Friday, August 28, 2009

Almost A Week ?

Whew.... I didn't know it has almost been a week. This has been a busy week. Mom went to Radiation each day.
Raeanne had Baby scare Thursday. She told Dr. baby has not moved much. They wanted her to lay down for a couple of hours rest and to count how many times baby moves within that hour. Chip took Joshua to his Nana's House ( chip's mom) so Mom could rest. Dr. scared her by saying if baby did not move more than 4 times within each hour, to call him and then go to Hospital. Baby Zoe may be in distress. Turns out Zoe decided to start tap dancing on Raeanne's Bladder. She is breach .... We took that as a sign that she is OK. Next Thursday, she is to go in for the needle test to see if Zoe's lungs are developed. Then the Next Thursday she is going in for the c-section. Please keep her in your prayers. 2 more weeks and we will have a Baby !!!!!
I have not moved yet. This place is a mess... Mom will tell you that too!!! LOL. She tried to help us Tuesday clean. I had a bruised knee. I fell getting on to Joshua on the Front porch. When I turned to get on to him, Knee went right instead of straight ahead... I'm Graceful as always !!!
Back to work on Extreme Trailer Makeover tomorrow. I will take a picture tomorrow of the great tile job our friend Wayne did last Saturday. I need to clean up the rooms so we can start laying carpet. DH said he had to finish hooking up Drains and Sewer. I got a bunch of stuff stored in sun room I need to move out and also in bedroom.. Tomorrow is going to be a long day.
Have a great weekend !!! April Mechelle

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Counter Top Saturday

Hello Everyone,

Today our friends from Anniston came to help on Trailer Makeover. I love you Wayne & Deborah !!!! Wayne can do Everything !!! I am just amazed. He put tile on our kitchen counter tops and made me a back splash behind my new stove top. I am in Awe !!! I just can't keep from looking at my new kitchen. I will get a picture up in a day or two when stove can be installed and sink replaced back in it's hole. I hope to go get tin tile look stuff to go under the cabinets tomorrow. DH is already in the bed asleep. Joshua had big day over at Work Site too..

See Yall, April Mechelle

Friday, August 21, 2009

Here is a picture of Zoe. The Name only.... I also have a picture of Joshua.Joshua likes his Sis-ter's car seat. Well Joshua is pitching fit right now, I had better go get him.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

We Have A Name !!! Finally !!!

Baby Girl's Parents have finally settled on a name. Drum Roll !!!!!
Zoe Peyton (Ta da)
We went to Hobby Lobby yesterday on the way home from Mom's radiation and Raeanne picked out the letters to hang on the wall in Zoe's room.. They are white and I attached a brown with pink polka dots ribbon to each. Real Cute. I will take a picture tomorrow if I have time.
Debra & Wayne are coming to help with the Extreme Trailer Makeover..Wayne has the tile cutter and he and Dewayne will install counter top in kitchen. I did get a new black cook top. It at least matches the ovens in the wall. DH says no on a new sink and faucet or new kitchen floor. I will have to clean the sink and live with the floor for awhile. I am riding around with the Only Tahoe that has a toilet in the back.. and a range hood, not to mention a stroller. We have been laughing about the toilet in the car. It is still in the box... Can't seem to get anyone to remove it from the back.
We worked last night and tonight over there. I finished painting closet. I changed my mind from white to the bathroom color. All it needs is the floor put down and shelf units cleaned up and brought in. Master bath only needs both sink cabinets put in and hooked up to the water.. And The Toilet in my car brought in and put in place and hooked up.
Then on to the master bedroom. Only needs carpet laid. Dinning room doesn't need anything but floor cleaned, new light hung and table brought in. Kitchen is just counter put in and sink and stove top hooked back up. Oh... And new lights installed. Living room only needs carpet laid. 2nd bath only needs sink hooked back up and I need to redo the mirror over the sink. Front bedroom needs carpet laid and closet doors hung.. Then we may can move... LOL Oh Yeah.... Also a lot of deep cleaning !!!
Hope I didn't make anyone as tired as I am...
April Mechelle

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Cross Stitch Finish & Others...

I have just finished a new cross stitch piece for Halloween. I am going to make it into a pillow.
It is a Chart from Homespun Elegance - All About Halloween. Stitched on R & R 30 ct Havana with WDW floss in Color: Swampwater. I also have to put the brass star button on this finish.

This picture is of a Lizzie Kate Kit, I stitched a couple of years ago. I need to get it framed . I am thinking about putting on the wall in the sun room, when we get moved. I may end up painting the sun room wall the same as living room and dinning room, that melted butter color.

This Is a Birds Of A Feather Design. I stitched back in 2005. I am going to put this in my office/sewing room. Just got to get this framed too. I have a lot that needs frames. The background linen color is a purplish colors. Picture is not to good.
I have a lot stitched to make into Pin Keeps and also little pillows. As far as sewing goes. I have 10 more burp cloths to make for Baby Girl.. ONLY 2 1/2 Weeks left. Hard to get any sewing done with Mr. 10 fingers. ( Joshua) fingering everything.
I will close for now... MY great Lovely mom brought in Meatloaf, Pinto Beans, Squash, and Okra for us to eat tonight... MMMMM...Something is wrong with this.... She is the one going to radiation and I should be cooking for her... I sure do Love You MOM !!!! Thanks, April

Monday, August 17, 2009

Baby Girl's room is almost complete. We went and got Joshua's baby furniture and set it all up yesterday. We washed all bedding and clothes. Joshua has been playing in sis-ter's room. He has been checking out the new car seat. and laying in the pink bathtub. Over half his body hangs out of it. He did get in the crib yesterday, but when we turned the mobile on he had a fit. It Moves... LOL He went running out of the room screaming. He scares real easy.

Mom has already started radiation. We go each day at 1:45. We went Thursday and Friday of last week. Today we are going and Raeanne & Josh will go. We need to go by Babies R Us and get a few things. That is if, momma is up to it. I took her by Wal-Mart Friday. She said she had not been in months... I pushed her around in the wheelchair. She said if she ran into to anyone she knew she would be embarrassed. Guess What??? Sure enough only, in our family does these things happen.

Well it is 10:30 and I have not ate breakfast yet, See Ya April mechelle


Raeanne took some sleepers and other stuff she bought along with a duplicate bottle set, back to Babies R Us today. She had to get manager, who stated policy is : NO refunds without receipt, and no refunds on purchases that were purchased over 90 days. Not even a store credit. He stated they can only can accept things with a receipt. Girl was standing in line by Raeanne . Raeanne asked what she was having, Girl or Boy. She said Girl. Raeanne just handed her the sleepers. Store Manager said that was all he could do. He told her to just give away the things because he could not take them back. He did give a store card for the 3 things that were on her register. Bottle set and 2 other things. So I guess if anyone registers at Babies R Us, PLEASE SCAN THE WHOLE STORE WITH THEIR SCANNER. That way you will be able to take things back. Or as we will do, GO TO TARGET.. Great Customer Service. Have had not problem and the cutest things and alot less expensive then Babies are Us.

Bye, April Mechelle

Saturday, August 15, 2009

2 Pictures I Forgot.

Oh I forgot 2 other pictures....

Ginger Lilies that mom gave me and my bunch of elephant ears.
Just got back from the Home Depot again...
Take Care, April Mechelle

Once Around The Yard & Baby Girl's Room

Well ..... I cut the grass today and I left a few weeds... They were pretty little weeds... LOL Here is a pretty weed that has pink blooms... I don't know what it is. But it grows all along our creek.

This other one , had the biggest little bloom while the sun was out. I went to take this picture and the purple bloom had hid... The leaves look funny....

Now on to my rock. I put this rock in a flower bed years ago. Put some little sprigs of ivy and WaLa.... Instant yard art ... LOL

On around the yard and up the little hill toward the potting shed... DH built this for me about 2 years ago. Well you can tell by the empty pots, no potting has went on in this shed. I have not had the time or money for plants this year.. Now to figure out how to move this across the street to new place....

Also the little window opens from the bottom and I can put my little stick on window seal to hold it open.. My potting Soil is in a big bag in there.. LOL

We also got carpet put down in baby girl's room. Put up border and shade. Now we have to get her furniture moved... Picture is not good. I will take another one when furniture is moved in.

And this picture below is all baby girls' stuff in my dinning room. All that is her stuff... Geez..

Now you know why I am not cleaning my house...

Well I have to go now... Have a great weekend April Mechelle

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Getting Big Head Again.

April Here.... Head is swelling again. Urghhh. I called Dr. No open appointments this week. I may have to just go as a walk-in tomorrow. They will have to work me in. Last time I did that, I sat for about an hour before they put me back in the room, where you wait again for a long time. But, I need to get this checked. Don't check spelling here... I am typing in the dark with my glasses on.. LOL Still can't type.

Raeanne goes to the Dr tomorrow. I will try to go with her. I want to see the baby. Josh is going too. We are going to show him his sis-ter ( as he calls her). He has not been sleeping good. Ear is draining some.. He is whining a lot. He may have to go to the Dr too... Hope not.

Going to bed now.... April Mechelle

Monday, August 10, 2009

One More Cross Stitch Picture

I have finished the Blackbird Noel from the Just Cross Stitch Ornament issue. Cute and was a fun stitch. I have been doing stitching this week. Since I have been ordered by mom to rest.

Have some more things I am finishing up.

Raeanne's baby shower was Saturday. We had a great time. Raeanne received a lot of great things for baby girl... Still no name. LOL

DH will be installing carpet in baby girl's room tonight. I still need to get over to our house and do things this week. Hope to get moved by time baby girl comes into the world. 4 Weeks....

On my way to take mom to the doctor, April

Friday, August 7, 2009

1 Cross Stitch Finish & 1 Ongoing Christmas Ornament

I did finish I project yesterday. Here is a picture. One Halloween ornament down and seven more to stitch. I am making them for grandchildren. Raeanne, their mother is big Halloween fan. Hope to get all completed before Halloween. I have a big black feather tree, I got at Home Goods store last year. They will hang great on that.

I am working on a Blackbird Design from a JCS Ornament issue. I have a picture of this progress. I don't like much. Hope to finish tonight. Then I can start on another of the Cricket Collections - Halloween ornaments. I keep thinking Only seven more.....

Here is the picture. Don't know how I will do the finishing. Maybe a small square stand-up.

Well I have to close for now.... See Yall Later, April Mechelle

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Baby Shower Weekend !!!

This weekend ( saturday) is Raeanne's baby shower. Much to do tomorrow. I have a punch bowl and pitchers to wash. Last minute things to do. I have got the baby's room kiltz and painted. I also painted our closet across the street. I just finished painting ceiling in Baby girl's room. Raeanne chose a pretty light pink as the wall color. Colors are pinks and brown.
All this and tired of antibiotics. Takes me longer to do anything.... Mom went to the doctor yesterday. She is going to have to do 5 to 6 weeks, every day of radiation. This was a shock.. I thought maybe a couple of treatments.
Well I am going to take me a nap... Tired.... April Mechelle

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Big Head.... For Real !!!

Well, I woke up this morning with the whole left side around my ear swollen. Scared me. DH took me to the Emergency Care. I have had several bouts with Staph in the past. Had open wounds inside my nose. ENT Dr. scared me, saying infection could go to me brain. Took about 6 months of treatment with high doses of antibiotics. That was 2 years ago. Then I had another bout in March, had sores all around chin and jaw line. Took about 2 months of Antibiotics to help this. Well... Dr said I have Staph in soft tissue around ear on side of my head.. OH Great !!! I am also a diabetic... They gave me a Steroid Shot and Antibiotic Shot. Since me home with 3 prescriptions. Flonase, Creme to put inside of my nose.. ( forgot Name) and antibiotic pills to take.

I went home and got in the bed. Woke up an hour later, my shirt was soaking wet, I had a bad feeling from chest up. Trying to catch my breath. DH took me to our fire station. Then said heart fine , had a fever.. Said possible reaction to meds. I went back to Dr from this morning. They said was possible allergic reaction to steroid shot. I have had this shot before, with other treatments. They hooked me up to an IV and I was in their office for about 3 hours. They were great, calmed me down a lot. I always go into a panic attack. I thought that might have been what happened. But Dr. said NO. Reaction to meds. Anyway I am back home. One needle hole, one IV hole and about 10 diabetic meter picks in the ends of my finger. Doesn't matter... I am glad to be alive. Very scary ordeal.. I 've never been that close to blacking out, I was praying in my head all the way to the fire station. I could hardly talk. Shaking bad too. Had the shakes for about 1 hour. Well enough about my day... I am trying to sleep but I think meds have made me not sleepy. Good Nite April Mechelle