Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween !!!

Hope everyone has a safe Halloween tonight. I will post pictures of Josh and Zoe in their Halloween getups tomorrow. No work today on home. I just got out of bed, it is 2:30 pm.... lol I had a bad neck ache & headache. Now it is time to get ready to go to Meme's house for chili, hotdogs, cookies, and Trick A Treating. Josh is all excited.
I did get my Burnt Orange thread for my headless turkey today. I may finish stitching it before we head out. Thanks, Ranae for offering to send me some. Very thoughtful.
Cross stitchers the best ! Take care and have a safe Halloween !

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Extreme Mobile Home Makeover Progress

Here are some new pictures of work in progress on new home...

Closet in master bedroom.

Where I am standing is more racks. Does a L shape. I have already put 4 big boxes in there. Dewayne has about 30 jackets and coats... Go figure, in HOT Bama, why he needs that many jackets... Not to mention the 15 pairs of boots... lol It is not like the man hunts anymore..

Bath Vanity

More of Bath

Master Bedroom.

I tried to get a picture of the fake fireplace. Jerry made that. He was so talented. I think I will put a small tray or sugar mold with candles in the inside. Don't laugh at the pinkish-purple shelf.. It does hold all our caulk,light bulbs,hammers,nail guns, and electrical & plumbing supplies. The thingie.. ? the bucket is sitting on was my birthday present 2 years ago. I finally got to use it !!!

Dinning Area

I don't call it a dinning Room. No enough room.. lol I am standing out through door in glassed room. Hard to get any clear pic of this room. to small. Behind those white doors will be the washer & dryer. OH Great!!! We can get out unmentionables right off of the eating table... Everyone knows I hate to do laundry. We dig out of the dryer and baskets as it is now.. lol

This is the kitchen, still a work in progress. New blacksplash, new stovetop, new countertops, NO New Dishwasher... urghhh. or Refrig .. urghh

I will use what I have. Money has ran out. Good thing we had purchased carpet and outside siding. I have a sprayer on the sink !!! Oh Goodie !!! Never had one.

Just 3 rooms left.......... Come on.................

This is the Livingroom. If your can't tell that it is.. I wonder why??? Let see.. 1 door, I have no idea where it goes. we have to many door for the door You know how it is when you have parts left over after putting something together??? That is this project. Rolls of carpet and pads to put it all down with.... Lets see... Stained boards that I need to cut and install around the window. I don't need DT for that.. Can handle it myself. I am a pro at window trim... Let's see which angle do I need to cut that end 45 or 90??? lol

I call this MY Bath... This is the one I am sure to be banished to... Dewayne has already took over the closet. I get this..... I feel like AL Bundy on Married with Children !!! lol I did paint it a William Baby Blue color. Tub is not Yellow... Picture is crappy... It is a dark taupe.. Color of the sink counter.

MY Computer & Craft Room !!! TA DA. I know it is a mess. I'm sure it will be this way when it is finished. That stuff is all MY TOOLS... Dewayne keeps going in here and getting my stuff. I even have a carpenter's belt I wear. I always wanting to wear daddy's, I have it. But He was a size 30 waist... and daughter here... it will not fit... urhhh. So DT bought me a new one of my very own.. It does come in handy. Where is my hammer??? OH, it is here hanging in the hoop on the side of my belt... Yeah!!! Lesson 101 in carpenter belts. You still caught yourself looking around for your tools. That great mirror, I am going to redo to go in MY Bath. maybe run some stain over it's whitewash. Well I need to get back to stitching .

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Some Stitching And A Headless Turkey

This a stitching piece that I was working on... I said was, because I ran out of sampler thread " Burnt Orange". He will get his head about this weekend. I had to order thread for other projects and I should get his head color this weekend. That is what I don't like about not having a local shop anywhere in central Alabama. All we have is a Michael's & Hobby Lobby.. Ok, if you just want DMC... I have to order about everything I use to stitch. I did pick up another stitch piece that was in my WIP pile. It is from La D Da Designs. That is all I have stitched on, for the last couple of days. Hope to get rotation of projects back started. I keep finding new charts that I want to stitch... Well back to stitching....

Friday, October 23, 2009

Summer Picture At Beginning Of Fall

I took mom to the Chemo Doctor today. She Got an A-OK. She will get her port taken out next Friday. While in the car, She pulled out this picture and another of me as a baby . Aunt Judy sent them to me. I love them !!! I know this is Fall... This was taken at Wind Creek State Park, around the summer of 1967 or 1968. In the picture is my mom, Me in front of her.. And my cousin Todd ( Judy's son). Todd is 8 months older than me... Look at the cute round belly of his !!! He was a cutie. Still is Handsome. We call him President Bush.. Looks like George Bush but younger, Not Daddy Bush... LOL If you will notice, I am stomping the water by him and making it splash him. Maybe that is why he knocked me off his bike years later and broke my leg... I guess he waited till years later to pay me back. Hey, don't you just love mom's plaid shorts. Guess what she was looking at in Macy's today ???? Plaid shirts !!! OMG.... Ugly, but they are coming back in.. I can't wear plaid on this big body, and not to mention... Big Ass Butt. Have you seen plaid when it stretches !!! LOL
I am typing with one hand. I am holding little Zoe and rocking at the same time. Am I talented or what? lol Getting me lots of baby kisses. Big brother is asleep on the sofa. Doctor visit and shopping made him tired !!! better get off here and get more kisses.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ants 1 - Taylors 0 & Runaway Wagon !!!

We are having an ongoing Ant War here at the Taylor household !!! It is to rain again tomorrow and we have not dried out from the last 4 weeks of rain. Ants have moved into Zoe's room... Don't know why they picked her room today... Mostly they have came into the kitchen & bathroom.. Almost made an ant bed in the carpet under her window... Guess they have decided to make themselves at Home in my Home !!! urghh.
Trying to pull it up the hill himself !!!

Josh had a good morning today. He would push the wagon down the hill in the front yard and expect Me !!! ( his gigi) to go get it for him and pull back up the hill.. Now... GiGi is not young anymore... After about 4 times of doing this, and all the huffing, & puffing... I told him I would not go bring it back up the hill... well, I did.. I can't tell my little man NO. I took his Big Tractor and Big Wheel outside for him the play with... Well, he backed into his mom's truck with tractor, backed into pole with bell on it with wagon, and pushed wagon down the hill and it centered the tree... We came in for Lunch !!! Enough wrecks for 1 day. LOL

He pushed that wagon down the hill again !!!

He was tired.. Took his nap like a little guy.. went right to sleep... I am sitting here resting... I will take me a week to recuperate. Oh The Pain..... Bye.. :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Nothing New !!!

Nothing new since last post. No working on Extreme Mobile Home Make-over. I have only been cross stitching on the project that I need to get in the mail Friday. I will be going with Raeanne to an appointment tomorrow and then on Thursday for Zoe's Ultra sound at Children's on Acton Road. They want to check her legs because she was breech. We will leave there and go to Raeanne's 6 weeks check-up. Oh... and mom has an appointment with Chemo doctor on Friday. Woooo I am tired already...
As far as working across the street on new home. I have gave up.... Dewayne had to drive hauling dirt with dump truck for work all Saturday. Sunday, he slept all day. Got up about 4:00 pm and ate some chili and went back to bed. Carpet is never going to get put down. Dewayne said 2 weeks about 4 weeks ago.... maybe... I hope... before... The New Year.
That is all I have going on... Have a good week... I will be busy !!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Still Building The Ark !!!!

I love that title !!! I am SICK OF RAIN !!! I did get some things that had been in the back of the car moved over to the trailer. Now... Dewayne is fussing because I piled the totes in the rooms that carpet needs to be installed. I am trying to hurry him up !!! and he does not even know it....
No stitching on anything of mine lately. I am trying to finish the project for Brenda by next week. I did stop at Hobby Lobby tonight and get some floss. Walked around and seen to much stuff I wanted so, I left. Don't need any temptation without any Money. I still don't see some people saving their money. While in checkout line with my 3 pieces of floss, which came to the total of $1.09. Lady in front of me had a buggy loaded with vases, flowers, tin wall hangings. 2 or 3 big pictures, and a bunch of small Home decorating stuff.. Her total was $435.52... I was being nosey...hehehe I thought DAMN.... She is keeping our retailers in business !!! LOL You go Girl !!! Because I can't afford to.... Not a pity party here. I just decided, I don't want a lot of nic-nacks around over through when I move. I don't want to dust... I have decided I am going to have the biggest yard sale I have ever had. Everything Must Go !!! Now family members... If you have ever given me anything in the past.. I might still have it.... LOL and you want it back.... JUST ASK. LOL.. I will gladly give it to you. I have 28 years of STUFF. I hate Downsizing.
Now on to other things... Great Things... My babies are coming home tomorrow. They have been at Chip's parents this week. Uncle Charles died and they stayed longer than, they thought they would. I have missed them all so much.. Been quite around here. Miss all the hugs and kisses !!! from my Joshjosh & Ms Froggy... ( that is want meme calls Zoe)... LOL Well, I need to get to work. Been gone all afternoon.. Ark is coming along nicely....

Monday, October 12, 2009

Trolling Motor Season !!!

I decided that since today was a rainy Monday I would post some finished cross stitch. I have a tub full of these. I am waiting on ... I don't know what I am waiting on... LOL . I need to finish them. Here are just some from tub:

This is a Trail Creek Farm Kit. Has a black & white with pink fringe pillow that I will need to attach this cross stitch to the front with some buttons... Now why have I not done this???

This is a kit from Heart In Hand. As you can see I have finished it... But have not put a ribbon hanger on it to hang on the tree at Christmas. Why Not??? I ask.... NEXT...

This is a design for a pillow top from Sekas Design. Dragonflies. More pretty than picture. I used sparkly floss in this and it is on light blue sparkle fabric. I did for Raeanne's room, Years.... ago.. Have not made into a pillow.. Oh, by the way, I have started the Ghost Sekas design with Glow in the Dark Threads... and I have the Turkey /Thanksgiving pattern also.. Why not finished??? Next!

Another Sekas Design - Picnic Baskets... Ants Included !!!! Another pillow unfinished.. And Why? NEXT !!!

2 Lizzie Kate Kits - Claire & Henry . These are to be made into stand-ups. I have not finished them, They also have a son & daughter, But I knew I would not stitch them, so I sold them on Ebay... I need to sew these into their upright positions soon.. Maybe before Easter. and Why Not???? NEXT !

OK.... This is a stocking design from Shepherd's Bush. This is the one I had stitched for my niece Hannah, when she was 1 year old... The child is now 9.... I have also stitched Raeanne, Dewayne, & me a stocking. 4 stockings finished in stitching, but not made into a stocking!!! I have Joshua, Chip, & now Zoe to do... now I moment in Prayer.... Please Lord let me complete these for my whole family... Amen. And why have I not finished, I have all the beads and charms to go on these... and I have to give them some hair.. OH. I got a headache!!!! I am making myself have a headache thinking about this.
And Just think... This is just a little off the top of my Tote Of Tomorrow.. That is what I am going to call it.. Tote of Tomorrow. What Have I been doing??? I think I just like to stitch these and then I think they are complete... LOL Are maybe the Magic Finishing Fairy will step in and take over... I'll let you know.. I have not seen her... She by-passed my house without even looking my way. That is my life's story...
Well, now that I have a headache and am depressed... LOL . I will go back to stitching ... I am still working on design for Brenda, NO Peek, Per-Brenda...
And if you are out in this flooding rain... Please use trolling motor with care.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Gothic Picture - Funeral Picture

Raeanne took this picture of us after Mrs. Argo's funeral today. I know we look real happy.. Like the farm couple with the pitch fork. It was raining today and my hair is flat... urghhhhh. That is all have have to report... Rainy & Rainy as Josh Says!!!.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

To Much Cross Stitch To Complete !!!!

I have went through my Halloween & Fall Stash.. To many to stitch and not enough time. These are only the four, that I wanted to complete. Well..... I don't know why??? I have no place to put them if they were finished... I have packed up all pictures and nick-knacks. I hope we will be moved before Thanksgiving. Dewayne said 2 weeks, two weeks ago... Maybe if I would go over there and do some work, it might hurry us up... I did get table and 2 &1/2 chairs painted black.. 1 & 1/2 left. How do you stop painting on 1/2 of a chair, you ask?.... I can do it. All we have left is some trim around 2 windows and putting carpet in 3 rooms... I think I need to be lighting a fire under someone... Who will remain nameless and has been in the bed, now since... 6:30.....
Raeanne and kids are spending the night with chip's parents.. They had great grandparents coming in today. Josh will be 2 officially Tomorrow.. He got a birthday card today from his Aunt Billie and would not let it go... He took it with him. Waving with the card as they left out of the drive.. The Boy Loves Mail !!! He has all his birthday cards on his little desk.. One got knocked off yesterday, fell behind desk and he had a fit !!! Oh by the Way....The Boy has a desk... GiGi had one and he had to have one.. He has on the top of his desk, a DVD player with Mickey mouse movies, lamp, birthday cards, doctor's kit, balloon, and not to mention anything he may be snacking on at the time... I do miss him and his sister... They will be back tomorrow.. Momma called and I told her, they went to spend the night with in-laws, she said " I will let you rest!, Talk to you later, Bye !" LOL Now I don't know what to do and it is only 9:45... News at 10:00 anyone......... Bye

Monday, October 5, 2009

Busy Weekend Here !!!

It sure was a busy weekend. First up was Josh's birthday.. and then Dewayne's side family reunion. Got to see a lot of cousins... Hey Suzette !!! Tell Kamille again... We missed her and Alecea. I guess we will have to go visit her again. That may make her decide to see us again... or maybe she don't what to see us again... LOL We always have a great time with the 2 girls and their kids !! Wished we lived closer !!!. I had better get back off here and stitch. That is what I get paid to do....

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Joshua !!!

Happy Mickey Mouse Time was had by all !!!! Joshua had his Mickey Mouse Birthday party today. This picture is with his mom and Meme. He didn't know what to think of the candle.

Here is Big Brother holding Little Sister.. Cute Cute Cute !!!

Well... Family reunion on DH's side is tomorrow. I have to go grocery shopping now... See ya.