Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Remodel Back In Progress

We have been back at work on the sun room. Even if it is not sunny here in Bama. Sorry but no pictures. We finished up the other wall and now are working on the trim. I still have to paint. I am hoping to get the room finished before Christmas.
I am putting up all my Thanksgiving & Fall decorations today. Raining cats & dogs here... I can put them in a tub and maybe tomorrow get them relocated out to the shed. All my Christmas stuff is out in the shed too. Josh & Zoe have their tree up. It is only decorated from the top to half way down. zoe likes to take the ornaments off... lol
I had a great Thanksgiving. Ate way to much Ham...Hubby boss bought a Honey Baked Ham to get some ham to put in his beans and he gave us the whole ham... He just needed a pinch off. Can you believe it!!! Some we have ate Ham all weekend. Well, I need to go fix me a Ham Sandwich! lol
Till later.........

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gobble Gobble Gobble

Happy Thanksgiving !!! Hope everyone has a great fun filled, good eatin', football and parade watching Thanksgiving Day !!!

Oh... By the way.... The President Pardoned BOTH Turkeys!!!

They are going to live at The George Washington Home. He has finally done something good...lol
Gobble Gobble Gobble says the turkey...

I Am Smiling And Dancing !!!

I received my Bear from Karen at Brady Bear Studios today !!! I was dancing all the way back from the mailbox !! He is so cute !! I have him hanging on my handmade Oil Pump Floor Lamp. I just keep looking at him and smiling. Thank you Karen for making such a cute bear!!! and I won him !!! lol Karen also sent me some chocolates in a cute gift bag. Here is that picture.

If you get a chance please check her blog out... She is a very talented artist !

Is everyone ready for Thanksgiving? Hope ya'll have a wonderful Thanksgiving !

Till later......

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I WON !!!

Picture From Brady Bears Studio
I won this from a giveaway on the TDIPT Mercantile Open House!!! The Bear is made by Karen Brady of Brady Bear Studios. Please check her bears and other animals out. They are so cute !!! http://bradybearsstudio.blogspot.com. I can't wait to get it !!

I have been stitching and watching movies all day. It is raining her in Alabama. I did watch Martha Stewart today. Her show was about Turkeys. What kind to buy. She says she raises Specialty Turkeys.. They cost about 12.00 to 14.00 a Pound. I guess she has higher taste in Turkeys than Me... LOL The Ol Butterball will do for me. She then showed the different Turkeys. Ol Butterball was huge.. He was on Steroids . Then she showed Organic Turkeys and Her Specialty Turkey and they were so much smaller.. She also said they all taste different. hummmm .. I guess Martha knows her turkeys..

I also found out that the Turkey the President Pardons every year has a buddy that, they do eat... They pick 2 Turkeys, fatten them up and then they choose which one lives and which one gets the AXE and becomes Dinner. I couldn't do that!! I would say.. Hey.. Secret Service men, go to the grocery and get us a Butterball and we will pardon both... LOL Then I was wondering, do they do Eny Meany Migthy Mo over their heads.. Or do they see who gets fattened up to make a great dinner. I would want to be the Turkey that is on a DIET.. lol

I am working on my Aunt's Stitched Gift today. I don't have much left to stitch. Right now I am resting my back. I picked up a box of heavy tools off the back steps yesterday and messed up the old back.. I have been putting ice on and off it today. I have to get my spine back right before The Big Feast !!!

Till Tomorrow ......

Monday, November 22, 2010

Please Bring The Cold, Thanksgiving Turkey And Pictures Gallore!

Please keep posting pictures of your snow on the blogs my northern friends !! I may need this snow globe to be able to have any snow at my house!!!! It is 75 here today and I have broke a sweat cleaning my back porch off... I have came inside to rest. Sugars are getting back on track.. I am getting tired of salads and chicken. What do we ate at Thanksgiving? We eat Turkey? A bigger children like bird!!! I will have to pass on the Cornbread Dressing this year. I am trying to eat more meat and vegetables and not starches. Starches has been the culprit to my stomach and high sugar levels. That means NO ROLLS! Bread & Potatoes are my weakness! I just that means NO DESSERTS too ! I well... If I can did this through the Holidays, I will have it made!
I won a Giveaway over at Sharlotte's Blog. I received today The Bent Creek Chart - Gobble and some Hot Chocolate! I am not a coffee drinker, but I can put away some Hot Chocolate! Thanks Sharlotte !!!!

I went to Hobby Lobby with the grandkids this morning.. They had all their Fall stuff 90% off. I got these 3 items below for $5.20 . Can't bet that price !!! I have now added them to my Autumn Decor. I am slowly gathering items to decorate my home.

I also received a chart and some chenille trim I ordered from Brenda. I can't wait to get started on this ornament stocking!

I did get the front of my Cricket Collection Halloween Cat put onto a mat board to make a stand-up. I am going slow on it. Hoping not to mess up..

So... I am still finishing Halloween at the end of November... I have 2 christmas ornaments I have stitched and I need to finish them. Will be decorating for Christmas this weekend ! Can't wait !!
Need to go cook some dinner. Till later.......

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Royal Family

Congrats to Prince William & Kate !! They are a cute couple!!! There children will be Beautiful ! But....I have to say I am parcel to Prince Harry ! Look at him:

To me, Harry is better looking and has the better personality, compared to Prince William. Prince William is looking more like his father and acts like him. I know he can't act normal because is to be King one day.

William has Princess Di's Face but Charles's Hair line.. LOL Seems to me Princess Diana became more beautiful the older she got. Is there maybe some secret that makes some prettier after they live with Charles. LOL They seem to be happy here... What Happened? She looks like she is about to kiss him. He has grabbed her arm.
I read that Prince Charles had been having an affair with Camilla Parker Bowles since he was in his early 20's. She was married and he had been having the affair for 15 years before he married Diana. Isn't she a beauty?.....

Bad crooked teeth, bushy hair, and lines on her face. A plain looking Jane...She stole Charles's heart... Diana never had a chance... But once Di was out of the way, she moved in for the Kill.... LOL She married Prince Charles and some how she emerged looking like this....

It is amazing what money and royalty can do! Fixed teeth, new hairstylist, and I will not mention the bust area. So... Prince Charles decide to have Camilla over Diana. This picture is a favorite of mine of Princess Di:

Look at the RED toe polish !!! lol

Best picture of mom and her boys! Look at them.. you can tell they love their mom. Williams chin is rested against her shoulder and Harry is leaning on her. I don't think Charles would have married Camilla if Di was still alive, She would still be in the boy's life and he would honor her as their mother.. Just my opinion... What is yours?

I won't write about what I think on her death. I happened to pull up a site to read about her, it popped up the Car Cash with a picture of her still in the car. A Shocker... That didn't even need to be on the net.

Enough on the Royal Family - Here is Harry again !!! Isn't he just a too Cute !!!
Harry will one day find his True Love... But until then, Let him have Fun !!!
Till Later....

Friday, November 19, 2010

Name Just Changed

Remember this Death Trap !! Yes!!! It is back !!! If... It ever went away...I remember my mom had one of these. We played with it and thought it was fun till ... Yes, you guessed right. The door was not closed good and WHAM !!! Got smacked right in the head. OUCH....I don't know if it ever did any good for the body, but they have released it again on the public..

They have changed the name to " Pilates Door Gym". Is this suppose to make it better with the name Pilates? Looks like it is still, an accident waiting to happen! Now it is mounted on top of the door. I guess to many people complained about busted heads or ripped out of the door, doorknobs... LOL

I guess you are wondering how this thing just went POOF and popped in my head. Well... Joshua was trying to tie a jump rope to the front door to tie Zoe up.. (I did put a no no to that creative idea of his.. LOL ) When I happened to get a flashback of that door exerciser.. I guess because of the early years of head injuries from that thing... Both grandchildren did survive their visit with us tonight without any incidents.... They were both little angels!

I have been battling blood sugar Highs and Lows... Great ! Right here at Thanksgiving! I want to eat good.. you know Desserts! Signing off for the weekend. I have been stitching on something I can't show. It is an Aunt Gift. I will post at Thanksgiving. Till Later

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Shabby Chic Finish

Not to good of a picture. I decided to finish kind of Shabby Chic. Simplify is backed with an old Chenille bedspread. I used the trim off the bedspread as the bottom trim. That is all I got done yesterday. I did start trying to put my Halloween Stand up Cat from Cricket Collection together.. I am going slow. I'm afraid I will mess up. Have 2 different directions laid out to go by... Vonna's directions and a booklet with just Flat-Folds instructions.. We will see how this goes.... LOL

This is out of the blue.... I am sitting here putting Aerosol Cheese on crackers for my grandson. ( yes .. we live in a trailer and eat can cheese) I looked at the list of ingredients: Milk,Whey,Water,Soybean Oil,Whey Protein Concentrate, Sodium Phosphate, Salt, Sodium Citrate, CHEESE CULTURES, Carrageenan, Lactic Acid, Natural Flavor? ( Sorry... Had to stop and spray him some more CHEESE on a cracker...)Calcium Phosphate, Enzymes, Artificial Colors-Yellow #5 & Yellow #6.
Now my question... Where is the CHEESE? Cheese cultures & Natural Flavors?
Not to mention Yellow #'s 5 & 6. It is not even Yellow.. More Cream color..
Saying Oh Well... While squirting more of the aerosol stuff on a cracker for Josh.. He Loves it !!!
Trailer People's #1 Snack Food. Disclaimer: I am in no way getting paid to talk about squirt aerosol cheese in a can.

Till Later......

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


These are some pillows I made years ago. These are about the only decorations I have for Autumn. Mom gave me a swag to hang on my door. I made the Thankful cube in an earlier post. That is it folks... LOL I did finish stitching on my Acorn by PS. So that counts as another Autumn. I just need to get it made into an Acorn with the Wool Top. I did finish an ornament.

This chart was in JCS magazine. A Brittercup design, called MINE. I used the called for threads and stitched it on Platinum color linen. I am working on the Sock Monkey Ornament from the JCS Ornament 2010 issue. I did cross stitch the Freebie from Primitive Betty's Blog.

I did this freebie in Linen thread. I used subdued colors for a shabby chic look. Now ... How to finish this ? Any ideas? anybody?
Till Later.....

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Winner Is .......

Rebel thought she was going to help me with this giveaway. We awoke to cold rain today. I could only get her to take this picture and then back to her big comfy bed, she went.. LOL She loves her sweaters this time of year. With her getting on up in her years, I had to do the picking of the winner from the basket on my own. The winner is:


Congrats to you, PamE. Pam says she has never won anything! Now she has !!! I know how she feels. I finally won a fabric giveaway this year !! Hope it will change my luck !! I will get PamE's address to mail out to her.

Thanks to everyone who entered and who reads my blog! I look forward to reading all your blogs every morning! I get so much inspiration and ideas from each one of you! Hope you have a great day! Rebel sure will! She is already snoring... lol

Till Later..... Happy Day To you!

PSS.... I have tried twice to email PamE. Both times it has came back as undeliverable. If you are reading this Pam. Please email me at taylor62@charter.net.

Friday, November 12, 2010

A Finish & Mail !

This is my finish from the chart - Acorns by The Prairie Schooler. I need to get the wool to make the Acorn Top. The picture does not show the true color of the fabric, which is a Prairie Grain Linen. I used the DMC threads called for. Those big acorns came from my big TREE... Aren't they great!
I also received 2 great packets in the mail !!! One had the ornament I bought from Donna at By The Bay Needleart Designs. She was also sending a free Christmas chart with any order. Picture below:

I don't know if she has any left on her Esty.. Check here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/ByTheBayNeedleart She has the cutest things and charts for sale. She will release Sam The Snowman soon. He will be great to stitch!I also received my Order from Anita's Little Stitches Shop ! I can always count on her to get my order to me quick ! I will be ordering from her more often. I have been having trouble with ordering floss lately and having to wait about a month till I receive it. With the silks about 2 months... duh.... Here is my threads from Anita:

Those colors are great !!! I am ready to start all my Christmas ornaments!! Can't wait! What are ya'll stitching on? Thanksgiving/Fall or Christmas?

Don't forget to sign up for my giveaway on the last post. Giveaway will take place Monday with Rebel Dog pointing out the winner! She will be sporting her new haircut and her winter sweater. She wants to be a model, I told her she is a little old for modeling with her cripple back and crooked teeth. She has needed doggie braces on her teeth since she was a puppy. So ya'll will see Rebel dressing in contest finery to pick a winner !!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I had mentioned I had been working on a model design for Brenda Gervais. I love stitching for Brenda, her designs are great ! I usually do not stitch something twice. When I stitched for Just Cross Stitch Magazine, if I stitched something in the magazine, I didn't want to stitch it again.. Don't know why I am like that..... But Brenda's designs are great ! I have decided to put this new design " SNOW DAY " up for the giveaway !!!

All you have to do is leave a comment that you would like to win this chart. Anyone can enter. I will do a drawing on Monday the 15th. Please make sure I have an email address to contact you, if you should win!!
Good Luck Everyone !!!!
ps... I have added another Need'l Love Book and a Dames Of The Needle Chart to my selling blog. I have 3 Need'l Love Books listed. Bittersweet Threads, Liberty Threads, and Haunted Threads. aprilmechellessellingblog@blogspot.com or in the column on left side.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Just Checking In !!!

Thankful for this Beautiful Day !!!!Just checking in. I have not vanished !! LOL I have been enjoying our nice high 70 degree temps here in Bama. Beautiful day today !!! Made me want to dance around outside and maybe do some Fall Yard Cleanup.. That didn't last long... I went to Wally World with the kids. Oh Well... maybe tomorrow, I can sit out on the deck and look at the yard and Stitch.. Ya.. That sounds like a great plan! Till Tomorrow. I do have a giveaway I want to do... So tune in tomorrow.... Tomorrow Tomorrow !!! (at the top of my voice!!!!!) Till Tomorrow.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Back Pain & Yard Sale

Hubby has been in the bed since Friday morning. His back has went out. Started hurting at the first of the week and by Friday morning he was in Chiropractor's office. It is bad. Chiropractor helps him a lot. We used to go to the emergency room. The doctors always wanted to just give him pain pills and send him home to rest.. Maybe that is why our country has a big Prescription Pain Pill Problem. He uses a chiropractor now. Plus the doctors 20 years ago wanted to operate on his back and telling him he would have to change occupations. He was a mechanic for about 25 years. He has had only about 6 flare ups in about 30 years. He is in construction now and has only had this flare up in 5 years. He has a herniated disk. It is going to take it a while to get better. He has taken over the bedroom. Has the night stand full of his stuff and I had to bring a TV tray into the room to put MORE stuff on. LOL Men and sickness or hurting..

We did end up having a good yard sale turnout on Saturday! I sold about everything.. My battery is going dead on laptop.. Ohhhh Light is orange now... Till Later...

Friday, November 5, 2010

Yard Sale Weekend

I sure wish this lady would have stopped by our Yard Sale today. We had all of 5 shoppers. 5 !! Well, it was only 48 degrees today and the wind was blowing and it started to sleet. How much worst could it get !! We are not in our right mind. why? Because we are going to try again tomorrow.... LOL It is to be 29 degrees in the morning and warm up to 55 with sun.. That is what weather guy said we were going to have today. NOT... He missed it all together.
I am trying to get my reading of friend blogs done tonight. I have to get up before daylight and drive to my mom's house. Josh spent the night last night and I woke him up this morning. He looked out the window and said," It is still dark outside!" Very smart boy for 3. We got to watch the sun come up on our drive to my moms. He kept saying," It is getting lighter Gigi". It was great being with him this morning. Yesterday coming home.. was different. We were in Hubby's truck and I had his car seat beside me. I was singing away with the radio, when I heard him say" Gigi... Please be quite!" I guess he knows NO talent when he hears it. I can not carry a tune... LOL We rode the rest of the way with him telling me what he wants for Christmas and other Very Important Stuff. LOL Zoe went back to the ortho doctor today. She was born Breech and had to wear leg braces for a little while after she was born. Can't tell it now. She is trying to run. It is fun to watch her. She is little Miss Independent. Wants to walk everywhere and doesn't want you to carry her. When she gets tried, she just lays in the floor and rest.. Takes after me there.... LOL
I need to get back blog reading. Till Later....

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Special Shout Out !!!

I want say a special Thank You to Terri Hall at Dixie Samplar Designs Blog! She sent me ACORNS by The Prairie Schooler. I have been working on this, as you can see:

The linen is kind of a greenish-tan. This picture is terrible. I am doing the squirrel! I just love the colors for the leaves. This is what I have been working on at night. I also started the new freebie from Primitive Betty's blog.

Thank you Terri !!! I am stitching on something I have been wanting to stitch for a long time !! Stitching Buddies are the greatest!!

Till Later... VOTE TODAY ! I AM !!!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

A Birthday Finish !

This is the Scissor Keep I made for my Aunt Judy for her Birthday. The linen and threads I finished. All the other things like, buttons, lace and backing fabric was in my grandmother's sewing basket that I received when she passed on.

The scissors I purchased to put them in the pocket. I stitched my grandma's initials and the date she was born. Aunt Gloria... Yours is in the making and it is different. I am making each Aunt one.. Aunt Debbie's Birthday is in March.. I will have a break before I have to have hers finished. Mom will get one for Christmas.. I couldn't find the right pattern for her. I just did this week. So all the Aunts that read this know now.... SURPRISE !!! LOL I figured Aunt Judy couldn't keep it a secret.. I did forget to show one of my Halloween Ornaments:

Wicked Freebie. It was an easy finish. That is my Cricket Collection Tree it is hanging on. My 1 Ornament... that is sad.... He is already in the tub with the other Halloween decorations.. Till Next Year for them.... SAD Thank everyone for the nice comments on my stitching! I appreciate them all! I get inspiration looking at your blogs!!! Keep it up!

Till Later..... Happy Day To Everyone!