have so much.. Next year they may get a tree of their own.

The robust Mermaid on the right is one of my favorites. My mom brought this back for me from Natchez Mississippi. Sorry for the blurry picture. Of course, Lucy's chocolate ornament is a windup and the chocolates go flying by on the belt. The face in the upper left corner is my glass Polar Bear ornament. His butt is in the picture above. LOL. He is so unusual. I love anything different, one of a kind, or unusual.

This is my Christmas Story Lamp & Box Ornament. One of my favorites.. Of course, it was gave to me by mom. That wood ornament was cut out and painted by me, years ago. My tree has no theme.. Maybe it does.. 29 years of collecting. I will give a little peek every day till Christmas, if ya'll like.. I was unwrapping ornaments and remembering today , who gave this one to me, where I got that one, and important dates for ornaments... I started telling Josh about them.. He was not very interested.. He had more important things to think about, like... me wrapping HIS gifts, watching cartoons, and eating snacks in the recliner.. I lost my helper... oh well... Maybe when him and Zoe gets older they will want to know about the stories behind the ornaments.

Hope everyone is having a great week ~~

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Room Almost Finished !!!

The room is almost finished. I have some tweeking to do tomorrow. Little paint touch-ups, putting together a Futon (aka - Josh's bed), and getting the tree put up. This is a before picture.

Hubby is laying the carpet. We are so tired.. I white washed the boards on the walls. I still have this paned door to paint. Josh is going to help me with the tree tomorrow. We will see how that goes.... Till later...

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Any New Exchanges?

I am thinking, I would like to join some exchanges for this up coming year of 2011. I used to do Exchanges and Round Robins years ago. Does anyone do any Round Robins anymore? Or is it called something else? I have some stitched pictures from my Round Robins and Ornaments from different groups. That was when there used to be message boards on AOL....I enjoyed stitching for them so much. Does anyone know of any new exchanges that will start up in the new year! I just did an exchange in Viv's Cup Of Christmas Cheer. I really enjoyed making some ornaments and sending surprises with it. I also met a wonderful new friend, who's husband is from Birmingham Alabama. I am hoping that ya'll may know some groups for stitching or any crafts. I would appreciate any info... Thanks.

PS.. I need to post some pictures of the items from those groups of years ago.....

Thursday, December 16, 2010

All My Chritsmas Decorating

This is all my decorating that I have done so far. Barry Manilow is singing in the background. At least it is not Kenny G playing. Mom burnt me out on Kenny G. For years all that was in her car at Christmas was Kenny G!! Sorry Mom.... That ceramic Christmas Tree was made by My Grandma. It is my most cherished thing.. besides my plastic Elf that is my age. If ... I ever get my tree up and decorated he will be under it. I am going for this weekend. Maybe no carpet in the room but, I will be in there, tree up and decorated. I will post pictures when I get it all together.

The Amaryllis Bulb Kit was sent by Brenda of Country Stitches/With Thy Needle & Thread. I hope I have done everything right to get it to grow and bloom. Thank you, Brenda..

This is the table. That red table runner did have tassels attached to the ends. I noticed the other day one was in the floor... Wonder what happened?? I call it Zoe, happened to it.. She had pulling on it all weekend. So, I just cut the other one off.. Problem solved! lol

Can't you just see all that sneakiness coming out !! lol Zoe is wearing the dress her mother wore 28 years ago for a Christmas Picture !!

He is saying," Gigi... don't take my picture!" I got it anyway!!! The boy, who used to be a camera hog, now runs from picture taking time.. What gives??

I will live you with this picture of" Gleaming Sex in The Window" from The Christmas Story. The Famous Leg Lamp. I also have the ornament.. When that tree gets put up.. I have been looking for Eddie's RV Ornament on Ebay. I think I need to forget about it.. Prices have been near $100.00.. Out of my price range... I wish I had seen it when it came out... Oh well... I can live without it... I think.

I see a lot of my blogger friends are snowed under. Hope you are staying warm, stitching or crafting away!!! It is warm here today in Alabama. Freezing and sleeting yesterday. Warm and humid today! Geez...

Till later....

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I Have Been Very Busy

I hope everyone is getting ready for the Holidays !! My tree has yet to be put up and decorated. This is the first time in 29 years that I have waited this long to decorate. It is bothering me real bad....I usually start the day after Thanksgiving, when everyone else is out shopping. I am waiting on that sun room to be finished and then tree will go up in it.
We are having sleet and ice this morning in Bama. They are closing schools and highways. I was to have lunch with 2 friends today. They both have the Crud. I don't want to be sick. I am having problems with my ears & throat this morning, Sinus.
I have finished some more ornaments. I took pictures today, but the lighting in here is terrible.
I will try again tomorrow. So pictures tomorrow and clean house today.. Have I said my house is a mess. I am not lying... LOL With us working on that room the rest of my Palace has went into Ruin... Everyone take care out there !!! Till Tomorrow......

Monday, December 13, 2010

Only In Alabama !

Only in Alabama does it snow for 2 days with (0) Zero accumulations.... Zip - Noda ! So pretty though to see the flakes falling to the ground or blowing around by the high winds we had. Today it is 31 degrees in Alabama with wind chill at 16 degrees. That is COLD !!! I had to go to the post office this morning and mail packages. I looked like a big tick with a bright pink scarf and hat.. but everyone else was wrapped up too. We have finished the room walls. I will get good pictures this week for you. I have been finishing up those ornaments. I will also post pictures of them... While I need to go get my tree out and start putting it up... Well, maybe I will get sit here in the warm house and stitch! That does sound better... I will let Hubby go get the tree when he comes in, he has been out in the cold all day. The heavy equipment all decided not to run right today. He called me earlier today to say Equipment only breaks down in 120 degree and -0 degree weather. I have the house all warm for him and I am warming up his recliner till he gets in. LOL I am also keeping my PJ's warm.. I am still in them!!! LOL Till Later

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Fingers Are Better & Ornaments

Thank you for all the comments for my fingers to get well. They are doing so much better. Only hurts when I bend them. I have been able to finish some ornaments today. I work with the sewing machine and fabric. Made the heart and diamond out of he old chenille bedspread. I just stuck them on this tree for a picture. I have not put up my tree yet. I am becoming worried.. I have never been this late with Tree Decorating. Here is just some more stitched ornaments I need to finish tomorrow. I still have more than this in a tub.. Will I ever get them finished and put on a tree?? Your guess is as good as mine... LOL

Sock Monkey is for Josh. I still have Zoe's to stitch. It is hard work to finish these. I have been at it since 11:00 am and here it is 3: 15. That means I did 5 ornaments in around 4 hours. I did sit and think on how to finish each one, Then I would start sewing it. Then I would grab another one and think on it. Craft room is a mess.. I have not even ate lunch. How did I do that, I never forget to eat!!! lol
I am getting hungry or I wouldn't leave ya'll But.. I need something... Till Later !

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Room Remodel Update

Here are some pictures of the remodel.

I also almost remodeled 2 of my fingers. I had started cutting the trim for around the windows. I used the compound Miter Saw for that... We have to cut little pieces to stick under the trim on the inside on the windows to make them level. I was using the Skill Saw for that. Well... The saw kicked and I went to catch my wood and I sawed my first and second finger. Not to bad... but, it hurts bad. DD took me to the doctor and hubby came to pick me up... On the way home Hubby wanted to stop and eat. We went to Jim N Nick's Bar B Que. They have the best Cheese Biscuits. Hubby grabbed my knife and would not let me butter my biscuit. He said, I didn't need to be around sharp objects. LOL They play music in the place and right after he said that, Johnny Cash started singing " I Hurt Myself Today".. We both started laughing!!! I can laugh about it now.. When it first happened I just knew I had lost both fingers. Working by myself on the room is not best at this time, since I am now injured.... I will clean my house and take pictures of my finished stitching. I might even get my stitched ornaments out and put them on my little tree in my craft room.. If I can get that room cleaned. Till later.....

Monday, December 6, 2010

Why Can't I Have Snow ?

That is my question for today. I have been reading all the blogs and looking at all the pictures of Snow.. I Want Snow !!! Not our Wet Icy Snow... No, I want that great fluffy, beautiful white Snow. Now ... If you have been in my South Land when it snows... IT is terrible. Weatherman calls for snow.. Maybe 1 inch.. It seems people go into panic mode. They go out and buy up all the Bread, Milk and Potato Chips in the stores. Then, they go and gas up their cars. Why... I don't get this... We have ICE ... There will be no driving! They close all Schools, Roads and Interstates. So where do you think you can drive to? LOL Well .. After the grocery stores shelves are empty and everyone is sitting on the edge of the seats. We get maybe some flakes... maybe 10 flakes or enough to cover the ground and melts as fast as it hit the grass. Sometimes we get NO SNOW! I am sitting in the nice warm house... (Because when they call for snow, it is always so unbearably COLD) I am thinking ... What are all the people eating for lunch? All that food they bought and didn't leave any to share.. I will share this tidbit... When I was in School, we always had Snow Days allowed. Now it is called Weather Days. Why? We have more Tornadoes than Snow! LOL Just some info, if any of my friends up North, East, or West of Me want to move South. You will miss the SNOW ! I will trade you Very Hot Humid Summer for just a little Snow ! LOL Well... I can Dream.... Till Later.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Busy Saturday Ahead !!!

I have my day laid out for me tomorrow!!! We will be working on the sun room again. I am still sore from all the walking I did Thursday. Mom was told she is doing good and to come back in 3 or 4 months.. I can't remember. She will then have another mammogram. Raeanne (DD) and grands went with us. WE then went shopping for Christmas afterwards. I was so tired when I got home. I fell asleep as soon as my head hit my pillow. Those grand babies can wear you out. Today was grocery day, so I had to do more walking and pushing that cart around. I was so worried that I would forget the items to make my Christmas Cookies and Peanut Butter Balls, that I forgot most of the regular items I get every week. LOL I forgot any kind of snack for Hubby except Jelly Beans. He's walking around the house opening the pantry door and the refrig. saying: Didn't you buy groceries?" MEN!!! LOL No junk food in the house and he thinks there is NO FOOD. Well... Till Later....

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Decorating !

A Short Post Tonight!!!
I have been decorating today. No... This is not my home!! But, it is in Alabama ! LOL Only in Alabama does your Alabama Flag, Reindeer, & Christmas Decorations cost more than your house. LOL I have not put up the tree yet. I just took my time and cleaned the house and put out a little stuff here and there.
Tomorrow is Cancer Doctor Day with mom. Wish us luck !!! Till Later....

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Remodel Back In Progress

We have been back at work on the sun room. Even if it is not sunny here in Bama. Sorry but no pictures. We finished up the other wall and now are working on the trim. I still have to paint. I am hoping to get the room finished before Christmas.
I am putting up all my Thanksgiving & Fall decorations today. Raining cats & dogs here... I can put them in a tub and maybe tomorrow get them relocated out to the shed. All my Christmas stuff is out in the shed too. Josh & Zoe have their tree up. It is only decorated from the top to half way down. zoe likes to take the ornaments off... lol
I had a great Thanksgiving. Ate way to much Ham...Hubby boss bought a Honey Baked Ham to get some ham to put in his beans and he gave us the whole ham... He just needed a pinch off. Can you believe it!!! Some we have ate Ham all weekend. Well, I need to go fix me a Ham Sandwich! lol
Till later.........

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gobble Gobble Gobble

Happy Thanksgiving !!! Hope everyone has a great fun filled, good eatin', football and parade watching Thanksgiving Day !!!

Oh... By the way.... The President Pardoned BOTH Turkeys!!!

They are going to live at The George Washington Home. He has finally done something
Gobble Gobble Gobble says the turkey...

I Am Smiling And Dancing !!!

I received my Bear from Karen at Brady Bear Studios today !!! I was dancing all the way back from the mailbox !! He is so cute !! I have him hanging on my handmade Oil Pump Floor Lamp. I just keep looking at him and smiling. Thank you Karen for making such a cute bear!!! and I won him !!! lol Karen also sent me some chocolates in a cute gift bag. Here is that picture.

If you get a chance please check her blog out... She is a very talented artist !

Is everyone ready for Thanksgiving? Hope ya'll have a wonderful Thanksgiving !

Till later......

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I WON !!!

Picture From Brady Bears Studio
I won this from a giveaway on the TDIPT Mercantile Open House!!! The Bear is made by Karen Brady of Brady Bear Studios. Please check her bears and other animals out. They are so cute !!! I can't wait to get it !!

I have been stitching and watching movies all day. It is raining her in Alabama. I did watch Martha Stewart today. Her show was about Turkeys. What kind to buy. She says she raises Specialty Turkeys.. They cost about 12.00 to 14.00 a Pound. I guess she has higher taste in Turkeys than Me... LOL The Ol Butterball will do for me. She then showed the different Turkeys. Ol Butterball was huge.. He was on Steroids . Then she showed Organic Turkeys and Her Specialty Turkey and they were so much smaller.. She also said they all taste different. hummmm .. I guess Martha knows her turkeys..

I also found out that the Turkey the President Pardons every year has a buddy that, they do eat... They pick 2 Turkeys, fatten them up and then they choose which one lives and which one gets the AXE and becomes Dinner. I couldn't do that!! I would say.. Hey.. Secret Service men, go to the grocery and get us a Butterball and we will pardon both... LOL Then I was wondering, do they do Eny Meany Migthy Mo over their heads.. Or do they see who gets fattened up to make a great dinner. I would want to be the Turkey that is on a DIET.. lol

I am working on my Aunt's Stitched Gift today. I don't have much left to stitch. Right now I am resting my back. I picked up a box of heavy tools off the back steps yesterday and messed up the old back.. I have been putting ice on and off it today. I have to get my spine back right before The Big Feast !!!

Till Tomorrow ......

Monday, November 22, 2010

Please Bring The Cold, Thanksgiving Turkey And Pictures Gallore!

Please keep posting pictures of your snow on the blogs my northern friends !! I may need this snow globe to be able to have any snow at my house!!!! It is 75 here today and I have broke a sweat cleaning my back porch off... I have came inside to rest. Sugars are getting back on track.. I am getting tired of salads and chicken. What do we ate at Thanksgiving? We eat Turkey? A bigger children like bird!!! I will have to pass on the Cornbread Dressing this year. I am trying to eat more meat and vegetables and not starches. Starches has been the culprit to my stomach and high sugar levels. That means NO ROLLS! Bread & Potatoes are my weakness! I just that means NO DESSERTS too ! I well... If I can did this through the Holidays, I will have it made!
I won a Giveaway over at Sharlotte's Blog. I received today The Bent Creek Chart - Gobble and some Hot Chocolate! I am not a coffee drinker, but I can put away some Hot Chocolate! Thanks Sharlotte !!!!

I went to Hobby Lobby with the grandkids this morning.. They had all their Fall stuff 90% off. I got these 3 items below for $5.20 . Can't bet that price !!! I have now added them to my Autumn Decor. I am slowly gathering items to decorate my home.

I also received a chart and some chenille trim I ordered from Brenda. I can't wait to get started on this ornament stocking!

I did get the front of my Cricket Collection Halloween Cat put onto a mat board to make a stand-up. I am going slow on it. Hoping not to mess up..

So... I am still finishing Halloween at the end of November... I have 2 christmas ornaments I have stitched and I need to finish them. Will be decorating for Christmas this weekend ! Can't wait !!
Need to go cook some dinner. Till later.......

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Royal Family

Congrats to Prince William & Kate !! They are a cute couple!!! There children will be Beautiful ! But....I have to say I am parcel to Prince Harry ! Look at him:

To me, Harry is better looking and has the better personality, compared to Prince William. Prince William is looking more like his father and acts like him. I know he can't act normal because is to be King one day.

William has Princess Di's Face but Charles's Hair line.. LOL Seems to me Princess Diana became more beautiful the older she got. Is there maybe some secret that makes some prettier after they live with Charles. LOL They seem to be happy here... What Happened? She looks like she is about to kiss him. He has grabbed her arm.
I read that Prince Charles had been having an affair with Camilla Parker Bowles since he was in his early 20's. She was married and he had been having the affair for 15 years before he married Diana. Isn't she a beauty?.....

Bad crooked teeth, bushy hair, and lines on her face. A plain looking Jane...She stole Charles's heart... Diana never had a chance... But once Di was out of the way, she moved in for the Kill.... LOL She married Prince Charles and some how she emerged looking like this....

It is amazing what money and royalty can do! Fixed teeth, new hairstylist, and I will not mention the bust area. So... Prince Charles decide to have Camilla over Diana. This picture is a favorite of mine of Princess Di:

Look at the RED toe polish !!! lol

Best picture of mom and her boys! Look at them.. you can tell they love their mom. Williams chin is rested against her shoulder and Harry is leaning on her. I don't think Charles would have married Camilla if Di was still alive, She would still be in the boy's life and he would honor her as their mother.. Just my opinion... What is yours?

I won't write about what I think on her death. I happened to pull up a site to read about her, it popped up the Car Cash with a picture of her still in the car. A Shocker... That didn't even need to be on the net.

Enough on the Royal Family - Here is Harry again !!! Isn't he just a too Cute !!!
Harry will one day find his True Love... But until then, Let him have Fun !!!
Till Later....