Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Still Coughing In Alabama!!

I want to thank everyone for the get well wishes!  I started coughing yesterday morning. It is real bad when I talk a lot or get real hot. Don't have to worry about getting hot here in the Mobile Home!..No central Heat!!! Yes, It is still a work in progress. I think I forgot to say my hubby is running new duct work through out the trailer and in the sun room. Last year we heated with little stand up electric heaters, I have never been so cold since we lived in a old house when I was a teenager. That house had 2 fireplaces and a floor furnace. I have always had central heating since I have been married... Till last year. I would feel like it is a big adventure if I was younger.  lol My bones hurt in the cold and I have been sick the past winters. Hubby is putting in new ducts and it decided to only get in the 40's during the past 2 days.. and me sick too!!  Today, I went to Wally World and bought another heater... The new one we bought last year, quit on us. I hope to have vents installed this weekend and heat going by this coming Monday. I did say HOPE... Hubby called me yesterday checking on me.. I said I was freezing! He asked, What are you doing?. I responded by saying I was getting a cool drink out of the refrig, and it sure was warmer in the there than it was in the kitchen!.. I made it back to the bedroom with my drink and took my meds and went to sleep. Bedroom was only room that was warm and toasty.  lol
I made for my uncle this memorial pillow for his mother, my grandma. I had made 3 for the sisters and now his. I have my mom's to stitch.

Blackbird Design - Remember Me. I stitched it on cream linen with the called for hand-dyed thread, Aged Pewter. Buttons and lace are from FPD's ( grandma) sewing box.  Well, I need to go rest before I start cooking dinner.  Till Later......

Monday, November 28, 2011

O Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree

I got my Christmas Tree put up today!! Even with this bad head cold... I had to take breaks to rest. Raeanne came over with the grands and Josh helped me decorate it. I love my little Elf under the Tree. He is over 46 years old!  He is my favorite Christmas decoration! My mom passed him on to me. We started our Christmas celebrations together, with me as a baby.

Just taking some pictures of my ornaments. This one is a favorite, I guess I can say that about them all!  They all mean something or I have a memory of when bought or given to me... This one says, " Dear Santa, It Taste Just Like Candy! Love Lucy

If you live in the South, you need a Cracker Barrel Ornament for your Tree!!  It is a Must Have!!  lol

Ober Gatlinburg Ornament from a trip years ago to Gatlinburg Tennessee.

Ornament made by Donna Bayliss of By The Bay Needlearts. I stitch models for her. She makes the cutest Ornaments and doodads.  I got this one last year off her Etsy Site.

This one was bought because, Well.... It was just  unusual and too darn Cute!!!  lol I purchased it at a local shop called Chelsea Lane near where I live. The Owl in the next picture also came from Chelsea Lane.

My See Rock City birdhouse ornament came from Rock City. I took a bus trip with my mom and Aunt Judy a couple of Winters ago.. If you ever get a chance to go to Rock City in Chattanooga Tn before Christmas.. You need to. It is so beautiful lit up at night.. Did I forget to say the night we went it was like.. 28 degrees and the wind blowing on top of that mountain!  But oh so pretty!!! 
It might be time for another nap... I have taken 2 so far today... I think it is the meds I am taking. OTC stuff. The thing that will help the most is Campbell Chicken Noodle Soup!  Yep... That is what I had for lunch... If anyone finds any chicken in the chicken noodle soup.. Please let me know.. Mine did not have any. Carrots and noodles is all I had!!!  lol   Tonight will be Scavenger Hunt supper tonight. I will tell hubby what is in the refrig and cabinet and he will have to go find it!!!  This should be interesting....Till Later...

Sunday, November 27, 2011


 One table of desserts!!!

 Second table of Desserts!!!

 My Zoe Bug enjoying a warm Thanksgiving Day !!

 Josh is having a great time!!!

(Left to Right)  Raeanne, My Mom, Me and SIL - Kelly

I did Black Friday shopping... which was on Thursday night...  lol    First time ever.. It was not bad at our Walmart. I will tell you... It was the first time ALL check out lanes have ever been open! EVER... lol

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!!  I now have a cold and it is rainning so bad here in Bama. I had to get out and go get me some meds.. Hoping it will not turn into something nasty! I don't need Broch or Pnem at this time.... Till later, going to lay down.....

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What A Day !!!!

 I went to the mailbox today and there was a package in it from Shell and the Bunnies. I thought, hey... Shell is sending me some stitching to do for her.. But no...  LOL  She sent me this wonderful gift for the gal who has everything!!!  lol. Mr. Frosty has found his home in the kids bathroom!!   He is so cute!!  She put a note in the package that she could not resist and just had to get this for me. Merry Christmas from Michelle and the Bunnies!!  If you miss the post about what to get me for Christmas.. here it is:
 He is just smilin' waiting on grandson Josh to pee on him!!  lol  Josh is only 4 and does not aim so great!!  Wherever he is looking is where it goes!!  lol  Sorry for the bad bathroom humor... I have not told him their bathroom has Mr. Frosty. It will be a surprise.

This is the table in my craft room. I went on a small shopping spree for Zoe. The fabric and shirts on the left are for her some Christmas Outfits. The Thomas Fabric is for Josh a Tree Skirt. The Charlie Brown & Cars fabric is for Christmas Pillow Cases. I had better get busy!  The Pants I am making for Zoe will have pom poms around the hem. I can't wait to get started!!
This is her Thanksgiving Outfit. I finally got it finished and took it down to her house. We are all ready for Thanksgiving!  Are You?
I have boiled some eggs for deviled eggs. I will make homemade Mac and Cheese tomorrow morning. Then we head off to Aunt Judy's house!!  I have to finish my Uncle Phillips pillow tonight. I know I will get no sleep tonight!  My family will know why... It is how I have been such childhood.. If there is a family event, trip, or anything happening the next day.. I get all hyped up and can't sleep. I get over excited and Mr. Sandman will not come see me... lol
So that has been my day!! Thank you so much Michelle!! You had me laughing so hard!! Brightened my day!!
Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!  Till Later.....

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Is It Summer or Fall ??

I know it is Fall but, it has been in the 70s here in Bama for about a week now.  Watching the news right now. Weatherman just said chance of SNOW Monday.. What!!!!  I guess weather in Alabama is like a box of Chocolates, you never know what you will get!  But Snow!!!  I have not put up my shorts and tee shirts yet. 
Nothing to show in pictures.  I have bought fabric to make Zoe some Christmas outfits. I need to take a picture of the turkey shirt and pants I made her.. I will show it tomorrow...I also bought some fabric to make them each a Christmas pillow case.
I have been stitching on my Uncle a Remembrance Pillow for my Grandmother. I have done each aunt one.. I still have my mom to stitch one for.. I am stitching on a model for Donna at By The Bay Needlearts. I am stitching on a ornament for me and a couple of ornaments and gifts for stitching friends. I am busy stitching!  lol 
Hope everyone is getting ready for Thanksgiving!  I will post some pictures tomorrow...

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Getting In The Christmas Spirit.

 Hard to believe this box put me in the Christmas Spirit today. I did a Wal-Mart trip for razors, shampoo, shaving cream, and reese cups.  Reese cups are for DH. My buggy pulled me over into the Christmas stuff...
 I just thought this was the cutest box.  I just had to smile... Then I got to looking at all the other boxes.. Everyone my get their gift in a box this year!!  Only paper for the grand kids... and niece Hannah.
 They are all so cute!!  Round ones, square ones, and oval ones.  I went down the next isle and look......
 Cute blue boxes and those tinsel bows!!  I just started humming Christmas Carols!!!  lol  Then I thought Oh  oh  oh... I need some new Christmas Cds.. But I turned around and....
 Seen these so cute bags!!!  Bags and boxes will my presents be in!!! I started thinking... What do I want for Christmas?  I know I what a new on of these:
 This one will be just fine.. I only use for popcorn, heat left overs, and cook soup for the can.. So remember MOTHER...This will be your only hint of the season...... hehehehe
 Then I got to looking around in the Housewares dept.. Yep... I would love to have one of these. My garbage sits out in the kitchen.. This would look so much better... I just know those grands children would love stepping on that peddle all the time.. lol
.... And for the person that has everything....

A Toilet Seat Cover and Rug Set!!!  I am not kidding you.. I don't have everything.. so, no need for anyone in my family to get me this for Christmas.  lol   I am sure there are other things that I need beside this set.... hehehehe
 I am about to fix some sausage in the blankets with cheese.. Nice Christmas party finger foods.. It will be our dinner... Glad I got in the Christmas Spirit today! Is anyone else feeling as I do?? 
Till Later....

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


 The Cotton is ready to be picked

To me, cotton is a beautiful plant. It has a clean scent, and is so soft to touch. Yes,  I did smell cotton for the first time yesterday...
It has a hard shell that holds that fluffy bloom.

 This picture is how cotton used to be picked.. I used to have one of those cotton baskets like in this picture.. It was so old, it fell apart. I sure miss it... I don't know what it was made of.. but it was grayish white in color. The south is known for it's cotton. Some may think of the Civil War stories.. But, Sharecropping was big in the south from 1870 to the 1950's. There were white and black families sharecropping. My grandmother picked cotton growing up. I was told she said that the machines wasted more than the people picking it. They picked it all. Piece by piece. If you travel over our highways during this time, You will see fluffy white all over the sides of the road. It is Cotton that has blown from the 18-wheelers that haul the cotton.
 Then the machines came on the scene. Looks like a giant vacuum. This one looks like.. the person could pick faster than that machine.
 This machine seems to be almost like they use today but, smaller. I think the men in the suits are funny.

 These are our machines of today. They harvest, and compress to get the cotton ready for travel. There are still cotton gins around. Not as many as years ago.
 Here is the cotton ready to be transported. Trucks.. usually 18 wheelers come to pick these up. Better than a mule and cart.
 So.. This month is a big month for cotton picking in Alabama.
Fields will go from this...
To This....
  My uncle Don did explain that, they will sometimes go back over a Field to get the remaining cotton. This field looks pretty clean compared to some I seen.
I hope you enjoyed my Cotton Picking Post. I drove all over my county yesterday taking pictures. I tried to pull up some of this White Gold.. (cotton) I could not get it to come out of it's dirt.. I wanted some of the plants to put in my old wooden box.
Plus... those farmers were watching there fields like hawks!!  lol
Pictures is all I could take....


Friday, November 4, 2011


 This is my stomach on Candy!
It is not feeling so good!
Candy is not good for Diabetics!
I should know this!
I do know this!
I just can't turn down candy!!!

So this is how I look today!!
Instead of a steaming cup,
I am holding a bottle Pepto Bis!  lol
Please don't feel sorry for me,
I did it to myself!
I will try to eat better!
I will try to eat better!
I will TRY to eat Better!

I will keep saying this...
Over & Over!
Hope no one else ate to much Candy!!!  lol

Thursday, November 3, 2011


I held off till today to get any left over Halloween Candy. Wally World was the pit stop for left over candy.  Hubby said to buy snicker bars.. guess what?  No snicker bars!  Well... I did find some in with a mixed bag of Twix and Sunburst.. I also picked up some Halloween things. Black flameless candles, black goth tray, and 2 standups, a tree & pumpkin. I also got some cute note cards.
Tomorrow, Josh and his mom are heading to the Old Baker Farm. I will be keeping Zoe. We will be heading out to Michaels and Hobby Lobby for sales..   Not much else happening here. I am stitching on some models for Donna at By The Bay Designs. I do need to get back to stitching... Till Later....

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Is Over...

 This was the last thing I put together before Halloween. The Vampire is from the Special Halloween Issue of Just CrossStitch.
It is designed by Jemini Designs.
 His coffin home was manufactured in China... and bought at Michael's Store last Halloween season. I didn't see any this year.
It was spray painted black and the cross is painted red. I think he likes his new home..
Here he is saying Good-Vye.. He is going to rest in his coffin till next Halloween Season.  Don't worry about him... He has a lot of room in his box... He was put in the totes with the other Halloween stuff.
I am cleaning up that messy craft room today. Till Later.....