Saturday, July 31, 2010

Skeleton Finish

I finished Skeleton last night... It was to late to take a picture. So here he is now. Making his big debut! He was easy to stitch with all that white. I finally got my #4 Braid that I needed. I am still waiting on the Sheep's Silk Black Ink color. Then I can finish Spidey and Start Batty. Batty is the cutest one. Today I am starting Pumpkin in the top of that picture. He has some specialty Floss in him ! He is stitched on WDW Black Sheep Black (purpley-black)30 Count linen. 4 more to go. I have decided they are to big for my Black Glitter Tree. I am going to make a tree like the one in the this picture. Just maybe a little bigger.

I also have this set of charts to make these acorns. They will have to be a future project. I have have these Halloween Ornaments kitted up for 2 years. Just now getting to them.

Till Later... 108 today in Alabama with the Heat Index. Stay Cool !!!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Funeral & Young Adults

We attended a funeral yesterday. A young boy, 19 years old. His mom and dad are old friends of ours. He was born having seizures his whole life. He had a seizure and did not recover. It is a sad time... He will truly be missed. He was his mom's life. I have lost my father.. as some know.. Very hard for me.. But a child, I can not even imagine. There is something that is bothering me... Young People. I was taught or knew by parents showing and telling me...the way to dress or act at certain events in life. Maybe I Am Old Now? But I think wearing a Micro Mini Dress to a funeral is maybe not the thing to wear... I guessed her age to be about 16... Sat in front of us older folks... LOL She was with a boy.. holding hands.. that is ok... But the White Micro Mini with the White High Heels was maybe not her best choice for funeral wear. Don't think bad of me but... I seen young people in jeans.. I wore a long jean skirt and nice top. That, I don't have a problem with... Some people only have certain things to wear I understand that. But why does some young people think it is right to wear Micro Minis to a funeral. I am talking about a skin tight tank style with stretchy clingy fabric barely covering her butt dress. Where was her mom when she left the house? What mom bought this for her young child? The young guys were all dressed so nice. Slacks and buttoned down shirts or Polo's. But there were about 3 girls that I just shook my head at.. What were they thinking? Did they think.. Hey I am looking Great !.. Hey, It's summer.. Maybe we can go out dancing after the Funeral?.. I don't know what they thought.. I just know... My mom would not have let me out of the house to go to a funeral looking as she did! Then my mind started wondering... A lot has changed since I was in high school. 1980's The Don Johnson Look for guys.. They wore suit jackets with the sleeves rolled up. White pants and khaki's. Izod Shirts. Izod's Are Back !!! I wore then IN wear. We dressed up and added a lot of jewelry. The Bigger the better !! Oh The Memories !!! Remember 16 Candles Movie? Preppie Look! Now ... I think some of the young people are going for that Homeless and Slut Look... lol Not all of them.. But some.. Sorry to rattle on about this. It was instilled in me to always look my best.. " me saying this while I am sitting in butterfly print pj bottoms and a non-matching gray t-shirt, with hair in a ponytail"! But hey!!! I am in my own living room.

I leave you with this:

I will post picture of Skeleton Finished tomorrow! Till later

Sunday, July 25, 2010

More Halloween in July

Hello everyone .... I have been stitching on this new Halloween Ornament. This one is stitched on 18th Century Rook linen with DMC and specialty threads. The chart had the purple back stitch in the eyes as just DMC #333. I added Purple Blending filament to it. I think it gave it some sparkle. If you know me.. The more sparkle the better. I am chugging along to get these finished for my Halloween Tree. I am thinking the tree I got at Home Goods Store may be a little small. I may have to look for a bigger black tree for these ornaments... I also have the charts for the Scary Acorns which is also by Cricket Collection Designs. They may fit my black glitter tree better.

Josh did his Workshop at Lowe's yesterday. Here is his picture:

This is Raeanne , Chip, Joshua, and Zoe. He made an UFO with a blinking light. He goes to Lowe's twice a month and to Home Depot once a month. He is all the time building something.

Well.. I have a fever again. Started getting sick last Sunday. got better as the week went on. Then again this morning I awoke with headache. Now I have a swore throat and ear ache again. Checked for fever. Temp was 100.8.. That is also the outside temperature. LOL I think it is hotter than 100 outside and hubby is crazy! He is outside riding that lawn mower around. With this Hot Temp, I don't care if the grass ever gets cut.

I also let all the flowers in my pots die. Murder by no water! I have a green thumb, but not in this heat. Nothing could save them. Sun burnt flowers... They turned brown and the leaves looked burnt. I will give them a good burial in October when it cools some. Or just maybe by then... they will fit into my death Halloween scene. LOL Till Later.....

Friday, July 23, 2010

Tomato Day

This is what I did today! Thank you Aunt Judy for the tomatoes! They are in my freezer now. I also went to the Thrift Store today. I bought 6 wooden frames today for about $4.50 . You can't beat that price. Some are big, some are small. I will redo them all with a new coat of paint.
Raeanne, me and the kids went grocery shopping tonight after it cooled down. Had to wait to get out, it was in the 100's today.
Not much else happening to weekend. Rebel will be getting her hair clipped this weekend. She should be a lot cooler. I can't understand why she wants to go outside in 100 degree sunshine and lay on the porch and pant.... After all she is a black cocker spaniel with thick thick fur. I will get a picture of her posted this weekend.
Don't forget I will be posting wip on Crazy Eye Skeleton this weekend! Till later ...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Oops... Halloween in July !

Yea !!! I have finished 3 of the Halloween Ornaments. Not counting Spidey.. I am still waiting on the Sheep's Silk thread to finish him. I have started the 5th one... A Skeleton Head. It is going to look great ! I will take a picture this weekend, so that ya'll can see his eyes.. Cute !

I have also removed from the closet the 18 Year Afghan Project. I blew the dust off the tote... LOL I have stitched some on it.. It is Hot sitting under that big afghan and the temp being 101 degrees here. I have air conditioner blowing on me at full force. My hair looks like this:

That is not me... But you get the picture of how my hair looks ! LOL I love Phyllis Diller !! She cracked me up one time telling about how Mother in Law had a pain right underneath her left breast, she went to the Doctor to see what was the matter. It turned out to be her Trick Knee ! hahahaha
I will leave ya'll for today with a quote from Phyllis:
Always be nice to your children because they are the ones who will choose your rest home. Phyllis Diller

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Laid Up

Good morning ! I think.... Where did yesterday go? I went to bed Sunday night with a sore throat and awoke yesterday morning with a bad sore throat and ears hurting. I fell back to sleep around 9:00 am and woke up around 5:00. Hubby brought me a milkshake . Oh... That felt so good to my throat. I went back to bed and slept till 4:3o this morning. I am up in the recliner now. Throat is better... Ears still hurt some. I am going to just lay around and stitch today. Good thing I cleaned up my house Sunday afternoon.... lol
Till later.....

PS ... 2:15 update.
I am feeling better. I have been stitching on Candy Corn Ornament. I think it is an old head cold... I have been listening to my Books On Cd's. When I don't fall to sleep. LOL Those Stephanie Plum Books are great to listen to. I love her doing the voice of Lula. To Funny. Back in the bed... waiting on hubby to bring home a Slush today. Highlight of my day!!! LOL

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Been Waiting 3 Years

I have been waiting 3 years to find this chart. I won it tonight on eBay. I little over 10.00 with shipping. Not bad... Usually goes for over 20.00. I know.. I have been waiting for 3 years. I will not pay over $12.00 for a chart. This chart was originally 6.00. Now If I could find that chart Acorns # 65.

Been looking for this one for 3 years too. It is on ebay right now for over 30.00. Out of my price range. I am just wanting to stitch the Crow & Pumpkin and Squirrel Acorns. If there is a good Stitching Friend out there that would let me borrow their chart to stitch 2 designs.. I would take special care and mail right back by tracking the package. I take special care of all cross stitch charts...

I need to go pay bills online... Till Later...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Some Reading & Stitching

Hello Ya'll. It is only Wednesday and I have been busy this week. I went to the Library Monday. Checked out about 8 books. Do I think I can read all those in 2 weeks.. I read 4 books just last week.... I did get some books on cd. I love Janet Evanovick - Stephanie Plum books. I have read all the books so far she has out. I decided to get the books on CDs. The library had Three Plums in One. #'s 1,2, & 3 of the Plum series. I also checked out Between the Plums on CD. Has Visions of Plums, Plum Loving and Plum Lucky. They are funny to listen to. I stitch and laugh while I listen. They are great! If you haven't read the books, try listening to the CD's.

This is what I have been stitching on:
This is the other ornament I started. It is the Candy Corn Ornament. It is stitched on Java State Garden 30 ct Linen, using DMC. Some of the other ornaments have fibers and I have had to order them.

I got some stash in the mail today. I ordered several charts that I had seen on other blogs. Had to have them...

I seen this stitched by Bonnie Olson. She is in The Samplermakers group with me. I contacted her and found out it is a pattern by Red House Designs called Bumble Beauty. This picture doesn't do it Justice. The designs on the bees body are Quaker. It anyone is interested in ordering this chart. Here is Red House's site - I also got all this in the mail:

These are: Circle - The Workbasket Design. Lizzie Kate Design -Peace, Love and a Cure. This one I am doing for the Breast Cancer auction. I am going to stitch it on larger count fabric and make a tote bag. The saying will be on the front of the bag. Here are the other:

Plum Street Designs - Fishes & Bait. I am going to stitch that one and put it in Josh's Bathroom. It is my front bathroom and it is painted blue. I call it Josh's because he is potting training and that is his bathroom. It has his hand soap, hand towels and wipes.. LOL The other design is Eggs A Plenty II - Homespun Elegance Designs. I also have Eggs A Plenty I. Boy.. Did I have a big mail day!!!

Fresh Vegetable Soup cooking with Hot Cornbread. YUM !

Till later.....

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Almost A Spider

Hey everyone ! Thanks for visiting me here in blog land. I appreciate all your comments. I love talking with ya'll. That is what it feels like when I read my friend's blogs everyday. So many of my stitching friends have great finishes. Makes me what to stitch what everyone else has stitched. LOL I would have had a finish, But.... I ran out of Sheep's Silk Thread.. I have ordered two skeins. My poor spidey doesn't have his complete body... He spun to many webs and lost his bottom half.. LOL I have put him aside and I am going to start another one of his friends. I am determined to gets these finished by this Halloween. I want to put them on my Halloween Tree. Halloween is my favorite Holiday. What is your favorite Holiday to stitch for? I will show my new start on the next ornament... Till Tomorrow.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Some like it Hot !! ( Not the movie)

One of my friends on facebook said our weather person said it was hot enough inside a car yesterday that you could really bake a cake. That is a thought.... Remember the Sun Tea jugs of older years...

Well they make better looking jars now.. How about this one..

Just don't add sugar till it has brewed or heated up in the sun.. Hey you could put it inside your car, that may be faster.. If that hubby is wanting that tea fast... lol I remember also years ago, one of our local radio stations had a mechanic that came on air a lot. He, one morning told how to cook hotdogs for lunch on your engine. It was a very funny skit they did. For the person who doesn't have time to stop for lunch because they have errands to run...Just throw some dogs on the engine and let them cook... When you get back to the office, just open your trunk and get all your fixins out with the buns and have that Dog ate before you get back into your office. lol That is a time saver I will not be trying.
He also had how to fix anything on your car with Duck Tape..
It has been a hot week. All my friends up north, Please try and stay cool, if not cold. I have been under the air conditioner and intend not to leave till October ( here in the south) I have Squatter Rights on this recliner... lol My flowers have wilted so bad. I water them each day...It has not rained in about 11 days. Tonight I said... You either die or stay alive till it rains... I am not watering you again. Flowers don't know that it is to rain tonight... I hope...
I truly hope it rains.... Till later

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Memorial Sampler Update

Here is a picture of the progress on The Memorial Sampler. This design is from designer: Midsummer Night Designs. Not much stitching on it. I have been working on the Breast Cancer Projects and Halloween Ornaments.

Today I started cleaning up the file cabinet with all my patterns and charts in it. Why did I even start this? I have them all over my Living room floor in piles. I am categorizing All my charts by Holiday and Seasons. Boy, It is turning into a chore. I ended up finding charts I want to do. I told myself.. NO. I now have to put them in folders and label what they are. Now.. Mind you... I had 2 tubs ( tub queen here) full of charts, punch needle patterns and sewing patterns. I put some I was not going to use of Ebay last week. Out of 40 charts, I only sold 13. No one is buying anything off ebay anymore. Maybe that is why they are giving Free Listing thur July..

In other areas.. Rebel is standing guard over our little black ant problem. She is laying on the floor watching for ants. When she sees one, she will get up and go lick it up like an ant anter.. lol She is better than ant spray... We have not had rain here lately and all these little ants are coming in around my sink. So.. I sprayed under the sink and now they are coming in under the front door. Non-ending battle...Till later... Back to watching the Ant Killer!

Monday, July 5, 2010

A Finish and A Start

Hello Everyone ! I had a great day today. Played outside with Josh and Zoe. I filled both their little pools up and they had a great time. I had to get in Josh's pool with him. That was a sight to see. He wanted more water !!! When I got in it with him... We had more water !! lol

This is the finish I spoke about yesterday.

It is called, Phoebe Brown 1702-1712 by designer - Carriage House Samplings. I have a frame to fit this. I have to paint the frame and lace this stitching on a board.

I have went back to stitching my Halloween Ornaments. They are by designer - Cricket Collection. I am doing the spider.

I want to get these ornaments stitched, so that I can put them on my Black Glitter Tree this Halloween. Valerie asked about my Memorial Sampler. I will take a picture tomorrow on it's progress. Till Tomorrow.....

Oh I forgot !!! Here is new color of hair ~ ~

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Birthday America !

Happy 4th to everyone! Hope ya'll had a great day like I did. This was at my brother's this afternoon. He grilled for us. Kids played in the pool, jumped on the trampoline, rode the yellow golf cart, and played ball. We left before the fireworks. Hubby has to go to work tomorrow.
I did finish a cross stitch project last night. I also started back stitching on the Cricket Collection - Halloween ornaments. Started the spider. I will post pictures of them tomorrow. Just a brief update. Till tomorrow....

Friday, July 2, 2010

Gonna Wash That Gray right Out Of My Hair!!!

I had a bad shock yesterday !! I knew I had some gray hairs ! But I did not know that they were this noticeable ! So all that gray around my face ?? What Happened! Then my DD informs me that I have been gray for awhile.... It is not like I am blind...
I look in the mirror everyday. I fixed my hair Thursday morning to take mom to the Doctor, I did not know it was this bad till I decided to take a new picture for Facebook & Blog. This is the lucky picture... urghhhh
Anyway.. Off to the Hair color aisle at Walmart ! I picked out a nice Light Brown.We will see what it looks like later tonight.
I am watching the Bush Race on ESPN yes, I still call it the Bush race and the other Winston Cup. Jr was leading earlier. He is driving the #3 Wrangler Paint Scheme on his car that his dad used to drive. I think tonight is the last time he said he will drive #3. So I have been watching this race.
I am not doing any stitching. Thought maybe tonight... I think I better get that gray taken care of. Till later.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Where Has This Week Gone ?

I feel like I have been dancing with Goober in this clip !!! I am tired... Where did the week go? I love the Fun Girls episode. That Daphne & Skippy are my kind of friends. I just will not be able to keep up with them anymore. They are live wires !!! LOL Thought this video would get everyone in the party feeling for the 4th. Till Later.....