Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New Zoe Picture

Zoe went to the doctor today. She is 3 weeks old. She now weighs 7 lbs 9 oz and is 21 inches long. She weighed 7 lbs 1 oz and was 20 inches long when she came home from hospital. Here is her new picture. I will need to give Joshua equal time. His birthday party is Saturday. I will have pictures of him then. See Ya'll.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Question and A Work Weekend

Hello Everyone,
Ranae asked a question about who designed my Profile X-stitch picture. It from a set of charts by Cricket Collections , Crossed Eyed Cricket . I have been stitching on them for 2 Halloweens. And I am afraid to say they will not be finished for this Halloween.... Oh well... I have been stitching away on the New design for Brenda.
We did go get all the shelves to do our big closet. Finished all but the shoe racks tonight. I have Water NOW !!!!! Yea !!! Did not know that could make me so happy. But I guess I'm so excited because I don't have to leave and go home to get water for brush clean up or use the bathroom. That has be a pain in the a$$... But now I have flushed the toilet for about 6 times this afternoon just to watch it !!! LOL That would be the famous toilet that rode around in the back of the tahoe for about 6 weeks.
Hope to get the carpet in next and then.... yes.... you hear me....MOVE IN !!!!! I now can clean all walls and cabinets and put all those tools away. Oh Yes !!!! I will take finished pictures.. Well, it is time to get off this computer.. Have a great night.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Working On Extreme Trailer Make-Over

This week has been a busy week. Mom's last day of radiation was Tuesday. Wednesday and today, I spent over at make-over trailer working... We got the metal back splash put up. I painted all base boards for the big closet. Stained more molding to trim around windows. Finished laying tile in small bathroom. That was a big job anyway.. To make all the cuts to fit in little places.. Urghhh. We hooked up dish washer and kitchen sink tonight... Did I tell you all, we had to plumb the whole trailer.... DH's job this weekend is to hook up sewer. Great job.. LOL and then we can turn on the water !!! YEA !!!! We still have 3 rooms to put down carpet.
There is this table and four chairs that I am thinking about painting black. It is stained wood now. I thought I would paint black then ruff up a little and sand on some places where the wood would show... Then seal it with clear.. Kind of Ballard Designs Look.. I said.. I thought about it... LOL I will try it, maybe it will look good.I thought of white, but it would stick out big time painted white.
I received in the mail today, new stitching project to stitch for Brenda Gervais of With Thy Needle & Threads Designs... Can't say what it is of... But it is a design that I really like.. I may have to stitch it again for me. I have 4 designs of Brenda's right now, I need to stitch for Autumn and Halloween. They are: Gathering Acorns, Black Cat Sampler, It's A Hoot, and Fraidy Jack ( a needle punch design) Her site is here: Brenda also does jewelry that is great. Check her web site out.
Baby Zoe is doing great and Josh tries to give her kisses all the time.. Hard Kisses on her head.. We have to keep reminding him that she is little and to be gentle.. He right now is wanting to give love kisses and she is trying to take a bottle.. Of course it is 11:10 PM.. He is fighting sleep. Now that I think about it... I should be in bed !!! LOL See ya'll tomorrow !!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Some Cross Stitch Freebie Finishes

This is some stitching that I finished this weekend. I was able to get 3 stitched.

Boo Freebie By The Stitcherhood.

Wicked Freebie By Primitive Bettys

Souvenir De France Freebie By Blackbird designs

I will make a frame for the Boo Freebie and make Wicked into a pin keep. Souvenir De France, I did on 28 count so it a a good size for a little pillow. I already have the backing fabric picked out, Black Toile with small black fringe. Hopefully I can get to my sewing machine without ten fingers ( Joshua's Indian Name.. LOL ) trying to check everything out. He had one the the eyes that hold the thread when threaded in machine all jacked up... I had to straightened that all out before I could finished Zoe's burp clothes....

Sli was laid to rest today. Going to miss her.... I am going to look around for a marker for her. DH put her grave on the edge of the clearing, where the woods start. After 18 years of life, she has a good resting place.....

Well going to get an early shower and try to relax before bed...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sli (Kitty) 1991 - 2009

Dewayne found Sli today. She had been close to the house for about 2 weeks and getting weaker each day. Not eating anything. She hadn't came up to eat for 4 days and we looked everywhere.
I called myself checking under house, but it is so close to the ground.. I smelled something .... under the house... well.... Dewayne has to try and get under there to remove her.. I tried to get her to stay in the house... But no, she wanted out... Now to just figure out how to get her out to bury her... Dewayne is out there doing that right now... I can't talk got to go.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pay No Attention To Joshua's Shirt

Those Spots on Joshua's shirt is his supper.. Mom brought us chicken and dumplings, I fried some potatoes, had corn on the cob and made some cornbread muffins... That sure was alot of starches... Oh who cares.... LOL As Eddie says in Christmas Vacation, " I don't know about that Clark, But it sure is Gooood."
Poppa promised Joshua a lawnmower ride if her ate his supper... Well he is wearing must of it. Poppa said that was fine, his plate is clean.. He did like his meme's chicken and dumplings.
Baby Sis-ter is eating now.. She and I had a great talk while momma was taking a shower.. Just girl talk... She started running her hand over her hair and I told her that it looks great and not to worry about her hair-do, It will fall out once she starts turning that head side to side. She made a eyebrow - together look at me and I told her " that is the truth, your brother lost his hair on the side." Well, she didn't want to hear that... LOL
For my stitching readers, I haven't done much stitching... New baby Zoe, need I say anymore...
I am going to work on some Halloween stuff tonight. I started a new Freebie, can't remember who is the designer??? But when I finish with it, I will let you know. I did start another Freebie by The Stitcherhood called BOO. Here is their link The pattern for my VM bus came from them.
Well, it is about to storm here and Joshua is back inside.... Bath Time !!!! Yea !!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New Zoe Pictures !!!

I have some new Zoe pictures. Her mom has been busy taken care of her. She is a little Yellow. We will be going to the doctor tomorrow to get her blood checked again. Cousin Lacy's baby was born on the same day as Zoe. Her name is Bailey. Hope to see her soon in person. Have only seen emailed pictures of Bailey. Took mom to radiation and to "arthur" doctor. Got in about 4:00. Now to see what is for supper... urghhh

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Zoe Came Home Today!!!

Hello Everyone,
Zoe came home today. She wore her little eyelet onesie from Aunt Debbi and her little bracelet with her name on it. CUTE... Meme came by to see her after church. I cooked a big supper of meatloaf, fried okra, mashed potatoes, and cornbread. Joshua has had his bath and Zoe is getting a diaper change. I think I am ready for bed.. It is only 7:00 pm OH.. I forgot that the tv special Manson is coming on. I have to go for now.....

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Zoe Payton Has Arrived !!!!

Zoe Payton Pruitt arrived at 12:28 today. !!! She weighed 7 lbs & 8 ozs and is 20 inches long. Of course that is her poppa holding her. She has black hair and long fingers and fat little legs.

Big Brother Joshua is checking out his new sister.....

That is all for today. New baby is big news !!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Acute Sinus Infection !!!

Went to Doctor today. I have an acute sinus infection. She gave me ceftin and pain medicine. I said I didn't want any shots after that last episode. Dr said to watch around my ears and eyes, because of the bouts of staph I have had. I will take pain meds when I go to sleep tonight. I have to be ready in the morning for Zoe's delivery!!! Raeanne's doctor said he would do c-section on his lunch time at Noon.. All to report for now. Thanks Judy & Deb for helping with mom, carrying her to radiation. I greatly appreciate it..

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Attack Snake & Magic Bus

What a title for this blog!!! First up is picture of mystery cross stitch I am working on. I have been singing Magic Bus by The Who, the whole time I have been stitching. This is a chart that is from Designer " The Sisterhood". Cute . I am not finished... This is a picture of what it will look like finished.

Sorry this picture is not good.
On to second part of this blog. Attack snake !!! I got out of my car a few minutes ago. I black snake came toward me. I took off running. I ran into the house and thought" wait my gun is outside in my car" I went back outside by then it was on the side of our rocky and clay hill. I can't shoot it from here. My luck the bullet would hit a rock and come back and hit me in the head! I just let it go.. On a black racer anyway... Let it eat any mice or small creatures I don't like.
I am having one more day. I have been in the bed with Sinus or a extra bad toothache.. I don't know which... Teeth on top & some on bottom are hurting bad. But then so is my ear and under my eyes??? What gives... Hope not Swine Flu...
Raeanne went to doctor today for them to draw fluid to check to see if Zoe's lungs are developed to go ahead and do a c section Thursday.. Dr said fluid looked good but they will know for sure tomorrow afternoon. If everything is ok, she will go into hospital Thursday. We will have our baby girl Zoe come into the world... She is going to love brother Joshua. He can't wait for her to get here. He keeps telling us all the new baby stuff is Zoe's.. Like we can't touch it. LOL
He is at his' Nana's today. His great grandparents are in from Mississippi for Zoe's birth. Well time to take more Pain meds... and lay here in bed with nothing on this TV !!! Urghhh
Have a great nite....

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor on Labor Day

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day!!! I labored on Labor Day. I installed the kitchen faucet By Myself !!! DH was on Bobcat and Track Hole digging up 3 trees in the yard I wanted gone. One HUGE Mimosa. We had cut it down and left the stump. The stump was about 2 feet in diameter. Also 2 Cherry Trees, all they do is drop berries and limbs die one by one and fall off, and I have to gather when I cut grass. Morning Glory vines are taking over the back yard. They are pretty with the blooms... That was all on the yard work. I also starting tile work in front bathroom. Got maybe 14 pieces down and had to stop. Sinus's are acting up. Mom said it is the musty smell in there.. I am beginning to think she is right. Hopefully I can get it finished this week. Tried working on back splash.. Gave up. I need a tall man.. I ended up laying on top of the counter trying to reach this certain area.. I walked back across the street toward home.. Took a shower, can't hardly walk.. Let along move my arms.
But I did work from 7:30 am to 2:00 pm. I am tired !!! I need a nap !!! BYE.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Anniversary Day and I Changed My Mind !!!

Today is mine and Hubby's 28th year of being Married. We also were married on a Friday Night. Nothing new for us this year.. I did say Happy Anniversary this morning. It is like birthdays, The older you get , it is just another day.
I know I said I was going to show some Starts on Halloween cross stitch,, Well I changed my mind. I received a new chart and it is not Halloween. I will give 2 hints.... and tell you or show you possible Tuesday. 1st Hint - I am A child Of The 60's. ( Born 1965) & My Dad had a VW Van in the early 70's. Hint #2 - New Songs on My Blog Player, and One of them is the title of my new cross stitch project. GUESS !!! LOL
I will leave ya'll hanging till Tuesday...
Have A great Labor Day Weekend !!! and Be Safe !!! Oh Yea !!


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Cross Stitch Finish

Hello Everyone !!! I have a new cross stitch finish. This chart is a Freebie from Brenda's Blog - With Thy Needle & Thread. She has great cross stitch and needle punch patterns. I stitched mine on Dirty Linen 28 ct over 2 threads. I used modern colors of DMC #s 165, 166 - greens, 922 - orange, trying to get maybe a tiger lily like flower.#169 for birds and ribbon on basket, ecru, #3781, & 169 for lettering, basket, key & Year. I Think I will make into a pillow for my new home... If we ever get it finished.. LOL... I am going to start Halloween cross stitch tonight.
Sli (cat) is having a bad time, She is 18 years old. The last couple of days she has not eaten much. I found a growth on her neck. This morning I stayed outside with her while she was eating, Neighbor's tom cat comes over here and runs her off and eats her foods.. I know it is hard to keep cats in their own yard, but... DH has something for this Tom Cat...
Yep, you guessed.. A Trap. It would be different if the cat belonged to someone... The people up the street do not have their animals spayed or neutered. They have kittens and puppies running all around. The neighbor feeds them all.. Cats, Dogs, Birds, Squirrels, and everything else with 2 to 4 legs. So I hope you will see our side... All of our animals have been fixed and go in for rabies shots. Except this past year, Dr. Kelley asked if Sli was still alive, I said" Yes, I need to bring her in for her rabies shot." He just laughed and said if anyone said anything about her not having her shot, to tell them, He said," At 18 years old, if she is still alive, she doesn't need a shot." Years ago, This same cat attacked Sli, A couple of days after the attack, I notice half of her side was all bloody, I rushed her to the Vet. The site were the cat bit or clawed her had gotten infected and had Abscessed and burst open. She had to have surgery and wear a head funnel for awhile.. She has survived a lot. She first came home to us from being left in a box in the back of the city work truck where my mom worked. Mom called and said someone left 2 kittens in the back of a truck. She picked out gray one for me. I went and got her. We have loved her since.. Raeanne has grown up with her, Sli had to put up with Her and DH aggravating her. She loves me though....She has gave us some scares here lately.. She is slowing down so much, sleeps all day... She will not come in the house because Josh is inside... To aggravate.. Like Mother, like Son.. I was holding her this weekend and josh said, PRETTY and was petting her. I just laughed... Sli's fur looks like her tail has been put in electric socket ( stuck out all over) she hasn't been able to groom herself, and she has been Cross-Eyed since Birth... Yea Josh... PRETTY, But I love her.. Typed my fingers off and talked every one's ears off.. Good rest of the day..

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tahoe, No Longer Has A Toilet !!!

That is what I said... " Toilet has been removed from box in the back of my Tahoe and installed in the master bath .. YEAH !!!! I know I will get better gas mileage now. Also when I open the back up to put in groceries, they will all fit.
We did get the range hood installed and the stove placed in the hole on the counter top. DH & SIL put in toilet & 2 sinks in master bath. I scrapped up front bath flooring and will start to lay it tomorrow. DH bought new 8" deep sink for kitchen. Guess what ? It does not fit. To Big... Going back to Home Depot tomorrow. Hope mom does not mind a pit stop on the way back from treatment. That is all that has been going on over at Remodelsville....
I have been stitching some. I am almost finished on Brenda's freebie @ With Thy Needle & Thread Blog. I am starting 3 new Halloween stitching projects. Very little charts, I will list tomorrow. Going to bed now... Have a good night.