Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas !

I promise, I will be back at the beginning of the new year!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015


I have been adding to my selling blog. You can visiting me here at this link:

I taking pictures of all the things I have made for myself and will get them up this week. I have been working on WTNT Word Play designs. Also some chalkboard stitching. I will also show the design I stitched for Lori of NFF.  I have a lot of blogging to make up for....

Till tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


I have listed these 3 one of a kind items for sell on my Homestead Needleworkes Blog.  Please come and follow my blog to see what I will be creating next.  I will be listing more tomorrow and though out the week.  Link is below:

I will be posting what I have been making for myself and what has came in the mail from my stitching friends this week here on my blog.

Thanks for visiting me! 

Saturday, August 1, 2015


I'm still here!  I have a new computer and it is not going good!  I'm trying to start back blogging, but it is hard going from Windows Vista  ( if you can figure out how long ago that was) to Windows 10. lol  I just bought the HP tower. I had a new big monitor. Thought the monitor was the problem. Nope it was the computer. It had been worked on so much.. I just decided to crush it and get a new one.  I also got a new printer too. It is wireless, you should have seen me trying to figure out where the cord was to run to the computer.. DUH!  It's wireless.  It has been a day here at the olde homestead...

I have pictures of my finishes to show.. once I get them loaded into the new machine, I will be able to show what I have been doing.  Just bare with me please..  I'm an old dog trying to learn new tricks, or in this case new everything!  lol

Till later....

Edited at 5:35 pm...   I need a new comfortable chair!  My butt is numb... lol    That is all....

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I have been lost over in Facebook Land!

Sorry I have been away for so long. I was lost over in Facebook Land. Never a dull moment over there!  lol

I do have some pictures to show of some stitches I have finished.  I will take some pictures and post this weekend.

I'm working on a model for Lori of Notforgotten Farms. It is a fun design is all I can say... You will have to wait. I should be through with it by Friday.

I'm trying to redo my Blogger designand Blogger is not letting me do any advanced changes to the page.. I give up.

Well seeing that it is 1:39 am. I better go to bed. Big day tomorrow. Taking the grandkids clothes shopping for school.

Till this weekend.. Check back for a post full of stitching pictures!


Monday, March 16, 2015


Is anyone ready for Spring? I'm ready!  It is a beautiful sunny day here in Alabama and so warm! It makes me want to do some yard work. Hope everyone enjoyed the Nashville Market releases! I ordered a good bit of new stash. Here are some pictures:

 Hands On Designs - A Year Of Chalk - April. Can't wait to start this one. I will finish it as a interchangeable display. I love the gunmetal linen and the floss colors. A great monthly project to stitch!

 With Thy Needle and Thread Designs. Love all these designs! Brenda released about 11 designs this year for Spring! I already have ideas for the little pinkeeps! 

Then my favorites... I love any charts with animals, so these projects I just had to have! Stacy Nash Designs! That was my mail for today!!! 

I have been busy in the craft studio. I finished some stitching and I went to Michaels (and used my coupons) and came across some frames, well... not frames as a frame, but chalkboards that I saw had other uses..

 This cutie was a chalkboard frame. I removed the chalkboard from the back and made it in a frame for my Shepherds Bush - Spring Lamb. I had stitched this one years ago. I had been looking for just the right frame.  I think I found it. It was a little long, so a added a piece and fabric with burlap trim and a little ribbon. What do y'all think?
Another Chalkboard. This one is an easel. I cut a piece of cardboard the same size as inside of the frame and spray glued some fabric to it. Then I made the flat square with the design. I bought some sticky Velcro and added to the panel and the back of the cross stitch. I can just change out each month. I also can change out the cardboard with another fabric covered cardboard square. It just pops in the frame.  Now I need to start May's design. I love these word plays by WTN&T.

I have more stitching to finish today. I finished 2 pin keeps last night. I stuffed with Lavender. They smell so good. I will be putting them on my sell site - Homestead Needleworkes.  I have a pin drum cut and ready to put together.  So stayed tuned....
Till Later....

Monday, February 9, 2015

A Winner !

Just a quick note to like everyone know, Donna G. was the winner of the Spring issue of Primitive Quilts and Projects.

Congrats Donna!

I have sent you an email.

Till later...

Monday, February 2, 2015


This is the Punchneedle I finished this past week. I had it all finished and I thought it needed a little something something. So, I added the rope trim. I think that finished it off. It's a pattern by With Thy Needle & Thread - Cupid's Arrow. I love my little Love Birds above!  it was a gift from Terri - Dixie Samplar last year.
Speaking of Terri... I met up with her and Joyce this weekend. We made a trip to our local cross stitch shops, They are about 2 hours from me and 5 or more hours from Terri and Joyce. We had a great time.  I had made a couple of goodies for them.

We had a great time! Went to North Alabama on a road trip. We did some serious cross stitch shopping. I had just bought a bunch of patterns online, so I went a little easy.. This is my new stash.

I got some great charts from Nan and Sandra. Cocoa Linen and some great wool for future projects. I didn't forget the floss. lol

Terri and Joyce, each had a surprise for me! I love my stitcher friends!!!

 Box was from Joyce!  Cute needlecase! Spring flag and goodies to eat!  I love the BBD chart Their Song!  I didn't have it.

Terri gave me these beautiful silks and the cute pattern to stitch!  I love the feel of the silks!   Thanks to both of you! I so enjoyed my day out with you both! I just know I talked their ears off!! lol
Then I checked the mail today and guess what? Another package!!! This one is from Parsley!

 So many goodies!!! Love the sugar free candies, tea, floss, trim and card!  But looks at these two!!

 Beautiful necklace she had commissioned for me! Has the word Stitch and a rose charm for friendship, needle charm and scissor charm!  Just beautiful! I will always treasure!

She stitched this beautiful Be Mine. Isn't it just beautiful!  I have it displayed where I can sit and look at it!  Thank you so much Parsley!!!
I had a wonderful day today!!! This was also in my mail! 

Primitive Quilts and Projects Spring 2015!  You know what? I had already purchased an issue... So guess what? I will be giving this one away. 
Just leave a comment on this post and I will draw a name on Friday!  Just leave your email address too. That way I can contact the winner!!! 

Have a great week.. Till later!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Sorry I have not been blogging since October. I have been under the weather with stomach issues. Had a lot of test ran on me. But, I did receive good news yesterday. I seem to have a Spastic Colon or IBS. I also have to change what I'm eating... Which is not hard, because if I eat something that doesn't agree with me, I know it by being sick at my stomach or living in the bathroom.. Yuck, I know... To much info! 
Anyway, I am glad to be back!  I have stitched a new model for Brenda Gervais. It should be out soon. I'm working on 2 models for Michelle May - Raspberry Rabbits.
I have stitch a lot of designs since October. I have punched some too! I will be in my studio finishing this afternoon. I should have some pictures tomorrow, so stay tuned, if you are still reading my blog. lol
I hope my friends and readers in the blizzard areas are all staying warm and safe!
The above picture was taken in my area last year during our short lived blizzard on this date in 2013. Yes... motorist just left they cars in the middle of the road!  Got to love living in the south!  lol
Till tomorrow!