Monday, April 30, 2012

Rest In Peace Sweet Girl

 Today we made a very tough decision. One that I wish we did not have to make at all. But the time had come...
 Rebel has been laid to rest beside her sister Sadie in the Azalea Garden.  She had been a part of our family for 16 years. Born in April and passed in April.
 She even attended Birthday Parties through the years.
 She loved the outdoors. She grew up camping and going everywhere with us as a family.
 She was a very stylish older lady. Loved her sweaters in the winter.
But most of all she loved to sit in the recliner with her daddy. During Nascar Racing season this is where  you would see her when  a race was on.  Believe me.. She did watch the tv.. When I worked, I had to always leave the tv on her cartoon channel when I left to go to work. She always would greet us at the door. I will miss her so much. But I know that she is no longer in pain and she is running around chasing her sister Sadie and they are having a great time!
I thought to myself tonight. The Lord gave us these beautiful animal to love and them to love us.  But, It hurts so much when you lose them. All they ever want is just your LOVE. Nothing else.. That pat on the head, scratch behind the ears, belly rubbed or just you to sit and hold them. You can always count on seeing pure love in their eyes. I seen it today with Rebel.. Pure Love.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Left At My Front Door!

 Seventeen pieces of Lovely Fabric from Silkweavers. They have been having sales on their Facebook Page. I still have more to come. I bought some more last night.. lol  Only Two.!!!

 Here is the package all spread out!  I have fabrics & linens.

 Here are some of the Solo Colors in the Aida Fabric.

 It am seeing Halloween and Fall designs to stitch on these!

 I see myself stitching Glendon Place - Witch's Wheel on that orange in the middle.

 That dark blackish gray is called Thunderstorm! It is a regular color. That is 32 Count!  I love that Color!!!

Most colors are Solos. They only make so many. That Red is really Hot Pink!  The blue looking is really a dull purple. Beautiful Colors! I am very happy!  Now... The big question?  When am I going to stitch on all this fabric?  lol That is a million dollar question!
That is all that is happening in my little world....
Till Later... Shell sent a model to stitch. I had better get to work!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Cold Weather and A Cold!

Well, it has turned off cold, here in the South. I have also got a cold. Hubby had it all last week.  I awoke this morning to a pounding headache and my ears are hurting so bad. I had to do a library run to take back dvd's. I just dropped them in the box and circled the lot and came home.. I have been laying around, trying to read the kindle. My head is hurting so bad, that I couldn't even read. I am freezing cold. I think I will try to sleep this headache away..
Just a quick note. I did stitch a good bit yesterday on The Memorial Sampler.. I will try to get a picture up tomorrow.
Till Later....

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


 This is the Memorial Sampler I have been working on for my dad. Got most of the vine and flowers done on the left side.. I went ahead and started stitching motifs under the words.. Why?  Because I am off one stitch. This way I can take away a stitch in the vine to make it fit.. lol  I also have another problem....
 This angel. The chart called for Little House Brown by CC, for the hair. My color of Little House Brown is not brown.. It is more the flesh tone used for the skin. That is why I switch my hand dyed floss and don't use what they call for sometimes.. The hair and eyes will have to come out and I will hunt a BROWN..  My Angel has no eyes.. You can't see them!  lol Moving along.....

 This is the chart I won from Cherrywood Designs.  They had a contest on their Facebook page. They were giving away some charts. You pick and chart and why.. I chose : Eat Sleep Stitch. I have been wanting this one.. But, also that is what I do all the time. Eat Sleep and Stitch.  I won!  Thanks to Cherrywood Designs! They have some cute Halloween charts out! If you get a chance, go to their link here: .

  Of course, I had to order some more trims from Nancy on her Ebay site. I have been over there this morning looking at her floss. 

I don't know why I need trims.. This Brenda pattern was finish with the stitching way before Easter!  Look at it!! Not even sewn together.. I have a drawer full of trims and this could not even be put together!  Shame on me...  I did lay it beside the sewing machine this morning.  Does that help me?  Maybe those Sewing Faries will come visit.. I can hope...
Till Later....

Monday, April 16, 2012


Where has this week gone? I have been doing the usual, mowing the grass, and cleaning the house. A spring cleaning bug bit me last week. I even cleaned all the kitchen cabinet inside and out!  I did stitch some. I have been watching Harry Potter while stitching.. I am watching Deathly Hallows Part One today.. Rainy day here in Bama.
It makes a great day for stitching and tv watching.. I am making good progress on my dad's memorial sampler.  I will try to get a picture tomorrow if the sun will shine for me..
Hope all my blogger friends and readers are ok in midwest. Those tornadoes have been terrible.
I did win a chart from Cherrywood Designs off their facebook page. I will post a picture of it also tomorrow!
Take care... Just a quick update.... lol

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Carol Burnett Day!

I don't know where that title came from... I guess I thought of this post while I was filling my mop bucket.. Yes.. I do have the one with the big wheels!  lol
 I just love Carol Burnett! It all started with the Cleaning Lady. I need a cleaning lady. I miss the show so much. I will let you in on a secret. I do not watch reality TV. I hate it.. It is not reality !

 Carol the old silent movie actress was the first " Housewives of Orange County.  She looks like them!  East Coast or West Coast it doesn't matter.. You don't go bowling with heels on and drink Champagne.. It least they got the hair and makeup right!  See above....

 Carol was also one of the first designers for the show, " Project Runway." She made do with what she had.. It was so much more fun to watch. No one was there to grade her and make nasty comments. Rhett ( Harvey) loved her outfit, so much he had a hard time to keep from bursting out laughing at her!  See, better entertainment all around!

 Next picture reminds me of the show with Jessica Simpson, " Newlyweds with Nick and Jessica. Ms. Wiggins is Jessica, dumb as a stump... Is that Chicken of the Sea, Chicken or Tuna? OMG!!! Need I say anymore.....

 This is my favorite character, Eunice.  Why, because Eunice is REAL.. Everyone has a Eunice in their family or knows a Eunice!  I will say I know a Eunice, that way my family will not be wondering who our Eunice is?  lol

I just had to put this picture in here!  Tim Conway!  I love him as the little old man. That wig needs to be put in the Carol Burnett Museum. Looking through the pictures to use in this post.. That wig was used in some many skits.. It looks like it is the same wig. It just kept getting more ratty with every skit! lol
I miss my old TV shows.. I am sorry, I can't make myself watch reality shows.. It made me mad when I used to watch the Idol.. At the end of the show, in that Little bitty writing.. It says, : This show is for Entertainment Purposes Only.. That means you can call all you want to.. But that vote does not count in the END. They ( Big Money Producers) are not going to sink millions on promoting a person who won by popular vote by a bunch of 9 to 18 year old.. If you notice.. Ryan says " We had so many millions of votes." But do they say how many votes each person got.  NOPE!  They ( money people) pick.. I will get back to my moping now...
I miss The Carol Burnett Show!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Mailbox has Been Busy!!

 I have been ordering some fabric off Facebook with Silkweaver Fabrics. They show a piece of fabric with count, size, color, and price. They usually have 1 or more pieces up for grabs.  First one that types ME gets it!  Well, I got three last week and one this week.    That lovely purple above is a Solo color. It is 14 count aida. I loved the color.. Has sparklies too!  lol
 The next one is a 32 count Belfast. It is darker green than this picture..
Then this last one is 28 count Lugana.. It is a darker in the picture Pink with light pink. I had no Pink color in all my fabric stash. How could that be.. I am a girl!  I should have Pink!
I have just about every color but Pink... Hmmmm.  How did that happen? 
I have not been up to much. I have been trying to catch up on reading blogs.. I changed to the new Blog look and now I can't find where to read on my blog. Blogger said they were changing by the end of April.. I went ahead and changed mine. What a mistake!!  lol  Please be patient with me.. I will be by to comment soon.
Till Later.....

Monday, April 2, 2012

Easter/Spring Swap Arrived!

 I received a package today in the mail!!! It is from Kathy Lemere. Kathy does not have a blog.. She should start one!! Her work is beautiful!

 This is all my surprises spread out. Are they wrapped so cute with the tissue and ribbons!

 This Stocking is so cute!!  We need to talk her into starting a blog! I would be a stalker.. oops,  Follower. Love any kind of yummy treats!!  What diabetic wouldn't!!! lol I will go easy on the candy.. Just one a day to keep the doctor away!! Oops again.. That is apples!

 I love the Garden Glove!  Great cross stitching and wool working!  I have to try to make one of these now! Just so cute!! So Springy!

 This cute Easter Blessings sign! I have it hanging from the top of my Easter Egg Tree! It has already found itself a home.

 It Just keeps coming from that box!!! I love these eggs!! So cute and they are hanging on my tree too! Beautiful job Kathy!

 This sweet bunny pillow is sitting on my end table, right by my stitching chair!  I just love it!! All the work that she put into each items just inspires me!

 I love doing exchanges!! Thank you so much Kathy ( No Blog) lol
You should really start a blog! I would be your number one follower!  I have put my gifts all around me to enjoy them!!

See, I have already put the Easter Treats Stocking on my Red Lamp. I appreciate and love the handwork that Kathy has shared with me! Thank you again Kathy! and a thank you, Terri for for hosting the exchange! I am off to drool and touch all my beautiful gifts!! Chocolate included!!!