Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year's Eve and New Projects For 2012

Happy New Year !!!

I want to thank everyone for the get well wishes.. I think it may be working!! Hubby did say something about me going to the doctor if not better by in the morning. Chest and back are hurting.. I may as well go....

I have been putting together my basket of projects to finish in the year of 2012. So far, it is a basket full! So far, I have 11 projects that have been started and need to be finished this year.  Here is a look at them:

Blackbird Designs - Anniversaries Of The Heart - I am only on the second one!!! 

Blackbird Designs - Sailing Home and Special Delivery - Both birth samplers for Joshua and Zoe. I need to finish these.. Josh is 4 and Zoe is 2. 

Midsummer Night Designs - Memorial Sampler.  I am stitching this one for my dad. I keep putting it aside. Maybe this will be the year.

Blackbird Designs - Blessings and Kind Wishes - Not much, but a start!!!   lol

Hands To Work Designs - This Is The Day

The Stitcherhood - Magic Bus - I love VW buses and Hippies!

Historic Stitches - Sarah Hartley 1827. I love the deer and tree, reminds me of the Old South.

With Thy Needle & Thread - Miss Lapin - Hopefully before Spring!

Glory Bee Freebie - Liberty

Primitive Needle - Hornbook Angel

The Scarlet House - Jingle All The Way - I didn't get it finished before Christmas...

This is just some of the projects in my basket.. Not even the things that I have kitted together to start. I need to finish these first.

Time to turn out the light and lay down (or back) nose is still running... lol   Till later... Have a Great New Year's Eve !!!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Quick Update

I am still here in blog land.. Honking like a goose. I hate being sick!!!  I can't get that shot in the butt that makes you feel good by the next day. I am allergic to the steroid or the other stuff. I'll just say I had a bad experience of not being able to breathe after that shot about 2 years ago. The cold meds I am taking is OTC stuff for people with high blood pressure.. Doctor said that would be ok. I have taken it before.. But I don't remember it making me this loopy before... I told daughter on the phone a few minutes ago that my  mom said that I needed to run the Vapouriser tonight... I said something else instead of Vapouriser.. Word came out wrong.. Daughter got a laugh out of that... Oh Well, I need to go lay down, but hubby is in the bed snoring the curtains off the windows.. I may just sleep sitting up in the chair. I will, of course, have to stick tissue in each nostril hole to hold back the flow...
I need to get my cross stitch stuff out and look what needs to get finished in 2012. I can already tell you, I have 4 samplers that I am going to try and finish this year!! Since it is only 9:07 here.. I may go through my stash... I need to find that basket to put them in, so that I can pull them out to stitch on when the mood hits me..  I may just look for the basket... I am drained enough from just typing...
Till Later..... 

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Short And To The point!

Rainy and finely cold here in Bama!  Just that everyone is sick now!!
Be back blogging when my head doesn't weigh 100 lbs.. Till Later...

Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas!!

I want to wish all my readers, followers, friends, and family a very Merry Christmas !  Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!
I will be back blogging in full force after Christmas!

Merry Christmas !

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Computer Cable And Christmas !

Merry Christmas !!! 
Happy New Year!!!

I keep saying this and smiling.  Just got off the phone with cable company. I kind of lost it with them.
But First... My laptop has been infected with the Vista Security 2012 Virus.  Yep... I thought since I have Windows Vista, it was something my laptop did.  It keeps telling me I have 234 infections and 6 bad Trojan thingies.. I am not computer savvy.  Well, I have McAfee Security. This Vista Security 2012 Virus will not even let it work.. I have switched to my little Acer Notebook for blog reading and cross stitch looking. My HP Desk is used for email. So I had to go and change my windows mail to Taylor62 address.  This will get fixed no time soon. I just got my HP back from IT shop. It cost an arm and leg to fix.
On to Cable... Two weeks ago, I called the cable company. I wanted to cut back Internet and cable. They are combined. Well... I opened bill today and it was doubled!  WHAT THE.... I had the price locked in for 2 years.. I got on the phone.. they were charging me for HBO, Cinemax and wire protection.. What!!  I got that all handled and let them have it!!  I now have a headache, but no HBO, Cinemax or digital cable. Only the BARE TV stations.. Trying to save money.. I was told 89.98 a month. That is still to high for some TV watching..
I Know... Everything is going up.
Post office charged me $5.20 for the little VCR tape size box to mail yesterday.. Didn't it cost $ 4.95?  She explained to me all postage was going up on Jan. 1st.  No again.... Just since this weekend has the prices of things bothered me.. Is anyone else affected by these prices that keep going up.. I stood in the cereal aisle looking around at cereal Saturday... My Multigrain Cheerios (12oz) were $4.97  a box. You add toilet tissue, paper towels, shampoo and conditioner and my total was $42.34, and this was at Walmart. Only thing to eat was Cheerios!!    Oh, by the way I forgot the milk....  lol
I will quit ranting now... Christmas is coming!!!  I will smile and talk sweet to my dear hubby.. I need a Honey Baked Ham for Christmas Eve... What will that cost us??   I do have a $5.00 coupon off!  Think he will go for it!! Yall keep your fingers crossed!!!  till later...

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Cookie Making And A Surprise

Let the cookie making begin!! 
 And we are making cookies in our PJ's!!
 I am working with Pros!!!
 Let the cookie decorating begin! See all those jars of sprinkles!!
 Oh... The cups of colored icing!!
 One just wanted to eat the sprinkles!! Wonder who that was??  lol
 Green trees with sprinkles, red Santa's with sprinkles, White snowmen with red hot buttons, blue bells with silver sprinkles and colorful stars. Who could ask for anything else?  Maybe me!!  I need someone to get all this flour and sprinkles up off my dining room floor!  lol  I loved it !!  We did have a great time!!
 My stitching friend Bonnie (no blog) sent these to me! I just love them!
They are ornaments she made with pictures of her stitching and she mounts them on wood!! Great idea!!  I love the Ornaments Bonnie!!  I know she reads my blog. If any of yall are in the Samplermakers Group by Lori, you have seen pictures of Bonnie's beautiful stitching and finishing ideas!! I just love everything she does! Bonnie is a great inspiration for me. We also love the same designs and designers!! 
I have swept my floor and get up most the sprinkles.. Now I will rest till tomorrow. I will mop then!
To tired... Till Later....

Friday, December 16, 2011

My Life One Day To The Next!

 This is the tale of popcorn kernels and a 2 year old.
This day at the park was so nice. Sun shining, grands getting their Vitamin D, and some hard playing going on.
Next Day.. I am taking my mother (meme) to her cancer doctor for a checkup. Get a call for daughter (raeanne)....I am taking Zoe to the doctor...
Me:  What is wrong? ( all kinds of stuff going on in my head, I don't do emergency stuff very good!)
R: She has a popcorn kernel stuck in her nose!
Me: What?.... In her nose!!!
R: I have already pulled 3 kernels out, but I can't get to the one stuck way up in there!
Me: OMG!!! Do you need me to get Josh?
R: No, He is worried about his sister... I will call when they get it out.
How in the heck could she get 4 kernel stuck up one side of her little nose? 
Well... from what I learned from Raeanne, it took her, a doctor and a nurse to hold Zoe down to remove the kernel, which had gotten stuck in a bunch of mucus..  Zoe and her brother Josh, both left with stickers and popsicles. I guess she was given a treat for letting them remove the kernel, he was giving a treat for watching it all!
As they left and drove out of sight... The doctor was heard saying," Don't put anything else in your nose!" Raeanne didn't want to mention that just Tuesday she had a small garland of beads stuffed in her nose.. Good thing they were all attached when pulled out!!  lol 
As of today her little nose is sore!  Maybe, just maybe she has learned a lesson.. then again.. Her finger will not stay out of her nose.   Till another day in my life...

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

O Christmas Tree

This is my O Christmas Tree!  The Santa and Mrs Claus, I made back in 1996 for my Mom at Christmas. Mom has passed them back to me. They are made from wooden 4 x 4s.

This garland was also gave to me by mom. She bought new for her fireplace mantel. I have no mantel so.. it is hanging over my mirror in the sun room. Went to the park with the grandkids today.
Nothing much happening here... Till Later.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Half A Tree And Bad Haircut

 I have 1/2 a little tree with some ornaments I finished this morning. I am typing and pulling hot glue off my fingers.. It is coming off my skin better than my nails that has polish.  lol  Here are some close up shots:
 Blackbird Design. I stitched on green linen in 2009. Finished 2011.
 Blackbird Design. I stitched in 2010. Finished 2011.  Are you seeing a trend here?.. Stitch one year, maybe finished within 2 years.  lol
This next design is by: Daffycat. I stitched this one this year and finished this year!!  WOW!!!  lol  This pattern is available here : . She also has some cute reindeer freebies! 
Our cocker spaniel Rebel is in need of a shave bad.. I have left messages with the girl that does her haircuts for us. I have not heard back from her yet. So... you see where this is going? I decided to try it myself with the clippers that hubby uses. Well... Rebel is now sitting with her back up against the heater.. Why?  Her momma cut her real short.. Can you say Scalp? lol  Only on her back.. I didn't finish her haircut.. So, she is embarrassed!  Yes, as in Bare $ssed!
hahaha... I know it is not funny to her.. Hubby asked If I could at least cut her hair from in front of her eyes so that she can see that her backside is  I think she feels the draft back there, that is why she is backed up to the heater... lol  I know... get it fixed! She is 15 years old and has back problems, she can't stand for long periods on time. The pet shops, Petsmart, ect.. Will not cut her because of her age. Something about stress and they don't want to be responsible.. if she goes into a seizure or dies. Our regular girl comes to our house to cut her.. Less stress and I am there with her. Oh please let her answer her phone today!!  My baby looks bad!  I would take a picture, Rebel said NO!...
Till later......

Thursday, December 8, 2011


 This is a little cross stitch quickie I finished. I have been working on my stitching at night and model stitching for Donna during the day. These frames are so cute!!  Guess where they came from?? Wally World... This one is a gift.... The design is part of the Lizzie Kate Snowman 10'. The trees at the bottom of the design. Stitched on 28 off white linen with DMC colors.  I did change the green color on the right side tree. I also bought 2 more frames in white and a greenish/blue. They have a retro look to them with the glitter.
 This was Josh decorating my ceramic tree. My grandmother made this tree years ago. He wanted to put all the lights in their holes!!  Hey... It kept him busy for about 30 minutes... He put all the Blue and Orange colored lights next to each other and all the Red and White ones next to each other. Can you tell we are a Family Divided? His family Auburn and us Alabama!
This is sister Zoe.. She is still in a PJ's in the afternoon. Yes that is a DVD player in front of her... Also the tv is on Nick Jr. The DVD player is on also. She is a multi-tasker already!  lol  She is eating MM's out of that desert cup. Those were my grandmother's too. Great for Jello or pudding.. Zoe likes MM's in hers.
Time to start cooking dinner.. Till Later.....

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Lonely Tree And Treats

 This is my lonely second cross stitch ornament tree. I just finished this ornament this morning. I stitched it about 6 years ago. I have just now put it together.. WOW... Took 6 years to finish... lol   I have about four  more ornaments to put together for this tree.  I do have this Cross Stitch ornament tree below:

 This is the tree I decorated last year.. It is put together again this year.  Sorry for blurred picture.  But the next picture will make up for blurred picture:

 All I can say is Reindeer Poop !!!  YUM !!!  About to take this platter down to the grands. They have already ate one platter full. Ready for this one now!   lol  It is made with Capt. Crunch Holiday Cereal, Marshmallows, and Rice Crispies, And White Almond Bark.  You can add peanuts to it. I can't because Josh has a nut allergy.

I am feeling a whole lot better now. I found this kit at Home Goods. I put it together last night. You can't tell by the picture.. but, it has glitter all over it.  I need to get to greenery to put in it.. I need to go out in the woods this weekend and cut my greenery.
Well, I need to get back to my model stitching. I am about to watch Harry Potter Deathly Hallows 1 & 2. That should take up most of the afternoon.  I have packages that need to go to the post office.  I will try to get them mailed tomorrow.  Rainy today and will get colder by tonight. Sounds like a Homemade Chili Night!!    Till Later....

Thursday, December 1, 2011

I WON !!!

 Look what was in my mailbox today !! Isn't he the cutest snowman.
I won him from the  TDIPT web site. They have a giveaway each year that their artist donate items they made. Please check out these great artist!
 Mr Snowman Shelf Sitter is One Of A Kind. He is made by Karen Brady Of Brady Bears Studio. You can see her creations at this link: Karen has been featured in PRIMS magazine and also Early American Life magazine. Karen wrote on the back of his card that He is One Of Kind with Mohair Head and Old Shoe buttons as eyes. I have fell in Love! If you were a reader of my blog last year.. You may remember....

I won Noel from the TDIPT site that was made by Karen too!  What is the chance of me winning 2 items in two years from the same designer. It is fate I tell you!!  I love her creations! Please take a look at her creations. Here is a link to her Blog: and if you have not visited the TDIPT ( To Dwell In Primitive Thymes) site, please check the artist web site by link at top. They also have a blog.
The artist who showcase their creations at the first of the month are all showing their Christmas Creations!!
I know where I will be in a little while!  Visiting to see what is being offered!   My Mr Snowman is grinning away in his happy home by my little silver tree!   Till Later......