Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Plants And A Project

 These are the Mimosa trees that are all around my home. I was taking a break today from stitching. I was mowing the grass. When I went under the trees... Oh the fragance was so strong. I just love the smell of Mimosa. I bought some soap one time, that was scented Mimosa. I wish I could find some more...

 Some people don't like Mimosa Trees. They do tend to take over the place... lol I love them.. Just look at that new bloom. So pretty!

 These are some flowers I have on my back deck. Josh left my watering can out there.. There is one flower behind me.. You know why it is behind me?  It is Dead!!!  lol  It is just like the one in the red pot that is looking bad... But that one is brown and crisp...

 So Pretty Bloom!!!

This is my Palm.. I had it inside the sun room.. I decided it could go outside this summer... It seems to like the back porch....

This is my next project. I need to fill it up with some water and get it to pumping.  So... That my be my break time project this afternoon.   Till later... It sure is hot here!!!

Monday, May 28, 2012

MIA Again.

 Sorry I have been MIA again. It has been a bad week for us. Wednesday morning we received a call that a cousin had passed away. I won't go into detail. Depression was involved. We had been in Mississippi only 2 days when we received word that another cousin of my husband's had passed away. He had knee surgery and his body had a reaction to the knee components. He had infection spread throughout his body. Today was his funeral. So.. Please remember them in your prayers. Don had a wife and two daughters and Kamille had a 13 year old daughter. This will be a hard time for their families.  Thank you....

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


A flea battle that is.... Sorry I have not been posting. I have been flicking fleas and vacuuming twice a day for about a week. They are not just inside. They are all over the yard outside. They love me! 
My crazy lovable friend Debra said, I know how to get rid of them!, Me:  How?  Debra: Go buy 2 of those glow in the dark flea collars and put them around your ankles.. Don't forget to snap them to get them to start working!!   She thinks she is cute!!  lol.. I can just see Hubby when he comes home and I have two glow in the dark anklets on!!!  I wonder if they would even have a big enough collar for my swollen from the heat and flea bite ankles... hmmmm  I may have to buy the size for a Saint Bernard Dog!!!!   lol   But today, I waged a battle on them. I got these:
They didn't know what hit them!! Remember the old Raid commericals ?  RAIDDDDD! I popped these two cans and left for the day.. Hubby finished doing the outside tonight with spray.  All around the trailer and under it and all over the yard.. 
I will still continue to vacuum everyday.  Fleas must be bad in our area.. I bought the foggers at The Tractor Supply, got the last package. The guy at the check out said they have about sold out.  I can believe it!! He said everyone is having problems.. We've had a good bit of rain that makes it great for fleas and mosquitoes.
So this summer I can so me becoming the insects main course!  I don't dare use the environmentally safe repellent for these insects.. Oh No!!!  I tried buying the deet free and safe for children kind.  Homemade right here in Alabama.. No it didn't work!!!  I have to use Deep Woods Off!  That is the only kind that works for me.. I still put the other on the grand kids. This is another reason I don't like summer. BUGS!!!
Till Later... I am back to stitching instead of flicking fleas....

Friday, May 18, 2012


I am waiting on this issue!!
I love Halloween!
This issue needs to hurry up and hit the stores!!!
I see some things I want to stitch on this cover.
I am still Waiting.....bye for now

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Just A Check In!

Sorry I have not posted of late. Just doing a check in.  What with the Birthday last week and Mother's Day Sunday. I have been busy. I have been reading blogs.. Just not commenting much. I have been stitching.. Nothing I can show. It is all for designers. 
I still need to get a door wreath put together for my front door and the big Tree Fort finished for the grand kids.
I fell off the wagon again with the eating.. I had lost about 15 pounds. Had is the Key Word.. lol  I gained back about 7 within about a week. That bread and potatoes will do it to ya!  Tomorrow is a new morning.  I have my Good Food to start back eating..
I tell hubby I am going to make a salad to eat... I get me a wedge of lettuce, add some ranch dressing!  wal-la. Salad!  He just laughs because that is not salad.. It is lettuce and dressing.  I only like garden grown summer tomatoes. Those winter tomatoes have no taste. I like the ones when you put them in your mouth, there is so much acid.. it burns my lips... I have dry lips all the time.. Mouth Breather.  lol
Well enough for this morning.. 2:00 am here in Bama..
Till Later!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

From Shoes To Bra's!!!

I don't know what happens in my brain. I saw on google that the Japanese have came up with a bra for the Hot Japan Summers. It gets pretty hot here in Bama too.  You will not see me in this.
By the way, I cropped the picture. The girl on the right had on a sheer skirt with NO Undies! This is a G rated Blog.

 This is the bra they designed.. You get that little fan with it to help cool you off. The cups are made of ice packs.. Yes, you heard right. ICE.. The design of the cup is to look like a fish bowl.. I am not going to wear a fish bowl around with ice in it.  I do get very hot in the summer.. Check back with me at the end the summer, I might have changed my mind about this bra by then.. lol

 This next bra was designed by a girl and boy in college, right here in America. I know what the boy was thinking.. He would get to touch a lot of bras and even see them being worn. The girl was thinking," Hey, I keep losing my phone at the club when I am dancing!" Yes, That's were the idea came up for this bra. It is called the JoeyBra. Right!  The boy comes back in the picture. The Bra is named after him. The girls can put daddy's credit cards and their phone in that side pocket. Wait, there are more bras...

 For the baseball fan girl who has everything. yep, a glove bra. The Japanese are very up on the bras. Imagine how lumpy that Atlanta
Braves T-shirt will look with this bra under it. No Go for me....

 I would not even consider this bra. The Garden Bra. Now who has to have their own garden with them at all times.  I always forget to water my plants. So... If this bra mine it would have a bunch of dead twigs sticking out of those 2 cups! Not a pretty sight....

 I wonder if Lady Gaga has a bra like this?  She has that famous Meat Dress.. Why not the Lobster Bra!  Watch out for those pincher's.. I am glad they are in the back...
Keeping with the sea theme. The next one is for the small chested gal. 
 I hope this bra is Art and not for wearing... If you backed into someone in the Walmart line.. Owwy .. That would have to hurt. The next one is the last one, on my blog. Believe me there are tons of pictures of unusual bras out on the web. It is also my favorite!

I can hear," Ma'am. You left your lights on!"  lol   Also.. You can be your own personal Disco! I hear friends saying," Hey April, Turn your bra on... We want to dance!" Now if someone would come up with a pair of panties with a a sound system!   WOW!! You could be a Dancin' Machine!!!  I will end for now... I am getting crazy...
Back to stitching for me... I may have something to show... other than shoes and underwear... Till Later.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Age And Walking in Platform Shoes

Cute Shoes!!  No..... They are Death Traps!   For me they are! lol Or maybe it is my age?......
I went to the library yesterday with mom. They had a speaker talking about Antebellum Alabama. I love anything history.
Well, my mom always gets on to me..she still does it, and I will be 47 tomorrow. She says" Whenever you leave the house make sure you have your hair fixed and makeup done.. You may run into someone."  It must be a southern thing... I am not going to fix all up just to go to Walmart. They don't like me anyway..
I did fix up yesterday.. I had a linen skirt with matching top and those shoes.. Not to mention all my big chunky jewelry. I was looking good! I had my hair all curled and in place and my makeup was just right.
I had a great time all day with mom. We got us something to eat after the library, went to several shops and looked around. I was styling!!  lol  Well, as my brother, Trey says," Good Times Gone Bad!" I got home, I opened my car door, I took a step, and I fell..... I tell you, it was the shoes. Those shoes are for sidewalks and pavement. They are not for gravel and country living...  I had two toes throbbing all night and they are purplish blue...
Did that stop me.. Heck No!  I installed a Flapper Valve in the 2nd bathroom toilet and put together 2 ceiling fans. Hubby did help me put them up.  You know what.. My hair and makeup still was looking good.... lol  Toes not..  That is just a day in my life here at My Place.. I call it My Place because, I had to light a fire under hubby last night just to get him to help me hang those fans..
Anyone else always have to light fires?   lol
Have a great afternoon! Till Later....

Monday, May 7, 2012

Back To Stitching !!!

Hello Blogger Friends!!  I am back stitching. I am staying busy. I have two models to stitch for Michelle at The Raspberry Rabbits.
I had these arrive from Michelle in the mail!!

 Great stands to show your needlework off. Michelle is selling these on her website.  If you would like one or more... Please go take a look at the different stands she has to offer.
I have been seeing these around blog world. Same with quilting and some with cross stitch. I just know it is a great way to display your needlework or quilting. Thought I might get around to making seasonal cross stitch to hang from the bigger one. Change it out each season.. Why not.. Look what came in the mail again today!

I know... I need to use the ones I bought about 2 weeks ago. I will soon.... I think.  lol

We have been busy around the house doing yard work and finishing some things on our list. Our front porch now has 2 ceiling fans with lights. We are enjoying sitting outside on these hot humid nights.. We even purchased a Bug Zapper!  lol  Redneck entertainment at it's finest! I keep saying, "Don't go near the bright light!". Those bugs do not listen!!  lol
I filled up the back of hubby's pickup today with items off the back porch.. Can you believe we had that much stuff out there. I counted 6 electric heaters.. I told my mom I hauled 6 heaters to the shed and she said," I know I counted them yesterday." How many really work? I have no idea.....I just put them in the shed and shut the door. I will worry about that next winter. What is that saying, Out of sight, Out of mind.. lol
Now, I need to pressure wash porches on the back and get them looking good for the HOT summer ahead... Well, I need to get back outside before it starts raining this afternoon.
Till Later..... 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Thank You

I just wanted to thank all my friends and family for the hugs and comments about Rebel. It was a hard day today. I tried to keep busy in the yard. It was so hot... I did come in and rest some. It is just lonely in the house. I keep talking to her and myself.  
I know each day will be difficult right now.. Thank you again for all your comments and hugs.. They were very much appreciated. My blogging friends are a special group. Glad to call each one of you my Friend! 
I will be getting out of the house tomorrow. Hubby has a little day trip planned with his job.. I will be riding along. I will be taking my Kindle and stitching model for Michelle. I will throw in the iphone for angry birds if I get bored.... Have a good night ya'll.