Monday, February 24, 2014


Well... I had another doctor visit. I still have pneumonia. I have been back in the bed since last Friday. Doc gave me a powerful antibiotic, steroids, and an inhaler. So.. I'm high on steroids.
I have been doing a lot of stitching. I have been stitching on Barbara Ana Snooty Parrot. Trying to get this month's stitching  finished before March 1st. I have also been stitching on some Spring and Easter projects by With The Needle & Thread designs.

 I hope to put these 2 together so that I will have a cute Scissor keeper and bird pin cushion.

 With Thy Needle & Thread - Berries and Blooms leaflet.

 I've had great mail while I have been resting. I received a Gift Certificate from a friend for Christmas. It was to Victorian Motto - Nancy. I had never tried her threads. I emailed Nancy and asked her to pick out some Spring and Summer colors. She was so nice and sent me these great colors. I buy all my trims from Nancy, now I will need to start getting all my floss. Just the colors I would have picked! I can't wait to start stitching with them.

These came in the mail today from Brenda. I love to needle punch! I checked out my stash for the gingham linen for the Spring Messenger. I have it! Yay!! A great time to use my new threads and start another project.
Well, time to fix some more Campbell's Chicken and Noodle!  lol
Take care everyone and thanks for hanging with me during this sickness.. I will get better!!

Saturday, February 15, 2014


 Happy Day After Valentine's Day!  I finally finished that little angel pillow. Just in time to go in the till next Valentine's Day box. I also framed the Valentine one this year too. These were both freebies.. Can't remember who designed them..

 My dear hubby brought these roses and the card in Thursday night, so I got to look at them all day on Valentine's Day.

 I came in from running errands on Friday and a package was sitting by my door. Of course, I dropped everything and went to work on opening it!.. Thank you Dixie Samplar!!  What a surprise and on Valentine's Day too! The box was never ending!  lol Look at all that fabric. I'm using the crochet flower for my Tea Mug Coaster. I have started drinking teas. So sweet, she even sent The Grands some heart candy. I love the scissors! I just love it all!   I have been smiling ever since I opened the package. And look what she stitched for me!!!

I seen this on Dixie Samplar's Blog! Little did I know that it was on it's way to my house!!! I thought it was so cute! I Love the Plume on top! I told Hubby last night that was us!!  He said he was the one with the few spikes on his head!!  lol It is soooooo cute!
I will always treasure this and our friendship Dixie Samplar! Thank you!  I treasure each friend that I  have met through my blog and thank you Blog Readers for your friendship!
Going to close for now.. I want to look at all the new charts and stitching that is coming out at Market.. I need to see what jumps out at me!  Bonnie sent me a sneak peek email of Brenda's 2 new designs. I will have to look at them better than what I could see on my phone.. I love the new Prairie Schooler designs. I need to get my Wish Book out and write down all these new designs I want.
Have fun this weekend!  Till Later....


Thursday, February 13, 2014


I want to thank everyone for the get well wishes! I'm feeling a lot better. Still taking it easy... This winter has been a doozy. Took the last of antibiotics this morning. We will see how it goes from here.
We had snow here in the central Alabama area last night. Only lasted till about 9:00 am. I hope my blog friends in the path of that winter snow are keeping warm and stitching away. Weathermen are saying that our temps here next week will be in the low 70's....
Yep... I think this crazy weather is why I have been so sick. I did feel like stitching a little bit yesterday, and then guess what?

 My pink Ott light went out. I thought the bulb had just blown. I tried stitching by the good old fashion lamp.. I got a headache... But, I went this morning and bought a new bulb.. Put it in and it didn't work..  I had only had this light a little over 1 year now. See the box. Yep, that is my new one. 

 Michael's store had them at 40 % off.  So, from my title of post,  I can see clearly now the light is ON!!   I keep singing that song.. I can see clearly now the rain is gone...  lol  So after 2 trips to Michael's today. I Have Light! Had to take the bulb back and then buy a new light.. I tried to work on my Snooty Parrots SAL last night. Not much to show... I did finish some Blackbird AOTH blocks before I got sick..

 I couldn't remember if I had shown my Dad's block. I changed the House color to Blue Heron. It has his initials RMW and the year 1941, his birth year. The next is Happy Birthday block.

I have a great best friend since I came to this area in 1976. I was in the 6th grade. My friend Diana has been there for me and me for her. We were both born in May. Her Birthday is May 6th and mine is May 10th of the year 1965. This block is for our friendship.  I used our initials from High School that way we will always be who we are to each other... Friends for life.. Last names change, but we don't!  lol Same old crazy girls....
I have my brother, Trey's block to start next... His is the block with swans and water. If you knew my brother, water has been a part of his life.. He grew up playing outside in mud puddles. Loved water.. He would even play with boats in the bathroom sink...So this next block will be his. I will use the name Trey.. His real name is Robert Manly Whitaker III. 
Well, I think I need to rest today.. After the 2 trips over the mountain and through the valley to Michael's I went... Now to rest..
Till later....

Monday, February 3, 2014


Pneumonia again... Back to the bed for awhile... Received the shots and 4 prescriptions to try and get rid of this sickness. I have been sick for 4 months.. believe me, I'm not getting out of this bed till I'm all well!
I did get a great surprise in the mail today...Made my day!!!
 Beautifully wrapped by Parsley!
 The package included a cross stitched LOVE pin cushion, floss from Victorian Motto Sampler (Nancy), golden magnolia lotion (smells wonderful), heart fabric, a bag of candies, red cupcake pinkeep, and a cute dog Valentine. The candy is within reach of me in the bed. In which I will be taken up residence in this bedroom till I find myself completely well!   Thank you so much Parsley!!!
I want to share this gift I received from my friend Bonnie (no blog yet). Beautiful needle punch heart with Angel! Bonnie does beautiful stitching. Love it Bonnie!! Thank you! 
I moved my Valentine tree into the bedroom to enjoy... Hope all my blog friends stay warm during this next weather storm coming through and please try and stay well. 
Till later.....